Thursday, January 24, 2008

This is where we are headed

This is their world as far as they're concerned. John Kerry's the same with his wife who's involved in the Heinz industry. They said they'd take over the food industry you know 40, 50 years ago, because when you take over the food industry you have war on the people. War, in all times, takes into account economic war, food and water, all the basics when you're having a war on a city or on a whole country on in the world. They go for those primary things. It's just a coincidence of course we have John Kerry who's married to the Heinz Dynasty, who I'm sure have been modifying those foods since they created the company called Heinz. Modification of the food is modification of the people. This has been going on for thousands of years and what you think of as normal (meaning your culture) was not normal at all. It was one of many cultures they could have given you; and they changed culture from the top and the people simply emulate it and copy it. The America of today is vastly different from 20 years ago or 40 or 100 years ago. It's constantly being upgraded as you upgrade a computer program and the public don't even notice. They simply adapt. We got to this point when money was introduced into civilization with cities. That's what civilization comes from is the city. You're a citizen of the city. The definition of a citizen is someone who is born with preexisting duties to a system. If you're born with preexisting duties to a system, it means you're not born free. They talk about Nimrod being the first builder of cities; and a city cannot supply itself with anything it needs to simply survive. It needs an artificial system and it is an artificial system. It must have this thing called money. It can then hire people who don't work for food; they work for money. You buy your food and they tax it back from you and create armies to go off and conquer. Therefore, even guys like Plato said that they would bring their utopia, their world republic into being by using the cities, because in a city the culture is plastic. It is fluid. It is flexible. You can shape it and direct it into any direction you wish them to go and the public adapt so quickly in the city. It doesn't matter what kind of society it is, the public will adapt to it if they think it's normal. A child born into a system where the parents don't know it's abnormal, it means that the child itself will think everything that exists in that system must be normal and they will never question it. That technique has been used for thousands of years to be a form of slavery. Charles Galton Darwin admitted this in the 1950's. He was the grandson of Charles Darwin. He was a physicist and he said, "there has always a form of slavery and we (meaning the elite) are simply creating a more effective form of slavery today." That was in the 1950's. That form of slavery is already here. People are wage slaves. They work like rats work in a laboratory where they pull levers and get a seed, and that rat then begins to think that's normal and that's the only way that you eat. It's the same with people working for money. They are wage slaves. If you add up all the taxes and hidden taxes that you pay, it's about 60 percent of your income. If you go back to the Middle Ages, the feudal system, the average serf who did not own his land had to give 60 percent of all his produce to his lord and he's left with 40 percent to feed himself, his family, any cattle he had and any other labor. The rates are the same from the feudal system to the present system; and yet today, through propaganda they keep telling us we are free. How can you be free if you don't really own the roof over your head? How can you live in a truly advanced society, what they call progress and civilization, when someone that you will never meet in a city far away decides to send the taxman after you and they take that roof from over your head and seize it? That's called stealing, you see. They steal your property and through propaganda and through altering perceptions, the whole population's taught that this is somehow normal. It's incredible how they can distort perception by the use of words. It's the same type that goes with – if you have a highwayman on the road and he draws his pistols and holds you up and demands ransom money or you won't pass, and you pay him off, you see this guy as a highwayman. He's a robber. If a cop does it and demands he gives you a ticket, or even cash as some of them do nowadays, for their bosses, he's doing his duty for the law, the legal system. It's the same act. If the highwayman comes and steals your stagecoach, you know he's stolen it. If the police impound your car, they call it impounding not stealing. It the same act. Perceptions are altered in this system to fool the public and the public are trained to think this is all normal. That's how you distort perception. Even the creation of the United States, there's no doubt about it; it wasn't a sudden idea to have a revolution. It took years of planning and the Founding Fathers admitted that. They had to do negotiations with countries long before -- in advance they could supply them with powder and all the rest of it and logistics. They had the islands all mapped out and ready to go where they would bring all this pirated stuff. They also had treaties made with France who would finance them through this war. It took a lot of planning and preparation to set it off and it was a Masonic led revolution. That's why 33 of the 50-odd Founding Fathers signed the Declaration. It was for the high number 33 because the sun rises on the 30th degree and sets at 33. The same as Jesus comes on the same age of 30 and dies at 33. It's the same old Masonic stuff down through the ages and they do like to stick to their formulas. The Founding Fathers, like all countries that have been created through this technique, England was the first you must remember because the English Revolution was before the U.S. Revolution. Everyone seems to forget that. The colors of the Revolution were red; and then they had the Blue Lodge for the color blue, for open freemasonry, because the sun is blue when everything is out in the open; and white is for the spirit that would really guide it. That's the colors of revolution: red, white and blue. Therefore, every country that had the revolution—Britain, United States and France—ended up with red, white and blue on their flag because it's Kabbalistic and only the Founders understood this religion. The lower peasantry didn't understand anything about it at all. When they got together in the convention hall, they barred the doors. They pulled the blinds. They put sentries on the doors to keep the public out; and that was a Masonic meeting they held in Philadelphia, because they do it in the temple that has no windows. That's why no one could see in. It was a Masonic meeting and they came out and said to the people, "we have given you a government." There was no vote by the people to have that government. The public have no say in the whole thing; and then they give you the foundation myths that George Washington could not tell you a lie and all this stuff. These are called foundation myths that they always give every country. That's to make them feel good about themselves. They had meetings in Europe before the Revolution and they had the Concert of Europe and they had different ones they called them. The elite wanted a world society. They knew the way they were going. They couldn't war amongst themselves, the psychopathic crew, again at the top of this monied system that there are always psychopaths, and then they become inbred psychopaths and then hereditary psychopaths. They knew they couldn't keep on having wars without eventually having a global society, because every war led to a takeover of other countries and amalgamations that started with alliances to become amalgamated to become empires. They knew eventually they'd end up with one global empire but they knew they couldn't do it quickly with the countries that were already known for plundering every country they went into. That was Britain, France and all the other Germanic countries and so on. Therefore they had to create a new knight in shining armor that stood for freedom and democracy and all the this stuff; and so they created the United States of America, the elite. They also knew by the size of the Americas and the natural resources that it would be built up through immigration and manpower to lead the world. They'd be the richest country in the world. They could finance wars. Wars are very expensive and global war would cost an awful lot of money and manpower for a military, so they had to create this; then they gave the world this new one that didn't have a history of plundering other nations when it started off and it led the charge. Today when you go across the world, even 20, 30 years ago when you traveled across the world, you'd meet people coming from Georgetown University and students doing their work abroad to help the peoples; but what they were really doing was bringing the American business system with them and furthering American corporate interests abroad. That's really what they were doing. The U.S. has caused more wars and done more war-like things through international corporatism than any other way. Here's the dilemma. The people have come to this point thinking the past was normal and the money system was normal. Their industry has gone abroad. Most of them saw it happening and didn't recognize it at the time. They floated through the changeover to China as the industry was leaving shores. You can't get America back to a phase because all the industry is gone; and under this economic system, if you don't produce product, then you're a service economy. Service economies, as the big economists tell you, were meant as stop gap measures between industry and something else. If there is nothing else to take its place, the dog that's paddling will eventually flounder and drown. It looks to me like the U.S. is going to be vastly depopulated in the future; and that ties in with books like " Millennium" by Jacques Attali. A man who helped spearhead the unification of Europe and who wrote about the next phase, which is the unification of the Americas in his book " Millennium," written about 1990. He said that eventually when the borders were going down in the Americas, the Latin Americans will flood up and for a while, there will be mayhem as even the big gangs move up. He said it will be similar to Attila the Hun invading Rome et cetera. The Huns and the Goths and Visigoths invading Rome when they come in, but eventually it was settled down. However, that they knew, America would never come back. In fact, the next boat people would be Americans going across the world looking for employment. This has all been discussed at top think tanks at international levels for many years.

