Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PS: I Don’t Love You

Dr. Mengele’s (crypt) children who now control CBSA and their children, Mengele’s (blood) grandchildren, the WAYFARERS of all borderland “stand on guard” at the Canadian borders to prevent anyone not linked to their “Men-of-the-Nite Lite” or Valkyries from entering Canada.

They are the toes of Jordanian priesthood known to most people as “ZoroAstrianism” (the RUSE of the STARS) who prevent access from the uninitiated (Sufi-huggers). These “Outliers” cheat, lie, and steal.

They have the HUBRIS to believe they are untouchables from the police.

For them to believe this they must be secure in the thought that the Prime Minister and the national media are on their side.

Like a captain of the ship they alone cull and control access to “Canadian citizenship” at Canadian borders.

If you don’t matter to them, don’t bother trying to get past these agents of VIATOR (UNKNOWN VISITOR).



Oxford-on-Rideau, Ontario, Canada

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


1 – Sink Holes

2 – Engineered Rocks falling from the sky (roofs)

3 – Blind Thrust

4 – Earthquakes

5 – Forest Brush Fires

6 – Induced Floods

7 – Hurricanes

8 – Tornadoes

9 – Icebergs in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

10 – Paraguayan Sufi Political Assassins (men –of-the-nite-lite bag-lady rituals)

11 – Auto-Pilot Plane Crashes

12 – Cascading Volcanoes

13 – Coal Seam Fire and Brimstone

14 – Induced Nova at Sault Ste. Marie

15 – Radon Gas Cancer from Elliot Lake

16 – Isostasy of St. Lawrence Seaway (Canadian Shield)

17 – Inland Tsunamis

18 – Superior Propane and/or Acetone-Ketone Explosions


Monday, August 22, 2011


AUDIO: Windsor shaken and stirred by rumbling

Mysterious vibrations have no official explanation

Image Detail

Posted: Aug 19, 2011 8:20 PM ET

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2011 8:20 PM ET

Residents of Windsor, Ont., shown here with a view of Detroit, Mich., in the background, are rattled by mysterious reverberations. Residents of Windsor, Ont., shown here with a view of Detroit, Mich., in the background, are rattled by mysterious reverberations. (Jacques Boissinot/Canadian Press)

AUDIO: Windsor shaken and stirred by rumbling - Canada - CBC News

For weeks, residents of Windsor, Ont., have been complaining about a mysterious rumbling that is shaking them out of sleep. So far no one — including the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and the federal agency Earthquakes Canada — has any idea why. Al Maghnieh is a city councillor for a vibrating Ward 10. CBC Radio's As It Happens reached him on Friday.

God - He - Rich - Sat - rap

CREATION is looking for management change - - considering pro-active involvement in take-over (going back in time)

Image Detail

Deadly tornado heavily damages Ont. town of Goderich

Date: Mon. Aug. 22 2011 8:33 AM ET

Fallen trees and flipped-over cars litter the streets of Goderich, Ont., where a devastating tornado ripped through the Lake Huron town on the weekend, leaving one man dead and dozens of buildings damaged or destroyed.

It was the most powerful tornado to touch down in Ontario in more than a decade, as Environment Canada estimates winds blew through the community at speeds approaching 300 kilometres per hour.

On Monday morning, the people living in downtown Goderich were waking up to streets strewn with uprooted trees, shattered glass and other debris that was tossed about by the twister Sunday afternoon.

"It looks downtown simply like a bomb has gone off, there is no other way to describe it," CTV's Joel Bowey reported on Canada AM Monday morning.

Bowey said some buildings had been "completely levelled" by the tornado, while the strong winds had blown all the glass out of others.

The storm also downed power lines, tore roofs off of houses, and left cars and trees scattered along city streets.

"Cars have been toppled over, trees have gone through the windows of cars," Bowey said, noting that some 900 people were still without power early Monday morning.

Goderich Mayor Delbert Shewfelt, who declared a state of emergency on the weekend, was due to make a statement to the public on Monday morning, local radio station CKNX reported.

Police confirmed a fatality late Sunday, naming Norman Laberge, of nearby Lucknow, Ont., as the male victim who died while working at the Sifto salt mine when the storm hit.

Bowey said there have been no other reports of fatalities stemming from the storm.

The people who saw the tornado rip Goderich apart on Sunday described the shock of seeing a twister emerging around them.

Sean Carver said he watched the storm approach from his patio.

"The storm was quick, it blew through and it was gone," Carver told The Canadian Press.

"The so-called scary part is literally only about two minutes, half an instant, and then the winds go back down to about 80 kilometres an hour, but you know you're safe again."

At Joe Roosemalen's house, the first sign of trouble was when the power started flickering. He was hosting a Sunday afternoon birthday party for his daughter and her friends when the storm hit.

"I basically looked out the window and just saw the twister right in front of us," Roosemalen told CTV's Canada AM in a telephone interview on Monday morning.

