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10 Disturbing Trends in Subliminal Advertising

Subliminal advertising has gone mainstream - fake news, mind control scripts, propaganda and stealth voicemail are in wide use by corporations, government bodies and industry groups.

Martin Howard
May 23, 2007
Some of the biggest advertisers are taking their advertising away from full page ads and television spots and spending up on hidden persuasion. You won’t find these secret messages in ice-cubes or flickering film footage like they were in the sixties. Subliminal advertising has gone mainstream - fake news, mind control scripts, propaganda and stealth voicemail are in wide use by corporations, government bodies, and industry groups. Have you spotted any of these?

1. Point of Sale Mind Control Scripts
Clothing store staff and car salesmen use them to close the deal - carefully planned questions and subverbal cues to get you to sign. If you’ve ever walked out of a store, after spending twice as much as you wanted to, chances are you’ve fallen victim to one of these scripts. The GAPACT is used by Gap staff to upsell you. Other salesmen use word techniques to make you buy, even when you don’t have the money - because they make more by selling you ‘easy’ finance. When a car salesmen takes you on a test drive and asks you “Is this the type of vehicle you would like to own?”, he is using a subtle mental framing trick - it can create an embarrassing distraction while you drive. The technique is called disassociation - which is the ideal state for mental manipulation.

2. Doctor-Patient Drug Kick-backs
When a doctor recommends a certain heart medication or an antidepressant, chances are he has been paid a cash bonuses and perks by the manufacturer, making it difficult to give objective advice. Some pharmaceutical firms have gone so far as to invent and promote a new syndrome in order to create a market for a new drug! Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) was devised in 1998 and publicised by planting fifty press stories and quizzes such as: “Do you have social anxiety disorder?”. Soon after, Smithkline Beecham released Paxil - the ‘cure’ for SAD.

3. In-Store Sensory Manipulation
Scientifically tested visual displays, Muzak tapes, and even mind altering scents combine to maximize impulse spending. Specially designed music loops can keep shoppers in the supermarket for 18% longer. One study into use of airborne aromas, pumped into a Canadian mall, resulted in an increase of over $50 per customer that week. In supermarkets, scientifically generated Planograms create the ideal shelf arrangement for certain products, skewing the shopper’s eyes towards high value items. Companies pay slotting allowances for favoured placement. Aisle layout are change regularly - which prevents systematic shopping - forcing extra trips past the impulse item displays.

4. Private Conversation Rental
Positive buzz can be triggered artificially for a price. Marketers now recruit secret ‘buzz agents’ to promote to their friends and family. One buzz agency claims to have an army of agents in every major US city. Their job is to mention or display certain products as they go about their day, using their relationships as marketing channels. Music labels, book sellers, entertainment venues, and fashion outlets are using this method to establish new brands. Today’s billion dollar 12-16 year olds are so immune to traditional advertising, mass media is no longer a reliable persuasive device - so the alternative is a ’synthetic grapevine.’

5. Neuromarketing
Corporations are going to enormous lengths to probe the minds of consumers - literally tapping into their brains. The Brighthouse Institute for Thought Sciences, in Atlanta, is one lab that is scanning people’s brains with MRIs, in an effort to decode and record our subconscious thoughts and devise more seductive advertising. The process is being called neuromarketing. They are hoping to determine specific biological triggers that can be used by language engineers to stimulate purchases. This is the hi-tech fulfilment of pioneer psychologists Freud and Jung who established the connection between language and behaviour.

6. Chatbots and Stealth Voicemail
Personal phone messages from businesses or political campaigners can turn up in your morning voicemail, having been delivered late the previous night. Voicemail broadcasters like DialAmerica uses massive computer installations to deliver identical copies of spoken messages to millions of householder simultaneously. On the internet, chat room ‘bots’ masquerading as personal real buddies are actually distributed simultaneously by powerful computers 24 hours a day. Virtual word-of-mouth communication is replacing other promotional technologies because of its speed and price.

7. Real-time Bugging of Personal Data
Your browser is probably revealing more than you might want: your location, the software and hardware you are using, details of other links you clicked on and your browsing habits. Many third party dataminers use ‘cookies’ to track your path across the web. Extensive realtime information is processed to target you. Larger databases harvest your personal medical and financial records to be bought and sold by interested companies and government departments. Datamining is a fuzzy science that filters you personal information for links about your personal behaviour and finances. These details are used in turn to create elaborate marketing campaigns to sell you more stuff.

8. Sidewalk Stalkers
The public space of streets, neighborhoods and communities is being mapped and targeted by viral marketers and fake grassroots organizations. In some cases the campaigns are overt but, increasingly, street ‘agents’ are making unannounced social approaches. Fake tourists flash around the latest camera-phone to passing crowds. ‘Product seeders’ circulate at sports events to find influential young players to wear their gear. Others wander the street wearing colored corporate tattoos. Personal space is the last frontier for commerce. As citizens attempt to retreat from the deluge of media advertising they can now be stalked when they step out the door.

9. Planted News Stories
Industry front groups, public relations firms and government departments are planting news stories on TV, radio, newspapers and the web. Those ‘miracle drug’ stories or research reports are often Video News Release (VNRs). TV newsrooms love these prepackaged news items that are distributed across the networks. It saves them time and money but it is killing community news and genuine investigative reporting. Real news items are being replaced by slick corporate promotions and political messages. According to one Nielsen Media Research Survey, about 80 percent of U.S. news directors air VNRs several times a month, and all American television newsrooms now use VNRs in their newscasts.

10. Government Propaganda
When it’s time to launch a war or promote an unpopular policy, the government needs special help to sell the idea through the media. Opinion engineers are paid to “manage” public perception of inconvenient facts, and turn them around for better. Using the universal tools fear, patriotism, and phrase repetition, these high flying spin doctors can easily sway the population. The most successful public relations campaigns aim to change public perception without our awareness of the campaign. They are typically launched by governments, institutions and countries who need to change their public image, restore their reputation or manipulate public opinion. There are PR firms today who advise dictatorships, dishonest politicians and corrupt industries to cover up environmental catastrophes and human rights violations.

Martin Howard is a media researcher and author of “We Know What You Want: How They Change Your Mind"

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"Ana raicha Al Qaeda" is colloquial for "I'm going to the toilet". A very common and widespread use of the word “Al-Qaeda” in different Arab countries in the public language is for the toilet bowl. This name comes from the Arabic verb “Qa'ada” which mean “to sit”, pertinently, on the “Toilet Bowl”. In most Arabs homes there are two kinds of toilets: “Al-Qaeda” also called the "Hamam Franji" or foreign toilet, and "Hamam Arabi" or “Arab toilet” which is a hole in the ground. Lest we forget it, the potty used by small children is called "Ma Qa'adia" or "Little Qaeda".
So, if you were forming a terrorist group, would you call yourself, "The Toilet"?

The Phony (Mossad) Al Qaeda Cell in Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ... said that al-Qaeda militants were operating in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. "We know that they are there. We know that they are in Lebanon, working closely with Hezbollah. We know that they are in the region," he said. [BBC News - 12/5/2002]

Officials from the Palestinian Authority have accused the Israeli spy agency Mossad of setting up a fake al-Qaeda terrorist cell in Gaza. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said that Israel had set up the mock cell in order to justify attacks in Palestinian areas. [BBC News - 12/8/2002]

Mossad agents arrested by the PA for attempting to set up phony 'al Qaeda' cells in the Gaza Strip.
The full story: - Mossad Exposed in Phony 'Palestinian Al-Qaeda' Caper - By Way of Deception, by Justin Raimondo - PA uncovers Israelis posing as Al-Qaeda - Palestinians arrest al-Qaeda 'poseurs'
Ha'Aretz - Ibrahim, the Shin Bet wants you to join Qaida

Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act." [Washington Times - 9/10/2001]

Adam Yahiye Gadahn: The Fake Terrorist

Images from official FBI wanted poster for terrorist Adam Yahiye Gadahn

The FBI lists Gadahn's aliases as Abu Suhayb Al-Amriki, Abu Suhayb, Yihya Majadin Adams, Adam Pearlman, and Yayah.
But Adam Pearlmen is his REAL name! Adam is the grandson of the late Carl K. Pearlman; a prominent Jewish urologist in Orange County. Carl was also a member of the board of directors of the Anti-Defamation League, which was caught spying on Americans for Israel in 1993, much as AIPAC has been caught up in the more recent spy scandal.

Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent ONE of al-Qaeda's most dangerous figures has been revealed as a double agent working for MI5, raising criticism from European governments, which repeatedly called for his arrest.
Britain ignored warnings - which began before the September 11 attacks - from half a dozen friendly governments about Abu Qatada's links with terrorist groups and refused to arrest him. Intelligence chiefs hid from European allies their intention to use the cleric as a key informer against Islamic militants in Britain.
Indignant French officials accused MI5 of helping the cleric to abscond. While he remained on the run, one intelligence chief in Paris was quoted as saying: "British intelligence is saying they have no idea where he is, but we know where he is and, if we know, I'm quite sure they do."
Almost a year later Abu Qatada was found hiding in a flat not far from Scotland Yard. [Times]

From a reader:
1. We have MI5 (British CIA) posing as Alqueda."Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent",,,1-3-1050175,00.html
2. We have Mossad (Israel CIA) posing as ALqueda in Palestine: fakealqaeda.html terrorist.html
3. We have USA posing as Alqueda:fakealqaeda.html
The FBI lists Gadahn's aliases as Abu Suhayb Al-Amriki, Abu Suhayb, Yihya Majadin Adams, Adam Pearlman, and Yayah. But Adam Pearlmen is his REAL name! Adam is the grandson of the late Carl K. Pearlman; a prominent Jewish urologist in Orange County. Carl was also a member of the board of directors of the Anti-Defamation League, which was caught spying on Americans for Israel in 1993, much as AIPAC has been caught up in the more recent spy scandal.
3. We have israel posing as alqueda in the phillipines.qaeda_philippines.html
4. British SAS posing as Iraqi Insurgants:
The two British operatives, arrested by Basra police and later freed by a British military operation, were identified by the BBC as "members of the SAS elite special forces" ( They were disguised by wigs and Arab dress. Iraqi sources reported that the Iraqi police were watching the two, and when they tried to approach them they shot two policemen and tried to escape the scene. The Iraqi police chased and captured them, to discover large amount of explosives planted in the car, which apparently was planned to be remotely detonated in the busy market of Basra. The SAS involvement in Iraq was discovered on the 30th of January 2005 when an RAF Hercules plane crashed near Baghdad killing then British servicemen after dropping off fifty SAS members north of Baghdad to fight Iraqi guerillas.
CIA + Mossad + MI5 = AlQueada
The greatest false-flag operations conducting in the history on man !!!! In case you weren't paying attention...
Vinnell bombing leader Khaled Jehani, fought for the CIA in Afghanistan, Bosnia & Chechnya
Members of the Moroccan terror group Salafi Jihadi fought for the CIA in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Dagestan, Bosnia and Kosovo
USS Cole Bomber Jamal al-Badawi fought for the CIA in Bosnia
Zacarias Moussaoui fought for the CIA in Chechnya
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
Head of Egyptian Islamic Jihad Ayman al Zawahiri, fought for the CIA in Bosnia
His brother Ayman al-Zawahiri fought for the CIA in Kosovo
Abdullah Azzam, "one of the ideological founders of Hamas" fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman
War and Globalization - The Truth Behind September 11th
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "Your cause is right, God is on your side."
CIA reins in loose cannons, and keeps their Al Qaeda creation alive and well
CIA "Arranged" for Passports for Al Qaeda Terrorists & Brought Them to the USA to Recruit for Jihads
Will the CIA Leave Their Saudi Partners in Crime Holding the Bag?
"New Al-Qaeda" like New Coke only harder to buy
"The Farce Goes On - The Hunt for Ayman Zawahiri, Mohammad Omar, & Osama
"Moussaoui, Khadr, & Ressam Are "Graduates" of CIA's Khalden Camp for Afghanistan & Balkans "Jihads"
Bin Laden Puppetmasters Smoked Out In Balkans
The CIA arranged for HUM guerrillas to fight in Bosnia & Kosovo
Bin-Ladin and KLA have a 'joint' cash box in the United States
The CIA & Bin Laden worked hand-in-glove in KLA operations
U.S. Protects Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Kosovo
Wolfowitz Meets "in Private" with NLA Terrorist Ali Ahmeti
America used Islamists to arm the Bosnian Muslims
Bosnia, 1 degree of separation from Al-Qaeda
Where was the "Concern" about "al-Qaida Operating in Iran" during the War in Bosnia?
Terror mastermind with taste for high life
US Has Al Qaida Backers List
U.S. had agents inside al-Qaeda
CIA Told "Malaysian secret police" to "Monitor" Al Qaeda Meeting on Plans to Hit WTC on 9-11-2001
The CIA's "Operation Cyclone" - Stirring the Hornet's Nest of Islamic Unrest"
The Muslim Brotherhood: The Globalists' Secret Weapon
U.S. Armed, Promoted Accused September 11 Terrorist Mastermind
CIA Bankrolled System of Madrassas & Training Camps to Brainwash "Jihad" Warriors
British Press Gagged on Reporting MI6's £100,000 bin Laden Payoff
Ramzi Yousef was part of a CIA recruitment drive in New York and he did have "ties" to Bin Laden
CIA Recruits Terrorist Agents At Guantanamo
Oregon group thrives despite al Qaeda ties
Sniper link to al Qaeda investigated
Who is behind the "Terrorist Network" in Northern Iraq, Baghdad or Washington?
How Al Qaeda lit the Bali fuse
Did Rambo ever stop loving Osama?

see also

Israeli suspected to be a member of al-Qaeda arrested in the PhilippinesIs 'Al Qaeda' the modern incarnation of 'Emmanuel Goldstein'?A "Palestinian Terrorist" Wearing the Star of DavidThe 5 Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9/11

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Why the US Government Is Hated All Over the World

