Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rocks falling from the sky


Memo To Secret Sufis: Olden phallic “ICE PEOPLES” of ISIS’ CORAL LEAFS shape-shifters

The KHWAPAGAN styled “The Hammer” now demands that the “Y” men let his wife Jenny come home to Canada NOW or your creator’s super-water will be allowed to become the mode of Luke’s cancer transmission (RADON).

ENOUGH - Do You Hear Me Now, you 22 coprolite assholes?

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, you have gone too far for transition.

- 77 -

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Unknown Visitor

We were visited by the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) today. We were out getting feed at the feed store when they visited and thus they left a notice in our mailbox suggesting a concern about the animals. We have not yet received their return phone call.

This being the 4,900th anniversary of Noah’s Ark, our wonder is since we have placed our animals on a raft in preparation for creator’s “induced” flood as has been suggested by CREATION, and wonder if in fact Noah’s neighbors ever learned a lesson when they accused him and his family of being crazy for having loaded their animals onto a craft at the suggestion of creator nearly 5,000 years ago.

Only time will tell if the “unknown visitor” in the plane currently flying over the raft is a stand-in for Vic Toews, Canada’s minister of Public Safety.

Glen E.P.Kealey


Canadian Institute for Political Integrity (CIPI)

1 … 613 … 258 … 2893

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Political obedience to the Ecclesiastic freemasonry model that rules the "democratic" world is the ONLY criteria that is being used by the Valkyries(clerks and political FLUNKIES)who manage the paperwork that reaches(or NEVER REACHES) the eyes of the minister of Citizenship and Immigration and the minister of Public Safety.

Jason Kenney and Vic Toews should awaken to the fact that neither of them controls the decision-making process in their own departments. They are but "PATSIES" to the Quebec-based NEW WORLD ORDER(Grey-Gray Nuns)

Que Sera Sera
What will bee will bea(as in BEATRICE/BEATRIX, the Queen Bee of Holland)

Glen E.P. Kealey and wife, Jennifer
Canadian Institute for Political Integrity

Saturday, July 23, 2011


This OPEN LETTER is addressed to Canadian Border Services Agency Immigration (RIGAUD) FLUNKIE badge #16182:

Friday, July 22, 2011 I attempted to cross the Canadian border at Prescott/ Cardinal to see my husband, and was again not allowed through on the pretext that I need to present evidence that I really do live in Ogdensburg, New York, and that I need to show that I have evidence of financial support, according to the “Immigration Officer” (who would not identify himself to me, except for his badge #; his signature on the form given to me is purposely unreadable).

When I presented to you in the office, you scolded me for my anger, stating to me that I had an “attitude”, and that you “are not like those officersat Emerson POE (Port of Entry). Really? What exactly did you mean by that, because:

1 – You asked for the original” illegal exclusion order” (so that you could take it from me because it is known by CBSA/Public Safety that it was illegally written and everyone in CBSA knows this all the way up to Vic Toews, who no doubt instructed you to retrieve the entire exclusion order if possible) Per your website, it vaguely states something about presenting this one page upon re-entry at the Canadian border, which states “DEPARTED CANADA ….. DESTINED TO U.S.A.” when arriving at the Canadian border again. When I stated to you what I had read on the website and presented you with a copy of that particular page, all you said was “Oh…”, thus verifying to me that you knew exactly what is stated on the CBSA website in regard to this and were instructed to obtain this illegally written exclusion order because it is indeed “doctored” and without the signature of a supervisor.

2 – You continued during this interrogation to use deceit (as in the above stated incident) as a method to obtain information to be used against me, in the same manner as Emerson POE FLUNKIES did.

3 – Searched my vehicle without me being present, whereas I was present at Emerson POE when my vehicle was searched. Perhaps you were concerned that you might be accused of something such as stealing items like the Emerson CBSA (RIGAUD) FLUNKIES did. Instead, when I got home, I found that you and your accompanying CBSA (RIGAUD) FLUNKIES had gone through my packed personal items and opened up every sealed envelope in my bag to peruse and copy the financial documents contained therein, as well as my “birth certificate”. This, of course was after the questioning inside during which time you had asked about my origin country of birth. Now, since I already KNOW that you were told ahead of time to be on the lookout for me, and as well were receiving direction as to what to question me about, ALL of which was being recorded, you were looking for any documents pertaining to financial status that you could get , with the deliberate intent to keep me out of Canada at the direction and orders of your “boss” Vic Toews, who controls and runs BOTH PUBLIC SAFETY and CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION CANADA, as well as THE SOLICITOR GENERAL’S OFFICE.

