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Administrative-Investigative Nurse Forced To Apply For Food Stamps Once Blacklisted By Ogdensburg Hospitals               

Department of Social Services                                                                       July 16, 2012
St. Lawrence County
6 Judson Street
Canton, New York 13617-1196
Attention: Linda Cota

Dear Ms. Cota;

I dropped off the requested materials at the front desk this morning for the food stamp program so that copies could be made for my file. The receptionist informed me that you would not be in until 9 AM, so I returned to Ogdensburg. Upon reflection, I have decided to mail these copies of documents to you rather than make a trip back.

The enclosed copies are what I have thus far recently received from the state of New York in answer to my application for Health Care Surveyor II mailed on September 29th, 2011 along with New York state civil service exam score of 100%, as well as proof of my “interview” for St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center September 17th, 2010 and the civil service exam score of 90%.

I also include herein my recommendation from my last employer and IDR results on the May 2010 facility survey during which time I was the director of nursing at Clearview.

I have literally copies of 2 years worth of work applications submitted from July 2010 through May 2012 for work, which include: 1) at least 4 to 5 applications and letters submitted to United Helpers and St. Joseph’s Home in Ogdensburg over this period of time and during which time stated to me that they had openings, 2) multiple letters sent to the State of New York Mental Health Board in regard to being told numerous times that there were no nursing positions available at St. Lawrence and that they always advertise even if though there are “no openings”, yet I have spoken to RNs employed there who will testify otherwise.

3) I have applied at Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center at least twice and written letters to the board of directors who have not responded, after being told in an interview in 2010 that I must know about IV medications and their administration because all the nurses on the psych floor may be sent to other floors, as well as the psych floor being staffed by nurses from other floors. I had made it clear to the nurse manager of the psychiatric floor that my background was in psychiatric nursing and stated that if a patient should require IV administration, they will not be kept on a psychiatric floor. Was I being told that I might be sent to another floor, thereby requiring me to work out of my area of expertise? This is not a tenable situation for either any prospective patients (patient safety) or for me as an RN with a license. I was given a medication study guide and told that I must pass a medication test that featured the content of the study guide; the study guide had advanced questions concerning IV administration that I have never utilized because my background is clinical psychiatric and long term care of Alzheimer’s and dementia care, as well as nursing management.

I have submitted and resubmitted applications for nursing positions in surrounding communities to no avail since August 2010. I have done the same for employment here in Ogdensburg for positions in grocery stores, drug stores, clothing stores, the laundromat etc., full well knowing that I could not survive on minimum wage. The results were 1 interview at a Walgreens drug store.

My FED-ED extension of unemployment benefits from California was ended prematurely May 12th, 2012. Since that time I have survived on help from a friend, who can no longer help.

My husband, Glen Kealey, is the founder and volunteer (unpaid) chairman of the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity and lives in Oxford Mills, Ontario on a hobby farm. Due to my husband’s circumstances in Canada of being defrauded out much of his old age security allowance benefits and rebates and other benefits by political employees of the government of Canada, he is unable to assist me to any degree.

I do not know how I will pay my rent ($400.00/mo.) and car payments (I have only $3,233.02 left to pay) in August, both due on the 9th. I cannot make payments on 2 credit card bills which I needed to use to survive due the 20th-21st of August. I cannot pay for phone/ cell phone, basic cable, and internet; all of which have been needed for security purposes and research during this time. I am badly in need of dental care. I need to see an optometrist/ ophthalmologist for eye care.

I now have these letters sent to me from the state of New York asking me to contact them in regard to Nurse Surveyor II positions. I understand that interviews by the area agencies are required as part of the process. I am in the position of being unable, given my present circumstances of no funds, to be able to afford to travel to these agencies for interviews that would likely also require an overnight stay due to the distance from Ogdensburg.

I understand at this time that I do not qualify for any other assistance from the county or state because I am not pregnant, on disability, have minor children with me, and I am not out on the street, etc. My understanding is that the most aid I could receive would be “$350.00” per month.

My questions to you about this are why does the state of New York want to wait until the very worst occurs before they will assist someone? After someone is out on the street this is much more expensive to reverse, and may not be feasible. Does this not contribute to the problem rather than help to solve it in a win-win situation?

The most important question here is: Why was I not hired by any of these nursing facilities in Ogdensburg, New York; all of whom I am very well qualified to have a position with, and must now apply to Social Services for what little assistance I am able to get?
What do all of these facilities in Ogdensburg have to hide from an administrative- “investigator” nurse?

 Jennifer Ann Kealey

Cc: Congressman Bill Owens
      Brian Kidwell, Ogdensburg Journal