Thursday, October 17, 2019


When I was interviewed by David Icke (media MI6 asset) in 1998, I had been prepared 6 months beforehand numerous times by being drugged, kidnapped and worked over and ended up in the hospital with seizure activity caused by what had been done to me during that time period. The trauma I endured in these programming sessions ensured the story the media wanted out.

My story was never told; my story instead became his-tory, which was the media and MI6 version, which was recorded and sent out to the world.

The media always has an agenda and the truth is not their agenda.

During the 2 David Icke interviews I told him about ritual sites in Orange County, California that included the addresses of a church and a house. The house was a post ritual gathering for “business” and other activities politicians and government bureaucrats gathered to talk about and do things they did not want leaked out. They could enter and leave the home via the marina to the back of the house by boat and the entrance to the front of the house on the cul-de-sac was monitored and kept closed off by a special contingent of Orange County Sheriffs with a background of being in the U.S. Marines from the El Toro Marine base in Orange County (now closed) and known as “The Devil’s Pups”.

Little did politicians and high ranking officials know that their activities were being monitored and audio and videotaped for use later should it be required....

The addresses of the places I told David Icke about were edited out of his interviews and book, “The Biggest Secret”.

So these places are still in use because they were not exposed by David Icke.

When Glen was told by CIC Immigration administrative assistant J. Burton, Ministerial Enquiries Division, 365 Laurier Avenue West,Jean Edmonds Tower,South Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 1L1 that my immigration paperwork, client # 63859336 was sitting on the desk of Vic Toews, (Stephen Harper’s Public Safety Minister), neither of us could figure out why, until in that time period I happened to see Vic Toews interviewed on CBC News which was viewable in Ogdensburg.

This is when I recognized Vic Toews, he who was responsible for my being denied entrance at the Canadian border because he had played a major role in the rituals years ago in Orange County, California where women were murdered after being savagely raped and he was one of my rapists. I was being systematically drugged and kidnapped for these rituals.

He attended the meetings held after the rituals and frequented a soundproof specially made room for his preferred activities of rape, torture and murder. I was an unwilling witness to these activities.

In 2016 I was told that Cell Investigations Unlimited investigators had obtained video footage of one of my rapes by Vic Toews.

Vic Toews was made a federal judge in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2014, where a large number of Indigenous women have disappeared for years.

To have held the position of Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General of Canada he had to be vetted by RCMP. They would have known of his activities.

After 9 long years of crimes committed against me and Glen by Canadian bureaucrats who are running Canada and no assistance from their counterparts, the cosmetic politicians who only look like they are in power, I am still in the US without knowledge of anyone in Canada doing anything about the crimes committed against me and they are currently trying to murder Glen in Canada by withholding electricity, water, food, and his monthly pension.

One half in the Canadian government; the ones who hold the hammer are criminals.

The other half in the Canadian government, the ones who know and apparently don’t care are the ones that CREATION will still hold accountable along with their bureaucratic counterparts, i.e. What did you know?, When did you know it?, and, WHAT DID YOU DO ABOUT IT?

Apparently Canadian politicians can go back and forth across the border into the US and commit murders and rapes and perhaps the same is true for certain US politicians and high ranking bureaucrats going into Canada.

I, however, am not allowed to be with my husband in Canada.

Since most of Vic Toew’s victims at the rituals were migrant Mexican teenaged girls and young women, I wonder how Mexico feels about Canadian political figures murdering their citizens.

How does the US feel about these activities?
Does the US care?

NDP= 1789 gang

Progressive Conservatives = the ones in power when I was illegally removed from Canada

Liberals= had 4 years in power and many emails from me as well as faxes and have not done anything about it

Democrats( USA) = bureaucrats

Conclusion: It does not matter which party is in power since the ones who hold the hammer are bureaucRATS.

Mrs. Jennifer Ann Kealey