4 – You stated to me that my New York driver’s license was not good enough to “prove” that I lived at that address, because, as you stated to me, “I could get a New York driver’s license by giving them an address.”… That statement by you, I suggest, is a lie. When I applied for my New York driver’s license, I had to present to the DMV a statement signed by my landlords as well as a utility bill for that address in my name, which I did. Therefore, my New York driver’s license was acceptable, and should be also accepted at the border on it’s own because it is an “enhanced” driver’s license, to be used for border crossing, and for this reason it required proof of address to obtain it…but, YOU KNEW THAT, DIDN’T YOU?

5– I looked at you directly in the eyes and asked you if you alone had made the decision to disallow me to cross the border to see my husband. You looked directly at me and stated, “I was not told what to do; I made this decision on my own” Your response suggests that you alone are accepting responsibility for keeping me out of Canada. CREATION has been notified of your position, and will deal with your last recombination accordingly. Since it was obvious to me that you were seeking out counsel throughout this process, as well as waiting for instruction from outside this POE, I can only conclude that for you to look at me directly and make that statement, you may fit into the category of Bill Spanjer’s RIGAUD-APPROVED “SEATED” SOCIOPATH.

6 – When I returned home, I did further research on the document you handed me which I had refused to sign, and which you did not indicate that you physically presented me with by indicating “refused to sign” on the line. I wonder why? This was indicated in writing on the “illegal exclusion order” served to me at Emerson POE. In nursing, we legally operate according to the premise of “If it isn’t documented it didn’t happen…” since patient charts are legal documents.

Further, I noticed in the box up in the right hand corner of this document, a space labeled “Inadmissibility Section” with the letter/ number “A36, A43”. Per your CBSA website, apparently you are making an intentional and criminal misrepresentation of facts about my past and with intent to keep me out of Canada as an “authorized” agent of Citizenship and Immigration Canada by providing false information about me. In order for me to work as a nurse in the U.S.A., I had to be fingerprinted and have a background check done by the Department of Justice, and if there were anything of the ilk that you are attempting to insinuate on behalf of CIC Canada (by placing this in a file within CIC Canada), I would have had to go through a legal process in the US and/or my nursing license would have been removed for any criminal violation(s). Your insinuation that I have committed a crime in the U.S.A. is both CRIMINALLY AND CIVILY DEFAMATORY AND LIBELOUS.

Therefore CBSA (RIGAUD) FLUNKIE and all other FLUNKIES at the PRESCOTT/CARDINAL POE who are being directed by your VIATORboss”, you need to know this: Your “boss” may have directed you to do this, but then, that is what all fascists on trial before international courts for atrocities committed against humanity have said as their excuse for what they did. The excuse didn’t work then and it won’t work in the future, because you have acted against CREATION’S Plan for this universe. I say this, because now, badge#16182, by following the orders of your “boss” you have indicted yourself in this case, and will be subpoenaed to appear before the transnational court of LAST DNA RECOMBINATION, where you will be required to justify your actions in a place where your “HUBRIS” holds no grounds. You will be asked: 1) What did you know? 2) When did you know it? 3) What did you do about it?

Jennifer Kealey (AKA Arizona Wilder-Penfield)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bell Canada/Communications Canada Phone Hacking

Have you ever tried faxing a complaint/concern to ANY of the departments of Canada or obtaining information from a Citizen and Immigration website without spending hours of wasted time due to their telephone hacking and downloading of viruses to your computer and fax machine?

I, Jennifer Kealey, have suffered through these problems on every occasion that I have attempted communications. These are problems that I do not encounter when sending faxes or going to government websites within the U.S.A. In the U.S.A. it appears to be the post office that is the guiltiest of creating problems that are comparable to those created by Canada Post and Customs Canada. These delays seem to be done for the purpose of creating deniability by the servants of the government of Canada, Bell Canada, Canada Post, and Customs Canada. If one does not believe in conspiracy, only the United States Postal Service can claim to match Canadian Communications incompetence. None of the above ever responds to my complaints.

Clerks and political hacks seem to be dominant in providing these inferior services. One would wonder if there might be an agenda behind doing so.

Are these political flunkies who cull communications going to ministers/deputy ministers/ bosses really in charge of the Canadian government communications network?