The depopulation on one aspect will be say mass immigration out of America eventually, but they also believe at the top that they don't want (and they mean this) they don't want what they call "useless eaters." These guys at the top want an efficient system where you're not born just to enjoy yourself and eat et cetera, but rather to produce for this system. They've said before: if there's no work for you to produce for this system, you are therefore a useless eater and they will not tolerate them to live. They mean what they say. They want to vastly reduce the population over the next 10, 20 years. If you look at all the agreements that have been signed by every country in the world, including the Kyoto Agreement, they want to kick back countries like Canada and America to the pollution standards of pre-1960. Pre-1960 had a much smaller population than today and electricity, your gasoline, all of those things you know. That's the China express that's going by my house, by the way, so they phone up all the Costco stores across Canada.

People like Bertrand Russell and the Council on Population Control at the United Nations have put out these statements that they are going to have vastly reduced populations that will live in these habitat areas. The United Nations has websites up on these habitat areas. What it boils down to is initially the habitat areas are the existing cities that are going to become tremendously crowded, but they also had habitat areas with armed guards and perimeter fences with high-tech homes for the high bureaucratic class that will be running the Americas. This is modeled on the Soviet System where no one could leave their area. They all lived in a form of almost a British third-rate level, except for the bureaucracies that serve the system had dachas in the country where they had servants and they could get away and enjoy themselves. That was the model that we're now based upon. These special habitat areas, high tech ones, the present ones will be for advanced professors and people who have control over parts of indoctrination processes, which is very important. Lenin said it himself. He said you must pay the police, the military and the educationalists very well because they do the indoctrination and they keep people obedient.

The people who are sleeping will stay sleeping. It's been the same in all ages if you read history that the populations, the vast of them will go to the wall rather than admit what's happening. They want to believe the propaganda. They want to believe the six o'clock news. They want to believe that the experts are running their lives for them efficiently. They don't want to know the hard, sad truth about the world. They're perpetual children and that's what socialism is, you see. They'll go to the wall holding on to the myth and stay in denial until they personally get hit or thrown out of their homes, or whatever it may be, and then they'll start howling. Then they'll start mobs and then they'll riot, uncoordinated mobs which will riot and the governments are prepared for this. They've been preparing 30, 40 years for this by building up big internal armies and rapid deployment forces. The British Department of Defence, a couple of months ago in the Guardian Newspaper, released nine pages from the Department of Defence for NATO as well as Britain; and the U.S. is part of NATO. They all signed the same thing; and for the next 20 years they project from the top think tanks in the military, they see nothing but riots and what they call flashmobs from the general population getting increasingly worse over the next 10 to 20 years. They are preparing through their think tanks of every possible scenario of what they must do to handle and control the public, including the use of neutron bombs on selected target groups within the population. This is from the biggest Defence Department on the planet. Now what on earth is going to happen to make Joe Six Pack get off his chair and actually take part in something, albeit rioting? What it will be is the effects of things like Kyoto. They're going to stop giving you your gasoline. It's going to get rationed in the future. They want non-essential vehicles only, eventually, on the road for the habitat areas. They're going to cutback electricity usage drastically, all the conveniences that you have and they're also going to give you less and less employment. You're going to get rioting breaking out, an uncoordinated riot that will be dealt swiftly by the police and the military type forces that are being trained to deal with this now. Once the United Nations has declared the sovereign government of the world and the United Americas has taken place officially, the last part of this signing of the Americas will be done in 2010. By 2010, the Americas have to be united completely with its own form of a Brussels type government; and they even discussed creating the new capital of the Americas in Quebec. That was decided back in the 1990's when they did the Free Trade Negotiations. In 2012, the U.N. is to be made the official government of the world. That means the Congress will be like a provincial government and so will the Canadian one.

