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School Guards Break Child's Arm And Arrest Her For Dropping Cake

Pandemic of police and security violence continues unabated

Steve Watson
day, Sept 28, 2007

School security guards in Palmdale, CA have been caught on camera assaulting a 16-year-old girl and breaking her arm after she spilled some cake during lunch and left some crumbs on the floor after cleaning it up.

The incident occurred last week at Knight High School in Palmdale and was caught on a cell phone camera by another pupil who was then also assaulted by the security guards.

Watch video of the incident here and here.

The girl, Pleajhai Mervin, told Fox News LA that she was bumped while queuing for lunch and dropped the cake. After being ordered to clean it up and then re-clean the spot three times, she attempted to leave the area out of embarrassment but was jumped on by security who forced her onto a table, breaking her wrist in the process.

Pleajhai also says that the security guard in the picture yelled "hold still nappy-head" at her, which at the time she did not know was a racist comment.

In an even more shocking development the security guards later had the mother of the girl arrested after she sought out an attorney and demanded that the guard be arrested, telling her that if she wanted the guard detained then she herself would also be charged with battery after she allegedly pushed the guard and an assistant principal of the school. She has also been suspended from her job at another school in the county.

The school expelled Pleajhai for five days before then having her arrested for battery and for littering (the dropping of the cake). Then they had the pupil who captured the video arrested along with his sister who was merely present at the scene.

A walkout is planned for this morning by some students, after which the protesters will call for the firing of the main security guard involved.

The incident serves as another unbelievable case in the wave of police brutality sweeping the country. In recent days we have covered multiple incidents of this nature and have compiled them into a page which will no doubt be added to in the months to come.

Commentators have linked the increased cases of brutality with a post 9/11 mentality in America where civil liberties have been totally diminished and the anointed "authorities" simply consider themselves above the law.

Former Reagan government official Paul Craig Roberts, for instance, has succinctly described the mentality as having turned "an epidemic of US police brutality into a pandemic".

The media reports linked above clearly sympathize with the girl and her mother but only because the girl "fully complied with the guards' orders".

What on earth have things come to when children are being physically assaulted and arrested in schools by huge fat thugs 5 times their size for "not complying with orders"?

Police and security officials are being trained that it's OK to beat, torture and taser anyone should they not answer their questions or comply with their every order.

The "security" and well being of citizens is no longer the concern of these moronic hired beefbrains who revel in their false positions of power. Ask yourself, why is the security guy pictured above wearing shades indoors? Because it is part of the gang mentality of these idiots who think its cool to put the fear of life into small kids and then break their bones if they fail to cower like mice when picked upon.

We have been covering the rise of the police state mentality in tandem with the erosion of liberty for some time now. The incident narrated above represents a stark evolution. Watch the following clip from around ten years ago which was featured in Alex Jones' 2004 Film Martial Law: Rise of the Police State, where police assault and break the arms of peaceful protestors.

The difference now is that the police and security guards are breaking the arms of children and tasering students for merely asking questions or for dropping birthday cake.

Shocking New Revelations On 9/11 Ground Zero Cover-Up

First responder heard WTC 7 demolition countdown, was warned to "shut up" when he reported secondary explosions
Prison Planet September 28, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson
A 9/11 first responder has shed new light on how he heard a countdown before the demolition of Building 7, how he was told to "shut up" by superiors when he tried to report secondary explosions and why "vicious security" measures were enacted to prevent people from accessing certain areas of ground zero.

Former Air Force Special Operations for Search and Rescue expert, Kevin McPadden traveled to ground zero completely of his own accord and spent the next four days searching through the rubble and nearby buildings for survivors.

In a video interview with Alex Jones, McPadden describes the moments before the collapse of WTC 7.
"When we saw the firemen pick up their equipment and start bustling back and forth they were getting ready to do something, we started asking questions," said McPadden.
Despite numerous attempts to glean information from Red Cross officials, McPadden and other first responders were told nothing while one official, shortly after talking to firemen, held his hand over his radio and told them to "just sit tight" and "calm down" before admitting "they're thinking about bringing the building down."
McPadden and his colleagues were miffed as to what the official meant by this statement, initially thinking the building next to them was possibly being brought down.
"He took his hand off for the last three seconds of it - and you hear three, two, one," said McPadden, adding that the official then gave a heartfelt look and told the first responders, "just run for your life."
McPadden got the impression that the Red Cross official had been ordered not to give the first responders a warning that the building was coming down.
"And you heard - boom, boom, boom," said McPadden, describing the sound of bombs tearing down the building.
McPadden explained that the reason Democracy Now host Amy Goodman and others were captured on video (watch above) running from the scene and reaching stationary onlookers as the building started to collapse is that they were able to hear the full countdown on the radio further own the street.
Later in the interview, McPadden reveals how he witnessed up close steel beams from the twin towers that had been symmetrically cut at perfect angles as is shown in this image - a clear sign that explosives were used. McPadden said that officials were acting very suspiciously and subsequently prevented people from getting near the beams.
He also highlighted the fact that "vicious security" was quickly set up around certain areas of ground zero and that people were barred from accessing certain areas for no reason and also had their cameras confiscated.
When McPadden attempted to report that secondary explosions were heard by numerous people, he was harshly ordered to "shut up" and "don't repeat it" by superiors.
He also talked to numerous firefighters who acknowledged that they also heard secondary explosions, but said that "Obviously somewhere in their command structure, they were told to shut up."

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Saddam Hussein Tried to Give up and Leave Iraq -

Bush White House Kept Facts Secret What could have been saved? A trillion dollars, a million lives, the global reputation of the U.S. - but that wasn't the plan
Prison Planet | September 27, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson
Neo-Cons could have saved a trillion dollars, spared over a million lives and prevented tens of thousands of dead and injured U.S. soldiers but decided to unleash carnage anyway, after it was revealed last night that Saddam Hussein offered to step down and go into exile one month before the invasion of Iraq.

"Fearing defeat, Saddam was prepared to go peacefully in return for £500million ($1billion)," reports the Daily Mail .

"The extraordinary offer was revealed yesterday in a transcript of talks in February 2003 between George Bush and the then Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar at the President's Texas ranch."