by Fred Reed Something is wrong with the United States. I think most of us have noticed it. There is a mortal rot in the country, made manifest by many little rots that are hard to integrate mentally yet are, I think, somehow related. The change is grave, accelerating, probably irreversible, and fascinating. Things are not as they were.The United States is the most hated country on the planet, followed by, to the extent that there is a distinction, Israel. So far as I know, there are no other contenders. You can say “Who cares?” as many will say, or “Screw’em if they can’t take a joke,” or “I’d ratherh be feared than loved.” All very droll. Still, it is an interesting datum. No country ever lives up to its own PR, but there was a time when America was widely admired. Now, almost universally, it is seen as a rogue state. And is.This carries a price. The US consulate in Guadalajara is part fortress, part prison, with barriers and cameras and bars and rentacops, and they take away a woman’s lipstick if she is going to enter. Maybe a country that fears lipstick needs to think. The French consulate around the corner is wide open, like all others that I know of. The French, Chinese, Japanese and so on aren’t hated.(1) The US government now lives in its own, strange, insulated world. (2) The United States is the most militarily aggressive country on the planet, followed closely by Israel. I am aware of no other contenders. Some of this combativeness is obvious – attacking Iraq for no good reason, occupying Afghanistan, threatening Syria and Iran, attacking Lebanon by proxy, bombing Somalia, putting troops in the Philippines to hunt Moslems. The US is also looking for trouble with Venezuela, threatening North Korea, moving to “contain” China (Doesn’t a container need to be bigger than its contents?), embargoing Cuba, pushing into Central Asia, increasing the military budget, and pushing NATO ever closer to Russia. (How stupid can you get? Very. Stay tuned.) And the Pentagon now has Africom, African Command. Africa is now America’s business. (3) Powerful domestic hostilities grip the United States. Maybe you have to be outside of it really to see it. I live in Mexico. You can go for…well, five years and counting, without hearing angry talk about this or that group. In America, women hate men and men are getting sick of American women. Blacks hate whites hate Hispanics. “Affirmative action” engenders intense hostility that doesn’t go away. It isn’t the normal friction found in any country. It is serious antagonism quashed by federal force. And the black-white-brown thing has very real potential for getting nasty. This we don’t talk about. (4) A curious state of fear prevails in America, but it is a governmental creation, a calculated manipulative Disneyland. Perhaps soon we will have Terror Mouse. Recently I was in Washington. Everywhere there were the artificialities of fear. The steel pop-up barriers in the roads, the stop’em-bombs steel poles on sidewalks, the endless warnings to report suspicious behavior on loudspeakers in the subway. The searches of everything, the metal-detecting doorways even on buildings of county governments, of schools. (Schools, for Chrissakes. What is wrong here?) And of course the confiscation of shampoo at the airport. This is nuts.(5) The bullying of people entering the US. Any country has the right to determine who enters. Fine. If you don’t want them to enter, don’t give them visas. If you issue a visa, try to be courteous.Violeta had a visa, issued by the consulate, both times when we went to the US. Still she got bullied by the border Nazis. It was ugly. I am obviously not a Mexican, but I get the same hostile questioning as to where I am going, why I was in Mexico, and so on. It is none of their business where I go in my country. Or shouldn’t be, but there are no limitations on governmental powers now. A friend, married to a Mexicana, again with a visa, got separated from her, and both got abusive questioning. She came out crying. America was not like this. Now it is.Compare this with the real world. I land in Beijing – evil commie Beijing, right? Maybe twenty seconds to see whether my visa was valid, clonk of stamp, thank you, no baggage search, into a taxi. Vi and I land in Paris, en route to Italy. Glance at passport, yep, it’s a passport, no stamp, no nothing, on we go. Italy didn’t even look at our passports. Grown-ups. I am not ashamed of the United States. It is a hell of a country. Been there, done that, loved it. In two weeks in DC with Violeta, although she is clearly not American, she was everywhere, always, treated with perfect courtesy and friendliness, whether on Cap Hill or Farmville, Virginia. Americans really are good folk. The government isn’t. It’s the gravest problem we face, both internationally and domestically. (6) The Constitution really is going away, or has gone. It never did work as well as it should have, but few things human ever do. Habeas corpus is dead, right to an attorney, congressional right to declare war – it’s not even worth listing the list. Joe iPod in the burbs doesn’t care because it doesn’t affect him, yet. Git them Hay-rabs, ain’t no draft, plenty sushi. Urg.(7) The increasing, detailed, intrusive regulation of life, the national desire for control, control, control. Everything is the business of some form of government. Want to paint your shutters? The condo association won’t let you. Let dogs in your bar? Never. Decide who to sell your house to? Racial matter. Own a dog? Shot card, pooper-scooper, leash, gotta be spayed, etc. Have a bar for men only, women only, whites or blacks only? Here come the federal marshals. What isn’t controlled by government is controlled by the crypto-vindictive mob rule of political correctness. This wasn’t always in the American character.Add the continuing presence of police in the schools, the arrest in handcuffs of children of seven, the expulsions for drawing a picture of a soldier with a gun. Something very twisted is going on.How much of the public knows what is happening, or even knows that something is happening? I don’t know. But I don’t think that it’s going to go away. In ten years it will be an entirely different place with the same name. Almost is now.

Ron Paul Beats Digg Bury Brigade

Exposure on social networking giant continues viral online trend of Congressman's message
Prison Planet May 21, 2007 Ron Paul beat the notorious Digg bury brigade to feature on the main page of the social networking giant this afternoon, with the story about his appearance in Austin receiving over a thousand Diggs within hours of its release. is a news ranking website that is many times bigger than most major newspaper websites and the Drudge Report. Users vote to Digg up stories to the main page or bury them. Digg's ranking system is subject to the whim of a notorious "Bury Brigade" that obsessively votes down anti-establishment political content, leading many like Wired News to attack the concept that Digg is some kind of online democracy.

Prison Planet is routinely targeted by the bury brigade and 99 per cent of our stories are immediately censored, but the sheer popularity of Ron Paul at the moment ensured that today's story was pushed right to the top and is currently enjoying maximum exposure. This means that thousands of new people are reading about Ron Paul's message, continuing a viral trend that led to the Texas Congressman being ranked amongst the most popular search terms on Yahoo, Google, Technorati and You Tube.

Ron Paul is currently the number one searched for item on, even beating mainstay Paris Hilton.
The establishment are in panic mode over how quickly the Ron Paul snowball is gaining momentum and have repeatedly tried to smear and attack the Congressman, but these tactics are backfiring as more and more people resonate with Paul's message of limited government and bringing the troops home.

9/11 Debunkers Hide From Slam Dunk Evidence Of Controlled Demolition

Electron microscope analysis of steel spheres from WTC site proves thermate, proves collapse of twin towers was an act of deliberate arson
Prison Planet May 22, 2007 Paul Joseph Watson
Professor Steven Jones presented brand new and compelling evidence for the controlled demolition of the twin towers and WTC 7 recently, but the 9/11 debunkers and the corporate media are loathe to tackle it because it represents a slam dunk on proving the collapse of the buildings was a deliberate act of arson.
During a talk at the Rebuilding America's Senses event at the University of Texas last month, Jones laid out facts about steel samples recovered from the WTC site that Popular Mechanics dare not even attempt to debate. Debunkers are scared to even get near this information because the science behind it fundamentally contradicts the official story of what happened on 9/11.
Jones detailed his lab experiments in which he attempted to replicate NIST's conclusion that the lava like orange material flowing out of the south tower is aluminum from Flight 175, the plane that hit the building. Jones clearly documents the fact that liquid aluminum is silver and not orange as is seen in the video of the south tower, therefore the material cannot be aluminum. Jones then explains that the material is in fact a compound that can cut through steel like a hot knife through butter, thermite with sulphur added to make thermate.The crux of the fresh evidence revolves around newly uncovered globules or spheres that were discovered at the WTC site that Professor Jones was able to obtain and run a electron microscope analysis on.
The spheres contained iron and aluminum, which would be expected in any steel sample, but also sulphur which is a by-product of a thermate reaction.
Prison members can watch this groundbreaking presentation right now. Subscribe here to get access to this and hundreds of other special video reports.
So having moved from a hypothesis that thermate was used to bring down the towers from using video footage and debunking the aluminum explanation of NIST, Jones now has empirical scientific proof, undertaken under laboratory conditions, that thermate was indeed used as an artificial explosive at the World Trade Center.
It has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the collapse of the twin towers and WTC 7 was an act of deliberate arson and not as a result of fires from crashing planes.
Jones' evidence offers no other conclusion that insiders planted thermite devices within the buildings to literally pulverize the supporting columns and cause the collapse of the towers and also WTC 7. Debunkers have uniformly failed to address the existence of thermite and also molten metal at the ground zero site because they cannot dismiss the scientific proof, and are forced to resort to ad hominem insults and smears.
We are issuing a challenge to Popular Mechanics to rebut Professor Jones' analysis of the sphere samples and the clear evidence of thermate at the World Trade Center. Address the focused scientific proof without resorting to ad hominem attacks or straying off topic.
We don't expect the progenitors of yellow journalism to have any answers for what constitutes the smoking gun of controlled demolition.

