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NC, SC state line isn't where folks thought it was

93 properties suddenly find themselves in another state


updated 3/23/2012 9:02:47 AM ET 2012-03-23T13:02:47

LAKE WYLIE, S.C.Relatively small errors by surveyors using stakes, hatchets and mental arithmetic 240 years ago could mean the end of Victor Boulware's tiny convenience store.

For decades, officials thought the land where the store sits was in South Carolina, because maps said the boundary with North Carolina drawn back in the 1700s was just to the north.

But modern-day surveyors, using computers and GPS systems, redrew the border to narrow it down to the centimeter. Their results put the new line about 150 feet south of the old one and placed Boulware's Lake Wylie Minimarket in North Carolina, where the gas prices are 30 cents higher and the fireworks that boost his bottom line are illegal.

"If I end up across the line, it is going to shut this business down," Boulware said.

On a recent weekday, nearly every car stopping to get gas or a snack had a North Carolina license plate. The $3.59 per gallon price was the only reason Aaron Taule of Belmont, N.C., stopped.

"It's all about saving money, right?" Taule said. "If this place had North Carolina prices, I'd of just waved and passed right by."
For most of the 14 million people in both Carolinas who live far from the state line, the new survey is an interesting tale that might bring up a joke or two. Will the people who suddenly find themselves in North Carolina have to start liking basketball more than football or renounce mustard-based barbecue sauce in favor of the styles preferred to the north?

But for the owners of 93 properties who suddenly find themselves in another state, it's a bureaucratic nightmare. The state line determines so much in their lives — what schools they go to, what area code their phone number starts with even who provides them gas and electricity. Small utility cooperatives in South Carolina are banned from extending services across the state line. Most of the properties in question are near Charlotte, N.C.

"I'm having a hard time being funny about this when mysterious forces bigger than you are shoving you around," said Frederick Berlinger, who suddenly has been told that he goes to bed at night in Spartanburg County, S.C. after 15 years in what he thought was Polk County, N.C.

He studied maps when he bought more than 60 acres of land in the mid-1990s. About two-thirds was in South Carolina, but he picked the spot for his home in North Carolina. Or at least he thought he did.

The problems for Berlinger and the other property owners began before the United States was even a country, when the king of England sent surveyors to draw a boundary between the two Carolinas. His instructions in 1735 were explicit: Start 30 miles south of the mouth of the Cape Fear River and have surveyors head northwest until they reached 35 degrees latitude. Then the border would head west across the country to the Pacific Ocean. But the surveyors didn't follow the instructions exactly, and future instructions led to the state line's twists and turns around Charlotte and in the mountains.

The surveyors used poles and measured chains, determining what direction to head from the sun and stars, doing math in their heads, and putting hatchet blows on trees to mark the boundary. Over time, those trees disappeared, but the state line still needed to show up on maps.

'We don't know for certain'

For decades, mapmakers and officials in both North Carolina and South Carolina urged their states to revisit the line. The U.S. Congress set the boundary as the instructions given out by the king, not the line on subsequent maps.

A car coming from North Carolina turns into the Lake Wylie Minimart on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. The store's owner thought his business was in South Carolina, but surveyors have determined it is actually in North Carolina, meaning his gas prices will likely go up 30 cents and he can't sell fireworks.

"This should have been done decades ago before all this growth. People called us, we're supposed to be the authorities on the state line and all we could say is we don't know for certain," said Sidney Miller, who is helping lead the survey for South Carolina.”

This survey is designed to put almost all questions about where the line is drawn to rest. The boundary will be recorded with GPS coordinates and permanently marked with stakes and stones driven into the ground.

Boundary disputes in the United States are as old as the country's founding and often get nasty. The U.S. Supreme Court has settled arguments between Georgia and Florida; Oklahoma and Texas; Missouri and Iowa. Michigan and Ohio nearly went to war in the 1830s over a strip of land.

North Carolina and South Carolina wanted to solve their problems with a little more Southern cooperation, so they created the Joint Boundary Commission nearly two decades ago.

