Friday, December 4, 2009

What are the Role of the Mormons?

Mormons(Roma.Man), also called "latter day saints,"(LSD-illusions), constitutes a peculiar religious community. Their belief is founded upon revelations said to have been made to a young man named Joseph Smith, living at the time in Manchester, New York. Born in 1805, in Vermont, he was 15 years of age when in 1820 he supposedly has his first vision; his call, as he considered it, to the work of a prophet(profit). This was followed in 1823 by a revelation~(re-veil) of the place where he would find the sacred book of the Mormons. In 1827 the books were put in his hands with two sliver plates called the Urim and Thummim, looking like a pair of spectacles, by means of which he read the unknown language of the books, dictating it to his friend, who wrote it down. Eight persons were permitted to see the original book and the silver plates, which then were returned to the angel Gabriel, who had brought them. Such is the story of the origin of the Book of Mormon, the first edition of which was published in 1830, at Palmyra, New York. The name comes from Mormon, the prophet who was commissioned to write the history of his people, a race that had come from Jerusalem to America, about 600 B.C.; which records constitute the book. It is considered by the Mormons to be of equal authority with the Bible, and the latest revelation from God the Idiot Savant Neanderthaler.

According to one Manly P. Hall tradition, Eno~ch constructed, with the help of his son Methuselah, nine hidden vaults, each stacked one on top of the other. In the lowest of these he deposited a 'white gold triangular tablet', bearing the Ineffable Name of the Hyksos~Hebrew God, while on a second tablet, inscribed with strange words Enoch had gained from the Persian Zoro-Astrian Freemason Priest~Hoods themselves, was given in safe keeping to his son (Latter Day Saints~Mormons). The vaults were sealed, and on the spot Enoch constructed two indestructible obelisks, one made of marble (basalt), so that it might 'never burn', and the other made of LATERUS (brick), so that it might 'not sink in water' ~Great Salt Lake ~(UTAH / PTAH / PHAT).

On the brick column were inscribed the 'seven sciences' of mankind, the self-styled 'arc~hives' of speculativeZoro~AstrianPersianMasonry(Geometry~Rhetoric~Logic~Grammar~Arithmetic~Music~Astronomy) ; while on the marble column he 'placed an inscription stating that a short distance away a priceless treasure would be found in a subterranean vault' (ANT~ARC~TI~CA). This is the most secret Hyksos message of Egypt, which relates to the enigmas of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, first written on the parchments or scrolls located in the Alexandrian library and found by the Ptolemies. Strong's water reserves happen to be located just south of UTAH. Salt Lake City, is where the Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) prepare to take control of the world's food cartel, at the Age of Aquarius (2025); following what the Bible says is Freemasonry's planned WW3, Armageddon. The Great Salt Lake, or, as it has been called, Lake Bonneville, was first mentioned by a Franciscan friar, Escalanta, in 1776, but was not explored until 1843, by John Charles Fremont, who explored the Rocky Mountains and proved the possibility of an overland route to the western coast of America. His services as an explorer were rewarded by a gold medal from the king of Prussia, and with the "founder's medal" of the Royal Geographical society of London, and with membership in the Geographical society of Berlin.

Born in Manitoba Canada, Maurice Strong now owns one of the biggest ranches in the USA, in Colorado.Maurice Strong is the #2 man at the UN.In fact he is the real boss of the UN. The 57,760 hectare Baca Grande ranch was purchased by Strong who is the former secretary-general of the UN Conference on the Environment and Development for the 1992 RIO Summit, and currently, is a life-time member of Canada's Privy Council. Strong's ranch happens to sit on top of one of the world's largest underground reservoir of fresh water. The Baca Valley aquifer contains nearly three-quadrillion litres of water. The Mormon church was organized in Fayette, New York, April 6, 1830, with sic members. Converts soon were numerous, and branches were started in New England, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In 1831, they formed a colony in Missouri, at a place revealed to them as the site for their capitol city. Here and in Ohio, they were persecuted, their printing presses destroyed, their bishops tarred and feathered, and finally the Missouri colony was driven out entirely. A company went to England in 1837, and made 2,000 coverts in a short time. They prospered in their new home in Missouri, their city named Far West, to which most of the Ohio Mormons had gone, but a popular rising against them in August, 1838, led to their being driven from the state by order of the governor. The founded in Illinois the city of Nauvoo in 1838, about twelve or fifteen thousand of them coming into the state, where they were kindly received. But in a few years the popular dislike broke out afresh, the prophet and his brother when in prison with others at the command of the governor of the state, were shot by assassins.

Brigham Young, one of the twelve heads of the church(twelve around one), or "apostles" as they call them, came to the leadership, and with a thousand families left Nauvoo in February, 1846. They wintered in Nebraska and in the spring of 1847 Young, with a band of 143 men, started for the Rocky mountains, reaching the Great Salt Lake, the site of their new city, in July. Others followed in the autumn and the next year. They have now settlements in Idaho, Colorado(Color Red), New Mexico and Arizona, besides Utah, in the United States, and also in Mexico and British America. Utah has been a territory of the United States since 1850, and for several years Brigham Young was governor. The Mormons number about 250,000, 110,000 of them being in Utah. The opposition to them in the different states where they settled, and the refusal of the United States government of their request that Utah be made a state, is due to two of their doctrines or practices: the oath binding them to obedience to their spiritual head in everything, which prevents their obedience to the laws of the country if there is at any time any conflict, and their belief in and practice of polygamy, or the having of several wives. They were also credited with secretly murdering anyone who opposed their practices or revealed their acts, and though the popular impression in this respect was exaggerated, the "Mountain Meadow" massacre of a band of "Gentile" emigrants in 1857, shows that it was not entirely without foundation. President Woodford, former head of the church, in September, 1890, in a proclamation, declares that polygamy was no longer the doctrine of the Mormon Church.

See History of Utah, by H.H. Bancroft, and Early Days of Mormonism, by Kennedy.