Sunday, December 30, 2007

G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17

G. Edward Griffin marshals the evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease - like scurvy or pellagra - aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modern man's diet. That substance is vitamin B17. In its purified form developed for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile.

This story is not approved by orthodox medicine. The FDA, the AMA, and The American Cancer Society have labeled it fraud and quackery. Yet the evidence is clear that here, at last, is the final answer to the cancer riddle.

Why has orthodox medicine waged war against this non-drug approach? The author contends that the answer is to be found, not in science, but in politics - and is based upon the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment.

With billions of dollars spent each year on research, with other billions taken in on the sale of cancer-related drugs, and with fund-raising at an all-time high, there are now more people making a living from cancer than dying from it. If the solution should be found in a simple vitamin, this gigantic industry could be wiped out over night. The result is that the politics of cancer therapy is more complicated than the science.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Psychiatry - An Industry of Death

Look at Dr. Phil, the magician. The magician who comes on like a superstar and everybody howls and screams as he comes on the stage and he sort of walks in that stiff way of his and he solves everybody's problems in an hour on TV that is. It's not real. It's not real and look at all the backup staff to do all the investigations for ordinary stuff and yah de yah de yah to make you think the man is going sort it out. And what is sorting it all about? Well he's trying to make a couple fit in to a preexisting system where we expect through movies et cetera to have a happy ending. So when a couple are breaking up and no matter what's happening the idea is to keep them together and keep the misery going on forever and ever and believe you me that's the worst thing you could possibly do but that's what psychiatry's function is. Psychiatry and psychiatrists that when the patient comes in suffering from whatever he's suffering from you medicate them and all the rest of it. They don't do so much psychotherapy as they use to. They rely mainly on various drugs and so because the stress of modern living, again the floundering on the high seas with no anchors you're cut off from your old culture, your purpose, your direction. And so the psychiatrist's job is to tranquilize you initially to take the fears away through chemicals and then once you're out in society he'll take off all the things that you’re now doing. Are you having sex again? Like are you interested and are you back at work? Are you purchasing things and you listen to this kind of stuff. What your goals are. I want to buy a new car. I want to get another house. So all the things that destroyed you in the system and made you ill, if you're back doing the same things again he'll put you down not as cured, but at least the closest thing to cured you're doing all the right things which are the system's way of taking it off as normal. We're not living in a normal society. The purpose of life for the individual has to be sought out. It actually has to be mimed. It's almost like being a deep sea diver. You have to go down in the depths to find yourself and in the most ancient times to the present and it's been above many temples in old times was "know thyself". That's the first pre-requisition to higher learning. "Know thyself." And the people say, "well I know myself." They don't know themselves at all. They are composites of their indoctrinations. They are composites of the culture they're born into and they system they're born into. It's like many fragments put together. They don't know what motivates them themselves. They totally unaware of external motivations acting upon them


Christmas time. The holiday season where no ones really terribly happy except - or at midnight when they've had a few whiskeys or something and it's so interesting to watch - and you know the format and the media the day after Christmas where they're talking to the people in the street and how much they spent for their presents this year and many of them will tell you as they did last year, "well I just finished off paying my credit cards for last year's presents and now they're on it again".

It's a farce of commerce isn't it? It's nothing to do with family. That's a side effect and they use family for guilt tripping for presents. It's a commercial enterprise and our whole system is based upon commerce economics. Our purpose is supposedly to serve the economic system. We are good consumers. Priests of Sumer - hey con-sumer.

Before I forget I'd like to also thank three or four people who’ve given donations to the site in all this time because that's appreciated considering I don't know many, many hundreds of calls I've had just in the last year alone and the time I've spent on it but people will tend in this society to try and suck you dry and only a small minority would even think of helping someone else out in this present day civilization because civilization is not a natural state to be. It’s based on the city state and a citizen someone who's born with a pre-existing duty to an existing system. It’s not a humane system. It’s unnatural. It's only natural for those who are born into it never questioning. It never occurs to them to question the system at all really and where it came from and who designs it. Who plans it. They are allowed to believe it just evolves by itself.

This particular time of the year they were suppose to herald something wonderful and something completely different at one time in different ages. It's the same story in different ages where the sun of the deity comes into the world to save the world. Christianity changed a little bit because it was bringing a system really for a western world which has originated within the Mediterranean and North Africa, even earlier. So the times were slightly changed but the sun of the deity hangs in the sky for three days mid-winter - the dead of mid-winter. Generally rises in the East goes round sets in the West but it doesn't climb very high in the dead of winter. So they set the sun hung there as across the sky. Hung across for three days and on the third day it starts to move ever so little more north towards the west and then the celebration, the rebirth occurs.

And we have the same thing in Ancient Egypt and even previous civilizations prior to that. And it's always the same story. The story itself is made to be a wonderful story because for controlled civilization they make some of the natural rules that would make a true society work if everyone followed the rules but there's an element which doesn't make it uniform and that is the occasional deviant who must have power over others because the deviants naturally will take such a system which gives a form of natural law and order and climb to the top and abuse it for their own sakes. Take over the system and then you have the criminals running it, but the ones down below follow all the rules for a workable society.

It's going to work again for so long because the corruption that always grows at the top as more and more sharks get to the top and corrupt it more so. It gradually spreads down into society by the way of commerce, profit and the use of experts because once profit in commerce takes over it's a dominant feature in society. It is not there to serve society. The society is then there to serve it and human life becomes devalued to a terrible degree and we see this today.

It's not just the Christmas it's the whole year around. It's also as I said last high that war making is just an extension of business and from even before World War I when they brought the aircraft and the Zed tanks as they called them onto the battlefields. They were still talking about hussars and different kinds of cavalry and grenadiers named after the grenade commercially produced. So commercial names for weaponry became a feature of an extension of business called war and they would talk about grenadiers and the hussars until the first world war then they started talking about the camels, the aircraft and the zet tanks and you had all these brand names mixed in with the news and that intensified in World War II with all the different brands of tanks and bombers and how many they're churning out every month and that became the news. So shameless extension of business and commerce showing itself as it truly is involved completely in the art of war as an extension of business.

And up until recently they've used in the west religion mainly Christianity in Europe and North America to keep the people passive. To pretend to the people there's a whole bunch of rules they should follow and that everyone does while they themselves are taught never ever did follow the same rules because as I say we've got an elite in power in a status of wealth and luxury you need the labor of others to do it for you and it's not anything new since commerce was created and money was created to go along with it and all of its different forms we've lived in an inhumane system where life become first, second class then third and then it takes a spiral toll. It's very, very cheap indeed and yet the Christmas idea albeit the petition of the same story in previous ages and even more older times of the son who comes into the world and this no accident in fact that even in the English language those who created the English language used an Egyptian word for son because son in Egyptian is the same word. The sun in the sky is sen. You can put son if you wish. It's up to yourself because often they omitted the vowels and your male offspring is also called a son or sen just as it is in the English language. That is no accident at all.

The all seeing eye in ancient times was used before Egypt. The system of picking and choosing some of the brighter boys in a society and giving them an education was nothing new and then using those people to rule the rest from a bureaucracy is nothing new. We had that at Sumer. So the rest of the population were generally illiterate and the priests - a multitude of priests who dealt with real estate, with all commerce, import, exports. All the things that lawyers do today they ran society and they chose the brighter boys to become priests and they tested them for different qualities.

The eye although it's so important to seldom fully used by people. People see because of their training of what they expect to see. That is why you can live in a world of symbology all around them - a religion all around them and yet they don't see at all. They see what they expect to see and when you point out what is the obvious to you they're first in denial then they're in shock.

The ancient priests of Sumer tested the boys to see who knew. What who knows is one who sees and that is why down through all the different languages we have a word which hasn't changed because that or he who sees and that which he sees with becomes a student more appropriately called "a pupil". It's the pupil of the eye. The all seeing eye.

In my books I go through some of this mystery religion and on some of the earlier tapes I put on to CD and MP3s 12-hours per disc radio shows on worldwide shortwave radio, I talk a little about this and in one particular show I talked about the meaning of the stars which rise - the constellations which rise at Christmas time and those who wish and who can perhaps see this Christmas Eve on a clear night go out and watch for the Constellation Orion and you'll see it come up in the East and go round and you follow the Three Wise Men of Orion's Belt because that's what it's based on and line them up and at midnight look at the star which aligned they all point to and you also find the connection of why a son of God is born amongst the animals in a stable. I don't want to destroy anyone's Christmas but this is just fact.

The idea behind Christmas if everyone followed it would give us a form of utopia if you didn't have a hierarchy that would hijack it but it's in the nature of humanity to try and do that anyway. All of the attributes of deviancy of power can be found all down through the strata of society from the top to the bottom and it's not necessarily a tremendous intellect at the top. It's certain traits which make them so powerful. The psychopathic traits. The ability to con so easily and so well. You'll find that at the top and the bottom regardless of education or class and in a system based on commerce and profit where success is regarded as getting as far away from poverty as possible to even deviant extremes when you're then worshipped because you're simply super rich can only be an inhumane society since most people can never get anywhere near there and more massive wealth is accumulated by honest work.

In ancient times in pre-Christian times and throughout Christian times the early era they use to talk about the Christ or Christos within, not without. The whole idea even in the early true Gnostics which became another deviant movement very early on when the big boys grabbed it the whole idea was that a form of perfection could be attained in this lifetime. A form, not all but a form where one could work among self and the idea of a messiah was simply that. It was like a mascot. Something which you always held in front of you in your mind as an ideal to reach out to and try and emulate.