"The White House refused to comment on the report last night. But, if verified, it is certain to raise questions in Washington and London over whether the costly four-year war could have been averted."

According to the tapes, Bush told Aznar that whether Saddam was still in Iraq or not, "We'll be in Baghdad by the end of March."

Why didn't the Neo-Cons take Saddam's offer? After all, the invasion was about "weapons of mass destruction" and "spreading freedom", we were told. With the dictator gone, the U.N. and American forces were free to roam the country in search of the non-existent weapons while setting up the "utopian democracy" that Iraqis now live under.

The Neo-Cons didn't take the offer because the invasion of Iraq was not about Saddam Hussein, it was about making fat profits for the military-industrial complex by bombing the country back into the stone age, slaughtering countless innocents in the process, seizing control of oil factories, and setting up military bases as a means of launching the Empire's next jaunt into Iran.

The invasion of Iraq was about having a justification to stay there indefinitely and break the country up into different pieces as was the plan all along .

Here's what $1 billion could have saved us.

- At least $200 million every single day that could have been spent on fighting poverty, building schools, taking men to Mars, ad infinitum.

- At least $1 trillion that the Iraq war will eventually cost if we ever leave. A trillion is a million millions.

- At least 1 million dead Iraqis according to the latest numbers , along with millions more that will die in the years to come as a result of depleted uranium poisoning, malnutrition, cholera and all manner of other horrors brought about by the invasion.

- Over 1.1 million displaced Iraqis who have been forced to leave their new "utopian democracy" and another million who have been forced to leave their homes due to sectarian violence and persecution.

- Over 3800 dead U.S. soldiers since the invasion began.

- 300 dead coalition soldiers since the invasion began.

- Anything from 23,000 to 100,000 injured U.S. soldiers since the invasion began.

- The reputation of the U.S. around the world as the most hated nation on earth.

- The ballooning deficit and the probable eventual collapse of the U.S. dollar and the economy.

Thanks Neo-Cons - I hope it was worth it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
June 4, 2004

The authoritative expose of the greatest brainwashing organization to ever exist in the course of human history is now revealed in Dr. John Coleman's latest book, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of the United States of America. The Tavistock Institute is located in the City of London and at Sussex University in England.

Dr. John Coleman, former intelligence officer with Britain's MI6 and author of Conspirators Hierarchy, The Committee of 300, was one of the the first writers to bring the world's attention to the existence of Tavistock, hitherto unknown to press and pundits alike, in a monograph published in 1969. Since his initial 1969 revelations concerning the pivotal role that Tavistock plays in shaping political, social, educational, and economic 'opinions', especially in the United States, more than a few writers of global conspiracy have attempted to place laurels upon their shoulders for revelations about Tavistock's key influence as the Mother of all Propaganda Ministries, while ignoring the fact that this pioneering work was first published by John Coleman. Dr. Coleman's new book, however, leaves no doubt as to who is the master and who are the students when it comes to the subject of Tavistock.

The book is stunning in the new knowledge that it reveals about the hidden role of British oligarchs to shape and control public opinion in order to manipulate the British public (and later the American public) into accepting the notion that war with Germany was necessary in order "to secure a lasting peace."

The plan to 'create' public opinion began in 1913 as a propaganda factory centered at Wellington House in London. Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, installed Lord Northcliffe (Britain's most influential newspaper magnate) as its director. Lord Northcliffe's position was over sighted by Lord Rothmere on behalf of the British Crown. The operational staff of Wellington House consisted of Lord Northcliffe, Arnold Toynbee (future director of studies at the Royal Institute of International Affairs), and the Americans, Walter Lippmann and Edward Benays (nephew to Signund Freud).

Funding was initially provided by the Royal family, but soon to include the Rothchilds (related to Lord Northcliffe by marriage) and the Rockefellers. Wellington House would grow into the Tavistock Institute in 1921 after the propaganda "victories" of the First World War and the Federal Reserve banking system (created in 1913) had been secured.

Index of Articles Concerning the Tavistock Institute

1. Tavistock: The Best Kept Secret in America .
...mind control agendas) orchestrated by London's Tavistock Institute is covered at length in...
URL: Date: 08-17-2002 Size: 40 kB

2. Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula
...Austin, Utah Dr. George Brock Chisholm, Tavistock Dr. Lawrence D. Ginsberg Dr. Robert...
...Upton, head National Cancer Inst. DIRTY TAVISTOCK CONTROLLERS W. R. Byon Richard Crossman...
URL: Date: 03-28-2004 Size: 1237 kB

3. An Expression of Personal Style

...set up after WWII, mainly at Tavistock Institute in England, which was set...
...the German POWs were used at Tavistock as guinea pigs for setting up...
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4. Coming Attractions
...of All mind control organizations: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London....
...of the propaganda is decided at Tavistock, implementation of the propaganda is executed...
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5. Etheric Freedom Fighting, The Basics by Don Croft
...control programs such as Montauk and Tavistock (Freud's heinous contribution to MI6) when...
...contemporaries who are alumni of Montauk, Tavistock and related predatory programs and many...
URL: Date: 09-16-2003 Size: 28 kB

6. Satanic Subversion of the U.S. Military
...and Alvin Toffler were spinning their Tavistock "Third Wave" utopian claptrap to some...
...Stanford Research Institute, a hotbed of Tavistock Institute and Frankfurt School "New Age"...
URL: Date: 03-29-2004 Size: 21 kB