The Chip Tatum Chronicles

Testimony of Government Drug Running


The Tatum Chronicles INTRODUCTION
I started government service in 1970 as a volunteer for military service during the Vietnam war. Having graduated Air Force Technical School, I became one of the Air Force's first elite combat controllers (CCT). I was subsequently sent to NKP, Thailand. While in Thailand, during a covert mission into Cambodia, our unit, code named Team Red Rock, was captured by North Vietnamese and held as prisoners for 92 days. During interrogations by both Soviet and Chinese officers, Team Red Rock remained silent through the beatings and torture that more often than not ended in death. Had it not been for a patrol of US Marines finding the encampment where we were held prisoner, all of the team would have died. But, fortunately for myself and my platoon sergeant, we were liberated by the recon patrol before we had been tortured to death. During the fire fight between US forces and our captors, I was wounded. Already weak from the torture and beatings inflicted during interrogations, I slipped into a coma. Three weeks later I awoke in an Air Force hospital at Clark Air Force Base, Philippines. Within a few days a man from Saigon arranged to "debrief " the mission. During the debriefing it was explained that the events which Team Red Rock were involved in had been classified by President Nixon for a period of twenty-five years. Due to the sensitive nature of the mission, the president required that I be "held close" for reasons of national security. It had been decided that the CIA would assume that responsibility. On June 6, 1971, William J. Colby, the man from Saigon assigned to debrief me, advised me that I was now under operational control of the CIA. My code name was Pegasus.......CONT....

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From KILL KILL KILL! to Protect and Serve

Casey Lee Cobb Öþêñ ¥ðµr MïñЧ È¥ê May 20th 2007
How does one adjust from absolute unlimited power, and authority, to limited law enforcement? Soldiers in Iraq are given a license to kill, almost indiscriminately. Upon return to America the closest occupation is as a peace officer. Yet nowadays peace officer is an oxymoron, in most instances someone involved in law enforcement is not as interested in peace, and more concerned with the application of force.This is not true in all cases, yet old habits die hard. I’ve seen so many videos where troops enjoy, rejoice, and revel in killing. They bathe is some sort of maniacal bliss associated with taking the life of the perceived enemy. It is that type of person whom has failed to question the very nature of the occupation.Soldiers are trained not to question, and if you cannot question an order then why even give it any thought to begin with, eventually the only thing to cling to is raw emotion and how it feels to kill, or exercise power over another, this power becomes addictive, and is therefore sought out, upon return home. Mind you, I am not saying this is true in all cases, yet it is simple to understand how it is true in many cases.

VIDEO:[Documentary] Giuliani Time

This documentary examines Giuliani’s rise to power, his policies and his so-called turnaround of New York City. Interviewing journalists, activists, legal experts, and many of the city’s poor, “Giuliani Time” reveals that while the Mayor touted his Broken Windows, Quality of Life and Zero Tolerance policies, the reality on the streets was police brutality, violations of the First Amendment and racist actions. Then 9/11 happened and Giuliani’s actions endeared him forever to Americans. Should we allow that to overshadow the darker moments of his administration?

Giuliani Gets Exposed As Fraud by Firefighters

Giuliani Admits He's A Crook!

The REAL Rudy: Command Center

Internet surveillance grows under expanded 'wiretapping' law

Seattle PI May 21, 2007 BRANDON ENG
Local companies are ramping up their Internet surveillance to comply with a law requiring them to provide police with an easy way to intercept data.
May 14 marked the first day that broadband and Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, providers must be in full compliance with the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act.
The law aims to create an instant switch to turn on and collect data about individuals whom a court has identified as suspicious. A group is releasing industry standards for service providers to capture "e-mail, instant messaging records, Web-browsing information and other information sent or received through a user's broadband connection, including online banking activity."
Some civil libertarians say such interception, or "wiretapping," is bad for business, privacy and even Internet security.
The CALEA statute threatens constitutional and privacy law, said Lee Tien, senior staff attorney for civil rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
"It's like giving the cops a copy of the key to your house just in case they need to use it," Tien said. CALEA gives law enforcement an instant switch "to see what's going on in your home."
"When you build in back doors, when you have many types of equipment that have to be configured to let someone in, then you are potentially creating a lot of security holes that can be exploited by others. Security experts have always been pretty critical of CALEA for creating this kind of (insecurity) within the phone network," Tien said.
Some say the new CALEA requirements also make it harder for innovation because the great strength of the Internet is its decentralization. If CALEA had applied to the Internet in 1994, many technologies such as gaming service Xbox Live or even VoIP might not have been created because of the FBI's "tappability principle." The original compromise provided by Congress in 1994 was explicitly not to include the Internet when setting up digital phone networks for lawful interception, Tien said. Under a 2004 joint petition, the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and Department of Justice requested that CALEA be re-examined.
The Federal Communications Commission has reinterpreted the ruling to include not just digital phone networks but broadband and VoIP providers. In 2006, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upheld the decision against Fourth Amendment concerns.
Marc Wallace, vice president of Business Development at Drizzle Internet NW, said his company doesn't monitor individual customers except for fraudulent Internet protocol addresses unless the government makes a request. Usually law enforcement requests concern child pornography or theft.
"Our customers have First Amendment rights, so again we will protect our customers until we are forced to legally comply," Wallace said.
Drizzle has never had to submit evidence related to terrorism, Wallace said.
Drizzle provides broadband Internet and VoIP to Washington, Oregon and Utah.
Comcast, the second largest Internet service provider in the United States, is cooperating with CALEA as it applies today.
"We comply with all valid legal requests," said Sena Fitzmaurice, senior director of communications in government affairs at Comcast.
The race for government agencies' ability to tap telecommunications lines was extremely fast in the mobile telephone field.
"In 2006, 92 percent of all wiretaps were conducted on wireless phones," said Al Gidari, partner at Seattle law firm Perkins Coie.
While CALEA originally was intended for domestic criminal enforcement, the capabilities of the statute have expanded the surveillance abilities for other lawful interception operations like the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
"CALEA is just part of the culture now; for better or worse it's baked into communication networks," Gidari said.
The cost-benefit analysis of programs like CALEA is highly controversial. Millions of dollars are spent on lawful interception programs and Trusted Third Party companies that provide these services, yet they only provide a 16 percent conviction rate, Gidari said. The government does not "pay for it ... the shareholders and the public pay for it."
Wired magazine's blog Threat Level sent the blogosphere spiraling after it reminded bloggers that May 14 was the first day of full compliance with CALEA for many Internet providers.
Liberal blog Blognonymous wrote in response to the CALEA alert, "I'm feeling safer already. Now ... where ... is that encryption program?"

Immigration bill would require re-verification of 145 million American workers

Raw Story May 21, 2007
A story in tomorrow's New York Times (reg. req.) describes how U.S. employers, despite having had a considerable amount of input into the current immigration bill, are unhappy with the result in a number of ways. In particular, they are worried that a "merit-based" system for allocating green cards would result in the government deciding whom to let in rather than businesses being able to apply for immigrant workers with the skills they need.
However, the area of greatest general concern may be a proposal that would require employers to re-verify the identity of every single person currently employed in the United States. Not only would it place a considerable burden on both government and business, but the verification system currently being tested has shown a significant rate of error.


# Under a 1986 law, employers are supposed to ask all job applicants for documents to verify that they are eligible to work in the United States. The Senate bill goes much further, requiring employers to copy the documents and check an electronic database established by the government.
"We cannot ask our employers to verify somebody here unless we help them," President Bush said last week.
But Susan R. Meisinger, president of the Society for Human Resource Management, which represents 215,000 personnel executives, said: "The Senate proposal would require employers to re-verify the identity and employment eligibility of 145 million Americans who are currently employed. That's unworkable. The burden on government and the private sector could cause the system to crash."
The government has been testing an employee verification system like the one envisioned in the Senate bill. Federal investigators have found a significant error rate because information in the database is sometimes inaccurate or outdated.