In fact, the early Gnostics complained that Constantine and his crew had stolen their idea when they gave the world the Roman Catholic Church and form of the dogma and exterminated anyone from any other sect who wouldn't go along with this new authorized version because power simply transponds itself from one era to the next and it was found that the Roman Empire had to over extent itself. They couldn't tax all their conquered countries enough to keep them in the massive luxury and waste and extravagance of the upper elite of the Rome. They couldn't tax enough forever and they knew this and as they started to lessen the money to their armies and their armies dwindled they knew they'd have to fall. However, they were ready to transform and conquer the minds and the nations of people with a different type of warfare which had been tried in even older times and had worked successfully and that is what was done.

Yet using something which appeals to everyone in every culture and every language the ideal of a form of self-improvement which is reaching out for something bigger than itself. Something out there. Something which can also be connected to the self that was used and abused and still has up to the present day until it's taken so many deviant terms because the masses always want ritual or religion instead of the hard truth where they might have to look at themselves tremendously carefully and minutely. It's easier to simply join a group like a club. A social club where you all wear the same badges or uniforms or suits and ties.

I don't know why God needs a suit and tie in church as a way of respecting God. I haven’t seen that written anywhere. You'll find all these churches everybody dresses up with their suits and ties. At least the men do and some of the women do I guess these days and I guess that's acceptable to God even though the suit and the tie is a Masonic uniform. That's why it's the only authorized respectable outfit to wear in court. It's a Masonic uniform and you wear your rope around your neck which also seals your fate and is suppose to guard what you say. Your limitations. If you put a tack in the end of the tie technically and you made a circle going around it wearing it that would be the extent of your limitations. There's an esoteric meaning within there for the higher Masons. The lower ones are never very sure of anything.

It's so sad that the kindness that people can show if they're left stress free. It's so sad to see how it's been taken over in a system of corruption which is anti-human and will make a person think twice about helping someone through fear because our system runs on the fear of poverty, loneliness, sickness, hunger, lack of medical care, friends, isolation. All of these things. That's what the system was based upon yet as a creature of this planet it never stops to dawn to us that it's all the economic system which makes this happen. All these worries. Outside of the economic system of commerce and money you don’t find that in so called primitive civilizations. You don't find that at all. You don't have to second guess should I help someone or not. They simply do it because they have nothing to lose by doing so. In this world the first thing is what will I lose if I help so and so and it's tremendously anti-human. Life becomes cheap.

At this time of year people should really reflect. In olden times they use to reflect on the past year. All the changes that had happened within themselves. The people they'd met that had come and gone in their lives in that year instead of like today they gasp and drink that they managed to make it through another year without being driven into the poor house or they've kept their job or their friends will still accept them because they're still working because believe you me in this society a deliberate stigma is attached if you lost your job and I saw that in Britain to people. In the '70s as they were taking all the job away each time I returned to Britain from Europe the stigma of those who had lost their work as the factories closed down was terrible and it was encouraged from the top as it still is today rather than simply celebrate a commercial farce.

You'd be surprised at the occasional individual out there you've met in your life, they might be terribly depressed at Christmas time because that's what happens to many people who feel left out or they've had their run of bad luck so to speak that year and a phone call to them at the right time can make all the difference in the world for there are many people out there who put on a good face to the world but they're in terrible shape within and we get the statistics every year of suicides and so on from such people about such people and what's happened and the usual story is well they always seemed so happy. It didn't occur. Ya-dee, ya-dee, yah. But once again in this inhumane system you can live even close to people and if they put on the natural show which we're all taught to put on you'll think they're just fine and there's no harm in giving them a call whatsoever. You might be surprised.

People generally spend this time with their family and often those within their family are not the closest to them. We can pick our friends but we can't choose our relatives as they say. So it's a perfunctory thing for most people at this time of year to be with family. Almost a parody of a remnant of a repetitive play that's played so many times on a stage. It's lost it's value because the family unit is almost destroyed and the conditioning within each generation within the family is upgraded scientifically for each member and so they can't even relate to each other and often they wish they could just have their Christmas dinner and go off home or go where they want to go.

Like following a ritual where the meaning has been lost and the only reason it's kept going at all at the moment is for the sake of commerce. If tradition didn't suit commerce it would be gone very quickly.

What's so surprising to me very often is the friends that people have as they try to gobble up all those things which are going to give them life extension or keep them fit forever or even live forever some of them. They literally believe this. The terror a sort of death and I always thought it's not so much the length of the life that matters. It's the quality. It's what the person themselves, the individual gets out of it because this life really is so brief and think of all the worrying that goes on in a system which doesn't let you relax. How sad that is that people rush through their lives worrying and scurrying always under some threat of losing jobs and losing families or wives, husbands, children. All of that stuff. So much so that they never live as they rush through. That's an unnatural state.

I'm sure that the so called primitive peoples who still are truly primitive peoples have been relatively unaffected by the system or the infection that we have. Those people don't need any of the things which we need of the system and they have no diabetes. They have to psychiatrists and psychologists or thousands of self-help books and how to do things and how to be this and be that and be happy. They don't need it and they live to a very good age most of them and they themselves have full meaning in their life which makes no sense to the scientifically trained who comes from the commercialized world but has complete meaning for those people - to individuals.

Those who want a form of contentment in this world have to change their values completely and realize that they can't be judged by society. Ultimately, you are your own judge. It doesn’t matter when you end up on your death bed what society thinks of you. You will not be thinking of them at all or anyone in society. You'll be reflecting on your life which is the wink of an eye. Even all of the worrying times are just flashes in your life. It's only then you have time to reflect and wonder what it was all about and what did you do with it. What did you do? What did you know was wrong in the society in which you lived and what did you do to alter it?

The trick of altering and changing the direction of society is to understand the trick and the trick to the esoteric religion has always been to have at least two parties opposing each other. Conflict. Long before Hegel had his name slapped on it this process is understood in the occultic sciences.

When a reaction is expected from you don't give it back because if you do you've just joined as the opposition on the chessboard and you don't even see the chessboard nor the players that are going to get moved in front of you and around you. That's been planned in advance by those who understand the game.


Oppositions end up fighting over the same thing. They come to a compromise which is the synthesis of Hegel and so the initiator gets to the point he wanted to go in the first place in a faster pace with the help of the opposition which he expected to come.

We know where society is being taken in a scientifically designed system. We know they're taking us to brain chipping, non-think is a big part of it and non-individual. No sentience, just robot although it will be sold initially under a different guise. So rather than simply hit it head on, you must realize that Lenin was quite right since he was trained by the big bankers who understood for thousands and thousands and thousands of years of economic history and its impact on civilizations and its creation of what we call civilization commercial.

And Lenin said, "there are many, many paths society could take but the public don't know. They must always think the one they're born into is the only natural one it could be simply because it exists when they're born. Those who oppose the changes are falling right into the hands of those who initiate the changes.

It's like judo. You use the other person's force and dynamics to beat them. Opposition. So when you don't play the game the culture itself of any country is given to it by those who approve of it. That's why you have it and it serves the elite of each country. The big club at the top of the universal world.

To go off on different tangents is the only way so Mr. Rockefeller's window of opportunity to close in a direction which he didn't plan and those behind him and those of the same club couldn't plan. Once it closes they have a hard time trying to steer society back into the direction they wished them to go.

What direction could we take? First we'd have to sit down and go through all the things that are wrong in the system and you'll find it's almost everything. It's all based on money. Hard thing for people who are brought up in a system like that to let go of. Yet when they hang on to it you're guaranteed disaster because money is only a means to an end for the few who design and control it in the first place. Eventually, the society they will bring in will be a system where you're born - in fact you might be created to serve the state. Serve the state through all the books from the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Rhodes Scholarships of Cecil Rhodes and Rothschild and others. It's the same script because they're all one. It's one head. That's why they all say the same things.

Money would eventually be done away with anyway. It's only useful as long as we are willing to accept it and pay for it and exchange things which is usually just labor again and a hard thing for people to let go this working for your money seat where you pull the lever like the rats and have your rewards. Yet we're guaranteed disaster the way it's designed. It's designed that way. It's not meant to last forever where everyone tries to be top dog and exploit the person below and then you're called successful if you succeed.

To get into humane society would take tremendous changes and that never happens in a mass movement. The masses will always take what appears to them to be the easier root. The easier choice between two. That's why the elite count on democracy because the masses opinions are given to them on every topic. They are predictable.

The elite themselves have always said that their only problem comes from the occasional individual who understands. It's like some of these moves they put out where someone sees. Someone can see and they say oh someone sees like the movie, "They Live." That's what frightens them especially if the person has knowledge to back it and can teach others and get it across in such a way that it breaks through all the armor and conditioning. That's the biggest threat they have.

If we look at the major revolutions which the same organization have been behind they would start up clubs and organizations prior to revolutions to track members in. They then observe carefully the different members as they taught and they know they're be problems after the revolution because they were too intelligent and they could convey by speech and knowledge a reality to the ordinary people and get it across and those people who could do that their names were on the list and immediately after the revolutions they were rounded up and killed because the stage was set as it always is. The chessboard was set in advance for this very thing.