7. Mass Quarentines Likely if America Faced Bioterrorism Attack order to protect us. The Tavistock technique of public brain washing...
...and 3. the curent crop of Tavistock approved buzzwords: "rogue", "hoarding" and the...
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8. The New World Order, an Overview
...of All mind control organizations: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London....
...of the propaganda is decided at Tavistock, implementation of the propaganda is executed...
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9. The Long Awaited 'Study' Exposing ET Infiltration of Military, Intelligence, an...
...power, e.g., Council of Foreign Relations; Tavistock Institute; and the Icunabala (master strategists...
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10. the Million Mom Farch
...or strategy since the Bilderbergers, the Tavistock Institute, and the Committee of 300,...
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11. The New World Order News from
...that the NWO planners from the Tavistock Institute in London wish you to...
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12. The Flu Shot Stampede
...deceptive minions working out of the Tavistock Institute in London or Stanford Research...
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13. The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave .
...the American equivalent of the infamous Tavistock Institute. The Esalen Institute created “sensitivity...
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...finally managed to cut through the Tavistock brain washing ("conspiracy theory" = non...
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...rats at Langley, Ft. Meade and Tavistock (their absolute failure to dampen the...
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19. The Draft our scheming friends at the Tavistock Institute and their distribution outlets. But...
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20. the Million Mom Farch
...or strategy since the Bilderbergers, the Tavistock Institute, and the Committee of 300,...
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21. Current News Archives 2001
...Klamath Falls, Oregon) August 3, 2001 Tavistock, The Best Kept Secret in America...
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22. Bohemian Grove: The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft Episode 10
...Also, congratulations to British Secret Service’s Tavistock Institute, initiated under the direction of...
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23. The Illuminate Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave By Fritz Springneier...
...Intelligence, in. MI-6, MI-5, & the Tavistock Institute 6. Bureau of Narcotics 7....
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24. CIA Mind-Control Operations and THE SYNDROME
...of this important article. The infamous Tavistock Institute, which operates under the aegis...
URL: Date: 08-17-2002 Size: 12 kB

Native Americans Secretly Sterilized - George H.W. Bush

They had the American Indians written down for eradication because they kept rebelling and saying no to all the demands of London. They didn't want these factories and 16 hours per day inside these brick walls, producing widgets for someone across the world somewhere who could afford them. The eradication of species, of humans or creeds of humans or types is nothing new. Hitler didn't dream that up. Hitler was just another part of it that came down the pike, all from the same source really, because eugenics has always been a big, big part of this program.

The Bush Family Ties to Eugenics and Race Hygiene

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


As time marches on and so does the preparation for the complete grand finale for the New World Order, and we see everything coming into place piece by piece the world over. We can see the ID card in European countries even being pushed through drama shows and soap operas where the little boys when they leave home to go out somewhere and the mother casually says to him, "remember, take your ID cards with you."

This is to get us all trained, all ready for this big totalitarian system that very powerful families and dynasties have helped bring into being with the aid of all their think tanks and the lesser psychopaths those who wished they had the finances but they're certainly well paid to bring all this to be.

When I first many moons ago as they say amongst the Indians in Canada many moons ago I read "The Next Million Years" by Charles Galton Darwin when this book was hailed as a breakthrough by the biggest newspapers in Britain and across the world at the time on behalf of the "dominant minority" as they call themselves or as the "Guardians" as Plato would call them who were getting worried about all of the masses of people the lesser types who were just breeding out of control and eventually would overtake the elite families. This is what they were worried about and they came up with all kinds of suggestions in Galton Darwin's books about how to contain this and how to even sterilize the public. This was a non-fiction book put out by a physicist in the 1950s how to even effeminize the males by introducing estrogen into their diet some how or else through inoculations and various other ways.

These fellows don't put out suggestions. It's almost a legality that they must tell at least to put out in publish form their agenda and it's true then historians down the road can look back and say, "well the public didn't complain. They went along with this. They accepted this." This is how it works.

Malthus, Galton Darwin, even Charles Darwin and his family they were all psychopaths with same psychopathic traits of power and dominance -- the right to dominate others. The belief in their own superiority and they spoke on behalf of even wealthier families above them. In fact, they were financed by them and through science and the mysteries as they called them the higher Masonic institutions and Rosicrucian institutions which are always split up into at least two sections as all societies are. The exoteric for must of the followers and the esoteric for those who rule very similar to the technique used in the Soviet regime where you had the masses who believed that they’re all Communists. At least that's what the propaganda kept telling them and you had the politburo at the top two sections and even amongst the politburo there's another higher elite who know the real agenda.

That's how all these major institutions work whether it's east or west because the psychopaths -- even if you have even a good idea or a good movement or whatever underway they gravitate towards these movements like sharks to blood sensing the possibility of inserting themselves, becoming leaders because they can be very charismatic and thwarting it to their own aims. That is why in totalitarian regimes of the past, we often see those who help them achieve their certain aims and goals being disposed of afterwards because the lesser ones still believed in the initial cause. They didn't realize it was being taken over or maybe they did realize it and then they had to be gotten rid of.

I remember reading a book on police infiltration of criminal gangs and biker gangs and such like years ago and it was interesting to note that those that were chosen to infiltrate and dress like the bikers and look like the bikers and get along with them were born actors and they had psychopathic traits because psychopaths act through life. They observe other people. They don't understand why the other people have emotions the way they do or even help each other with no possible benefit in return. The psychopath is egocentric but however they do realize that they must emulate the ordinary people -- the normal people which they do very, very well.

Many of them in fact become actors and actresses. They also use the same types to infiltrate gangs or organizations and they have tests for all of them. Tests for psychopathy. Now this is well published in even military declassified documents. They hired them to work on the nuclear missiles and to do the unlocking of all the different fail safes in order to launch nuclear weaponry. That was admitted by the commanding officer at the Holy Loch in Scotland the American base for submarines. He admitted that's the psychopathic type was chosen through tests and they would do what they were told and they would eventually launch when ordered to without qualms because they had no normal emotion.

The same type are used to infiltrate organizations of all kinds and always have been and they do it very well but in one book I was reading years ago this particular policeman eventually said that he became to like the bikers better than his own fraternity of police because the bikers were more cohesive and they really helped each other out more so than the police did. Interesting.

Today, you cannot start any organization up. It's been like that for 40 years at least. You can't start one up and expect not to be infiltrated. That's why it's impossible to pull off any terrorist act in the world without prior knowledge. It's impossible. Every country is riddled with secret service and CIA and other Mossad, et cetera plants all across the planet so there are no surprises at the top.