Ron Paul Goes On The Offensive In Austin

Slams rival candidates as establishment shills, attacks GOP factions who tried to bar him from debates, exposes New World Order and military-industrial complex
Prison Planet May 21, 2007 Paul Joseph Watson & Aaron Dykes
During a campaign stop in Austin Texas this weekend, Presidential candidate Ron Paul called for bringing home U.S. troops and an end to a welfare state that benefits only big business at the expense of the poor and the middle class, while attacking his rival candidates as establishment shills who are out of touch with the sentiment of the American people.
The Texas Congressman also slammed the New World Order, the North American Union and the move towards global government which is being implemented partly by the erosion of U.S. sovereignty and the Bush administration's suicidal immigration policy.
"I think even our first President Bush said that the New World Order was in tune and that's what they were working for. The U.N. is part of that government. They're working right now very significantly for a North American Union - that's why there are a lot of people in Washington right now who don't care too much about our borders. They have a philosophic belief that national sovereignty is not important. It's also the reason that I have made very strong suggestion that we need not be in the United Nations for our national security," Congressman Paul said. During the event, Paul called for the troops to be brought home and chastised the Democrats for failing to offer any alternatives for the catastrophe in Iraq.
"As a physician, I was always taught, if you give the wrong diagnosis, the wrong treatment, just doing more of the same does nothing to help the patient," Paul said.
The Congressman cited the legacy of the founding fathers in warning against becoming involved in foreign entanglements.
"The founders were absolutely right on this issue-- that if you talk with people and make friends with people and trade with people, we're much better off than trying to impose our will on them," said Paul.
"This actually did not start with this administration nor the previous administration. This has been smoldering for about 100 years. It was Woodrow Wilson that said 'We as Americans will make the world safe for democracy.' And look what's happened since World War I," added the Congressman.
The presidential candidate also laughed off the suggestion from Neo-Cons that he should have run as a Democrat, citing his record as the most conservative member of the House as an example of how warped the partisan political spectrum had become.
The Congressman found it telling that some factions of the GOP were trying to bar the most Constitutional-orientated candidate from even taking part in future televised debates. This followed a move which was later dropped on behalf of the Michigan branch of the Republican Party to bar Paul from future events.
"Isn't it interesting that the establishment figures that the one who most defends the Constitution has to be eliminated from the debates - what's going on this country?" asked Paul.
Elaborating, Paul attacked his rival candidates for being establishment shills with policies sympathetic only to the elite and contrary to the sentiment of the majority of American citizens, adding that they had only "dug themselves into a hole" by refusing to acknowledge the fact that 70% oppose the war.
The Congressman also sounded off on the welfare state, stating that while some welfare, mostly crumbs, goes to the poor, most welfare actually goes to "the military industrial complex and to bankers," a problem he would address as President.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Audience Applauds As Giuliani, Tancredo Endorse Waterboarding Torture

Think Progress May 16, 2007
During tonight's presidential debates, candidates were asked whether they would support the use of waterboarding — a technique, defined as torture by the Justice Department, that simulates drowning and makes the subject “believe his death is imminent while ideally not causing permanent physical damage.”
Both former mayor Rudy Giuliani and Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) suggested they would support using the technique. Specifically asked about waterboarding, Giuliani said he would allow “every method [interrogators] could think of and I would support them in doing it.” Tancredo later added, “I'm looking for Jack Bauer,” referencing the television character who has used torture techniques such as suffocation and electrocution on prisoners.
The audience applauded loudly after both statements.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