And that's why long before 9/11 came along in 2001 there were many fakes out there in the so-called patriot land of the USA for instance and other countries. One was the most decorated General or Colonel in the U.S. Army from Vietnam had his own shortwave radio station for years. He used all the Masonic terminology in his talks on radio and pretended he was a patriot and was collecting the names of different people across the company and in the U.S. and right after 9/11 he was interviewed on the Congressional steps in Washington State by a major television station that was shown in Canada and it was obviously posed. He was there at the right time for the interview and it started off with the usual lead up and oh the most decorated Colonel in the U.S. Army, the Green Berets.

Well do you think was behind this 9/11? And he said - this man had just stopped being on the radio one month prior to that after four years solid encouraging this patriot movement supposedly. He says those crazy patriot people that run about in camouflage in the woods practicing for something that will never happen. They're paranoids who see black helicopters everywhere. This is the same man who said years before that he left the Pentagon where he worked with hip pocket orders. You see, you never retire from these positions and he collected the names of thousands of people who'd been trained through movies of John Wayne, and Rambo and et cetera, et cetera to worship the heroes represented. If he talks the same language as you. That's all they have to do is come down to your level and start talking your language and you fall for it because you're trained to worship people and you’re setup every time. You've got to stop doing it.

Some people have said to me could you discuss the real meaning to Christianity and I thought about it and yes I could ramble on forever and give you six or seven hours talk on the esoteric meanings of Christianity but it would just end up in other people's books as most of my other talks have done since the '90s.

Perhaps it's more important to talk about the changes that can be made in a system which has a plan for the eradication of "useless eaters" who at one time were valued citizens as consumers-producers but are now simply consumers in this particular service economy and I'm trying to tell people don't fall for the traps. Don't fall head-on to fighting something verbally or otherwise. You're expected to do that at a certain stage.

We must do the unexpected. We must choose a different path and persuade others that at least to try yours or to look at it and they themselves might find a similar path but not quite identical but different nonetheless because ANY PATH WHICH IS NOT CHOSEN FOR YOU IS BETTER.

DON'T CHOOSE THE EXPECTED PATH when you're terrified of the changes which you're seeing more blatantly today come upon you. We're all walking this planet for a short time. Very few people breakthrough into the reality that exists and they never see. Very few people can breakthrough that. Some can and that's what it's always been about because it's the few who try to lift humanity up - all humanity up who have stopped the ultimate horror in all ages from occurring.

It's always the few and they don't have to agree upon everything except not to oppose that which they're expected to oppose and tremendous changes can be made with no guarantees of a definite ending except that we get an alternative ending to the one which is planned and if it's not planned for you exactly for the children and those who are growing up.

There's nothing worse than leaving behind those with a mess knowing that they're going to get the chop. That's incredible to me that people actually - and I've heard so many say that. Well thank God I won't be alive to see the final outcome of this knowing you'll be retired with your pension and you can go fishing and then you'll die and you've altered nothing. It's as though you have never been.

Even the elite themselves can only have their names carved in stone or put on statues or libraries or public buildings for a short time before the next generation comes up and someone else's name is splashed on there. But there are those who have altered society and the directions of society and upset the plans of an elite in every age and it can be done again.

-thanks to Alan Watt

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Predictive Programming Part 2

I'm trying to show the people the real world they're living in. Not the one that's been indoctrinated into them by media osmosis and education but the real world that exists outside the sheep fold because we are in a sheep pen. We’ve been kept there and fed you might say by the good shepherds who always seem to be up there some how. These special people who come down from different birth canals than the rest of us and are given almost a holy status but it's really a media image to build them up into these fatherly figures. Old techniques but using modern technology is very effective.

All sides of everything are given leaders and often the leaders are groomed in advance before movements are even started. They don't want to take the chance that a true grass roots movement might pop up with it's own leader so they gave us the leaders and that's why we're always left in the lurch at the last minute before we go onto the next stage of this worldwide agenda where we're treated as "the profane" those in the darkness by those "in the light" supposedly. I don't know if they're in the light but there sure an awful smell of sulfur.

Tonight, I was going to continue with the movie industry because the movie industry as I said last night is there to indoctrinate you into possibilities which you swallow as possibilities and then they actually come out in reality. This technique has been used very effectively since the BBC in fact first started up as a radio station for World War I and they use plays and dramas and cereals -- cereal forms so that you have to tune in every day to get the next part of the exciting story and they'd always make sure it was "a cliffhanger" at the end of the hour and then sure enough everyone tuned in the next day at the right time to get the next part of the story but in and amongst the drama they were giving propaganda to do with World War I and why the young guys should join up and how much they'd be respected by the women and they'd be heroes and this is how the technique is used upon the young people's minds.

That's why they don't use older guys in the military except for generals and so on. Young guys think they're immortal. Because of the tribal instinct within them they to be a hero. They want to stand out and save the tribe. That's what sports are portraying too and the young people don't think they'll die. They think they're indestructible. Death is a far off thing for other people but not for them. So the BBC used this technique to the full in World War I and even had dramas out for the women and coaxed them to wear a white feather in their hat if their boyfriend or fiancé wouldn't join the Army and they'd wear that in the streets to let all the public and their neighbors know that their boyfriend was a coward you see.

Joe Public thinks he' being entertained by just people in business who are there just for business reasons and who give you what you want which is entertainment, but no. As I said last night, they've had international meetings on the culture industry. They still do every year by the way in early September. The international censorship committees of all the countries which you think is there to decide how much you should be protected from garbage or filth or whatever is your thing. Do you think why would they have an international meeting?

Well it's to see if the public can come to consensus -- to see if the public worldwide are ready for the next step of the agenda and that's why you're seeing specific types of comedies. You're seeing all sexual variations, sexual typing, subtypes, inter-types and all kinds of types you might say. This is no accident. This is all planned this way and every year they push the envelope as they say to the next step, to the next step. And I said years ago, years ago that eventually you would see live sex eventually take place even in comedy shows and it would get to be routine. Every year the censorship committees debate if the polls that were taken and all the studies they've done on the general public show that they're ready for the next step. That's how it's done.

To bring in a totally New World Order and I mean totally New World Order you must create chaos. All that was must be leveled, destroyed to bring in the new. This is the high Masonic tradition so all that was is destroyed to bring in the new or that which might be as they say and getting back to the usual people who do the rounds of what they call "the patriot network". Now the patriot network remember is also a business. It's always been a business, big business long before 9/11 and a "Toronto Star" article quite a few years ago explained that the CIA setup the shortwave for public broadcasting back in the '60, or '50s even with the intent of using selected Christians as a front against communism so their propaganda would counter communism. That was supposedly the idea.

Personally, I'm a bit doubtful if the CIA ever let go of their hold on their particular programs. Now in with this programming they're always selling what I call "panic items" and heavily funded by the gold and silver industry. Now there's very outlets for these people to sell their products in today's happy go luck society where everybody's -- well you know where they are. The last thing on their mind is gold and silver so the only medium they can have is to present themselves on radio and push it there with an audience who are always on the verge of panic and often some of these shows under the guise of patriotism are actually one or two hour advertisements.

The technique is where they hype them up about the coming collapse of the economy. This has been going on for 40 years now this sort of stuff with the same people and near the end of the hour once they've got their audience petrified they come forth with the answer which is to buy their gold and silver and there's a whole bunch of other products and unfortunately the counter health industry which is owned by the same ones on the other side of the health industry are selling all kinds of junk and gizmos to people who are sick and who are so desperate they'll try anything. So you'll find all of these products wrapped up in the patriot business and the other part of the patriot business is really an American thing. It was designed specifically for America.

This is psycho-politics a science known a long, long time ago that you give a type of culture and superimpose it with a dominant religion generally and then you manipulate the religion and the people towards a definite goal, an outcome and that's why the U.S. was given more of a dose of -- and heavily financed to get the messages across to the people the massive dose of religion and it was really a form of -- well Schofield really. Schofield brought up the Schofield Bible and it was paid by Rothschild's to do it and he made a few alternations there to try to boost up Revelations to make the public think that that which was to happen in the next hundred years was planned. It was all planned by God and it's amazing how it's worked on the minds of the public. Tremendous indoctrinations repeated over and over and over by countless front Christian people on the Patriot Network generally call themselves right wing. Other ones are British Israel under many different guises, British Israel but always pushing the same products, the same hype and then terrifying the listeners and then telling them "don't worry it's God will. God's in control" after they’ve just scared the bejesus out of you. And the U.S. under psycho-politics was decided long ago that they'd use religion to make them go along with this New World Order agenda and it certainly has done the trick with a lot of people.

Now having said all that where was I going with it? Oh, yeah. It was because on the Patriot Network often after I've said something the well known people who do the rounds of the networks are suddenly all over the airwaves repeating what I've said and then spinning it back off into Revelations or it's God's will and so on. So that again is how you counter intelligence. You counter it by using the same information attaching aliens, reptiles or God to it and you spin it off. That's counter-intelligence.

Now that I've said all that I'll get back to Part 2 of movies, specific movies to watch that have predictive programming in them. That which you see in a movie form becomes acceptable subconsciously so that when it comes in reality you don't react to it. You're familiarized with the idea and the movie of course is always presented as a necessity. In other words, all the bugs have been ironed out subconsciously in your mind for you. It's been downloaded into you the whole idea and why it’s done. So this is Hollywood.