Ushering his daughter and her guests into his basement, Roosemalen said they quickly caught on to what was happening.

"It was pretty much a panic," he said.

Waking up a day after the devastation, Roosemalen said he has a hydro pole "sitting against the front door of the house and on top of the roof," as well as a backyard filled with fallen trees.

With files from The Canadian Press

Glen E.P. Kealey
The Nordan Sculptor

Sunday, August 21, 2011


New Ivy Ridge Owner Plans English School



A Chinese businessman and his investment group have purchased the former Academy at Ivy Ridge here with plans to convert the former institution for troubled youths into a school where English will be taught as a second language to Chinese youths.

James Ma also has an interest in more unspecified development in Ogdensburg, according to James E. Reagen, spokesman for State Sen. Patricia A. Ritchie, R-Ogdensburg.

The school is not expected to open for at least a year.

Mr. Ma deferred all comment on his proposed venture to Mr. Reagen. The senator's office has been instrumental in introducing the businessman and his colleagues to local officials.

"We've been introducing them to people," Mr. Reagen said Thursday. "They're looking for investment opportunities and business opportunities."

The campus, located on Route 37 west of the city, has been closed since March 2009. Mr. Ma, according to Mr. Reagen, scouted vacant properties in California, Oregon, Maine, Ohio and Washington before calling the former school's Utah owner. He came to Ogdensburg about two months ago.

The road to the senator's office was paved by the property's caretaker, which led to a contact with Ogdensburg businessman William D. Hosmer, who is Mr. Reagen's stepson.

The senator's office set up meetings with officials from the St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency and City Manager Arthur J. Sciorra.

IDA Economic Developer Patrick Kelly, incidentally, happened to have a fully-developed English as a second language school proposal at hand.

The city's hope to develop its St. Lawrence River waterfront is also of interest to Mr. Ma, according to Mr. Reagen.

Mr. Reagen said Mr. Ma and his group are financing the venture, which Mr. Reagen said will include about $2 million to repair and renovate the former school.

"It's going to take a lot of work," he said, noting that the roof especially is in need of repair.

Mr. Ma's goal, according to Mr. Reagen, is to provide an educational outlet for the youth of China's burgeoning middle class.

The program will be for one year.

"The United States has the best education system in the world," Mr. Reagen said. "If you're a Chinese family, you want the best."

The renewed use of the property has sentimental value for the senator, who was a student there when she was Patricia A. Hilborne. At that time, it was the two-year Mater Dei College.

"She's really excited about getting that property back into productive use," Mr. Reagen said.

And Mr. Ma also liked what he saw of the area beyond the campus. He said he plans to live here.

"People were nice to him," Mr. Reagen said. "He just fell in love with this area."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The Right Honorable Stephen Harper

Prime minister of Canada

Office of the Prime Minister

80 Wellington Street

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

re: Hemispheric Plagues (Political, Geophysical and

Biological) – SEE the secret life of WeeMen in women

“Young-Souled COBRAS otherwise known as the Copro;

Lite Trojan Ruse - feminine "Men of the Nite"

Prime minister,

My name is Jennifer Ann Kealey.

I am a MATE in the “WYZE KYRK OF CREATION”, an old new “church” reformed by my husband, Glen E.P. Kealey, and me.

The WYZE KYRK OF CREATION can be differentiated from other churches in that it does not “DEMAND” adulation, love or fear for the leadership from its soul-mate participants and by the fact it promises “ascension – not assumption” as a follow-up to the “end-of-universal-life” in this, our four-dimensional universe.

The key to “real” eternal life is RESPECT; as respect is a “unifying-theory-of-the-universe” which unlocks the fifth dimension star-gate which then, in turn, allows access to an all-knowing “MATTER” in a sixth dimension. The four-dimensional universe we live in now, as a result of “faulty management”, is but an open-closed container lab in which a Moho-based “genetic engineer/creator”, self-styled GOD has, for millennia, directed the fate of humanity by means of an energetic red bull, always demanding nothing less than a concoction of adulation, love and fear from its scapegoat followers in return. It has no eternal future.

I now want to physically join my husband (even as a simple “visitor” if need be) in Canada but I am being denied that opportunity by Vic Toews, your current Mennonite minister of “Public Safety” (I suspect for obvious religious-based reasons linked to the pre-last Ice Age; north-west African Ecclesiastic freemasonry) as well as by the genetically-engineered Valkyries who secretly run the day-to-day operation of your administration and your government, disguised as “Trojan Horses” hiding within the bowels of your ship’s crew.

May I, respectfully, request that you do whatever remains of your limited power to correct this “situation” I’m in, before time runs out on this, our four-dimensional Universe’s container.

