Friday, February 26, 2010



Think of it like farmers breeding cattle.

Neanderthals, thought by most to be extinct (the result of Monk~Media disinformation), first engineered Roaming Gnomes (Cro Magnon) in the labs of their hiding place, Antarctica (Kempt Coast - Atlantis), during the dying days of the last ice age.

These Cro Magnon surveyed the planet on behalf of their Neanderthal masters and came up with a plan for taking over the entire world by first turning it into a STRESS LABORATORY.

The final authorized business plan was given 8,000 years to achieve its objectives, which is to human engineer the most perfect slave possible, by the application of human and genetic engineering principles learned in the previous 50,000 years.

As in the manner of planned future terra-forming space exploration, a craft was equipped as a GE lab (Noah's Ark) and sailed from Antarctica to India.

The crew consisted of new Aryan Humans who had been Genetically Engineered (Sapians) and were easily identified by their colour TAN (brown/red), once it was introduced among the existing local homo-Habilis BLACK population.

In time, the TAN set up their own Genetic Engineering laboratory at K2 in the Himalayas and produced two more versions of GE humans; one WHITE and one YELLOW (Sapian-Sapians).

The WHITE batch of GE humans was tamed with a program modelled on the BEE and sent to populate the west (Caucasians), while the YELLOW batch was programed with software modelled on the ANT and sent to live in the east (Asians); the Himalayan and Ural Mountains being the dividing line.

The WHITES (aka GREENS) were alloted a 4000 year (4 days) shelf life while the Yellows (aka CORN) were given 6000 years (College of 6 days).

Seesaw : 'AI' GREEN (peas) and YELLOW (corn) basket (both are fabricated symbols of cloning).

To be continued

The SculPTor