Pulling off a stunt to get an agenda underway is well documented by the tyrants or for the tyrants of ancient Rome. It was the standard procedure to get the public terrified. Lenin himself said, "terror must be used." It was the best tool to get the public to submit as you rush through this new system and we're seeing it today across the planet after 9/11 which was just the necessary kickoff point to get it really going. The Y2K was a joke for the public because the real year started in 2001. That's why Clarke wrote the book "2001" in the 1960s high Masonic.

There are no coincidences. The "Project for the New American Century" with its published agenda of American empire was all ready published in the '90s and updated in the later '90s and it all hinged on something happening on a Pearl Harbor scale to get it all underway. What a coincidence and yet all the treaties had been signed because bureaucrats across the planet don't work very quickly. It takes years of preparation and standardizing their systems so that they could get everything launched at the same time and yet after 9/11 my goodness every country suddenly was going under the same types of marshal law because it's all been written beforehand and bureaucrats have been crossing the whole planet for years in preparation for the next step of the new society, "the New World Order" as Mr. Bush, Sr. called it publicly.

We've watched the massive spraying overhead that's going on daily across the planet. People are coming down with tremendous bronchial problems. They're becoming stupefied in some areas. They're having memory loss. I've got reports from different places of hair loss male and female coming out in clumps -- that's toxic level and short-term memory problems.

It's war on the public worldwide but if you simply look at it from a controllers point of view, what they're doing is perfectly natural. A military operation on this scale where the war is on the public which is suppose to go through massive crises after crisis and emerge from this in a completely new system of ordered control with no freedoms whatsoever, must be really dumbed down and you would use every weapon in your arsenal to do it. It makes perfect sense.

And every major media now has its great environmental program every night to tell you, "my goodness, the world is going to super heat and we've got to stop burning everything and mind you - you can burn things if you buy a license to do it." They're going for even the wood supplies across the planet. If you have more trees on your property you get extra taxes and extra taxes until eventually you can't afford to live there anymore because that's a fossil fuel and it's a resource you see and you thought it was yours but now you’re being taught the truth it belongs to the big boys, the United Nations, the front organization for the global elite.

They've already introduced bans in some areas of North America on wood stoves. Other ones are sneaking it in where there is more resistance by land licensing them first. That's generally the first step. You're licensed first then you get an inspector and then you pay massive fees for an inspector to look up your chimney and with his "expert opinion" tell you what you need to do, how much it's going to cost you and so on. Aggravation you see until you can't feed yourself, heat yourself.

Probably they'll have swat teams eventually if you're caught stitching a button on a shirt that would be self-sufficiency or darning a sock and I'm not kidding. We’re going to see what will appear to be madness launched on the public. It already is in some particular areas.

I get reports from all over the world as I say and the bizarre thing is people are accepting. They’re getting use to the armed black-clad Ninja Turtles with their machine guns at bus stations and subway stations and all of that stuff. The dream of every tyrant in history was to get his army -- his totalitarian army accepted by the conquered peoples and all they had to do was to tell them they were there to help you and keep you safe and they dress them in black, the color of death. The executioner and the hood was always in black because police forces have changed from being services to "forces" and "enforcers".

It will get worse before it gets better but before anything happens at all in that direction the people have to stop sticking their heads where the sun don't shine and speak out while they have a chance to speak because shortly it will be forbidden and shortly they will not be tolerating anyone saying anything which they say is "anti-government" and anti-government means anything negative at all about the system.

You have a huge population in North America who've been so brainwashed by their Christian leaders and they all belong to the World Council of Churches. The chairman was Rockefeller himself. He started it up. I think he's vice-chairman now and they all take orders from that group the WCC or Wicca, you see. No coincidence there and they're all waiting for Jesus to come and they're all going to be happy and get new bodies and they'll be change in the twinkling of an eye and I have no doubt they will when they have their brain chips because then you see me then you don't. You will be gone and RD-D2 will be there instead. That's the world they're bringing in.

The New Agers are spellbound and gluttonous on all the masses of cheap books churned out on channeling, nirvana, past life experiences, UFOs, and it's endless. The perennial religion that they always bring up when they want big changes made. This has been done all times in history before the same stuff. It doesn't fail. It never fails and it's been so good because they've ensured that all groups that started up or were started up for them to follow have taught them not to look at anything negative. Any thing unpleasant. Turn away. Turn your back and look at the positive things. The positive side of everything. Well what a beautiful way to disarm the minds of people because when you're walking along a train track you want your ears open so you can hear the train coming you would think. Pretending it's not there won't help you.

Last night, or at least last evening that's April 3rd on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio you can find it at: radio shows. "As It Happens" is the name of the -- and I call it a show because it was a show. You can find a little talk by Barbara Budd on terrorism. This is stuck between a play on Samson the Terrorist and that two birds are now living in the Chernobyl area she called the new clear separate -- it's the new clear family. That's the big Masonic joke. The new clear age -- clear means see through all families you've got all the data on them and it's stuck between all this bizarre trivia bad hair day stuff and all that kind of stuff to make it all surrealistic so that you get horror news mixed up with this trivia which even ended with Keith Richards admitting to snorting his dad's ashes after cremation with coke.

I mean this is how they make it all bizarre surrealistic and tuck in something which should horrify us at the same time. No, not the ashes in the coke or Keith Richard but this story on terrorism tucked in there. Psychological warfare and it was about the new laws that came out in the U.S. No doubt they're coming out all over because they're all coordinated worldwide to do with suspected terrorists who are now finding they cannot get a loan at a bank if you're on the list, a credit card. You might not be able to even withdraw money from a bank. You won't be able to get a pass or buy a ticket for a bus or a subway or a plane. You might not be able to move at all. It will eventually come down we know to food and everything else which are the basics of life but this is the start of the first steps towards this so that you're on a list and you find suddenly you can't get anything that you really need to survive.

You'd be blacklisted. It also mentioned that you could get interviewed for many jobs and they don't have to tell you why you've been turned down because you're on a black list you see. You'll think your just the one person that's got all the bad luck in the world and they don't have to tell you why you're getting turned down for employment and you can't buy this and you can't buy that and you can't get credit. This is the big stick starting to appear.