They planned to have everyone brain chipped so people won't be able to think at all; and I'm not kidding about that. They've actually done testing on this. This is the big push now making people think it's a natural progression from the computer to the little Blueberry that they have, the little machine to the cell phone and then to the brain chip. People are getting indoctrinated that this is a natural evolution. However, once that brain chip is installed—and they've had world meetings on this at big universities like Loyola University in Louisiana, the World Science Meetings. The chip is ready to go. It does interface with your neurons, your nervous system. It will be able to transmit to your brain and transmit from your brain to central regionalized computers. This is ready to go. All they have to do now is convince the public to accept it and they're doing that through movies and fiction. The youngsters, it's already through their cartoons. They think it's going to be a wonderful idea, but what they're not telling you is once you take this chip and they flick the main switch and the real purpose kicks on, you will no longer be you. What they said at Loyola was – In fact, you'll be unable to even perceive yourself as a distinct separate individual. At the Loyola meeting the professor from Japan who'd been working on this brain chip, which is ready to go, he said that think of it more like the hive rather than individuals. You'll have a hive mentality where you'll hear whispers of instructions going to those around you and whispers of their thoughts going to you back to the main computer. That's exactly what you've been watching on Star Trek with the Borg. That's what the Borg is all about and the Borg are all one. In the New Age movement you hear the mantra that we're all one. Sure, for the New Agers that all of them are going to get their chance. They'll all be one. It's just that they won't retain their individuality to do anything with it.

[thanks to Alan Watt]

The Unpopular Truth

Because of man's basic needs to get in touch with something he thinks is out there bigger than himself, which is their deity, their god, their creator, whatever, that in all times, especially in the ancient times, priesthoods arose using that knowledge and distorting the truth and saying they had the truth; and because of that they became very dominant over the people. They control the people's minds through religion; and with them, wherever they went, they brought the money system with them. That's very important because the money is a form of slavery. Once you get people to accept money, you can then tax it back from them. You can hire armies and go and conquer other countries. We're really seeing a culmination of thousands of years of this very technique coming to an end with the Middle East, and they're put under the exact same system for global domination. This agenda has been on the table for an awful long time. It also takes the cooperation of all existing religions to go along with this. If you notice, not one of the major religions or religious leaders is warning the public about the future and what it has in store for the general public, either in the cloning field, the genetic engineering field, the eugenics field, and the depopulation programs that they've been putting forward for a long time. None of the religious leaders who have the power and the authority to tell people, "look, start thinking about this." None of them seldom even talk about it or even discuss it. It tells you they're all in on this together at the very top levels. When you stumble across major figures in history like Alexander the Great for instance. Alexander the Great, his mentor was Aristotle the philosopher and Aristotle was married to one of the biggest international money lenders of his own era; and the same money lenders from the Middle East funded the Macedonians and the Greeks. They go into Persia and take it over. They paid for the war in other words and all the people who were taken over had to pay it all back through taxes to repay the money sharks. You find the same thing all down through history. Money-lenders, the leaders that teach and put up front men like Alexander the Great, or maybe a George Bush in our time, it's all the same old con game. They're all interrelated we find through their wives and through their mentors. They're all intermarried and interrelated.