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) which is a sort of royal shell company. A shell company is a strange company that's attached to the government in British Commonwealth countries and in Britain. It's a duplicate really of the BBC. Is paid for by tax money. To get into it you probably have to climb the ladder through the degrees and jump through hoops and be well connected in the families because they don't want again "grass roots" getting into media and getting a voice out to the people. They keep it self-contained with all its programming. That's why it's called "programming." You're programmed by it.

But they put out some good stuff as well, almost a legality, and they did a series earlier this year which is worthwhile trying to get a hold of because it shows you the entertainment industry and the debauchery that they created in certain countries just prior to World War II starting in the depression and going on there. In the depression they could hire so many people in poverty and put them on the stage. Mainly women and it was amazing what they were doing and performing in the cities across Europe especially

So the series is called

and they go through I think it was Shanghai was one. It's all European people involved in the setting up of industry there. Berlin. Berlin was a basket case because they were paying so much or Germany was paying so much in retribution -- money to the countries the victors of World War I that they couldn't get up on their feet and it was so easy to hire people to go on stage like the Hoofers is what they call them in Hollywood the dancing girls that they had in the U.S. Well the whole idea of the dancing girls on stage hundreds of them with very little on actually came from the same guys who skipped out of Germany just before World War II because they were doing it there with hundreds of girls only they had them stark naked and they really degraded them and the same producers left Germany and scampered off to Hollywood and it’s in the series called "Sin Cities". Well worth seeing if you can get a hold of them.

Another one is called Hollywoodism

It’s interesting even in occult when you look at cinema, cinema and you understand the high occultic techniques of the use of letters, words, numbers and so on and if you just use the spoken word and reverse cinema you have “amen-is”, the God Amen and that is no coincidence. George Orwell did a fantastic job with his book "1984"

the title being chosen by the publisher. He wanted to call it "The Last Man" and in the actual book when Winston the character is being tortured by O'Brien, O'Brien asks him way he keeps saying that the people will win and Winston says "because we have to" and "O'Brien says, "well why do you personally think that?" He says "why do you think you have rights?" He says, "because I'm a man," and O'Brien says "well if you're a man Winston you're the last man," meaning the last one of his type. A thinker. One who saw through the indoctrination. He was well aware that the intent was to eradicate the thinkers. That isn't new.

The Communists did the same thing. Once they get in power they round up all those that they used to get into power, the intellectuals and kill them and it wasn't just the Communists that did that. Britain was very good at that too for all the countries they'd gone into and stole from over the centuries and not just Britain either. It's been an ongoing thing with the main characters down through history that were called "The Great" or whatever behind their name. These are part of the secret societies.

You look at Alexander the Great's lifestyle and who taught him. Who was his personal tutor and Aristotle was sent to be his personal tutor. Alexander himself declared himself a god. This is an ancient religion. It's still here. It's still on the go.

So "1984" is well worth trying to get a hold of. The British version with John Hurt. Well worth looking at and Richard Burton. Richard Burton plays O'Brien. They managed to cram quite a lot of the book in the movie and you get the feeling from the movie of what Orwell was trying to get across and Orwell knew because he'd been trained to work for this establishment and he was an ardent supporter of it until he found out that all of the sides even the ones that he'd been fighting against were all controlled by the same capstone. The British version was put out in 1984 to commemorate the book.

Another one to look at is

"Fahrenheit 451". It's an older movie as well. And old is not bad. We've all been trained that new is good. New is good. Change is good. New is good but so much of reality is shown in older movies and "Fahrenheit 451" is a type of future where the firemen don't stop fires. They don't have to because all houses are by law fire proofed. They don't burn. The firemen go out and they burn people who’ve stored up and hidden books because it's forbidden to read books. Books cause distention between people. So it's really a terrorist act to read books. Well worth seeing too. Lots of little statements. Little quips in there which penetrate.

A fairly recent movie is called

"The Others". "The Others" I recommend too show how Plato's Cave works. Now Plato talked about how a reality is given to people and he used the analogy of a cave where those born into the cave and brought up in the cave, never outside the cave and always looking towards the back of the cave how they would view the world but that was their world. That was all of their world and sure enough they'd have a whole philosophy type of religion, a reality based around what they observed and as the sun passed the mouth of the cave and people even outside would walk past it shadows would form in the back of the cave and it had reasons for this. People discussed the reasons and it would all seem perfectly rational to them but they never turned around and look to the mouth of the cave. They were looking always towards the back. So anything out of the ordinary that happened they'd have to fit it into the paradigm, their existing understanding of their reality and they'd squash it in if need be and stamp on it to get it in. A good example of how to create realities for people. He used the cave.

In the movie "The Others" similar to the movie "Sixth Sense" they both have a bit of this in it. In "The Others" you find the main character, the woman has to relate all the things that are happening around her into her existing paradigm and how she goes to extraordinary lengths no matter what she's experiencing to make it "fit in" to what she sees is her logical pattern of understanding until she has to face a truth and this is how -- this does actually work with people who are born into a system and like all mammals look towards the parents for warnings of what they should be aware of. Now if the parents have already been indoctrinated and remember all you have to do is indoctrinate the first generation you have a new normalcy, a new normal. If they don't know to tell the children, the children will never question the things around them. They'll think everything is quite natural. It just evolved to where we are today and everything that they use or are told to use including money and so on is all quite natural and they're told what to talk about. What not to talk about. What's correct, what's not correct.

Now how can you be free if you can not discuss anything or even ask a question out of curiosity? That's not freedom. That's legal tyranny. So check out "The Others"

and "Sixth Sense" because they do show this type of Plato's Cave. A very telling movie predictive programming again with a bit of a warning was "

"GATTICA" - G-A-T-T-IC-A which revolves around a character in the near future where there are two classes of people. You have those who have born or created the ordinary way and those who have been genetically modified supposedly to eliminate -- and this is what we're hearing already and have been for a few years. They want to eliminate all possibilities of defects in a child. So if you were prone or if they claim you are prone to even an allergy or asthma or whatever they could stop you from being born. We already have murmurings of this at the moment from the pseudo-scientific political elite.

And in "GATTICA" you have a class system where those who have been modified get all the superior jobs. A new type of class distinction and it's very telling. Again the movie it's predictive programming because they know it's coming and it is coming. It's only part way set with the total cloning -- purpose made clones. ID is a good play on "idea". The "Big Idea" of freemasonry is used in many different ways and you have ID, your identification. An ID also means "intelligent design" and that's what they're working towards. An intelligent design which will be more efficient to serve the elite than you or I.

One of the older movies that showed us a sort of world police state or definitely an American police state with high-tech weaponry to use against the public and it came out at a time when Joe Public was scratching his head saying "why is this being shown now?" Well the big boys knew what was coming down the road in 20, 30 years. It was called

"Blue Thunder" with the high-tech helicopters able to see through your walls and watch you and listen to you as well and armed to the teeth of course with the high-tech weaponry.

We've all been conditioned to where we are today through all of these movies that most people have forgotten about. But they've seen bits and pieces here and there but even though they've forgotten consciously most of the story, subconsciously the main parts are being downloaded into them and that's why they've accepted the step-by-step process to totalitarianism so easily. They've been programmed to do so.

The ancients knew that people had an infinite appetite for entertainment and they supplied it to the people with drama. There's never been a time in history when so much has been churned out from the same sources to the entire planet as today and people can't get enough. They can't get enough. I've seen people come out of video stores with a stack of their weekend specials. They must watch TV 24 hours a day for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I'll guarantee you they will remember very little of that consciously but these are the most placid system orientated people you'll ever meet because they've been totally programmed subconsciously. They don't question anything that happens or comes along or is made law or anything else. They've been programmed. What can you say?

A very interesting movie to do and again in allegorical form the show it one way in the movie but it's allegory in a sense and a reality in another is

"Dark City" which even brings in a very old theme to do with genetic history where genes themselves have a certain history to them and a memory you might say and how they can be manipulated and put into other people to give you someone else's memory, someone else's reality.

Whenever we see these movies whatever they talk about in the actual science magazines is old stuff. Whatever they say they're working on is old stuff because that's Level One Reality. Anything that the public is allowed to know is technically obsolete even when they say on Level One they're just working on this thing right now. That's really obsolete. We're kept in the past always.

The 2001 movie

From Hell" is an excellent movie to watch based around the declassified information that was kept secret for a hundred years by Scotland Yard on Jack the Ripper with the conclusions and all the evidence pointing to the fact that the Queen's royal surgeon was the very high freemason of the Templar Lodge who did the killings and it tells you why it had to be done.

I know to that the person who first came out with this information was killed with a hit and run accident I believe it was in Britain some years back. But information in it is true and the names are the real names that they use of the people involved and for the first time it will make sense to you. It also shows you the high Masonic connection in all of this where -- see if you want secrecy in a system and Peter Wright who worked for MI5 brought this out in his book "Spy Catcher". He said they're all told in those organizations to join freemasonry because they swear to defend a brother Mason against all odds be he right or wrong. It's the only way you can have this kind of secrecy kept from the public where men will literally lie on the stand to save each other and they do this all the time. That's why they all join Masonry and police join Masonry and the judge is a Mason. So check out that movie "From Hell" well worth seeing. Probably the first movie to even show you parts of the rituals involved in freemasonry in a movie version.

"Three Days of the Condor

was made or it had to be back in the 1970s, early '70s with Michael (Robert) Redford and in the movie they show you how the CIA go through potential future strategies. They play out these games to see if they'd ever -- which they may have to use one day to see if they could take over oil wells across the Middle East and they even had the strategies laid down as to what they'd tell the public why they'd have to go in there. They'd have make events happen to authorize themselves to go in to take over the oil fields.