And even the story is meant to terrify everyone not to get your self on a name or a list. Not to get on a list of suspected terrorists by being good. Now terrorism has now expanded to include so many other things. So many other things as I knew it would. They always put these things on the book very vague and expand them once the public have yawned and started going back to chewing the grass. They get use to it and then they expand it.

I know a lady who went down or tried to get down to Texas to see her relatives. She was held at the airport for a few hours and eventually one of them told her and they didn't have to tell her why she wasn't getting on the plane and he said, "you were down as a financial terrorist", a financial terrorist because she owed back taxes from years ago. This is where it's going and these goons that are well paid the new fraternities wearing the black outfits -- the executioners will do what they're told even though they know darn well they're in the wrong but they're the minor psychopaths and they breed them too. They're in amongst us and they're always on the lookout for a job with some power.

The new ID cards will eventually be your bankcards too. Eventually they'll be the only means of using contracts to buy anything. It will be all cashless going through your card. No doubt, they'll have penalties as well for lesser terrorists suspects or just naughty boys and girls and you'll be on a yellow list or something like that and they'll just give you a fine or a higher fee or a penalty, surcharge on every purchase but we are on a roll to the worst journey this world has ever, ever seen and the people are being entertained to death as all of this is being setup. Entertained to death.

If everyone truly wanted to know why all these bizarre laws have been pushed even locally on them on your water supply; on your septic supply; your sewage takeaway; your land itself -- the land you sit on; your housing standards. All the things which are being pushed now and fines that go along with it for not complying -- massive fines on a daily basis you'll find it all comes from the United Nations. The United Nations was setup to be a front for a global government run by the same psychopathic families that have brought us to war for centuries with each other.

They want total control of everything which gives you independence including growing your own vegetables ultimately. Agenda 21 gives you the United Nations plan for the habitat areas and there will be two types. There already are in fact. The big cities will be the big slums -- very overcrowded slums of the near future if they get their way for the bulk of the populace and very expensive habitat areas with ultra modern houses and solar heating and parks are already made and they're for sale for the very, very wealthy who will ultimately eventually be the bureaucratic classes that serve the world system. This is all coming into being now. It's happening now.

Your local council in every country gets its orders filtered down through its organizations including the Freemasonic and Eastern Star organizations as to what's politically correct and they smell the wind and they know where to go with it and that's why it's all happening worldwide at the same time. It's just that people who now must be trained to go along with the changes and that's why you use terror and fear in all big changeovers to get the public to accept a vastly new way of living which is always totalitarian for the bulk of the populace.

There's nothing new in this except as on a global scale and perhaps the second part that's not new is the fact that for the first time the bulk of the population are oblivious as to what's really happening what's really going on. There's never been a time in history where pretty well all media gives you your thoughts. Give you what you will think. Your takes, your spin on items they present to you. In fact, they don't leave you with anything that have to ponder and come to your own conclusion. It's all wrapped up and ready-made for you. That's where your conclusions come from - from the mainstream media and it's packaged with bizarre surrealistic stories all attached to horrific ones until nothing is real or important anymore.

Psychological warfare techniques have been used for a long, long time. You can find information on Tavistock Institute initially a mental hospital in London that was transformed into a psychiatric investigative type clinic where they had all the rights to test even brain implants on people -- chip implants and wires they used in their brains. Aldous Huxley was a frequent visitor to observe this kind of phenomena. We've been trained for a long, long time with all the Pavlovian techniques of stimulus response and eventually conditioning.

I can remember when cars first came out with the little buzzer for your seatbelt. That was the stimulus -- primitive stimulus. They trained rats the same way. When they heard a buzzer they'd go and pull a leaver for their seed. That was the response to the sound and the public were trained the same way to strap on their belt and then the buzzer went off and the light went off as well. This is using machines to train you the same way as rats are trained and the public were oblivious to the science behind it.

We are conditioned in many, many ways in behavioral science and by behavioral scientists so that we ignore what should be self-evident and we don't see things for what they really are or where they're taking us. The world as I say is under tremendous changes that took years to prepare the public. It took years of negotiations, planning think tanks, cooperation between governments to bring a state of emergency or even to get it all on the books so they could go into action at the same time and 9/11 was just the excuse to get it underway. We never had this during the Cold War. We never had the mass of ID cards and spying on everyone and all the data collection on every single person during the Cold War and suddenly we have it now because the Muslims might attack us.

Psychopathic systems when they go to war have two fronts always. One front is the "enemy over there" -- there's always a "over there" who must conform to our way which is the economic system that we use and with the economic system all culture must alter as well. In other words, when you take an economic system on you take all the culture and all the law system that comes with it because everything revolves around the economic system and that's taught in economics and they also have an equal intensive war at home because they mustn't lose their hold over the populous that's funding it all, the ordinary people. So they have to try and make sure they are in control at home at all times as they wage war abroad to push this system on everyone.

Psychopaths dream -- they dream of total control. It's an orgy for them of total control. It's the ultimate organism to imagine a world where they're in charge of everything because of a terrible fear of not being in charge. They are control freaks therefore they must have the data and the monitoring of every single individual so that they can feel better at night and sleep well knowing everyone's being controlled.

The psychopath as I say is a great actor. They will show emotion even tears when they're discussing something but if they show tears it's for a different purpose. It's something internal that gets to them because they're really rationalizing along a different tract of thought than the public who perceive it and they can show emotion.

I watched a little documentary on McNamara who was really in charge at least at the beginning of the Vietnam War for the United States and he rationalized every single part of the strategy to get at war with Vietnam and they did show some tears at one time when he was talking about a graveyard and how Kennedy had talked about how peaceful it was et cetera and then eventually Kennedy was laid there it's because psychopaths see themselves as being the hero. They idolize the heroes of the past, the big conquerors. They love statues. They love glorious words and epitaphs in stone. They all wish to get it. This is how they operate and the cost in human lives is totally irrelevant to them. They could be told the death rate one day in a war of their own troops or others and go off to a party at the same time.

Winston Churchill did this all the time during World War II and you should read the memoirs by his own personal secretary who tells you this. A psychopath has no problem because they don't feel empathy for other people. They're like a separate species. It's unfortunate, very unfortunate that years ago when some brave souls got in to the investigative mode on this problem of psychopathy they realized that the psychopath ran on almost pure instincts with all the needs and wants exaggerated.