FBI's Mueller: Bin Laden Wants to Strike U.S. Cities with Nuclear Weapons

Newsmax May 15, 2007 Ronald Kessler
Osama bin Laden and his terrorist group desperately want to obtain nuclear devices and explode them in American cities, especially New York and Washington, D.C., FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III tells NewsMax.
In a wide-ranging and exclusive interview, Mueller also acknowledged that bin Laden is still active, though isolated. The Director revealed the Bureau believes the terrorist leader continues to communicate with al-Qaida cells, some of which remain in the U.S.
Mueller declined to say how often bin Laden communicates or to elaborate on the substance of his communications.
Other intelligence sources tell NewsMax that U.S. security efforts have forced bin Laden to return to "horse-and-buggy days" -- avoiding electronic communications in favor of using trusted couriers.
But Mueller says though hemmed in, Al-Qaida's paramount goal is clear: to detonate a nuclear device that would kill hundreds of thousands of Americans.
In contrast to homegrown terrorists, al-Qaida is far more likely to be able to pull off such an attack. Mueller admits the nuclear threat is so real he sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about that possibility.
"I think it would be very difficult to wipe out the United States, but you'd have hundreds of thousands of casualties from a nuclear device, depending on the size of that nuclear device," Mueller tells NewsMax.
A Lust for Destruction
Al-Qaida could obtain such a device in one of two ways.
"One is to obtain a nuclear device that's already been constructed from one of the former Iron Curtain countries, and the other way is to put together the fissile material and the expertise and do an improvised nuclear device," Mueller says.
"And there's no doubt that al-Qaida, if it had the capability, would go down either route to get a nuclear device."
Mueller also has little doubt as to Al-Qaida's likely targets.
"It would be someplace in the United States, in most likely Washington and or New York, depending on how many devices they have. Or both cities," Mueller says.
Because the U.S. has not been attacked in almost six years, Mueller worries that "we are in danger of becoming complacent."
"Al-Qaida is tremendously patient and thinks nothing about taking years to infiltrate persons in and finding the right personnel and opportunity to undertake an attack.
"And we cannot become complacent, because you look around the world, and whether it's London or Madrid or Bali or recently Casablanca or Algiers, attacks are taking place."
Mueller adds the U.S. must remain vigilant. He says our security efforts must "adapt to the new threat landscape."
He then adds: "We are going to be hit at some point. It's just a question of when and to what extent."
The Real Robert Mueller
In the conference room adjoining his seventh floor office at FBI headquarters, Mueller sits down for this interview in his shirt sleeves, a G-man-white oxford cloth with a subdued Brooks Brothers tie. When he appears on television, the camera gives his face an angular look. In person, his features are softer.
Handsome with silvery hair that he smooths down thoughtfully as he speaks, Mueller captivates his guests with his commanding presence. He has the demeanor of a square-jawed FBI agent combined with a tough talking prosecutor, which he once was.
Clearly, the enormous responsibility he carries shows in dark circles under his heavy-lidded brown eyes.
When he utters the words "nuclear device," he knits his brow and clenches his teeth.
However, Mueller is far more relaxed now than when I interviewed him a few months after Sept. 11, 2001. At the time, he was preoccupied trying to prevent a feared "second wave" of attacks on the West Coast.
Back then, Mueller declined to describe why, when he was in the Marines during the Vietnam War, he was awarded both the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. A man who hates to talk about himself or use the word "I," he said only that he "got into some firefights."
Recently, I obtained from the Marine Corps the citation that went with the Bronze Star. It says that on Dec. 11, 1968, the platoon that Mueller commanded came under a heavy volume of small arms, automatic weapons, and grenade launcher fire from a North Vietnamese Army company.
"Quietly establishing a defensive perimeter, Second Lieutenant Mueller fearlessly moved from one position to another, directing the accurate counterfire of his men and shouting words of encouragement to them," the citation says.
Disregarding his own safety, Mueller then "skillfully supervised the evacuation of casualties from the hazardous area and, on one occasion, personally led a fire team across the fire-swept terrain to recover a mortally wounded Marine who had fallen in a position forward of the friendly lines," the citation adds.
Sitting in his conference room, Mueller commands the head of a long conference table. Against one of the room's walls stands a wooden sign. The gold lettering reads: "Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation." The sign used to stand outside the director's office when the Bureau was located in the Department of Justice across the street on Pennsylvania Avenue.
That was a more innocent time, when anyone could walk into the building without a security check. Now the director's office is in a secure wing, sealed off behind electronic doors with security cam and a keypad with a code. Even most Bureau execs — who must have a top secret clearance to enter the building in the first place — don't have access.
A New View of Terrorism
The FBI is changing the way it looks at terrorism, Mueller explains.
Instead of categorizing the problem by individual cases, the Bureau is focusing on threats. Using Jamaat al-Islamiya or Hezbollah as examples, Mueller says, "In the past, when you asked what's the presence of these groups in the United States, analysts would come in and say, ‘OK, we've got cases open down here and up in Detroit and in Chicago and the like, and that is the picture of Hezbollah.'"
While the Bureau targets individuals who may be dangerous, it is more focused on the networks these individuals operate within and their often hidden activities.
"What's most important is not what we know but what we don't know," Mueller says.
"What is the presence of Jamaat al-Islamiya? What is the presence of Hamas or Hezbollah?
"And if you don't know the presence, What are the gaps? And then fill those gaps with collectors, which are basically agents. It's an analytical approach, and it's a threat-driven approach, an intelligence-driven approach."
Those who advocate creating a new domestic counter-terrorism agency similar to Britain's MI5 don't recognize the value of having a law enforcement agency combined with one that uses intelligence to uncover threats, Mueller argues.
As outlined in an Aug. 21, 2006 NewsMax article, "An American MI5 Is the Wrong Approach," MI5 is envious of the FBI because, when an arrest must be made, it has to convince a police force that there is enough evidence to make the arrest.
"A critical difference I think people don't focus on between ourselves and the U.K. is the fact that the criminal justice system here disseminates intelligence by reason of its plea bargaining capability," Mueller says.
"If you look at what's happened in the U.K. over the last three or four years, it has arrested probably a hundred individuals in various terrorist operations, and of those hundred, maybe one or two have cooperated.
"And in almost every case that we've had in the United States, one or more have cooperated and given us the full picture of the cell. And that's intelligence."
A Presidential Briefing
Mueller briefs President Bush in person every Tuesday at the White House.
"He's interested in the same issue that he was interested in on Sept. 12, 2001," Mueller offers.
"What's the FBI and the rest of the law enforcement community doing in the United States to make certain that there will not be another September 11?
"He asks penetrating questions, the types of questions that one would hope that I and others would ask of our own people: Not only how a particular case is developing, but what have we learned from a particular case?"
Mueller kept Bush informed, for example, on the FBI's 16-month investigation of a group allegedly plotting to attack Fort Dix and kill U.S. soldiers.
After the arrests, Bush wanted to know what had been done to assure that such military targets are protected and whether the FBI has focused on the possibility of similar groups attacking other targets.
In the Fort Dix case, five of the men who were arrested were born in Jordan, Turkey, and the former Yugoslavia. They were radical Islamists training at a shooting range to kill "as many soldiers as possible" at the Army base 25 miles east of Philadelphia, according to the charges against them.
A sixth man was charged with helping them obtain illegal weapons.
The investigation began with a tip from a store clerk who told police that one of the men brought in a video tape that he wanted copied to a DVD. The video showed the men firing assault weapons, calling for jihad, and yelling "God is great" in Arabic. The FBI then infiltrated the group using two paid informants.
"Before September 11, we would have been probably inclined to disrupt them earlier than we did," Mueller says. Instead, the Bureau waited to pounce on the Fort Dix group "to determine what ties they may have had to other individuals in the U.S. or overseas."
Mueller says the FBI made the arrests when the group began looking to buy weapons from sources other than the FBI informants.
"The fear being that if they purchased weapons from others and we did not know about it from our sources inside, they could undertake the terrorist attack without us knowing about it," Mueller says.
Critics routinely knock the FBI for either making terrorist arrests too soon or too late.
Last June, for example, the FBI arrested seven men in Miami for plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago. Some wondered if the FBI rolled up the plot too early. Others claimed the men never could have pulled off the plot, dismissing the arrests as simply a Bureau publicity stunt.
"We exhausted every possibility for intelligence there," Mueller says defending the FBI's actions, adding, "And it's a substantial commitment involving thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars and man hours to conduct surveillance and make sure that there is not a terrorist attack."
"And if we let 'em walk, who is to say that two or three months down the road they don't go to somebody who actually will provide the weapons or the explosives or what have you and you've got a terrorist attack that we've walked away from? Can't do that," Mueller says. "I have no apologies whatsoever on the Miami case."
Mueller believes a vigorous counter-terrorist effort has been effective. The U.S. has not been attacked in almost six years and Administration insiders say that this due to the periodic arrests by the FBI and roll-ups of terrorists overseas by the CIA and foreign intelligence services.
National Security Letters
Mueller says the reason the FBI did not keep proper track of requests for national security letters is that no separate system had been set up to keep track of them.
National security letters are issued in international terrorism and espionage investigations. They are similar to grand jury subpoenas, which are normally issued at the direction of a prosecutor and allow the FBI, in criminal investigations, to obtain financial records and records of calls, e-mails, and Internet searches.
"What we did not have is a compliance program or a mechanism to test the procedures we put in place," Mueller says. "The biggest fix in my mind cuts across not just NSLs but across the organization," he said.
"We need a compliance entity that looks at the weak points in terms of our procedures, does red-cell testing of those procedures to see where the weaknesses are, and makes certain that the procedures are being followed."
Strangely, even when telephone companies or Internet providers gave the FBI information about the wrong person in response to an NSL, Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine still classified their error as an FBI deficiency.
Mueller brought that up with Fine, who insisted he was right to do so. In the end, Fine concluded, the FBI was entitled to the information it obtained in almost all cases he cited.
The FBI is constantly being accused of abuses, but does Mueller consider any actions by the FBI to have been abuses?
"In the wake of September 11, every individual who was detained was detained on valid charges," he says. "But those who were detained on immigration charges waited longer because we had to clear them of other charges. And in the future, I'd want to focus on more swiftly making that determination for those who are detained on immigration charges."
Mueller's biggest frustration is that, despite the calls for the FBI to act more like an intelligence organization, when it comes to its budget, the Bureau is still considered a law enforcement organization. For fiscal 2007, the budget is $6.1 billion, equal to the cost of a few Stealth bombers.
"The country wants us to build a domestic intelligence capacity, but it costs money," Mueller says. "And we are still perceived as being in the law enforcement community and not necessarily in the intelligence community."
Mueller says he has told National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell, "Just give me the rounding errors off of the intelligence budget, and I would be very happy."
Mueller doesn't smile often, mostly a pleasant half smile for emphasis. He does laugh, however, when he mentions his fantasy budget.
Pamela Kessler contributed to this article.

JFK Conspirator Wanted Every Kennedy Dead

E. Howard Hunt wanted to "finish the job" by killing Senator Ted Kennedy, greeted news of RFK's assassination with satisfaction

Prison Planet May 15, 2007 Paul Joseph Watson

JFK assassination conspirator E. Howard Hunt wanted to "finish the job" by killing Senator Ted Kennedy and greeted news of Robert Kennedy's murder with satisfaction , according to his son Saint John Hunt.
E. Howard Hunt was a former veteran CIA agent and one of the infamous Watergate plumbers, he died in January 2007.
Saint John Hunt recently went public with an audio tape containing his father's deathbed admission that he was part of a conspiracy to kill JFK that was orchestrated by Lyndon Baines Johnson. Hunt agreed that others above LBJ were involved in the plot.
Appearing on The Alex Jones Show yesterday, Hunt dropped new bombshell revelations about his father's role in the murder of JFK as well as intriguing insights into his attitude as a whole towards the Kennedy family."One of the things he liked to say around the house was 'let's finish the job - let's hit Ted (Kennedy)'" said Hunt, referring to the 75-year-old Massachusetts Senator.
"In the context that JFK had already been removed, RFK was gone and his motto was 'let's finish the job'," added Hunt, elaborating that whenever Ted Kennedy appeared on TV or in the newspaper his father would smirk and wish to see him dead.
In addition, Saint John Hunt said that his father greeted the news of Bobby Kennedy's assassination with satisfaction.
"He was glad that it happened, he felt no sadness," said Hunt, "the rest of the nation was in a deep state of horror, tragedy, shock, disbelief and sadness and my father was just very cold about it - he was very composed, he was certainly not disturbed by it."
"When the news came over the television, he was pleased - it was a good day for him - we grew up hating Kennedy so if this was one less Kennedy the country was going to have to deal with it was a good thing," added Hunt. Hunt agreed that his father's description of his role in the plot to kill Kennedy as a "benchwarmer" meant that he wasn't one of the shooters but was intricately involved in the management aspects of the conspiracy.
Some have claimed that E. Howard Hunt couldn't have been involved at Dealy Plaza because he had alibis at the time that said he was at home at the time of the assassination.
"I don't have any recollection of my father being home that day," said Hunt, "I know he used his children as an alibi - I have a vivid recollection, school was closed and we were sent home where I waited in my house with my mother for what to do next." "As far as my father going to a Chinese grocery store and picking up ingredients for a home cooked Chinese meal and having dinner with his children and watching television - that's not my recollection," said Hunt.
Deathbed Confession: LBJ Ordered JFK Assassination