Hermaphroditic has different meanings in the occult industry. In ancient times, they talked about the perfection of the human being where the right brain would be working together – emotion versus reason. It would come to a harmonized point and that was the perfected man or the illumined man as they called it. You'll find the same thing hidden behind major religions. In Genesis, the deity he makes a double of himself and from that double he then subdivides Adam and Eve from it, meaning the deity himself was male and female. That's the meaning in Genesis. You also find the same things in the writings of Plato. The deity they worshiped was male on the front and female on behind when they walked the other way. They're talking about the ultimate perfection is going to be a creature which is neither male nor female, which can self-reproduce. It's an odd agenda, too, you might think, but it's always been here for thousands of years. Now they have talked about the creation of the perfect worker human being that would be both male and female and could self-produce. That way there's no conflict. The world they want to bring in has to be conflict free. Free from conflict of nations or races, ethnic groups but also no conflict of gender conflict. That's what they call their utopia, their peace on earth. However, the elite themselves said they will not alter themselves. They will only alter the worker bees to be more perfect; and one day if you serve the system of the state very well, the honor you will have is the right to reproduce yourself, an exact model of yourself. There is Masonic coding hidden in the language, right through so many different words that we use commonly without thinking of what they really mean. Our language itself was given to us to contain coding, as all the high Freemasons know. The mainstream religions all have (for the west anyway) all came from basically the Hebrew versions and split off – the Christians would say it was the culmination or a completion of Judaism to have a Messiah. Most Jews think the messiah is still to come; and you can have many messiahs within Judaism, anyone who furthers the cause is called the Messiah. Mohammedanism was slightly tailor-made and altered to suit the Arabic peoples, the desert peoples and give them strong laws basically to make it more cohesive as a society. They all come from the same root. You'll find in every region of the world there's always a trinity of religions which are associated from a main root; and so for the west, they gave them Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedism (or Islam) coming from the same source. You'll find in the Far East they give you Shintoism, a form of Japanese Buddhism and another mainstream religion or Taoism as well. You always have a trinity of religions for each region of the planet; and that's how it's set-up, slightly altered for the mentalities of different cultures. That's the only difference there is. You have to realize that what you had was a Roman Empire, that knew it could not continue—it fell towards the end because it could not tax all of its colonies sufficiently to keep Rome in the lifestyle that had accumulated and was used to. They thought religion was a better way to dominate the minds of all people more cheaply, more effectively, especially if you could indoctrinate the young, you will never lose them when they grow up. The Catholic Church, remember, took someone else's religion, the Gnostic religion really. The Gnostics had a Jesus type figure who they said was mythical. He was a myth of a perfected man which they all hoped to emulate, so it was almost like a mascot you might say of a perfected man, not a real person. They were arguing with Constantine when he had the first great meeting in 325 AD to form this new Universal Church as it was called at the time. Since the Gnostics wouldn't go along with the Vatican saying Jesus is a real person, Constantine sent out armies to try and kill off all the Gnostics because they knew, according to them, that it was not a real person that had existed. In Judaism they have references to a Jesus in the Talmud and other writings of Judaism, which would make you think there was at least one character who could have been called Judah or Yehuda, whatever, but probably not Jesus. We know it meant the fish from the Greek, Iesous, and it was for the Age of Pisces, the fish that it was created. In every era it's the same long before that. You had the Ramses line for the pharaohs in Egypt because their lineage began in the reign of Aries the ram. They always give you a religious figure for the particular constellation that rules for 2,500 years or so. Jesus was meant to fulfill a period for 2,000-odd years and then you're into the Age of Aquarius, which we're coming into now, and then he dies off and a new one takes over. Everything is stellar occultic, lunar occultic and solar occultic in the world's history; and the priests down through the ages simply change hats as they did for Rome. The high priests of Jupiter changed their hats overnight and they were now called the Universal Church. Then after hunting down all what they called were the pagan priesthoods, the Roman Church then began to adopt those very tenants of those priesthoods back into their own religion. Very clever people put the Bible together, giving you the simple rules that would give you a really workable society if everyone followed the rules, including those who lead your countries, you see; but never, in any age, have the rulers in this system followed the religion they make the people adopt. We know that by history itself. The leaders have never followed the same rules as the public. Yes, it would be workable for the people if everyone did adopt and follow simple rules. However, these religions are very Hegelian because there's always a truth contained within. The falsehood is well-contained within, but the truth is that they're supposed to be stepping-stones to much higher truths. They're not meant to stay static and become dogmatic as a religion. They're supposed to progress onwards and upwards and carry the person who's truly seeking into a higher realm of understanding towards a creator. If you notice the main deity of Yahweh for both Hebrew is very much of a human character: Very much of a human god with his failings, his anger, his temper, and his favoritism. He can also change his mind when he wants to and kill you if he has a sudden rage. It's really a projection of the human oriental despotic king that you would find in the Middle East at that period. It was something the people could understand.

The Greeks talked about the Demiurgos, the base god at the low level of godhood, claiming there's four levels and that the base god is in charge of the world. He is the Lord of the world and he – because the people are base, they've had stringent patriarchal type rules to make their system work – he's unforgiving. If he puts you off guard, you're never sure if he likes you or dislikes you. However, he's not supposedly the only one. He's one level, so he's a Demiurgos; and Jehovah fits that level perfectly well. If you notice for instance the story of Jacob. Jacob cheats his brother out of the birthright and the blessing by pretending that he is the brother and he fools his own father who's blind or half blind, so he lies, he cheats and he steals the birthright and he disobeyed his father. He broke all the rules and yet the god blessed him for being so crafty and cunning and made him the father of Israel. Now that's how the mafia would work. You have to understand that there's high Masonic rules in there too, because they do believe you should get away with things if you do it craftily and enough cunning and to get your way. The rules of the high corrupt system are also contained in that Masonic Bible, the Old Testament, if you understand them. What deity that's for justice and all the rest of it would ever allow that to happen and actually bless the criminal? The Bible has been rewritten many times, always for political purposes, including the King James version was written to make the people obedient, because King James thoroughly believed that he was God's representative on earth ordained by God. He even wrote a big speech about that. King James said how dare the people inquire as to his decisions. He says "don't they realize that I have the power of God given to me by God to do and say and do as I wish?" That's what he truly believed. In the King James Version, he had all the writers stress that point that the government was put there by God and you should obey it. It was written for a political purpose with a lot of High Masons at the time working on that very project. Francis Bacon and others helped to write the other.