The psychopath cannot tolerate frustration. They must get things done immediately and they want their way and so they likened this to a part of the brain which is found in all mammals and cold-blooded animals and one particular character said years ago he said it's more like a crocodile in the way it functions. A crocodile sees what it wants. It goes after what it wants, opens it mouth. It snaps its mouth. It swallows its victim. It runs on instinct.

And then of course we have people running off with the story and printing up books on reptilian people and so on and then you have all the New Agers following this looking for walking reptiles totally confused, totally confused and yet they'd rather believe that than go and research the subject of the psychopath itself.

The fascinating things will attract a good bulk of the populous in all times this happens especially the more afraid they become of what's happening around them that which they sense more than understand. In times gone by, people ran to the religions for safety. They had revivals because there was nothing else to help them and so they always waited for a champion out there to deliver them from their evil and we're seeing this over and over down through history.

We saw it with the Cargo People even. A good example. This is a term they gave to islanders in the Pacific during World War II where America went in with the big money, the earth strips, the military machine and brought food with them and gizmos and gadgets and all these wonders which were like miracles to these people who lived in a very simple natural way. Then after the troops pulled out a cult developed in different islands. They called them "The Cargo Cult" where they thought if they prayed enough these big birds in the sky would come back one day with all these goodies and food and pop and utensils.

It's no different in Christianity where they have their preachers reading Revelations misinterpreting them of course because they don't really understand them and telling them it's God's will so they have a fatalism involved where nothing will be done because it's God's will and God's making these bad men doing what they're doing. But don't worry because in the end we'll be saved.

As I say the New Agers are in to denial. Be happy. Don't look at the negative. Many of them actually think it's going to be fantastic when they get their brain chip and they're all one -- one big borg yet they never even asked the question "who will be programming me" because it certainly won't be the individual themself. That's the kind of future we're looking at here. This is the future which has been discussed by heavily funded think tanks on behalf of the characters above mainly who wear suits and ties with their myriads of white-coated scientists behind them and professional people the world of experts as Bertrand Russell held it to be.

There have been psychologists and psychiatrists who've written about this particular problem in various books tentatively because it's not too popular when you realize that you're being ruled by power hungry people and yet that's what we call success in this system. We're left to conclude the system itself is deviant and that it helps the deviants get to the top. It's almost purpose-made for them. Personally, I think it is.

So these specialists think they should be given special privilege to oversee those who are given office in public affairs from the highest to the lowest. In other words, they sort of vet them. I don't agree with this at all because by their own theory the psychopath will use every and all means in this system to get to the top and that includes their own overseen organization. They wouldn't take long and many psychiatrists and psychologists have gone into this study themselves because how other people operate fascinates them. It's a great tool for them to use over other people.

This information would have to be taught at school to everybody so everyone would be on the lookout at all times for the up and coming psychopaths who could eventually rule over them. Again, I would have to see it for myself this whole system would have to change because it is purpose-made for the power hungry, the forceful and the devious, those with no conscience get to the top.

It's a magnet for them the system with its power is gaining in dominance through business battles, corporate battles and takeovers. This is their playing ground -- their playing field. They run that system. We don't live in a humane system. We must have another way. I don't propose to tell you what it will be. I'm just here to tell you what is and show alternatives because everyone must choose for themselves where they want to go and what kind of society they would like but they must educate themselves on the type of people who get to the top in this society.

Psychopathy is famous for its inability to alter itself. It will always repeat the same techniques over and over right down through history to the present and into the future. It cannot be satiated with saying, "well I've got enough. That's enough power for me." It's as I say like blood to a shark. It's a frenzy for them. It doesn't get satisfied. Power and prestige and the worship of the lessers beneath them which is unfortunately true. Those with less tend to worship those with most because the society tells us that those at the top are winners and that's what all the sports are about to reinforce the winners and the losers.

When we live in a system where money dominates I can see no other way but the way we're going where people have so many tokens dished out at the end of the week or the end of the month and you're told "that's your lot because this is your rank" and yet most of it's taken away from you in taxation to make sure the big boy system stays in place and they can hire their massive armies and teams of professionals to play with your mind.

Now that's a slavery system as Galton Darwin said "a more sophisticated form of slavery." He was all for it of course. Professor Carroll Quigley who wrote "Tragedy& Hope" came out with the big clubs that run the world in his book and not to expose them to ridicule but he thought being part of some of those clubs he would take the honors to publicizing it to the world because he thought the world was ready to accept the fact that they're betters basically their intellectual superiors were ruling them. He thought it was a natural state of affairs and the public would accept that quite calmly.

He was tremendously arrogant in his ivory tower and he was all for the plans of these organizations to which he belonged. He was the official historian as well as many other things for the Council on Foreign Relations. He had access to their inner most records and there's a lot more he certainly could have told the public but he didn't.

Ego -- egomania, worship by the people down below. Power that's never satisfied. The need to go down in history as a mover and shaker and ultimately to make everyone bend worldwide and say, "yes sir three bags full sir" is the dream of the psychopath and we must recognize it now because they are in charge. They are going to use the terror techniques shortly. They have many new words. They're good at making up words to camouflage their actions like rendition is where they just kidnap people and throw them off to some other government where they can get tortured while we watch the sports and the soap operas and the comedy shows and listen to trivia as presented as news.

Horror is already happening. Has been happening now for some time while we get entertained. Those who are growing up now who are idealistic as most young people are will have to face this. For those who are older and who understand it, I'm sick of the response, "well thank goodness the worst will happen when I'm dead." Well maybe not because it's speeding up pretty quickly and what a way to throw off your own responsibility on to the next generation. It's disgusting. It's disgusting is the response.

The reason we are now at this stage is because the previous generation had the same attitude when they had credit cards thrown at them regardless of their credit rating and they gone on a binge and spending spree of debt while the big boys played their games and spun their web across the planet and everyone entertained themselves and gorged themselves on past times. That's passing the buck and what will they all do when the buck stops and you've brought children into a world where they have no say as to what they want to do and like every generation they learn by doing the mistakes that make too it's their choice to do so. That's how you learn anything is by making the mistakes and they must be allowed to do all that to be brought up in a world which is rigid and experts will monitor you from cradle to grave like a specimen. It's not human. That's not human and we cannot leave it on their shoulders.