Prime Minister, I say this in all urgency because I know that “CREATION” is no longer pleased with its satrap (creator), the self-styled GOD, who currently directs our planet (yours and mine) with his/its brutal “plan ET”, himself/itself safe from harm from the vantage point of the Moho-discontinuity down below. Thus, for the time being, CREATION continues to allow the imposition on our hemisphere of a series of bio-political “plagues”, each being orchestrated/choreographed by “the mindless, raging, and out-of-control creator” of his so-called el-Toro-pooh-pooh. It has also been suggested to me that, from now until you act in this matter that these cataclysmic “plagues” will only intensify in their forcefulness and numbers ‘til the year 2062.

Sir, until you mind, it will matter.


Jennifer Ann Kealey

PS: Prime Minister, should you agree to follow-up and look into this international crisis you may as well use this opportunity also to look for the reasons why Canada’s IRS (CRA) has for years been allowed to steal my husband’s old age supplementary benefits. And, please, don’t believe their lies about him not filing his Income Tax. It’s not true. He and Supply Services Canada have documented proof to the contrary. You can always compare how they have and continue to treat my husband in comparison with the other senior who shares rented space in the same farm house that my husband lives in.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


(Pre last ice age Ecclesiastic freemasonry)


For old acquaintances will be remembered
And always brought to mind

For old acquaintances shall be remembered
For the sake of an Old Sign Language

So remote it be
She, THE ANGEL OF CREATION, will dance the Birth Dance in public

See what I see
Hear what I hear
Smell what I smell
Feel what I feel
Taste what I taste

You, VIATOR, are no longer an “UNKNOWN VISITOR” to me


Monday, August 8, 2011

Vortex Matter coming from the Sixth Dimension

and Institute for Political Integrity

If you don’t mind it don’t matter

The NORDAN Sculptors
Glen and Jennifer

On CREATION’S farm we shall build CREATION’S “EZ church”

Where you “ascend” rather than “assump”

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thoughts must take place in a different dimension..

Sound is one method CREATION uses to H.ear us. This is why creator hijacked our voice boxes instituting over 6000 languages across the PlanET, using choreographed vocal patterns to substitute the original. By using the words to send sounds to CREATION, the will of creator is brought to fruition.

Like a musical instrument, the voice is playing a tune (a sentence) like the Pied Piper.

A sentence is akin to a musical phrase.

With each bal spoken it resonates notes of intent.

If CREATION is listening, CREATION hears the will of creator.

Your wish is my command.

I hear the people chanting and it’s to creators song

Sing the song/sounds of CREATION

Intuition speaks to us in our own way

Use that way to show CREATION and the people that you are listening

The Hummer…The Strummer… The Drummer

Plays sounds sweet swallowed with ease
creator didn’t learn from the last ice age
Watch out for Alder Amie
They plan for Lights Out
Water World for you and me
But you will still vote in November
You were bought and sold for FREE
Lessons learned are timeless
Not bought through your DEGREES
So pack up your BAGs and jump on the Raft
It’s going to be a bumpy ride U sea

-- Danny--

Monday, August 1, 2011


The readers of this post should know that I was told by CBSA FLUNKIE badge #16182 on July 22, 2011, that I need “sufficient funds” to be able to visit my husband for 2 days a week, “Say…500.00 dollars per day times, say 30 days so that if something happens to you and you need medical intervention, you will not be a burden on our system…”

WHY are the rules different for me? This is a requirement placed upon those who are considered “landed” in Canada. I am not at that point, and this is why: I have been prevented from moving forward with this process by being served an exclusion order. My husband and myself have put up with a year of having our mail held by USPS in the US, Canada Customs and Canada Post for weeks at a time, when we only live approximately 30 miles from each other across the border, and have been trying to fulfill the information required to move forward with this application.

My husband’s and my sponsorship application was mailed back to him for the 4th time on June 22, 2011 and not received by him until July 22, 2011; per the June 24th phone call (that was recorded by CIC Canada) that my husband had with “Ralph”, ID # 3645, who also told my husband that a letter of explanation for the return of the signed sponsorship form and paperwork would accompany this as well as the name of the new agent within CIC Canada that this was being “assigned” to. Instead, my husband received the application back WITHOUT the name of an agent and NO EXPLANATION. CIC has, though, kept the $550.00 dollar bank deposit from the Royal Bank of Canada. So, CBSA stole items out of my car at Emerson July 4th, 2010, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada has stolen $550.00 from my husband and my self.

Now, the UNKNOWN VISITOR in the Canadian Government has yet again placed another barrier in the way to keep me from going HOME to Canada to be with my husband whom I love and respect.

Because “Valkyries” and their FLUNKIES actually run government departments in Canada, they, not the minister control what is happening in each department by culling the mail, diverting telephone calls, and stealing files, goods and money from citizens attempting to get services.

The inside joke exchanged between civil servants are always about how the minister is styled “THE UNKNOWN VISITOR” Ministers ALL seem to be too busy honoring their foreign controllers to pay any attention to the running of their departments.

Jennifer Kealey