Saturday, February 27, 2010


The name t-u-r-key is a phonetic/word combination which means:

'TEA YOU ARE KEY !' : This means 'alter natives for the plan'.

The name Vulture describes these Lixitae priest~Hoods to a T.

They prey on you while you live but, mostly, they pick your carcass to the bone at the time of your death. They can even steal your DNA and use it in future cloning experiments.

These Mason Watchers operated from the mountains of Kurdistan between 9500 BC and 4000 BC when they downloaded their direct control over the local natives to their offspring, the Nephilim (Freemasons).

The Mason Watchers of the Cult of the Turkey Vulture then returned to their regional headquarters in the Pyrenees Basque Country and began the work of preparing Rome (the RO man) to become an Empire at a date in the future.

The Nephilim then proceeded to form the societies of Babylon, Cashmere and Egypt.

The SculPTor