Also the younger generations have had more inoculations than any other previous generation. Again, a warfare tactic which makes perfect sense. You don't want a well educated bright population on the go when you're making drastic changes in society. These things were discussed a long time ago in warfare circles.

We've watched the big corporations eradicate the ordinary farmers across the Americas and Canada by government rules and regulations and restrictions. Did the same with the fisheries. Now they're doing the same with New Zealand because again you cannot be independent for your survival in any way whatsoever.

During World War II, Professor Banting or Dr. Banting the great hero that gave us insulin for diabetics wrote about -- because he worked for the bacterial warfare laboratories his real job about destroying the agriculture of Germany by various means bacterium, viruses, et cetera and even bees were discussed back then.

What you're seeing with the bees all dying off being necessary to fertilize crops what you're seeing is warfare because the big agri-food businesses are to be left in charge of all food production and they have been setting up their big shops -- the big farms in Latin America under the Free Trade Association and NAFTA. You also have all the cross-pollination now going on with modified crops and non-modified. Everything is being tampered with and nothing will be a surprise when the statistics come in as to the effects of all of this stuff. I'm sure it's not a surprise at all to those who planned it.

This is not a pleasant topic. I'd like to come on and talk about nice things, but there's lots of stations out there talking about nice things. I don't do a call in show because although you could go on for hours per day that way because most of your callers do the talking, I have information which I think is of interest to people that's pretty vital at the moment because we are at a final stage of something which will not be very nice whatsoever.

As one elderly lady in her '90s told be recently who has woken up to all of this and sees the spraying too "we'll go through hell before we see any light," and that is true. Dark days are coming. For those who are helping me with the sites, I really appreciate it. I've got more sites coming up in Europe and that hopefully will be done by the end of this week.

For those who've sent donations, I really appreciate that too and I hope they keep coming and not just when I'm on some big show. We are in the midst of the final stage of this and we have to push on now while we can and there's a lot of good people out there of all ages who understand what we're talking about and rather than feel helpless they're starting to get involved and speaking out to the right people and the right people know it too and we'll keep going as long as we can.

The Militarization of Our Police

*Note: This is not a general blanket statement about police. We know
there are many more decent, more... hard-working police officers than not and
We respect you and what you do. Just do not become a
"good German."

The Empire Turns Its
Guns on the Citizenry
by Paul Craig Roberts

In recent years American police forces have called out SWAT teams 40,000 or more times annually. Last year did you read in your newspaper or hear on TV news of 110 hostage or terrorist events each day? No. What then were the SWAT teams doing? They were serving routine warrants to people who posed no danger to the police or to the public.

Occasionally Washington think tanks produce reports that are not special pleading for donors. One such report is Radley Balko's "Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America" (Cato Institute, 2006).

This 100-page report is extremely important and should have been published as a book. SWAT teams ("special weapons and tactics") were once rare and used only for very dangerous situations, often involving hostages held by armed criminals. Today SWAT teams are deployed for routine police duties. In the U.S. today, 75-80 percent of SWAT deployments are for warrant service.

In a high percentage of the cases, the SWAT teams forcefully enter the wrong address, resulting in death, injury, and trauma to perfectly innocent people. Occasionally, highly keyed-up police kill one another in the confusion caused by their stun grenades.

Mr. Balko reports that the use of paramilitary police units began in Los Angeles in the 1960s. The militarization of local police forces got a big boost from Attorney General Ed Meese's "war on drugs" during the Reagan administration. A National Security Decision Directive was issued that declared drugs to be a threat to U.S. national security. In 1988 Congress ordered the National Guard into the domestic drug war. In 1994 the Department of Defense issued a memorandum authorizing the transfer of military equipment and technology to state and local police, and Congress created a program "to facilitate handing military gear over to civilian police agencies."

Today 17,000 local police forces are equipped with such military equipment as Blackhawk helicopters, machine guns, grenade launchers, battering rams, explosives, chemical sprays, body armor, night vision, rappelling gear, and armored vehicles. Some have tanks. In 1999, the New York Times reported that a retired police chief in New Haven, Conn., told the newspaper, "I was offered tanks, bazookas, anything I wanted." Balko reports that in 1997, for example, police departments received 1.2 million pieces of military equipment.

With local police forces now armed beyond the standard of U.S. heavy infantry, police forces have been retrained "to vaporize, not Mirandize," to use a phrase from Reagan administration Defense official Lawrence Korb. This leaves the public at the mercy of brutal actions based on bad police information from paid informers.

SWAT team deployments received a huge boost from the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program, which gave states federal money for drug enforcement. Balko explains that "the states then disbursed the money to local police departments on the basis of each department's number of drug arrests."

With financial incentives to maximize drug arrests and with idle SWAT teams due to a paucity of hostage or other dangerous situations, local police chiefs threw their SWAT teams into drug enforcement. In practice, this has meant using SWAT teams to serve warrants on drug users.

SWAT teams serve warrants by breaking into homes and apartments at night while people are sleeping, often using stun grenades and other devices to disorient the occupants. As much of the police's drug information comes from professional informers known as "snitches" who tip off police for cash rewards, dropped charges, and reduced sentences, names and addresses are often pulled out of a hat. Balko provides details for 135 tragic cases of mistaken addresses.

SWAT teams are not held accountable for their tragic mistakes and gratuitous brutality. Police killings got so bad in Albuquerque, N.M., for example, that the city hired criminologist Sam Walker to conduct an investigation of police tactics. Killings by police were "off the charts," Walker found, because the SWAT team "had an organizational culture that led them to escalate situations upward rather then de-escalating."

The mindset of militarized SWAT teams is geared to "taking out" or killing the suspect – thus, the many deaths from SWAT team utilization. Many innocent people are killed in nighttime SWAT team entries, because they don't realize that it is the police who have broken into their homes. They believe they are confronted by dangerous criminals, and when they try to defend themselves they are shot down by the police.