My attempts to fax 2 pages of the last post on this blog site have been repeatedly thwarted as my fax line was given the message “fax failed”, that it was not being allowed through. I had to repeat this process 3 to 5 times on the average before 1 page was allowed through. Currently, it is impossible for me to fax more than 1 page at anytime to ANY fax number in Canada, as the message “fax failed” comes up EVERY TIME. I have had no problems faxing within the U.S.A.

I am now unable to send my husband a fax of more than 1 page at a time and I have to dial the number and get the “fax failed” message and then redial for the same response 3 to 5 times per page. The wait times added up may approach the wait time for my mail to reach my husband, a mere 31 miles across the border via Canada Customs and Canada Post.

It appears to me that Bell Canada, Canada Communications, Canada Post, and Customs Canada are complicit in covering up what has been done to me by CIC Canada, and Public Safety Canada VIA the CBSA to keep me from joining my husband in Canada and in obtaining a Canadian visa, as well as suppressing any information in regard to the “LOO AT THE SOO” from reaching any persons who should know about it.

CREATION will be provided with all evidence and observations that I have kept in regard to the above matters in preparation for these cases to be heard in the court of LAST RECOMBINATION.

Jennifer Kealey


Monday, July 18, 2011




Santeria 1000 – 50

Ministers Jason Kenney and Vic Toews confirm creator’s plan to destroy the populations of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of planet Earth.

Under the letterhead of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, ministerial agents used the opportunity of returning Glen and Jennifer Kealey’s sponsorship application (signed agreement), implying “at this time” they could not match it up with a visa allowing Jennifer immigration status in Canada.

It took them a year-plus-a-day from the date of Glen and Jennifer’s wedding in Merrickville, Ontario to put their refusal down on paper and return our application. They signed it off with “Officer Santeria 1000 – 50”

Because 2062 is the planned shutdown date for the Northern Hemisphere, the Ministers are declaring their involvement in Ecclesiastic freemasonry’s plan to shut down the Human Race in favor of a new slave race they have styled “A – MEN”

Ecclesiastic freemasonry has announced a conclave led by Pope Benedict XVI to be held in October 2011, at Assisi, Italy, to ratify this plan.

Obviously Jason Kenney and Vic Toews were the senior politicians being alluded to by the head of CSIS a short while ago. He had suggested then that important politicians in Canada were secret agents of a foreign power. The power he was referring to is Pre Ice Age Ecclesiastic Freemasonry, the Voodoo (Coprolite) religion of Northwest Africa.

May CREATION have mercy on all our souls (DNA)

A session of the court of LAST DNA RECOMBINATION is scheduled to hear this matter in the not too distant future. This SIXTH DIMENSION case, “THE LOO AT THE SOO” is scheduled to be heard then and there.

For further information on what is about to occur in the 50 year window remaining to the Northern Hemisphere, please contact:

Glen Kealey, NORDAN Chairman/Hairman/Airman
At the following number: 1… (613)…258…2893

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

JP MORGAN Adds To My Problems.....

For the record, this is a letter to JP MORGAN because when I attempted to send them an email VIA their site, the response I got back was that there was a problem with the transmission, and the email disappeared.

To JP Morgan et al;

I'd had an account at Washington Mutual for quite awhile, as well as a credit card. VIA "Chase", JP Morgan took over, and the first thing JP Morgan did to me was to reduce my line of credit from $10,000.00 down to $2,000.00,( for no reason that I could ever deduce) something I had worked very hard to establish. Therefore I cancelled out the other credit card that Chase VIA JP Morgan also reduced and kept the current one for emergencies, which I never used. Just prior to my "relocation" to Ogdensburg, New York, I closed my Chase bank account, because I was weary of the unfair policy changes that I was being subjected to by Chase, as were many other patrons of WAMU who, along with me, had good standing. We were all being "punished" by JP Morgan VIA CHASE, the excuse being that "we" had all taken advantage of WAMU and that WAMU acted irresponsibly in "letting" us do so. The reality is that financial institutions have ALL the power and promote a system of usury and it suited someone's interest to use this excuse to change hands and then to "sock it to" the public.

At some point I was then sent a letter telling me that my line of credit on my remaining CHASE VISA CARD had been graciously extended to $4,800.00 by CHASE. (This was prior to my marriage and move to Ogdensburg, New York.)

Since I had to establish in Ogdensburg to wait out the time of the "arranged ahead of time and illegal" exclusion order to keep me out of Canada based on the timing of Ecclesiastics ( who rule the world), my life here has been lived very frugally on unemployment income, as the same Ecclesiastics have blocked me from obtaining a job to support myself, as well as to enable my husband to continue to provide for the farm animals by reducing his pension supplement. I have been making donations VIA the CHASE card to pay for the animal's food on a monthly basis. My monthly income is barely enough to get by on, and I have had to rely on my other credit card as well for needs. My savings that I had set aside to enable me to show the Canadian Gov't that I could financially be okay until obtaining employment subject to Canadian visa status are gone.