If you go back into the ancient Middle East, into Zoroastrianism really, that was the start of all of these religions. The Zoroastrian religion is the first one to come out talking about a good deity and a bad deity. Later on in Judaism, you have a god and a devil, even though the devil, if you read Job, worked for God. God told him to go and torment people. He was a worker. He was employed by God. Zoroastrianism seems to be the one they've all taken their queue from, and he created Judaism from it and Christianity as well. It's a very mythical figure but it's hard to put Zoroaster. It also calls them Zarathustra; and Zoroaster in the old, old system meant seed of Ishtar. That's where the name comes from, Zoroaster. Zoro also means the man with the mask, like Zorro, and you also have the same thing in the Old Testament with the Zoro-Babel, which means the seed of Babel. Why would anybody who had been a slave in Babylon call themselves seed of Babel? You're looking at coding in there for the wise to understand, and of course the profane are never taught the reasons as they call them. You're looking at very clever people running a system down through the ages, running an exoteric for the public—be it Judaism, Christianity or Islam by teaching a high esoteric tradition for the ones "in the know" at the top who laugh up their sleeves at the public all the time. It's even in the New Testament if you understand what you're reading, you'll find that even George Bush, Sr. said, "Everything is going to the heavenly divine plan." What he's referring to was the zodiac and what they mean, because the zodiac to them is a timetable. Each part of the zodiac is part of this system that must come into play at a particular time according to an old, old plan. The Aquarius is even in the New Testament, where Jesus says to his disciples "go into town. Find the man with the mule and ask for his mule. He'll be carrying a picture of water," and what he's telling them is that Aquarius, the man with the picture of water was Aquarius. The whole thing is astrological. I think that people can find the higher truths beyond the base truths. The laws are given for the base public. I think the individual who is truly seeking will find it if they seek hard enough and they'll even go beyond whichever religion they've been given on the base level, a common religion. Very few do but some are able to do it and use that like a stepping-stone to get up and come in touch with something far greater than themselves, far bigger than the basic Yahweh character with the human characteristics of the battle-angry old man. There's something much greater in the world than that and some people can go – there are even people from Islam who've gone beyond Islam on the same path too, and come to the same conclusions only because they've done the journey themselves. They've left the dogma behind them, the dogma given to the general public who need those basic rules at a certain period in their history. In all ages, in all lands there have been those seek truth. This seeking is an individual search for something more than self and much more than the confines of this worldly system that we live in. It is the seeker who understands there is more than what meets the eye, who is not afraid and makes the choice to going to the unknown. The process of awakening has begun. The discovery is underway.
The same with teaching someone who isn't ready to be taught in higher truths. They'll still try and fight you because there still thinking in their base level one reality. They don't want to let it go and to learn truths you must be prepared to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. You can't take anything with you that's familiar. That's not searching for truth. That's an insurance policy that you're after. An insurance policy that connects you with the familiar. Truth doesn't work that way. It doesn't come with guarantees that you'll have happy endings in the way that you presume. Most people can not even look at themselves honestly. Part of the reason is that they are a composite of what society has conditioned them to be and the culture that they were born into has conditioned them to be. And the other part is ego in the system is promoted. You can't obtain honesty unless you overcome ego. When you see that for thousands of years Christianity alone ruled a good part of the world and people didn't question it. That's all they were told was what was in that book and even then for hundreds of years they weren't even told what was in the book. It was forbidden to read it. Only the priests could read it and even then they'd only read it occasionally. THE BIBLE USE TO BE CHAINED TO THE ALTER UP UNTIL THE MIDDLE AGES. Most of what was being taught was dogma. It was the church dogma. That's why the Protestants put out the Geneva Bible. They weren't Protestants really. They were Rosicrucian's and Masons, they simply transformed into the name Masonry. It was the same movement behind it and for the first time peoples could read things for themselves and say, "my goodness. What's all this dogma got to do with what's in this book?" And really it was nothing. The dogma was there for controlling the people. Well if that was controlling the people for one and a half thousand years at that time do you really think with all the sophistication of today's media where you have instant access to data right to your home 24-hours a day; do you really think it's not being used now. This is your journey. The individual's journey and the more you truly search and are honest with yourself. As they say, "know thyself" is important you will find that it's far more to all of this than just the mundane and it's beyond and greater than the New Age with their hocus pocus and their mind imprisoning techniques. There is far more to this of course than just facts and figures and who did what, when, where and why. But not everyone can go on that journey. It's up to those who can handle the bad news in all of its levels because the bottom level is bad enough. Few can go beyond that but there are some and you have to go through hell before you can see heaven.

Some people have said "well you've got to give the people hope". I wouldn't give them false hope. To give them hope they have to look at the truth. There's no other way to do it. You must look at things honestly including yourself. That's where the hope comes in once you've done that. Until you do for you there is no hope. You'll bend to every wind that blows from the top and I don't say they'll be hope for everyone. Most people will and always have in all ages have chosen what they thought was the easy way. They've chosen the promise of peace and safety. They've chosen to follow a big powerful leader. At least what appears to be so because they will not look to themselves to be champion and people who will not stand up for themselves individually are truly giving away their rights to decide to anything to that which appears to be strong. You are your own champion and you can be the champion for those to come. That's responsibility, a big one. And you won't be popular but then truth never is.

[thanks to Alan Watt]

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Medicated Child

Iraq War: 1,760 Days and Counting

Sen. John McCain may have stunned some Americans with his projection that the U.S. occupation of Iraq could last 100 years or more. But the political pressures in Washington sometimes make ending a war more difficult than starting one.

In this guest essay, the Independent Institute’s Robert Higgs discusses what it might take to bring the troops home:

By Robert Higgs

On Oct. 19, 2001, in speaking about the new government controls and heightened surveillance already being clamped on the American people in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Vice President Dick Cheney said that the new war “may never end. At least not in our lifetime. . . . The way I think of it is, it’s a new normalcy.”

We should have taken his grim forecast more seriously.

The U.S. attack on and occupation of Iraq, represented by the Bush administration as a critical element in the larger Global War on Terror, began nearly five years ago, and it shows no signs of ending soon.

Indeed, if John McCain is elected president and (with help from his successors) carries out the not-so-veiled threat to keep U.S. troops in Iraq for a hundred years, then we can confidently expect that the war will not end in our lifetime. Such a prospect is so seemingly preposterous, however, that one’s mind does not readily assimilate it.