As Lawrence Stratton and I have reported, one of many corrupting influences on the criminal justice (sic) system is the practice of paying "snitches" to generate suspects. In 1995 the Boston Globe profiled people who lived entirely off the fees that they were paid as police informants. Snitches create suspects by selling a small amount of marijuana to a person whom they then report to the police as being in possession of drugs. Balko reports that "an overwhelming number of mistaken raids take place because police relied on information from confidential informants." In Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, 87 percent of drug raids originated in tips from snitches.

Many police informers are themselves drug dealers who avoid arrest and knock off competitors by serving as police snitches.

Surveying the deplorable situation, the National Law Journal concluded: "Criminals have been turned into instruments of law enforcement, while law enforcement officers have become criminal co-conspirators."

Balko believes the problem could be reduced if judges scrutinized unreliable information before issuing warrants. If judges would actually do their jobs, there would be fewer innocent victims of SWAT brutality. However, as long as the war on drugs persists and as long as it produces financial rewards to police departments, local police forces, saturated with military weapons and war imagery, will continue to terrorize American citizens.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Minority Report Style Invasive Advertising Gains Traction

Internet phone service company to eavesdrop on conversations

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Monday, September 24, 2007

The implementation of Minority Report style invasive advertising is gaining traction, as an Internet phone service company announces plans to eavesdrop on conversations to tailor commercials, bustling aside any notion of personal privacy as archaic and inconvenient to the 21st century mass consumer.

Last year we warned that the first steps were being taken to turn the technology we have all become so dependent upon against us, in order to create a vast database that catalogues the very essence of who we are.

Most people don't know that if they signed up for any of Google's services, be it GMail, AdSense, or Google Video, every single term they enter into a Google search engine is stored on a central database. Only by opting out of the program can users prevent this information from being stored, but since the fact is buried in some gargantuan terms of agreement document and the default setting is to collect web history, millions of people's opinions, political leanings, medical problems, worries, interests, financial concerns, sexual tastes ad infinitum are being catalogued without their knowledge.
Around a year ago Google announced that they would be pushing the envelope even further, by using the microphones that are installed inside an estimated 150 million Internet active American's computers to listen in on conversations and background noise in order to build psychological profiles which will be used for surveillance, invasive advertising and data mining.

"The idea is to use the existing PC microphone to listen to whatever is heard in the background, be it music, your phone going off or the TV turned down. The PC then identifies it, using fingerprinting, and then shows you relevant content, whether that's adverts or search results, or a chat room on the subject," reports the Register.

"Pretty soon the security industry is going to find a way to hijack the Google feed and use it for full on espionage," concludes the article.

The fact that Google was founded with the help of CIA seed money should leave us under no illusions as to where the focus of this technology is eventually headed, directly to the state who will implement it as a mandatory requirement of acquiring a license to use the Internet once the government regulated Internet 2 begins to dominate the market.

And if that doesn't make you nervous, the same technology has now arrived for use in the Internet phone service market.

The New York Times reports that Pudding Media, a new company founded by two former Israeli intelligence officers, is offering its customers free Internet phone service in return for their consent to have their conversations monitored for keywords upon which targeted advertising is directed.

"A conversation about movies, for example, will elicit movie reviews and ads for new films that the caller will see during the conversation. Pudding Media is working on a way to e-mail the ads and other content to the person on the other end of the call, or to show it on that person’s cellphone screen," writes Louise Story.

If you think telesales calls and pop-ups ads are annoying, the new wave of invasive advertising will not only saturate the senses with 24/7 vapid consumerism, but it will signal the death knell for the assumption that privacy is a human right not to be infringed upon by corporations or the state.

Massive Surveillance Net Keeps Track of Americans' Travel -- Even the Size of Hotel Beds

Newsday | September 24, 2007

The Bush Administration has been collecting detailed records on the travel habits of Americans headed overseas, whether you fly, drive or take cruises abroad -- not simply your method of transit but the personal items you carry with you and the people you stay with, according to documents and statements obtained by the Washington Post.

They even keep sometimes keep track of what books you read. For as long as 15 years.

In a terrifying front-page article Saturday, the Post outlines the latest in US government surveillance.

According to officials, the records are intended "to assess the security threat posed by all travelers entering the country. Officials say the records, which are analyzed by the department's Automated Targeting System, help border officials distinguish potential terrorists from innocent people entering the country."

The new details suggest a much broader net than that. The details of the program were revealed when a group of activists requested copies of records on their travel and found someone had written a note about their flashlight carrying the symbol of a marijuana leaf.

"The Automated Targeting System has been used to screen passengers since the mid-1990s, but the collection of data for it has been greatly expanded and automated since 2002, according to former DHS officials," the Post said.

"The federal government is trying to build a surveillance society," said John Gilmore, a civil liberties activist in San Francisco whose records were requested and then first revealed in Wired News. The government, he said, "may be doing it with the best or worst of intentions. ... But the job of building a surveillance database and populating it with information about us is happening largely without our awareness and without our consent."

According to Wired, passengers pulled aside for extra screening are those most likely to enter the record books. Gilmore had been pulled aside and border patrol officials took notes of his belongings. Read about the document collection at the Identity Project here .

Homeland Security officials defended the program.

"I flatly reject the premise that the department is interested in what travelers are reading," DHS spokesman Russ Knocke told the paper. "We are completely uninterested in the latest Tom Clancy novel that the traveler may be reading."

According to the Post, "The DHS database generally includes 'passenger name record' (PNR) information, as well as notes taken during secondary screenings of travelers. PNR data -- often provided to airlines and other companies when reservations are made -- routinely include names, addresses and credit-card information, as well as telephone and e-mail contact details, itineraries, hotel and rental car reservations, and even the type of bed requested in a hotel."

The millions of travelers whose records are kept by the government are generally unaware of what their records say, and the government has not created an effective mechanism for reviewing the data and correcting any errors, activists said, the paper said.

The activists alleged that the data collection effort, as carried out now, violates the Privacy Act, which bars the gathering of data related to Americans' exercise of their First Amendment rights, such as their choice of reading material or persons with whom to associate, according to the report.