I left my job as a director of nursing in a five star facility in order to make plans to join my husband in Canada to start the visa sponsorship process that required us to sign paperwork, then for us to develop a plan for myself to be able to go back and forth across the border during this process. This plan would have me working in the US and close enough to visit my husband in Canada regularily. Instead, the CBSA "flunkies"were lying in wait for me at the border, having been informed ahead of time of my arrival, and I was served with an illegal exclusion order and told I could not enter for "a year and a day, July 6th, 2011", seemingly based on a specific "religious ritual" date connected to voudoo, John the Baptiste, and the Rigaud Training Center at Vaudreuil near Montreal.

Devastated by this turn of events as well as by being called a "liar" and told, "We don't want your kind in Canada, we are upright and have high morals here..."I had to make my way to Ogdensburg from the North Dakota U.S. border,and deal with making my legal name change to my driver's license and SSN, which I hadn't had time to do between my marriage and this incident, as well as apply for my RN license in the state of New York. I had to find a place to live. I looked forward to being able to work as a nurse in order to support myself and to make donations to feed the animals on my husband's farm.

Instead, I have been on unemployment for over a year because I am being "locked out" of any nursing job in this area. As well, I have not received one single job offer of ANY kind, in any capacity.
Furthermore, our sponsorship application to CIC Canada is being returned for yet again the 4th time and my husband has been told we must start all over again with this process of applying. The packet with application and returned forms along with the "explanation" for this year of wasted time was reportedly mailed on June 22, 2011, during a postal strike in Canada. It has yet to be received by my husband as of the date of this letter.

I have been making donations to feed the animals on a monthly basis since I have been here in Ogdensburg; the credit limit has nearly been reached. When I called CHASE a few days ago, I WAS DENIED an extension on my credit limit within 10 SECONDS of asking. I surmise that CHASE and JP MORGAN, being members of the BIG BOYS in THE SYSTEM well know my current situation.
They know that I am out of work, and not by choice. As well, they have access to my financial status. JP MORGAN could have raised my credit limit. They chose NOT to.
JP MORGAN executives/corporate board members will be asked to attend disclosure and bring appropriate documents in regard to this matter at the appropriate time to the court of LAST RECOMBINATION since a report of this situation will be filed. CREATION has been observing the ACTIONS as well as the INACTIONS of all those involved in this matter who go by the name of VIATOR.

Jennifer Kealey

PS - Any further information regarding the MASS EXTERMINATION being planned for AMERICANS dubbed "THE LOO AT THE SOO" may be obtained by contacting my husband Glen Kealey by telephone at (613) 258 2893



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PO Box 1152
Ogdensburg, New York

PS - Larger anonymous and corporate gifts will also be accepted

Glen Kealey

Saturday, July 9, 2011


FYI(for those who are waiting and watching for my entry into Canada: I will enter Canada upon direction of CREATION. I will not enter Canada after "a year and a day - July 6th, 2011" as instructed by Neil Flood VIA Bill Spanjer, both of CBSA. "Year and a day" is NOT specified by CBSA rules for exclusion orders, HOWEVER, it IS SPECIFIED by the practice of VOUDOO,SANTERIA, UMBANDA etc. As a note- how many goats and chickens on my husband"s farm will be killed to satisfy certain people's childish superstitious FEARS? How often will I continue to see the GITAN V on the St. Lawrence seaway?

Jennifer Kealey

P.S. UMBANDA is practiced in URUGUAY

Oh Canada
Oh say can you see
Me dancing
On the Saint Lawrence Seaway?

Jennifer Kealey

Whoever wants to communicate with Glen Kealey may do so through this email address:

Glen and Jennifer Kealey

PS - All insults addressed to Glen Kealey will be immediately transmitted to South Sudan(the new Hell replacing Haiti) for disposal. The sender can expect a similar disposal at the end of their life journey.

Glen Kealey

N.B. Any donations made to Glen or Jennifer Kealey may be forwarded to Jennifer Kealey as "wedding/anniversary gifts. All such gifts will be used by the Kealeys to purchase chicken feed and cat food etc. for the farm at Oxford on Rideau. Please forward your gifts for the animals to the following address:

Jennifer Kealey
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Glen Kealey