It's not that people in Hollywood have a terrific imagination or the writers who write for Hollywood. It's because they know, they're connected. They have relatives in amongst the CIA. These kind of war games and strategies and possibility games gone on all the time. They have a game for every scenario basically worked out in advance at least on computer all the bugs are ironed out and they have backup plans and plan A, B, C, D, E and so on. Nothing really changes in the system. One thing that's always the same is the secrecy. Incredible secrecy, incredible propaganda to cover the secrecy given out by media to give us a fake reality. We’re told what to think about it.

For those people who've noticed when they came out with the weather channel we use to get rain and snow and so on. Now everything's a crisis. If you get an inch of rain it’s going to be a crisis and a storm and a couple of inches of show. Oh it's going to be a crisis and people are terrified and yah de yah de yah. Well this is all intentional that they had to start making an issue of the weather because they decided long ago they were going to use scientific manipulation of the weather to cause crisis and people who are still working for the United Nations put books out in the 1960s. At that time, they thought that it was easier to cause global cooling and they had the coming Ice Age in different books put out there and oh it was promoted by all the media. Massive crisis on it's way. We’re all going to freeze to death.

But then the more they experimented with spraying the skies as we see everyday -- it's really bad up here right now. It's also bad in Chicago. They're getting sprayed crazily and even to the west of Pennsylvania they've been getting it heavily for the last couple of days and they have sinusitis and the usual problems and the media as always dead quiet on it. But they realized eventually it was easier to cause warming and you'll see that mushy stuff that the spray turns into. These mushy types of clouds. That's polymer and that polymer gives the effect of a polythene type film but also helps the sun act and behave as it would under a magnifying glass. It intensifies heat. It causes heat build up and that's why you get the warming and those who've been studying this and taking notes over the last 10, 15 years or so have all come to the same conclusions. When they spray heavily the temperature goes up. So does the amount of infections of the bronchial tubes and sinuses and so on.

And the media they won't talk about it. The media is not free. They're totally controlled. They're part of government. They give you the reality. They tell you what to think about. What to worry about. What to smile at. What not to smile at. What to frown at and then there's always sports that come out your ears eventually. So much sports, sports, sports. That's all you see. Detective stories, law stories, hospital stories and sports. What a choice.

Has anyone noticed that these incredible trashy TV series like the CSI to do with all the special scientific gizmos that police are using these special units that go round there and my God they can detect things by special lights but the bottom line is always "get his DNA." Almost every second line is "get his DNA." That's to indoctrinate the public into this new procedure because they want everyone's DNA. Now the governments are admitting they’ve been taking peoples DNA for 30 years and identifying it along with your name and storing it you see and they're doing it in major hospitals in California. I think the babies are done now. They want to own you and it's the old story of Adam naming the animals you see. You've got power over the animals if you've got its DNA. Its name, its signature. That's what it's all about.

And it's so monotonous the trash they throw out one after the other. Get his DNA. Get his DNA and this whole thing is to make you think that science is holy. Science is holy. You can't question science and they've already scandals where they've put people in prison with the confirmation in the courts of the DNA matched and then they found out later they wanted the guy in prison and so somebody's along the way often the scientists or the laboratory person lied. But of course television gives you a different version the drama. It's some how a holy status that again the special birth canals that these people come out of is different from everybody else's. They wouldn't lie to the public and this is the image they want us to have of these controlling authorities. Hogwash you see. But it does well. It indoctrinates the people.

We've had thousands of years of bowing and scraping and kissing the ground to idol statues and deities we can't see and now we have this white coated priesthood at the top that waggles test tubes and rattles them together and has its own vocabulary because every priesthood in every religion in every age has its own vocabulary to mystify the public.

Up until not long ago the Catholic Church still used Latin in the major mass and the people couldn't understand a word of it but it sounded holy you see. It's a holy language. This is the same language mind you that slaughtered thousands of Christians and fed them to lions. It was very holy then too because then that same language was dedicating them to the other gods you see. But there was some nice music and guys wearing dresses you can really CON the public and they think it's holy. Holy, yeah. Latin is holy.

Latin was used with the Romans when they slaughtered thousands of people going through Europe. Very holy language then as well and they use to burn your intestines as an enemy in the Laris, the fire, the families. They'd dedicate your intestines. They'd rip it out of your body and burn them in front of your face before you croaked and that was dedicating it to the holy fire that was the spirits of their ancestors because just like the modern ones who are descended from them all they believed that they reincarnated into the same family lineages and that's why they're so smart you see and powerful and well they certainly are cruel. They have an edge on that. They understand cruelty to keep the public in check.

Again, now we have a white coated priesthood that thinks nothing of taking animals, bashing them on the head with all kinds of gizmos and then reading their brainwaves to see how it affects them. Well why don't they try it with the scientists and maybe knock some sense into them and they use people as well as guinea pigs all the time, all the time.

For donkey's years again through the start of television back in the '50s they were giving you the medical dramas right away to holify, make it holy, the doctors and the nurses and hospital and the science you see of medicine and in no time at all they started in Britain and in other countries where they had national healthcare systems whipping out your tonsils and your adenoids and it became routine to children who are not old enough to understand anything; generally four or five and the excuse they gave again first through drama and then through reality to the public the excuse they gave was "well these appendages well you don't need them anymore you see. We use to be apes and we use to walk around with our heads pointing towards the ground and when we stand up that's why your sinuses get infected then your tonsils get it as well." So we'll just whip these off and same with your appendix; these vestiges of when you were an ape you see and this is taught as fact even though the Darwinian theory has never been proven. A theory is a guess. That's what it means. It's a guess and it only becomes a scientific theory when a bunch of scientists have consensus that that guess might be right. That's all. So your guess is as good as anybody else's. Make a few on all these topics. You'd be surprised what you might find out.

But all of this is promoted through drama generally with the big hero, the male hero who goes through all hell and back to save humanity or do something special for the public and you're left with all this data on your head downloaded that that's a good thing. You haven't even really made an opinion on it. It’s been done for you because when you're being entertained through fiction the senses part of your brain that says "yeah I agree with this. No I disagree with that." It doesn't work. It switches itself off and it's the same with hypnosis.

When you're staring at something an object it doesn’t matter what it is although something to do with light or flickering lights is very helpful then that senses part of your brain switches off. You're now under a form of hypnosis. Your guard is down. You don't think anything nasty is going to be done to you and it's done in such a way that appeals to you because as I say you identify with the main characters in the movie and by this identification they can take you on any path they wish. Any path at all and you'll go right along with it never stopping for a second and saying, "wait a minute. Is this right or is it wrong?" Because the movie can make anything seem correct and you're being downloaded and indoctrinated as you enjoy yourself and you will not remember too much about the movie in a couple of years or even one year and a lot of people in a few months or weeks or days but you will allow certain things to happen to you in society without question. You have been programmed.

It was about the mid '60s when the format of news media changed around the world. Prior to that you never had sports or entertainment mixed in with news at least in most of the European countries. The only time saw anything to do with sports was on a Saturday during the day as well and regular programming in the evening but it was mandated and talked about by H.G. Wells and others they'd eventually make a craze of sports, a diversion for the public where they could let off steam and do it in a socially acceptable form rather than run up to their apartment building and do the dirty and this is being done all over the world and you're seeing too the build up of Hollywood in the news media as though we should really care who’s marrying who. Who's divorced who or who’s having an affair with who or what. But again it's been lifted up to almost a holy status.

Yet these people, these actors are very unhappy people. They don't even know who they are most of the time. An actor if they're any good at all gets into the part -- the adult identity of the character and after you've adopted a whole bunch of different characters you sort of lose track of who you are yourself. They're not happy at all and they're secluded from the public. They're kept apart from the public. All they can do is mix with each other and they act to each other all the time. They're never real towards each other but they want us to follow the stars because once in a while they'll pull one out and speak on behalf of a political party or some NGO group that wants change or laws -- generally it's laws put into something that going to affect you and because they're up there you see on a stage and this is the trick to the occult from the most ancient times.

The word "alter" and "altar" are spoken in the same way. The spoken word on the bottom level is the key. On the bottom level. When you put someone on an altar you alter them. They're no longer an everyday person. They're someone special. They've been risen on a platform above all other men and women. They're raised up. All Masonic terminology once again. They are above all the rest. They're holy. A holy stature and suddenly they're important and we've been trained to worship these people that are put up there and people do worship them in fact with hysteria because the same dynamics are at play thousands of years ago as to today. It hasn't changed at all the psychodynamics that work into play.

This happened in the fields of Eleusis in ancient Greece. It happened with the worship of Tammuz in the Middle East. The worship of Adonis as the Greeks called it when they ran Egypt eventually and the women always went hysterical when the priesthood or the deity or the figure of the deity was raised up on the platform above the rest. It hasn't changed. We've seen it with pop stars, rock stars and it's been called "stars" as I say for a very good reason because you're meant to follow them.

Interestingly enough in the book it’s called "Hollywood Babylon" there are two volumes well worth the read because it gives you a lot of occultic stuff not out in the open. It's tongue and cheek but the person who wrote them understood it very well by the selection of words he uses and he even uses a dedication that came from Aleister Crowley of the OTO sent out by MI6 to create mystery and confusion in the world with his special order of freemasonry. He didn't create the OTO actually but he took it over and became the head because all freemasonry goes back to London regardless of what country you think it's from it goes back to London and Aleister Crowley certainly did his stuff to create the mystery and attract the youth in and that was a burgeoning culture at that time to do with drugs back in 1920s again pushed through Hollywood and the music scene as always.