It is difficult enough to absorb the reality that the United States has now been at war against the Iraqis for almost five years. An engagement sold to the public as a “cakewalk” and represented just six weeks after it began as a “mission accomplished” has now (as I write) continued for 1,760 days.

Compare this duration with the time the United States was formally engaged in World War I (589 days) or World War II (1,365 days). In the 1940s, the U.S. forces (with important allies, to be sure) defeated two major economic and military powers in a globe-circling war in less time than the U.S. forces have been engaged in Iraq.

And after all this time, where does the U.S. venture stand? Evidently it is no closer to the “victory” the president has repeatedly said he seeks than it was immediately after the occupation began.

The 901 U.S. troops who lost their lives in Iraq during 2007 were the largest number in any calendar year since the war began.

As 2008 begins, we read reports of a U.S. air strike on the outskirts of Baghdad in which B-1 bombers and F-16 fighters dropped 40,000 pounds of explosives, an attack described by Major Alayne Conway as “one of the largest airstrikes since the onset of the war.”

The attack came only a day after six U.S. soldiers participating in a major ground offensive were reported killed in the “biggest one-day loss in Iraq since May.” These events do not epitomize minor “mopping up” activities. The war obviously has no end in sight.

Notwithstanding these inauspicious developments and Sen. McCain’s bizarre pronouncement, we might well think in a more focused way about what will ultimately bring the war to an end, because it almost certainly will end someday.

Given its nature, it cannot be ended as each of the world wars was ended, by the formal capitulation of an enemy state. Loosely organized insurgents and guerrillas do not stop fighting in that fashion.

In view of the particulars on the ground in Iraq, it would seem that no complete cessation of armed hostilities can occur there until the United States withdraws its military forces. So the question becomes: What will induce a future U.S. president or a future U.S. Congress to act decisively to bring the troops home?

In the abstract, the answer is easy: U.S. authorities will extract their occupation force when they perceive that doing so is in their interest. Note well that I said, “in their interest.”

Whether a U.S. withdrawal serves my interest, or yours, or that of 95 percent of the American people is not necessarily important, because government leaders do not act to serve other people’s interests.

Anyone who has advanced beyond infancy in his understanding of political affairs knows that despite all the dutiful claptrap that political leaders and their functionaries spout in public, they invariably pursue their own interests. Those interests may be material, political, institutional, or ideological, but in any event they are their own interests, not yours or mine.

It follows directly that up to this point the continued prosecution of the war has served the leaders’ interests. They may say they are trying to end the war. They may have secured their election or reelection, as many of the Democrats now serving in Congress have, by promising to do whatever they can to end the war. Yet the truth is that they’ve sold the public a bill of goods.

When the leaders have considered all the personal consequences they expect to follow from acting to end the war, they have concluded that, all things being considered, doing so does not serve their interest, and therefore they have refrained from doing so.

After all, it’s not as though the U.S. war effort has a mind of its own. Whenever the president wants to remove the troops, he can do so; he has the power. Whenever the members of the majority in Congress want to remove the troops, by stopping the funding to support them there, they can do so; they have the power.

The posture of powerlessness that our leaders often affect―my goodness, what can I do? my hands are tied―is a disingenuous pose. They can stop the U.S. engagement in the war whenever they want to do so. Thus far, they simply have not wanted to do so.

What might cause them to reach a new conclusion about what serves their personal interest? Several developments might turn the trick. Nearly all of them work by heightening the public’s anger with their leaders’ decisions.

Historically, the decisive development in similar instances has been the cumulation of public costs, especially the costs in life and limb. In both the Korean War and the Vietnam War, the public’s disfavor of the engagement closely tracked the cumulation of casualties.

As political scientist John Mueller showed in his book War, Presidents, and Public Opinion, “every time American casualties increased by a factor of 10, support for the war dropped by about 15 percentage points” in the polls.

One reason the public has continued to tolerate their leaders’ continued prosecution of the war in Iraq is that the casualties have not been nearly so great, by an order of magnitude, as they were in Korea and Vietnam.

So far, not quite 4,000 U.S. military personnel have been killed in Iraq. That’s only one death for every 75,000 persons living in the United States, and therefore the loss of life has not cut deeply into the public psyche―most Americans have not been personally acquainted with anyone killed in the war.

(The vastly greater loss of Iraqi lives seems to have made even less impression.)

Sad to say, the public may not turn decisively against their leaders’ continued prosecution of the war until many more American soldiers have died.

Economic costs have also mounted, and they have loomed relatively much larger in this war than in the earlier wars in Korea and Vietnam.

Who says the military leaders never learn? They’ve certainly learned how to increase hugely the financial costs of fighting a war.

Estimates of the costs to date vary widely, depending on how one accounts for various joint, indirect, and implied costs, but a total cost to date in the neighborhood of a trillion dollars is not implausible, and later costs, including those associated with decades of care for the war’s legions of physically and mentally disabled, will add enormously to the total.

In earlier wars, even though the costs were relatively greater in blood than in dollars, the public eventually wearied of the economic sacrifices entailed by the financial expenses of continued fighting.

Economist Hugh Mosley concluded that the Johnson administration “was reluctant to resort to increased taxes to finance the war for fear of losing public support for its policy of military escalation.”

Historian Stephen Ambrose wrote that President Richard Nixon “realized that for economic reasons (the war was simply costing too much) and for the sake of domestic peace and tranquility he had to cut back on the American commitment to Vietnam”; the retrenchment was “forced on [him] by public opinion.”

As the recession that has just begun deepens, the public may well object more strenuously to the government’s squandering of such vast amounts of tax money on a senseless continuation of the war in Iraq.