The commission meets Friday in Rock Hill, S.C. Members are expected to work on proposals they hope will be passed in each state to grandfather in where landowners send their children to school, forgive them for back taxes they may owe and allow utilities to cross state lines to serve customers without disruption.

Jeff Langley has already spoken to members of the commission. He lives about a mile from the Lake Wylie Minimart in a subdivision that's split by the state line. Langley bought a home 15 years ago, checking carefully that it was in South Carolina. The new state line now goes through his back deck and the house is in North Carolina.

He's worried about a property tax increase and a potential drop in his property value. He's asked his South Carolina House member and senator for help, but chances are he soon won't be able to vote for either of them. He's aggravated about the change, but is resigned to it. But the government can't make the Clemson fan happy about it.

"I was born a sandlapper and I want to remain a sandlapper," Langley wrote to the commission. "And there is no way in hell I am rooting for the Tar Heels."

Once both Carolinas take action to make the transition easier for the 93 property owners, the commission will submit the new state line to the Legislature in South Carolina and the North Carolina Council of State for approval. Not approving the border could open either state up to a number of lawsuits.

The survey work isn't finished. The team is preparing to draw the rest of the state line all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Fewer problems are expected because the area is more rural.

But the team has already checked one very important cultural touchstone. The kitschy, Mexican-themed South of the Border roadside attraction and its mascot Pedro are definitely in South Carolina.

"South of the Border is where it's supposed to be," Miller said. "They won't have to dress him like a Canadian Mountie."

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PS – OUTLIER When will the GPS surveyors draw the line between Canada and the U.S. at it’s proper location south of Ogdensburg placing the city back in it’s rightful country?

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HR WEEMIN on women

Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 05:12:35 -0400

Deer Greg Weston;

Pink Cow WEEMIN attacks on Women

We noticed the story published in the CBC and Ottawa Citizen about female border guards in the U.S. sexually assaulting Canadian women and that neither article allowed for comments from the public.

We wonder if this ommission is out of the fear that the media has about the possibility of comments being posted by women who were attacked sexually by feminine "WEEMIN" from the HR Department or by female superintendents at the RCMP???

Glen and Jennifer Kealey
The Nordan Sculptors of Norse Mythology

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These 2 posts were emailed to Canadian MPs and Ministers . They were faxed to some Deputy Ministers with great difficulty due to Ma Bell's hacking into my phone line here in the U.S. in order to prevent me from faxing into Canada. (They have now perfected it to the point I cannot fax anything at all to my husband in Canada)

Original post date July 22, 2011:


This OPEN LETTER is addressed to Canadian Border Services Agency Immigration (RIGAUD) FLUNKIE badge #16182:

Friday, July 22, 2011 I attempted to cross the Canadian border at Prescott/ Cardinal to see my husband, and was again not allowed through on the pretext that I need to present evidence that I really do live in Ogdensburg, New York, and that I need to show that I have evidence of financial support, according to the “Immigration Officer” (who would not identify himself to me, except for his badge #; his signature on the form given to me is purposely unreadable).

When I presented to you in the office, you scolded me for my anger, stating to me that I had an “attitude”, and that you “are not like those officersat Emerson POE (Port of Entry). Really? What exactly did you mean by that, because:

1 – You asked for the original” illegal exclusion order” (so that you could take it from me because it is known by CBSA/Public Safety that it was illegally written and everyone in CBSA knows this all the way up to Vic Toews, who no doubt instructed you to retrieve the entire exclusion order if possible) Per your website, it vaguely states something about presenting this one page upon re-entry at the Canadian border, which states “DEPARTED CANADA ….. DESTINED TO U.S.A.” when arriving at the Canadian border again. When I stated to you what I had read on the website and presented you with a copy of that particular page, all you said was “Oh…”, thus verifying to me that you knew exactly what is stated on the CBSA website in regard to this and were instructed to obtain this illegally written exclusion order because it is indeed “doctored” and without the signature of a supervisor.

2 – You continued during this interrogation to use deceit (as in the above stated incident) as a method to obtain information to be used against me, in the same manner as Emerson POE FLUNKIES did.