The Capstone That Killed JFK and The Speech That Sealed His Fate - Alan Watt

Monday, May 14, 2007


Please Read What I said Below, I spend a lot of time on it:Excellent Article. Here is when BBC

Reported WTC-7 Collpased 26 minutes before it did.
Everytime I list Hard Core Evidence, That takes at least 15 minutes to go thru, I am usually voted down 10-15 timeswithin 60-90 seconds. So people already made up there minds not to look at it. They dont debate me, They just use insults against mesaying I should be in a padded room, my tin foil hat is too tight. Instead of you insulting me, Why dont you actually go and LOOK at the evidence.For Starters Here is 8 Examples of People in Government Slipping up in this Scripted False Flag Terror

Plot:1. Bush saw the first plane hit live on tv:

2. Rumsfeld Says Flight 93 was shot down:

3. Rumsfeld Says Missle Hit Pentagon: "Here we're talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight filled with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center"

4. NYC Mayor Slips- Knew Collpase in Advance:

5. SilverStein Admits WTC Was Pulled:

6. EyeWitness Said Missle, eh Plane Hit pentagon:

7. John Kerry Slips says WTC-7 Was Controlled Demolition:

8. Bush is scared:

Here is when Our Govt Planned to kill its own people, JFK said NO and was Murdered less then 12 months later:

Main Pieces of Evidence:

Thermite was Proven to Cut the Support Pillars in the WTC:

What do the Experts Say:

Why would the Govt Kill its own people on 9/11?They killed there own people so they would gain Power as a one world Government, A one world powerful evilThey are now taking freedoms worldwide, as we lose freedoms, and they have more control. They targeted the U.S. Because they were the SuperPower of the WorldAnd needed Freedom Loving Americans To beg to give up there rights. The NWO is gaining More Poweras We are also Moving towards a North American Union, Where Mexico, and Canada Would Merge Together. We are moving into a Dictaorship.In 1139 St Malachy Had a vision from God that we would have 112 Popes, We are at 111 Popes, with this pope being 80 years old.The next pope will be the 112th, and Is expected to be the false Prophet to welcome in the Antichrist of the NWO, The World Wide SuperPowerful Evil, As we move towardsthe end of the 6000 years as mankind has been on the earth.

Why dont the media tell the truth?
The Media is covering up 9/11 Because They are owned by 4 very corrupt Cooperations such as GE, AOL, DISNEY, Etc.., Which are profittingheavily from the Illegal Wars in the Middle East, They are also Under-Control of the NWO. When the Antichrist Takes Power of the WorldWide Dictaorship, The Media will be underComplete Control of Him. The Free Speech on the internet Will be Gone!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Police Are Using Armored Vehicles

PITTSBURGH -- After six people were shot in the city's Homewood neighborhood in less than 24 hours, Pittsburgh police rolled in with a 20-ton armored truck with a blast-resistant body, armored rotating roof hatch and gunports.
No guns or drugs were seized and no arrests made during the sweep in the $250,000 armored vehicle, paid for with Homeland Security money. But the show of force sent a message.
Whether it was the right message is a matter of debate.
With scores of police agencies large and small, from Lexington, Ky., to Austin, Texas, buying armored vehicles at Homeland Security expense, some criminal justice experts warn that their use in fighting everyday crime could do more harm than good and represents a post-9/11, militaristic turn away from the more cooperative community-policing approach promoted in the 1990s.
When the armored truck moved through the Homewood neighborhood late last year, residents came out of their homes to take a look. Some were offended.
"This is really the containment of crime, not the elimination, because to eliminate it you have to address some of the social problems," complained Rashad Byrdsong, a community activist.
Law enforcement agencies say the growing use of the vehicles, a practice that also has its defenders in the academic field of criminal justice, helps ensure police have the tools they need to deal with hostage situations, heavy gunfire and acts of terrorism.
But police are also putting the equipment to more routine use, such as the delivering to warrants to suspects believed to be armed.
"We live on being prepared for `what if?'" said Pittsburgh Sgt. Barry Budd, a memer of the SWAT team.
Critics say that the appearance of armored vehicles in high-crime neighborhoods may only increase tensions by making residents feel as if they are under siege.
Most departments do not have "a credible, justifiable reason for buying these kinds of vehicles," but find them appealing because they "tap into that subculture within policing that finds the whole military special-operations model culturally intoxicating," said Peter Kraska, a professor at Eastern Kentucky University and an expert on police militarization. The military-style approach "runs a high risk of being very counterproductive."
Peter Moskos, a criminologist at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, said police departments would be better off hiring people with different language skills if the goal is to root out terrorism.
"It does worry me when cops try to be more military-like because an armored car is not going to stop a terrorist," he said.
In Pittsburgh, a city of about 370,000 with pockets of mostly drug- or gang-related crime, the armored truck made by Lenco Industries Inc. of Pittsfield, Mass., has been used about four times a month, Budd said.
He said the Lenco B.E.A.R., or Ballistic Engineered Armored Response and Rescue vehicle, was bought primarily to be used in hostage situations and when officers are wounded. On Sunday, the truck was deployed when Pittsburgh's SWAT team responded to a report of an armed man holed up in a home. The standoff ended peacefully.
Since the Sept. 11 attacks, police in Lexington, Ky., a city of about 280,000, have obtained two armored vehicles, including a Lenco B.E.A.R. paid for with Homeland Security money, and two military helicopters acquired from the Pentagon.
Police Chief Anthany Beatty said the equipment is used mostly to fight daily crime but is also meant to protect the area's "significant military assets" from terrorists. Lexington's SWAT team takes its armored truck out on every call, including the serving of warrants to heavily armed suspects.
Police in Austin -- home to about 720,000 -- bought Lenco's smaller armored vehicle, the BearCat, with a $250,000 Homeland Security grant. Lt. Vic White, who heads the department's tactical operations, said it is deployed every time the SWAT team is called out, including instances in which officers need to be taken into an area where armed suspects could be holed up.
Robert J. Castelli, chairman of criminal justice at Iona College in New Rochelle, N.Y., said if he were a police chief of a force with an armored vehicle, he would order it sent out on every SWAT call.
"Things can go pretty bad pretty quick in police work," said Castelli, a former member of the New York State Police.
Castelli said armored vehicles can send a positive message -- that police are in control of the situation -- and make police better prepared to deal with more heavily armed criminals, as well as terrorists.
Lenco Industries president Len Light said Homeland Security grants have significantly boosted sales but would not provide precise figures. He said the company has sold hundreds of armored vehicles to police nationwide, and has annual sales of about $40 million.
The Homeland Security Department has said it may have been too free in giving out money.
Until recently, little scrutiny was given to whether grants served a national purpose, said Larry Orluskie, a Homeland Security spokesman. In March, grant-giving was handed over to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
"Now, states have to propose a plan and how the money will be used to support Homeland Security missions," he said.

