Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The American IRS and Canada's CCRA, and all other tax collection agencies of the western world are :

1 - Agencies of France's Tax Collector called The Ferme, which was established by Basque Priests in the 13th century AD.

2 - The Ferme is, in turn, a Tax Collecting agent of Trapezitae, the ancient Greek/Egyptian Tax Collection Agency established in the 4th century BC.

3 - Trapezitae is, itself, a Tax Collecting agent of Habiru, the Babylonian Tax Collection Agency established in 2200 BC.

4 - Habiru, is the Tax Collecting agent of Apiru, the first Assyrian based Tax Collection Agency of the post Ice Age or modern world, which was established in 4004 BC, by the MOHO MANDAN pedophile~predator~priests, and destined to create a New World Order whose effective time is slated to expire by the year 2059.

Taxes replaced TOLLGATING, which was then a less formal system of Highway Robbery. Basque Priests are known to each other as Robin Hoods of Sherwood Forest and are fronted in the modern world by the IOF, the International Order of Foresters.

The SculPTor