Saturday, December 5, 2009

That Promised DNA

Canaan, meaning "low land," was the part of the promised land which lay between the Mediterranean, the Jordan, the desert of Shur and Syria, and was inhabited by descendants of Canaan, the son of Ham. Palestine, the land of Canaan, the land of promise, the Holy Land and the land of Israel of the Bible, was the time of conquest inhabited by six nations: the Canaanites, Hivites, Hittites, Ammonites, Perizzites and Jebusites. The invaders settled in allotted lands and the fights for possession followed for some years, although no tribes wee dispossessed. In early times the tribal distinction were strongly preserved, but later, as spoken of in the book of Judges, the cities rose and fell and Jerusalem became the capital of David and Solomon; but on the founding of the northern kingdom Shechem, Tirzah and Samaria became the capital in succession. On the return of the Jews from captivity they inhabited the territory between Jerusalem and Beersheba and Jericho and Laechish, while the Philistines retained their lands undisturbed. Under He.rod the Great, who governed the entire country, the kingdom included Galilee, unknown in the Old Testament, Samaria, Judea, Idumaea, Peraea, Gaulonitis, Auranitis and Trachonitis. The most populous and fertile of these provinces was Galilee. The prosperity fostered by the Roman rulers disappeared on the conquest by Vespasian and the destruction of the temple by Titus. The second time the Jews rose in revolt, led by Bar-Cochba, the pretended Messiah, it led to the bloodiest of all wars and the siege of Jerusalem, and the revolt was put down before the fortress of Bether.

For the next hundred years the progress of Christianity was rapid, and after the conversion of Constantine and the building of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher the history of the three hundred years is the story of the church. In 614 A.D. King Chosroes, of Persia, entered Syria and was joined by the Jews, who looked to him for deliverance. They massacred 90,000 Christians in Jerusalem and burned all the buildings. Fifteen years later, the country was retaken by Heralius, only to have it fall into the hands of the Mohammedans, in whose control is remained for four hundred years. About 640 the Mosque of Omar, the most beautiful building in the world, was built by Byzantine architects. The crusades failed to relieve the oppression and the country went from bad to worse regarding progress and the ruins crumbled further.

Palestine covers an area 6,000 square miles, is bounded on the north by the River Kasimiyeh, on the east by the Jordan and the west by the sea. Ranges of hills run over the entire country from east to west and, as the Bible says it consists of desert, hillsm plains and valley. The principal elevations are Jebal Jermuk, 3,934 feet; Mounts Carmel, Ebal, Gerizim, Tell Asur and Ras esh Sherifeh. The valley of the Jordan begins near the Mediterranean and runs from 5 to 13 miles wide to the plain of Jericho. The country has few rivers, the Mefshukh, Namien, El Mukatta and few others flowing into the Mediterranean, and the Yarmuk, Rukkad, Zerka and Mojib, flowing into the Sea of Galilee. The summers are extremely warm and the winters cold and wet. At present the modern spirit of improvement is at work in Palestine, roads are being built, railroads run from Jaffa to Jerusalem and new colonies with new buildings are scattered over the entire land. The ruins are disappearing and the modern country is springing from the ashes. See E. Hull, Physical Geology and Geography of Arabia Petraea, Palestine, etc.


The plan for the establishment, the orchestration of many interim wars, and finally, the End Game destruction of the USA, was first laid out in Basque Country, following North America's re-discovery, by Christophe Colomb, in 1492. Hernando (or Hernan) Cortes, brought Spanish forces across the Atlantic to rid Mexico of its first immigrants, in 1535, one year after Jacques Cartier had determined the proposed future northern boundary of America, at a place which is now called Canada (aka: the 2nd Canaan).

Basque Priest~Hoods then setup their PHOENIX (Bennu) headquarters in the Pyrenees, in 1539/40. The plan to populate America (aka: Aramaic), complete with its ongoing internal strife in the interim, and its final destruction 500 years later (the shelf-life of a Phoenix) in WW3, was then formulated and the plan implemented, by Basque cells of imbedded Trojan Horses in France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England.