But in this book "Hollywood Babylon" he dedicates a page to Aleister Crowley where Crowley states that every man and woman was a star. Occultic significance if you understand it but it's overlaid with a picture at the back of people on a stage because those people pretend they are you and me. They are the men and women. We are the profane. That's what it really means.

And other book to read is "Movie Lot to Beachhead". It tells you how Hollywood worked hand in glove with the military to make propaganda movies to get the young men to join up. Lots of photographs. There are so many photographs in there and it even shows you the psychological techniques as they portrayed the hero figure to the youth to make them join up and of course lots of female stars to make this little schmuck think that once he signed up he might get this particular star which is dreamland indeed. But that's how simple it works for little guys who are young. Come from generally poor backgrounds. Have no status in the world and put on that uniform and suddenly they're approved by everybody. You're a somebody suddenly. Mind you once you're buried and so on you're quickly forgotten or if you're crippled you're definitely quickly forgotten especially in the United States.

So all those things that you think are normal out there and are there just for the money and just to give you what you ask for you can be further from the truth. This is culture creation containment. It gives you direction. It limits your thinking. It programs you for a fixed planned society the next step and the next step into the future and you go along never dreaming -- never ever dreaming that the choices you're making are not your choices at all. You just regurgitating your program and carrying it out. Your opinions on the political level, sociological level, on every level are given to you through drama and from those that you've been taught to follow, the stars to worship even though most of the propaganda you get from the TV on the Hollywood scandals and so on it's all nonsense. It's as much fakery as the movies themselves. It's to intrigue you and draw you in to fantasy.

So check out some of these movies. I'm sure some of you will learn something from them to see how blatant and legalistic by showing you these things Hollywood can be.

Have a good weekend.

Predictive Programming Part 1

Ideas are downloaded into people's minds via fiction primarily and using high drama. High drama with emotion plus crisis situation in a movie and drama is a tremendous method of getting points across. It's almost like coupling an idea with the drama and it's downloaded like a virus into your subconscious and you're being programmed and it's called "predictive programming."

The technique is ancient and it's an old science. Plato in his Republic talks about the culture industry of his own day and how it was essential not only for maintaining control over the people by the elite but they had to control everything that was given to the public. In other words, anything the public saw in drama on stage was authorized. In ancient Greece traveling troops of players would come into the cities and do their rounds and it was compulsory to attend. Everyone, even the slaves have to attend at least one performance because just like today their had their agenda and their schedule and the upgrading of the system and it was done primarily through fiction because the old saying is "monkey see, monkey do" and we emulate what we see especially when it’s done in the typical hero-heroine form.

The male will project himself into the heroes part and identify with the hero character and the female -- well at least in the old days before all the estrogen stuff in our food and so on and inoculations the females look towards the heroine. This is an ancient, ancient science. It's never, never given up and actors are hereditary. The families in acting can go back probably hundreds some of them maybe thousands of years. Specialized sections of society once more and they marry each other and intermarry within even smaller ranks.

What's more interesting is the producers, the magicians you might say who understand and have a full grasp of what is to be conveyed to the audience. What messages must be imprinted in their minds and he knows the techniques and how to do this perfectly. A perfect science.

Now what's interesting is that back in the 1960s, The Royal Institute of International Affairs and its American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations had one of their international meetings. They held it in England to decide which country using its film industry would create the international culture of the future and this was in the newspapers back then and I think it was two or three week long meeting and it was ultimately agreed upon that Hollywood would be given the job to create the worldwide culture for the public for a global society and it would also be coupled with the music industry because obviously they go "hand in glove" as Plato said plus the fashion industry. Plato mentioned that too and he called it "the fashion industry" in ancient Greece.

"The more things change, the more they stay the same" and when something works you don't want to change it. Why change it? The formula of human behavior is just a science. Each part of the direction that you want it to go into is just the ability to understand the formulas involved and then what buttons to push in what sequence and if it's done in the right way, the right presentation with the right propaganda the public will react and do exactly as they've been programmed to do. It's worked in the past. It will work in the future.

That's why they're utterly confident that they can change society even back to infanticide if they wish to because they've done that in ancient Greece where it was taught and practiced there. So anything can be reintroduced if it's been done in human society before. You just have to know the formula to introduce it.

So Hollywood this amazing industry, probably one of the biggest exports now. Maybe the only one left in the U.S. apart from the military Hollywood is called the Holly Wood, 'holy wood'. The 'Holy Wood' of course is the staff of the magi, of the Grand Magus in the occult. He waves the wand and everything is altered, changed. He casts a spell and it's portrayed even in the cartoons with Mickey Mouse with his little wand as he's dressed like the wizard and little five pointed stars come from the wand. Earth, air, fire, water, spirit. The five points. That's what it means. High drama and in the ancient Middle Eastern legends all the holy men there had their staff. We even find it in the Old Testament as Moses has the little contests with the pharaoh’s magi and they play changing sticks back into snakes and back again which is a good trick.

But the trick of conducting a spell over the audience is by using a staff, the 'Holy Wood'. The Holy Wood also on another level is the grove because in ancient times and in the present times the bigger boys like to meet in specialized places across the planet in their holy groves. Very, very important. There's much more to this even in Jewish folklore about the groves and Moses brass serpent that was coiled around the staff they had made. It’s all allegory of course for something else which I understand but supposedly it was a place it was placed in a grove surrounded by trees and that was a special place for the higher magi to meet.

I'll be going into some movies that will show you the understanding within Hollywood at least in the director's part. May of the actors don't even understand it themselves but the directors and producers certainly do and some of the bigger ones are given the information and their advised on how to get it across to the public. It's not that they have geniuses within Hollywood per se, that they have special insight through a crystal into the future. It's because their job is to program us as we go into the future always. Hollywood has been an essential part of government especially in the United States.

There are books out on Hollywood's involvement with making war movies. They churned out I don't know how many war movies in World War II and they had the full cooperation of the American military and the use of oh squadrons of tanks and ships and everything to make it very, very realistic to get the recruitment going to fight the Nazis and then the Japanese. Tremendous part of propaganda and it's never stopped and even today the Pentagon admits they've funded some of the bigger movies to do with war and jar head and all this kind of nonsense to get the young guys in for recruits.

Now just jumping back a little bit into the 1500s, a period of tremendous change in Europe when the Rosicrucian's were coming out into the open and recruiting heavily amongst -- it was then I think the coming middle class youth especially those involved in sciences. Science is very important to them and a whole bunch of characters were around the court of Queen Elizabeth I very important people in an important age. You can find John Dee there - Fludd was there as well and Fludd is the man primarily responsible for the creation of the Globe Theater which was for Shakespeare in plays.

Nothing is by accident and Robert Fludd was also an alchemist. He was involved in architecture in the hermetic tradition which means that they wanted to united heaven and earth, always the same hermetic tradition the unification of both spirit and matter and the perfection of the world in their eyes of course. They knew and always did know that the understanding was for those "in the know". For the profane and the masses they would simply be slaves. They had no qualms about differentiating themselves as a higher class of people, a specialize type - intellectual type.

And Stratford-upon-Avon. If you break it down it means 'a straightforward upon Avon,' the river and 'a ford' is to cross a river and if you draw it you have the shape of a cross and they always say "you meet the devil at the crossroads." Avon is NOVA, new. So it’s "New Straight Cross". That's what it meant.

And Shakespeare or Jacques Pierre the priest of the father was the magician who brought basically the English language into being as we know it. It's been upgraded since but that was a major upgrade in that particular period. Before that Chaucer had upgraded the last one with "Canterbury Tales" and other writings. Before that it was Old Norse and Saxon German that the people spoke. So a new language was created scientifically. It's fully encoded of course and it's a pity as well because we've lost so much of it. We're losing so many words that eventually we won't be able to convey anything to anyone else with any precision and that's called "linguistic minimalism," a technique which is also being used on the public because the children for a long time have been for generations have been getting their vocabulary from the media and from the music and the heroes that they follow. God help us if we all end up following the sports teams members because if you want linguistic minimalism when they interview these players after a match you've got it right there.

So the 1500s was a tremendously important time. It was also as I say the introduction of the hermetic thought. The perfection of man which means more than just a superficial perfection. They're talking about going all the way into the real religion which is to recreate that which was separated from God and that goes back to the allegory of Adam and Eve because in the separation Adam retained the spirit that was given whereas Eve was given the ability to recreate humanity. To give humanity offspring and that's the big secret in Masonry and that's why they don't really appreciate women so much. They have no spirit and Albert Pike said that that the woman can only reflect the light of her husband. He is the sun, she is the moon. The moon has no light of its own. It reflects light from the sun. This is all the put down of the female and the perfection would be when they united the two together. It's an ancient, ancient religion. It's pre-Judaic and they've never lost sight of this goal where everything will be in harmony supposedly again according to them but then they do give you their ending at the beginning. That's the trick of religion to give you a beginning which really is their end.