Only Ron Paul Can Defeat Hillary Clinton

Which is why the corporate elite that have already selected the New York senator are doing their best to blackball the Texas Congressman - including Yahoo! who lied by claiming Paul had not filed papers to officially run, and omitted him from their website coverage
Prison Planet May 10, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

There is only one Republican candidate that can prevent Hillary Clinton from walking into the Oval Office after the next election and that's Ron Paul - which is why the corporate interests that have already selected Hillary are busy trying to stem the tide of a populist onslaught to bring the Texas Congressman to the attention of the American people.
Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate to carry a message that resonates with the American people, his thoroughbred anti-war and anti-big government stance, but the establishment press have done their level best to keep Paul in the shadows while lying in claiming that every participant featured in last week's debate was pro-war .
Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate to have voted against the Iraq war.
Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who will not seek to lead the U.S. into a military confrontation with Iran, something also that Democrats Obama, Clinton and Edwards have all vowed to keep "on the table."
Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who is not compromised while the likes of Giuliani and Romney have more skeletons in their closet than a fancy dress boutique. He holds true conservative values unlike the vehemently pro-abortion Giuliani and Romney.
Ron Paul is the only candidate period who has promised to abolish to IRS and end the fraudulent fiat-based money system that is crippling America's economy while lining the pockets of the ultra-rich.
Every other Republican candidate besides Ron Paul stands no chance of coming out on top if they go up against Hillary Clinton for the 2008 presidency.
This is a message particularly directed at people who consider themselves conservatives despite voting for George W. Bush on two occasions - get behind Ron Paul or Hillary Clinton is guaranteed to be the next President of the United States.
For all the reasons mentioned above, we are witnessing a clear agenda to marginalize and discredit Ron Paul on behalf of the corporate media, while burying the fact that he won last Thursday's debate hands down. Nowhere was this more evident than in a May 8th Washington Post editorial entitled 'Building a Better Debate' in which the Post exposed itself as perhaps the most prominent media organ for those who wish to control and suffocate the democratic process in America.
The editorial was basically a manifesto for restricting the debates to include only the establishment's most well groomed appointees and kicking Ron Paul off the podium.
The wider media plot to censor and sideline Ron Paul has been documented here all week and the latest example was Yahoo's decision to include Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter, whose combined support in the polls trails Ron Paul's, on their 2008 coverage page , yet omit the Texas Congressman altogether. "Stunned, I actually called Yahoo and left a voicemail message for their chief communications officer, and included my email address," writes Thomas E. Woods, Jr. of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. "In their emailed reply, I was told: "According to the latest FEC filings, it is our understanding that Congressman Paul has not officially entered the 2008 Presidential race, but has only gotten to the stage of forming an exploratory committee."
"Huh? Unannounced candidates are allowed into the debates? Can't possibly be true, I thought. So I simply went to the Federal Election Commission website, and after three seconds of searching I found Ron Paul's filing statement, dated March 12. (That's funny: I was told Yahoo had consulted "the latest FEC filings.") Well, here are Ron Paul's documents right here .
So Yahoo! are now stacking lies on top of their censorship in claiming that Ron Paul has not even officially entered the race, despite the fact that this was announced on CSPAN by Paul himself two months ago.
Yahoo! have made numerous promises to add Ron Paul to their list but it hasn't happened yet.
In addition, ABC News, who initially also scrubbed Ron Paul from their online poll , are deleting comments supportive of Paul from their messageboards.
Other large media organizations are deleting votes from Paul's tally on polls, citing multiple voting by the same people as the reason, despite the fact that the polls only allow one vote per IP address.
Though Ron Paul is still obviously a long shot for the Oval Office, purely because he's the only candidate besides Gravel that isn't completely bought and paid for, the fact that the corporate media have to go to these lengths to try and stem the wave of popular support for Paul only exposes their true agenda.
And for that we thank them and invite them to continue their tactics - because by acting like bullies, censors and hostile to the true democratic process, more people will be turned off by their lies and seek alternative avenues for the truth.

Ron Paul on dissent in a time of war.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

From Unlikely Quarters, Bruce Willis Ends The JFK Debate

The Kennedy assassination furore is over and the "conspiracy theorists" won, 9/11 is soon to follow
Prison Planet May 8, 2007 Paul Joseph Watson

Bruce Willis' insightful and definitive comments to Vanity Fair about the assassination of JFK, in which he boldly states that Kennedy's killers were never caught and are still in power today, are a benchmark as to how far the truth movement has progressed since 9/11.
"They still haven't caught the guy that killed [President] Kennedy," Willis told Vanity Fair's June issue.
"I'll get killed for saying this, but I'm pretty sure those guys are still in power, in some form. The entire government of the United States was co-opted," adds the Die Hard star.
Bruce Willis is a perfect example of how the rampant corruption of the U.S. government and the overwhelming evidence proving that the entire war on terror is a manufactured hoax has ostracized even the administration's most fervent cheerleaders.
The son of a military man, Willis was and still is an ardent patriot and like many was caught up in the post-9/11 fervor, believing that his beloved America had been attacked from outside and committed his work to supporting a positive and healthy message that America's motives in the war on terror were just and necessary.
Willis' genuine patriotism and moral compass was exploited and perverted by the Neo-Con agenda to police the world not in the interests of America but to serve the agenda of the military industrial complex. Again, like the majority of the nation, for a time Willis was fooled into supporting the lie, but soon came to the realization that he had been double crossed.
After Hollywood director Richard Linklater handed Willis DVDs of Alex Jones' documentary films Terror Storm and Martial Law on the set of Fast Food Nation , Willis underwent a political awakening and his entire paradigm was shifted.
Sources tell us that Willis is now virtually obsessed with "conspiracy" material and, like Charlie Sheen before him, spent months researching the JFK assassination as well as 9/11 before he spoke publicly to Vanity Fair.
We salute Mr. Willis for having the courage to use his huge profile to draw people's attention to subjects of vital importance, flying in the face of the fear, in his own words, that they might kill him for doing so. Willis' comments follow last week's definitive revelations concerning the role of CIA veteran E. Howard Hunt in the murder plot and his deathbed confession that the assassination of JFK was a conspiracy on behalf of Lyndon Baines Johnson.
The establishment news media have completely blackballed one of the stories of the decade and it would take a very naive person to believe the ignorance wasn't deliberate. As Bruce Willis said, the U.S. government was overthrown in November 1963 and the military-industrial complex have been running the show ever since - they are still in power today. The press are afraid to cover this story because a lot of people who have pursued the truth about the assassination or simply been in a position to know certain information - have ended up in a coffin pretty soon after.
Some even scoff at the tape's authenticity simply because it was aired first on Coast to Coast Live , a show that tackles a multitude of controversial and quirky issues. How else could Saint John Hunt have got the tape released when no corporate media outlet dare touch it? Coast to Coast has 20 million listeners every night, in using them as a forum, Hunt was ensuring the maximum exposure possible outside of mainstream channels.
The tape is real, the confession is real - burying your head in the sand and pretending it's all a fairy tale is not going to make the truth of this story go away.
We are now declaring victory on proving the assassination of JFK was an inside job - polls routinely show that around 90% of Americans agree and one of the main conspirators has now admitted this to be the case, in addition to others on the inside like Madeleine Duncan Brown and LBJ's lawyer who also blew the whistle on the fact that it was a coup de 'tat orchestrated by Johnson.
There can no longer be any debate, the establishment press can continue to use their little "grassy knoll" cliches to try and debunk anyone who questions the official government version of anything, but the fact is that they now reflect a tiny minority of popular opinion in this context.
Similarly in the case of 9/11, polls show that around 84% distrust the government's account and suspect a cover-up, and no amount of ad hominem attack slurs and Popular Mechanics style hit pieces are going to reverse that growing trend.
The game is almost up, we are in the fourth quarter and we have accrued an unassailable lead - the "conspiracy theorists" have won and though things may get worse before they get better, the success of our mission to rouse the human race from its sleepwalk will soon begin to catalyze measurable change in the world around us and freedom will rise again.