When their purses are not so full, people may resent every additional dollar spent on the war more than they did previously. Ultimately, they may become so angry that they will take actions to punish severely the political leaders who continue to support the war.

Serious political challengers may attract a mass following by embracing the example of Dwight D. Eisenhower, who promised in the 1952 campaign to end the enormously unpopular war in Korea and, after he took office, kept his promise expeditiously.

When substantial negative feedback begins to jeopardize the personal job security, not to speak of the respect and fawning, the electorate affords incumbents, they will begin to take notice, and to discount more heavily the contributions from defense contractors, big financial establishments, petrochemical companies, and other high rollers who have encouraged them to stay the hopeless course―though not hopeless for these special interests, of course; for them it has been a bonanza.

George W. Bush parlayed a campaign of fear-mongering into his reelection in 2004, but unless another major terrorist attack occurs in the United States, the public will grow increasingly resistant to such appeals and more eager to throw the rascals out as the war’s costs continue to mount.

It is extremely unfortunate that escalating costs in blood and money are the only proven means of bringing the general public to resist strongly their political leaders who are committed to a continuation of unnecessary, unwise, and immoral war.

Some of us wish that rational argument, cogent evidence, and humane sentiment would persuade a preponderance of the public to demand an end to the war. History suggests, however, that only personal grief and economic pain will induce the American public to act against their perfidious leaders.

Needless to say, if the public remains as passive and as easily bamboozled as it has been during the past seven years, the war will continue, maybe even for the hundred years in which Senator McCain declares that a U.S. occupation of Iraq would be “fine with me.”

Robert Higgs is a Senior Fellow in Political Economy for The Independent Institute. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Johns Hopkins University, and he has taught at the University of Washington, Lafayette College, Seattle University, and the University of Economics, Prague. He is the author of many books, including Depression, War, and Cold War.

The Shocking Truth Behind Google's Idealogy

Monday, January 14, 2008

Scientific Technique and the Concentration of Power


Brent Jessop

“So long as the rulers are comfortable, what reason have they to improve the lot of their serfs?”- Bertrand Russell, 1952 (p61)

Bertrand Russell in his 1952 book The Impact of Science on Society* he describes the effects of “scientific technique” on the increasing control of societies by an ever shrinking number of people. As we will see, “scientific technique” is much more than just the development and widespread use of new technology, but first some of its effects.

Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970) was a renowned British philosopher and mathematician who was an adamant internationalist and worked extensively on the education of young children. He was the founder of the Pugwash movement which used the spectre of Cold War nuclear annihilation to push for world government. Among many other prizes, Russell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950 and UNESCO’s (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) Kalinga prize in 1957.

Increasing Organization

From Impact of Science on Society:

“This [the telegraph] had two important consequences: first messages could now travel faster than human beings; secondly, in large organizations detailed control from a centre became much more possible than it had formerly been.

The fact that messages could travel faster than human beings was useful, above all, to the police…” - 33

“Electricity as a source of power is much more recent than the telegraph, and has not yet had all the effects of which it is capable. As an influence on social organisation its most notable feature is the importance of power stations, which inevitably promote centralisation… as soon as a community has become dependent upon them for lighting and heating and cooking. I lived in America in a farm-house which depended entirely upon electricity, and sometimes, in a blizzard, the wires would be blown down. The resulting inconvenience was almost intolerable. If we had been deliberately cut off for being rebels, we should soon have had to give in.” - 35

“But what is of most importance in this connection is the development of flying. Aeroplanes have increased immeasurably the power of governments. No rebellion can hope to succeed unless it is favoured by at least a portion of the air force.” - 36

“In industry, the integration brought about by scientific technique is much greater [than agriculture] and more intimate.

One of the most obvious results of industrialism is that a much larger percentage of the population live in towns than was formerly the case. The town dweller is a more social being than the agriculturist, and is much more influenced by discussion. In general, he works in a crowd, and his amusements are apt to take him into still larger crowds. The course of nature, the alternations of day and night, summer and winter, wet or shine, make little difference to him; he has no occasion to fear that he will be ruined by frost or drought or sudden rain. What matters to him is his human environment, and his place in various organisations especially.

Take a man who works in a factory, and consider how many organisations affect his life. There is first of all the factory itself, and any larger organisation of which it may be a part. Then there is the man’s trade union and his political party. He probably gets house room from a building society or public authority. His children go to school. If he reads a newspaper or goes to a cinema or looks at a football match, these things are provided by powerful organisations. Indirectly, through his employers, he is dependent upon those from whom they buy their raw material and those to whom they sell their finished product. Above all, there is the State, which taxes him and may at any moment order him to go and get killed in war, in return for which it protects him against murder and theft so long as there is peace, and allows him to buy a fixed modicum of food.” [emphasis mine] - 44

“The increase of organisation has brought into existence new positions of power. Every body has to have executive officials, in whom, at any moment, its power is concentrated. It is true that officials are usually subject to control, but the control may be slow and distant. From the young lady who sells stamps in a Post Office all the way up to the Prime Minister, every official is invested, for the time being, with some part of the power of the State. You can complain of the young lady if her manners are bad, and you can vote against the Prime Minister at the next election if you disapprove of his policy. But both the young lady and the Prime Minister can have a very considerable run for their money before (if ever) your discontent has any effect.” [emphasis mine] - 45

“The increased power of officials is an inevitable result of the greater degree of organisation that scientific technique brings about. It has the drawback that it is apt to be irresponsible, behind-the-scenes, power, like that of Emperors’ eunuchs and Kings’ mistresses in former times. To discover ways of controlling it is one of the most important political problems of our time. Liberals protested, successfully, against the power of kings and aristocrats; socialists protested against the power of capitalists. But unless the power of officials can be kept within bounds, socialism will mean little more than the substitution of one set of masters for another: all the former power of the capitalist will be inherited by the official. [emphasis mine]” - 47

“As we have seen, the question of freedom needs a completely fresh examination. There are forms of freedom that are desirable, and that are gravely threatened; there are other forms of freedom that are undesirable, but that are very difficult to curb… The resultant two-fold problem, of preserving liberty internally and diminishing it externally, is one that the world must solve, and solve soon, if scientific societies are to survive.