Getting back to the 1500s. Queen Elizabeth I sponsored these Rosicrucian's to write plays and she attended most of them herself and Christopher Marlow was probably the odd man out because he wrote about this hermetic group who were bringing the occult into their stage plays and because of that he exposed too much. It's debatable if he was one of them himself and said too much or if he was actually truly opposing them but he was like [Dagobert] long before him. He was stabbed through the eye which the Masonic technique for "one who sees too much."

There is so much I could go into and it's a shame in a sense to do this as a spontaneous blurb off the top of my head but at the moment time is of the essence and so everything is pretty well spontaneous. So what I'll concentrate on tonight are a few movies which have been very telling in information and their understanding of the system and also as always you have your predictive programming because in the revelation of the method in high esoteric circles you can also put in there an idea of inevitability as well. It familiarizes us with an idea so that when it actually comes into place we accept it without question as somehow being normal.

I'd like to talk about the movie called, "Network" which came out in 1976. A story about a guy working as a TV anchor man who gets kind of messianic brainstorm one day and starts telling the truth to the public and one of his statements is "you the real people" (to the audience) "we're fake" when he realizes that the audience are trying to emulate a fiction because everything you see on television is a fiction. It's directed. It's produced. It's not spontaneous. Guests when they’re on a question-answer show of any kind have the preplanned questions there.

I watched a little blurb about Kissinger and found out when he came to Canada the guy who manages Kissinger -- and they're all managed too had a suggested set of questions they could ask Kissinger and anything not on that list would simply not be answered or they can walk off the set. There's nothing spontaneous on television. Everything that's produced is fake. It's fake. It's an essential arm of controlling your mind. Always has been.

In the movie "Network" as he had these convulsive fits and he comes out with the messianic announcements in a comical fashion he says a lot of truth and eventually he's called up to see one of the big boys. One of the big guys who run the system -- who runs it and the guy tells him. He says, "there is no America." He says, "everything is just one vast corporation, an association of corporations. There's no Britain. There's no America. There's no Holland. There's no China. There's no Russia. It's just one conglomerate group of corporations. Money runs the thing."

And that is true because that is how it is. The economy. Everything beginning with "E" in our language is of prime importance. Prime importance is at the top and it's well worth a look at in "Network" and what they disclose to a public that just chew bubble gum and pop their popcorn and get downloaded and yet can't even remember what they say or do.

The second movie is pretty famous in some circles. It's called "They Live" done in 1988 where it does show you the system again in allegorical type form. They do it blatantly and show you the sort of mind control techniques of advertising, the types of people who live amongst you who look like you but they're not like you at all. In the real world you'll find that in freemasonry because there is a definite feedback along through the masonry of information to do with the public and the places they live in. They collect data on everyone and the Eastern Star is famous for that. They collect data and I do know someone who's confronted a high ranking member of the Eastern Star and she did admit that and I do know that in the place I use to live the Grand Master of the local lodge there around all these elderly women who were Eastern Star members and who collected the data. The what's what on everybody. The gossip. So it's well worth a look at how they lived in an allegorical form. They have the alien twist in it of course which is highly popularized by the authorized guys in some countries.

I was asked to do a documentary by one of these well known guys but when he found out I wouldn't push the alien agenda that's the last I heard from him. He phoned me by the way.

Third movie is the original "Wicker Man" made in 1974. Very revealing movie on the religion that runs the world. There's an outward form of nature worship but also with an elite group at the top who play with people and that's a very key part of it. They play with people as though they were bored. They know how we think and in "The Wicker Man" a policeman is sent from his little area in Scotland to an island off the West Coast of Scotland supposedly to investigate a missing girl and he's been actually lured there and the whole movie is about how he's played with and he comes across clues that are left out there for him to pick up knowing with each clue how is mind will work to the next part and the next part and the next part to the very end where he has become the willing fool for the sacrifice. He was a king's representative so he was important. He came willingly. Very important too. He was a virgin. Very unique these days.

But what was kind of funny to me was to see how they put a policeman there. Now most policemen are pretty well freemasons because it’s almost mandatory to become a freemason when you join the police force. The fraternity, the brotherhood of the police and anyone who’s visited policemen's homes will see their photograph of the person with their police cadet uniform on at graduation and next to it is the Masonic one with their gloves and all the rest of it because they must swear allegiance first to each other before they swear allegiance to serve you. They don't serve you. They serve the elite who employ them. Protect and serve.

But in "The Wicker Man" the policeman has the proper British type and some of the British Commonwealth country type hat on and round the hat is a band of black and white squares. It's a chessboard. It's a tesserated floor of freemasonry as well. It's the two opposites. It's also the heaven and hell. They have the right to use the black force when necessary and that's why you stand up for each other as well because they often change their little books and their stories to justify what they're doing. So that was the only part that didn't make sense of course but it takes someone to understand that to see that. But it's well worth a look "The Wicker Man", the original one made in 1974. I believe there was a later one out which has gone right off the wall where there's some sort of monster involved.

Another movie to see which I didn't know was even out there. It came out in 2003, not publicized just like "The Wicker Man" was a movie called "Control Factor." Excellent movie which has a lot of fact in there to do with mind control using microwave frequencies and the little microwave towers all around cities to control the minds of the public but also a specialized secretive group of scientists with full authority using advanced types of weaponry who go in and chip the brains of certain individuals within the cities.

They actually use in the "Control Factor" real data that's been disclosed to the public from books such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, "Between Two Ages and the Technetronic Era" and they use the terms "technetronic" etc cetera and everything in that movie can be done today. Actually, it's old stuff. Whatever is disclosed to the public is actually obsolete in a sense. They're so far beyond because there are three levels of science and from professorship down that's all the public domain. That's the lowest level. The CIA on the higher levels, the compartmentalized levels they have equipment which is beyond science fiction and then a higher level above that for the real controllers because you never share ultimate power with the rest who help you.

So "Control Factor" 2003 is even been shown across European countries and as I say I've never heard of it here until someone in Belgium brought it to my attention. Well worth seeing.

Another one to look at is from Germany but it's available in the stores over here for rent made in 2002 and it's called "The Experiment" with English subtitles. Excellent movie on a topic I've mentioned before how people become what they work at like Mr. Postman and Mr. Policeman and Mr. Soldier and this kind of thing. But these experiments have been done many times over I'm sure.

It takes place in a mock prison and a whole group of people come in. I think it was 20 of them. Ten are dressed up as the prison wardens, ten as the prisoners and in a short space of time the control freaks within the warden society begin to become the wardens and use the same techniques and measures against the prisoners and in no time at all you've got a real situation going. It's a very good expose on how easily people are persuaded and controlled and indoctrinated to become that which their masters want them to be.

One of the most commonly talked about movies to do with oh the scary stuff oh children. I want to drink your blood is "Eyes Wide Shut" done in 1999.

Very well done. Done by Stanley Kubrick who was high up there in the high freemasonry. He did "2001"

and "2010" for Arthur C. Clarke so he understood the agenda. He died just after the movie. Some say that he went too far with the movie. Again, that could be speculation and you have to watch it and follow it to understand what's going on and even then take note of the street names and all of the names you hear in that movie and pronounce them backwards and forwards and so on. There's a lot more in it than most people ever imagine.

You'll see the type of ceremony they have at the top where "do what thou wilt" is the whole of the law where there is mass promiscuity within these secret meetings -- orgies you might say and masks. They love the masks at the top and the masks serve the ones of ancient Egypt. The hermetical sciences again with the jackal head and various other heads on different people. You'll see Thoth in there. Sometimes it's called Thout or Thoth of Egypt and the simple secret behind Thoth who brought writing and mathematics and all this to society it's not a person or a thing, it's thought. That's where the word comes from thought. Most people never use their own thought.

But "Eyes Wide Shut" shows you again similar to "The Wicker Man", how an elite play with one character right through the whole movie and this character has no idea he's being led along. He's coming to the conclusions they want him to come to. He goes places to find out what the mystery is and they always know he's going to go there. They in a sense lead him on the whole way right through the whole movie and they kill people in the movie just because to them it's a game. It's nothing. They're untouchable by society. There's no policemen to come after them. No inquiry. Well worth seeing and these groups do exist.

Another good one to see is called "THX 1138" and this is a speculation on a society which is totally controlled and bred for their purposes and they live underground. They never get to the surface but they work at the jobs that's dictated for them. They're drugged all day. They're tested. Their urine is tested to make sure they have enough of this or that drug. They have speakers that talk to them tell them what drugs to take or take more of this et cetera. Totally regulated system where they're never fully, fully conscious. They have no sense really of individuality in this movie. A comical part is where they even have a computer screen where you can go and make confession and the picture of a priest comes on and you tell him all your little thoughts and of course it's going right to the controllers at the top. Well what's new aye. But well worth seeing.

Another good one is "Logan's Run"

and that was made as far back as 1975 with Michael York and again an artificially created society where no one grows past the age of -- I don't know if it was 29 or 30 and when they get to that age a little implanted chip starts to glow in the palm of their hand and they go into a sort of circus where everyone comes around in an arena. An arena just comes from the word Aaron, high priest and they sit there and they watch what they think is a religious experience where these people are going to the next life and in reality have been killed off and the whole system is run by computers and that was the way of taking care of their population problem. There are no old people in the movie interestingly enough.