3 – Searched my vehicle without me being present, whereas I was present at Emerson POE when my vehicle was searched. Perhaps you were concerned that you might be accused of something such as stealing items like the Emerson CBSA (RIGAUD) FLUNKIES did. Instead, when I got home, I found that you and your accompanying CBSA (RIGAUD) FLUNKIES had gone through my packed personal items and opened up every sealed envelope in my bag to peruse and copy the financial documents contained therein, as well as my “birth certificate”. This, of course was after the questioning inside during which time you had asked about my origin country of birth. Now, since I already KNOW that you were told ahead of time to be on the lookout for me, and as well were receiving direction as to what to question me about, ALL of which was being recorded, you were looking for any documents pertaining to financial status that you could get , with the deliberate intent to keep me out of Canada at the direction and orders of your “boss” Vic Toews, who controls and runs BOTH PUBLIC SAFETY and CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION CANADA, as well as THE SOLICITOR GENERAL’S OFFICE.

4 – You stated to me that my New York driver’s license was not good enough to “prove” that I lived at that address, because, as you stated to me, “I could get a New York driver’s license by giving them an address.”… That statement by you, I suggest, is a lie. When I applied for my New York driver’s license, I had to present to the DMV a statement signed by my landlords as well as a utility bill for that address in my name, which I did. Therefore, my New York driver’s license was acceptable, and should be also accepted at the border on it’s own because it is an “enhanced” driver’s license, to be used for border crossing, and for this reason it required proof of address to obtain it…but, YOU KNEW THAT, DIDN’T YOU?

5– I looked at you directly in the eyes and asked you if you alone had made the decision to disallow me to cross the border to see my husband. You looked directly at me and stated, “I was not told what to do; I made this decision on my own” Your response suggests that you alone are accepting responsibility for keeping me out of Canada. CREATION has been notified of your position, and will deal with your last recombination accordingly. Since it was obvious to me that you were seeking out counsel throughout this process, as well as waiting for instruction from outside this POE, I can only conclude that for you to look at me directly and make that statement, you may fit into the category of Bill Spanjer’s RIGAUD-APPROVED “SEATED” SOCIOPATH.

6 – When I returned home, I did further research on the document you handed me which I had refused to sign, and which you did not indicate that you physically presented me with by indicating “refused to sign” on the line. I wonder why? This was indicated in writing on the “illegal exclusion order” served to me at Emerson POE. In nursing, we legally operate according to the premise of “If it isn’t documented it didn’t happen…” since patient charts are legal documents.

Further, I noticed in the box up in the right hand corner of this document, a space labeled “Inadmissibility Section” with the letter/ number “A36, A43”. Per your CBSA website, apparently you are making an intentional and criminal misrepresentation of facts about my past and with intent to keep me out of Canada as an “authorized” agent of Citizenship and Immigration Canada by providing false information about me. In order for me to work as a nurse in the U.S.A., I had to be fingerprinted and have a background check done by the Department of Justice, and if there were anything of the ilk that you are attempting to insinuate on behalf of CIC Canada (by placing this in a file within CIC Canada), I would have had to go through a legal process in the US and/or my nursing license would have been removed for any criminal violation(s). Your insinuation that I have committed a crime in the U.S.A. is both CRIMINALLY AND CIVILY DEFAMATORY AND LIBELOUS.

Therefore CBSA (RIGAUD) FLUNKIE and all other FLUNKIES at the PRESCOTT/CARDINAL POE who are being directed by your VIATORboss”, you need to know this: Your “boss” may have directed you to do this, but then, that is what all fascists on trial before international courts for atrocities committed against humanity have said as their excuse for what they did. The excuse didn’t work then and it won’t work in the future, because you have acted against CREATION’S Plan for this universe. I say this, because now, badge#16182, by following the orders of your “boss” you have indicted yourself in this case, and will be subpoenaed to appear before the transnational court of LAST DNA RECOMBINATION, where you will be required to justify your actions in a place where your “HUBRIS” holds no grounds. You will be asked: 1) What did you know? 2) When did you know it? 3) What did you do about it?