Christopher Walken has been in some interesting movies. I think one of them was as far back as 1972 was first called "The Happiness Cage" and then it came out under "The Mind Snatchers"

where he's a soldier who causes trouble yelling and cocky in the military and he's taken off for medical experiments and the whole movie is about him figuring out what's happening and it's very Tavistock in its setup and they do have these institutions by the way and the whole idea is to implant you with a form of chip and control you remotely. Now they've done that in Tavistock as Aldous Huxley talked about in his talk at Berkeley which is on this website and Huxley this great winner thought this was fantastic, a great improvement to society sticking wires in their heads and punching buttons and getting them to move like robots. So that was in that particular movie "The Mind Snatchers".
Walken was also in another one put out in 1983 and it was called "Brainstorm

where he's a scientist involved in making a form of head gear that would interface with computers and be able to transmit people's minds across distances and be picked up again by other computers. This isn't fantasy either. These things actually do exist. It's always used eventually even in the movie for military purposes but it's well worth looking at this movie to see how far back they were showing the public this kind of thing.

And as I say, it's a form of telling you in a legalistic sense what's coming but it’s also a form of programming you to simply accept it when it comes into reality, predictive programming. We don't question things when we're sort of kind of vaguely familiar with the idea, the concept of it and the scientists will come out on television and tell you "well that's progress you see". Well who defines what progress is? It’s not us but then we don't have a say in anything at all and that's a fact. There is no democracy. There never was. There's only the agenda.

At Loyola University in Louisiana they've had a couple of meetings there, the world science meetings paid for by the U.S. Department of Commerce to do with chipping the entire population of the planet except for the elite of course and they've put out hundreds of pages on this. Putting chips in the brains of people will give peace to the world and regionalize computers would eventually control people and program them for their jobs so you can be a plumber one day and an electrician the other. It won't matter to you because you won't even know or remember and you will not have any individuality.

"The Ghost in the Machine" won't be able to connect anymore and at the first meeting they had they said that this agenda would be promoted to the public to familiarize them with the idea through novels, through cartoons, movies, et cetera. Well that's already been done. There are movies out now under different guises bringing it to us in different fashions, different ways but always the same conclusion and it wasn't long after the first meeting that "The Final Cut"

the movie with Robin Williams 2004 came out and other ones have followed suit. It's to get you use to an idea of having something in you which could monitor your activities like a camera. Your thoughts like a camera. What you see like a camera, what you hear and play it back after you're deceased to anyone who wants to hear it. Oh a great boon for the police aye. They won't have to ask you questions about anything. They'll just have to tap into your chip. The cartoons have heroes with chips now with super powers. That's how they'll sell it to the young.

Now at these meetings they never ever discussed politics. They don't even mentioned governments because these characters, these high scientists know that these are just show for the public. They work for the real boys so they speak with authority when they speak and they said, "this will be promoted through these methods, cartoons, movies et cetera and novels" and it's quite easy to do when you look at especially cultural organizations. Interestingly enough in the Soviet system they had a Department of Culture. The government had a Department of Culture and when I was growing up I realized we have one in Britain too and Canada's got a Department of Culture.

Well why would you need that?

Well you need it because their job is to dish out money to certain authors often with instructions to build stories around particular ideas. That's how it's done. That's how you guide culture. You can't have any old guy come along with a story not on the script, not on the format and doing his thing and everybody loving it so that everything is done by grants within the arts industry and high masonry of course. A good Mason never asks why to anything. He immediately must obey the order from a superior and that's how they get ahead in life. All politicians do it. They don't think for a second. They don't guess what's going on. It doesn't twig eventually what's going on. They clue in not to ask questions. You're a good boy if you don't ask questions. You just obey. That's how the whole structure works.

So checkout "The Final Cut" and other ones. Some of them are pretty awful and third rate but I'm sure they’ll put more money into it as they really try to familiarize us with the idea. They haven't yet I don't think put out movies where a child is found who's been kidnapped because they have a chip. I'm surprised that these TV dramas they have -- there's nothing on television anymore except sports, TV dramas, lawyer dramas and hospital dramas. The main areas of control in you, you see. Medicine, law, et cetera.

So I'm surprised they haven't put a movie out where some little cutie is kidnapped and everybody's biting their nails wondering what's happening and here's the guys with all their test tubes and DNA samples and their little tracker for the chip and they find them at the end and Bruce Willis or someone will get the big part and he'll go in and storm like Rambo and rescue them at the end and they'll fight the scientists that designed it and all that. That will come if it's not out already.

And one really, really good movie which makes you think. You see some movies make you think. Most don't. You get downloaded through emotion. They call it emotive responses, emotive indoctrinations
But in "Devil's Advocate"

the movie shows you the nature of man and there's a lot of good quips in there where the devil who has the biggest law firm in New York that talks to a guy who doesn't know that he's actually the son of the devil who's being trained to take over and he tells him how they're taking the world over. He said it's by turning out armies of lawyers. Millions of them. Millions and millions of lawyers that through law that you're manacled and you can't move and you can't speak. It's all through law. LAW is a WALL around your mind.

These are a few movies to look at more carefully. Those who have seen them perhaps you can look at them more carefully than you did before. Tremendously revealing because there's always the revelation of the method for those who are wise enough to see and hear it. There's always, always an expose of how it's done and why it's done for those who can hear and see. It's built like the Globe Theater as I say for the Shakespearian plays. It wasn't called the Globe for nothing. The globe, the world where the stage went down into the audience and in those days they brought in audience participation. They made you get involved in the story and many people got carried away with the drama and thought it was all real and when that happens the actors know they're convincing that it's working. When the audience forgets they're watching a fake. They're watching an act when the actors are doing their job and it's getting across to the people that are convinced because now you've inserted into their minds the possibility that whatever you're showing them can be real or is real and you've actually changed them. The alchemical change. You've changed them. You've cast a spell upon them. That's how it's done.

In the esoteric traditions the stage became a microcosm of the microcosm where all knowledge which is true is stored within the person but it's also the person is a miniature of the entire universe. Everything that's out there is contained within. That's part of the religion of the esoteric occultic groups at the top. A play itself could be called a "talisman" in a sense. A "talismanic microcosm". They would actually use theatrical effects. Even in Shakespeare's time for thunder many, many kinds of stage effects were very convincing. They even had "The Burning of Troy", a large play, huge play performed there and the conflagration of Rome and they had dozens and dozens of alters all around the stages for the burning of apparently the sacrifices. Nothing was spared in the effects of the period to cast a spell upon the public.

Now the public always think they're simply going to be entertained for fun to enjoy themselves and often they are but they never realize that their way is being shaped for them. Their thinking is actually being shaped for them. They're looking into an area which they've never gone themselves in their own lives that's being presented to them and they participate in the play in a sense.

Now at one time the "Magus" as they call him, the magician in the Rosicrucian Masonic tradition was on a personal quest. A personal quest for understanding themselves in relation to the microcosm and it was in the same period that a split took place in the 1500s where certain of their members became politicized and wanted to control the entire population of the world. That was their intention eventually that they could control and recreate, remake everything that was left imperfect. That's what they say. Everything that was left imperfect because no true thought went into the design of the world. It was a spontaneous act of bringing into existence and they believed that as they attained godhood themselves individually they had the right therefore to remake the world as it should be. This has never ceased this particular ideology and the elite are following it still.

That means everything. That's why you're seeing all the modified food part to dumb the public down of course and to kill you off quicker which it will. It definitely will. Population control but they want to modify everything. Everything on the planet, perfect it. Now this was shown in their architecture of the layouts of their buildings. The 15, 16, 1700s into the 1800s you can see some of the big estates even today that are left over and look at the shapes of their gardens how they're laid out in geometrical patterns. The reflection of the microcosm into the microcosm and vice versa. It was to create the harmony and that's their terminology between heaven and earth. Harmony. It took great faith in doing this. You will see it's a much older tradition than simply from the 1500s.

You'll see it in the big cathedrals that were built in the early 11th century onwards. You'll see the tremendously domed ceilings and the acoustics incredible. The mathematical work that went into making all of these interlacing domes. What they were doing by using the huge beams and shaping them into points at the top as they all met the arches. Inside the churches was trying to recreate nature. It all represented the trees and the bows all coming together. This is what you're seeing although you're not generally aware of it. A more perfected form of nature. That's what it's all about and the inheritors of these sciences are still working at today unbeknownst to the public and they have total control of the one thing which makes the world go around. It's called money.

Now what was here before the idea or money or did they come together with the same idea? Well you can bet your bottom dollar because you can go back to ancient times and find out that this mystery religion was on the go thousands of years ago and using money to get its way and conquering people and forcing them to use money to get them in the system. Once you have it all done worldwide it is your system. Everyone's trained to earn money and above everything in the system is this system called "economics". Is it there to serve us or are we there to serve it?

Well the latter is true according to the economists. The suffering that goes along with it is irrelevant. It's well just a side effect of it. You can't help that you see. That's what they say. We're run by an occultic system by sciences which are so passed on through certain families and through archives the real histories and the methodologies. The science of how our minds work and how our minds can be manipulated throughout our whole lives. A science kept to a few that put Freud in the kindergarten category and one can only read the ancient Greek philosophers to get a whiff of that because they were way, way beyond Freud with their techniques.

As I say this is a big, big topic to go into and I'd rather have done a worked out series rather than just a spontaneous blurb but there are so many things to do at the moment. So many things to be done and time is getting short for everyone as we race along to totalitarianism which is all around us now at least in law and the mechanisms to enforce it are all up and ready. It's not a pretty thing to contemplate but we must look at what is there in order to come through and in all ages there have been a few who come through, a few with memory and memory is very important. Very important.