Jennifer Kealey (AKA Arizona Wilder-Penfield)

Originally posted August 1, 2011:


The readers of this post should know that I was told by CBSA FLUNKIE badge #16182 on July 22, 2011, that I need “sufficient funds” to be able to visit my husband for 2 days a week, “Say…500.00 dollars per day times, say 30 days so that if something happens to you and you need medical intervention, you will not be a burden on our system…”

WHY are the rules different for me? This is a requirement placed upon those who are considered “landed” in Canada. I am not at that point, and this is why: I have been prevented from moving forward with this process by being served an exclusion order. My husband and myself have put up with a year of having our mail held by USPS in the US, Canada Customs and Canada Post for weeks at a time, when we only live approximately 30 miles from each other across the border, and have been trying to fulfill the information required to move forward with this application.

My husband’s and my sponsorship application was mailed back to him for the 4th time on June 22, 2011 and not received by him until July 22, 2011; per the June 24th phone call (that was recorded by CIC Canada) that my husband had with “Ralph”, ID # 3645, who also told my husband that a letter of explanation for the return of the signed sponsorship form and paperwork would accompany this as well as the name of the new agent within CIC Canada that this was being “assigned” to. Instead, my husband received the application back WITHOUT the name of an agent and NO EXPLANATION. CIC has, though, kept the $550.00 dollar bank deposit from the Royal Bank of Canada. So, CBSA stole items out of my car at Emerson July 4th, 2010, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada has stolen $550.00 from my husband and my self.

Now, the UNKNOWN VISITOR in the Canadian Government has yet again placed another barrier in the way to keep me from going HOME to Canada to be with my husband whom I love and respect.

Because “Valkyries” and their FLUNKIES actually run government departments in Canada, they, not the minister control what is happening in each department by culling the mail, diverting telephone calls, and stealing files, goods and money from citizens attempting to get services.

The inside joke exchanged between civil servants are always about how the minister is styled “THE UNKNOWN VISITOR” Ministers ALL seem to be too busy honoring their foreign controllers to pay any attention to the running of their departments.

Jennifer Kealey


Ottawa Cat Piss

CBC News

Posted: Mar 12, 2012 8:34 AM ET

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2012 7:59 PM

An Ottawa woman is fighting the government to get back thousands of dollars seized from her as she attempted to cross the border at the airport.
In September, Genet Shume, a single mother who came to Canada from Ethiopia, was headed to her home country with her two children.
She was going to give family and friends back home money from community and church members, as well as money she had saved working at a bank.
Shume, carrying $12,000 at the airport, was unaware of the restrictions under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act, which require people leaving the country with $10,000 or more in cash or foreign currency to report it to a border services officer.
Authorities seized the $12,000 and asked Shume whether she was involved in drugs or terrorism.
"'Maybe this is for terrorist,' he say," said Shume, adding that she responded, 'I'm not that person. I'm Christian. I'm not for terrorism."
Shume and her children were allowed to board the plane, but she arrived in Ethiopia without any money, and said she was forced to beg for food.
"Some people kind. They give me cookies. One guy he give me every day one litre of milk for my kids," she said.

Misses border appeals deadline

Shume returned to Canada two months later and tried to recover the seized money.
She said an RCMP officer assured her she would get the money back, and as a result of waiting she missed a three-month appeals deadline to the Canada Border Services Agency.
Her lawyer, Russell Kaplan, said Shume missed the deadline but the government needs to show flexibility because of the circumstances.
"They've been shafted," said Kaplan about his client and her kids.
"She was given the impression ... a legitimate expectation of receiving the money," he said.
Meanwhile, Shume, who is also a full-time student, said she has been forced to borrow to get by.
"Oh, Canadian government ... it's poorer than me?" she asks. "Why they need my money? It's for Canadian government."

Corrections and Clarifications

  • An earlier version of this story indicated Genet Shume was carrying $12,000 of her own money. However, the money was also collected from members of the community and her church. Mar. 13, 2012




Ottawa Cat Piss

The Conservative Party in Ottawa is in the hands of Ecclesiastic Freemasonry who have settled Canada's Prairie Provinces. These "Blood and Soil" protest ants are the peasant soldiers led by Vic Toews and programmed at Rigaud, Quebec by the Benedictine monks. They are repeating the work they did in Russia in 1917 which led to the Communist dictatorship of Stalin. It always begins by "pissing off" as many citizens in the country as humanly possible. These Fascists guarding Canada's borders are preparing the ground which precedes the destruction of Canada's Old Age Security.

Hang on to your raft.

Your comment is submitted.

Thank you for submitting a comment. Please note that comments are pre-moderated and may not appear immediately.

CBC: We know you will do the RIGHT thing.

Jennifer And Glen

Thursday, March 8, 2012



Prior to the last election I received a series of phone calls from people claiming to be with the Conservative Party of Canada. These calls followed on the heels of a written request on personal information by Elections Canada which was in turn faxed back to them. The calls from the Conservative Party numbered approximately three; the first two of which were not answered. The third call was answered. It was from a woman who claimed to be calling on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada who asked me how I intended to act publicly during the period of the election. I am the chairman and national president of the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity. The call was received at a time when my wife, Jennifer, was being denied entry as a visitor to Canada and at the same time, as I had applied with her for sponsorship as wife and caregiver into Canada. I responded to the question in amazement that they, the Conservative Party, would in fact know any of the details of my wife’s exclusion and seclusion to Ogdensburg, New York. My wife had previously resigned her position as Director of Nursing of an Alzheimer’s care institution. (5 star rating) in California, and was hoping to take up her career in Canada. Previously I had made a call to my local MP’s office in Brockville, where the woman who answered had ridiculed the possibility that my wife would be excluded from Canada for any purpose linked to the political system. As I explained the facts to her, her only response was the word “wonderful” repeated over and over again. Her only interest seemed to be wanting to send me brochures or pamphlets on how well the Conservative Party deals with senior citizens (as in my case). I told the caller from the Conservative Party that how I would act toward them during the election period would depend solely on how they acted towards my wife’s dilemma. The caller seemed satisfied with my response. The follow-up however, came from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, who over the next year returned my application for sponsorship four times without opening a file and by stealing the $550.00 deposit.

PS- My wife is still in Ogdensburg (20 months later) and has been notified by border security that without a minimum of $15,000.00 in her possession, she will not be admitted to Canada, even as a simple weekend visitor to her husband. It is also important to note that my wife has had personal contact in California with Public Safety minister Vic Toews in the past; personal contact which included multiple rapes by him, among other things.

Glen E. P. Kealey

Message received

Thank you. We acknowledge receipt of your message. The Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections may contact you in regards to the information you have submitted should it require further details or clarification. Please be assured that the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada will provide a report to Parliament in due course in regards to this matter.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Canada’s “Wal She Vic” Revolution

Canada’s “Wal She Vic” Revolution
Vic Toews is Canada’s Lenin

One of the Majority versus all Those of the Minority

A Wal–she–Vic is a “privileged member” of the German
far–right within the Conservative Party of Canada,
who, as #2, currently leads the party in a manner
much like the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, took over
Russia in 1917. There, the Bolsheviks had won a tem-
porary majority on the Socialist party’s CC-central
committee- just as Ma Bell now has on the Toronto
Globe & Mail, via the Thomson’s editorial board. Ma
Bell also fronts for the “anonymous” Grey Nuns and
their genetically engineered cloister-babies; their
grown-up “Viking foundlings”, known to some in the
public as the Valkyries.

The Bolsheviks were part of the March 1917 Russian

Revolution until they took-over sole control of the
party in October (some say) November 7th of the same
year. Their main method of obtaining cash money was
theft, through false tax revenue collections or by
stealing owed benefits from their powerless politi-
cal opponents (robbery), and by other bribes and 5%
kickback schemes on government contracts and social
benefits. See the CCRA’s “Kealey Payback” scheme.


A Canadian Dictatorship is “just around the corner”.


See: Glen and Jennifer Kealey