Let us consider for a moment the social psychology involved in this situation.

…The armed forces of one’s own nation exist - so each nation asserts - to prevent aggression by other nations. But the armed forces of other nations exist - or so many people believe - to promote aggression. If you say anything against the armed forces of your own country, you are a traitor, wishing to see your fatherland ground under the heel of a brutal conqueror. If, on the other hand, you defend a potential enemy State for thinking armed forces necessary to its safety, you malign your own country, whose unalterable devotion to peace only perverse malice could lead you to question…

And so it comes about that, whenever an organisation has a combatant purpose, its members are reluctant to criticise their officials and tend to acquiesce in usurpations and arbitrary exercise of power which, but for the war mentality, they would bitterly resent. It is the war mentality that gives officials and governments their opportunity. It is therefore only natural that officials and governments are prone to foster war mentality.” [emphasis mine] - 51

“I incline to think that ‘liberty’, as the word was understood in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, is no longer quite the right concept; I should prefer to substitute ‘opportunity for initiative’. And my reason for suggesting this change is the character of a scientific society.” - 68

More Organization is More Power

“The effect of the telegraph was to increase the power of the central government and diminish the initiative of distant subordinates. This applied not only to the State, but to every geographically extensive organization. We shall find a great deal of scientific technique has a similar effect. The result is that fewer men have executive power, but those few had more power than such men had formerly.” [emphasis mine] - 35

“We have seen that scientific technique increases the importance of organisations, and therefore the extent to which authority impinges upon the life of the individual. It follows that a scientific oligarchy has more power than any oligarchy could have in pre-scientific times. There is a tendency, which is inevitable unless consciously combated, for organisations to coalesce, and so to increase in size, until, ultimately, almost all become merged in the State. A scientific oligarchy, accordingly, is bound to become what is called ‘totalitarian’, that is to say, all important forms of power will become a monopoly of the State.” [emphasis mine] - 56

“In the first place, since the new oligarchs are the adherents of a certain creed, and base their claim to exclusive power upon the rightness of this creed, their system depends essentially upon dogma: whoever questions the governmental dogma questions the moral authority of the government, and is therefore a rebel. While the oligarchy is still new, there are sure to be other creeds, held with equal conviction, which must be suppressed by force, since the principle of majority rule has been abandoned. It follows that there cannot be freedom of the Press, freedom of discussion, or freedom of book publication. There must be an organ of government whose duty it is to pronounce as to what is orthodox, and to punish heresy. The history of the Inquisition shows what such an organ of government must inevitably become. In the normal pursuit of power, it will seek out more and more subtle heresies. The Church, as soon as it acquired political power, developed incredible refinement of dogma, and persecuted what to us appear microscopic deviations form the official creed. Exactly the same sort of thing happens in the modern States that confine political power to supporters of a certain doctrine.” - 57

“The completeness of the resulting control over opinion depends in various ways upon scientific technique. Where all children go to school, and all schools are controlled by the government, the authorities can close the minds of the young to everything contrary to official orthodoxy. Printing is impossible without paper, and all paper belongs to the State. Broadcasting and the cinema are equally public monopolies. The only remaining possibility of unauthorised propaganda is by secret whispers from one individual to another. But this, in turn, is rendered appallingly dangerous by improvements in the art of spying. Children at school are taught that it is their duty to denounce their parents if they allow themselves subversive utterances in the bosom of the family. No one can be sure that a man who seems to be his dearest friend will not denounce him to the police; the man may himself have been in some trouble, and may know that if he is not efficient as a spy his wife and children will suffer. All this is not imaginary, it is daily and hourly reality. Nor, given oligarchy, is there the slightest reason to expect anything else.” [emphasis mine] - 58

What is Scientific Technique?

Scientific technique is much more than just the impact of new technology on the machinations of society. It is the use of science, in its most calculating and inhumane ways, to analyze, control and guide societies in a desired direction. This topic was elaborated on in a couple of talks given by Alan Watt (here and here) particularly through the writings of Jacques Ellul.

The rest of the articles in this series will also elaborate on other aspects of scientific technique, especially its application to education and human breeding. But first, I will examine Bertrand Russell’s views about the stability of scientific societies and the possibility of a scientific world government.

*Quotes from Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society (1952). ISBN0-415-10906-X

Note: I first heard about this book from talks given by Alan Watt at Cutting Through The, an individual well worth looking into.

Thousands Exposed to Poison by Government's Aerial Spraying


Originally published December 31 2007
by Rami Nagel

(NewsTarget) Sometimes bad dreams do come true. My bad dream was that the government issued quarantine, and forced everybody to be vaccinated for some fake disease. In my dream, I took my family, and fled to the hills to avoid being vaccinated.

Now, nine months later, this dream has come true. In an emergency, I relinquished my rental contract and moved my pregnant partner and three and a half year old daughter out of Santa Cruz, CA, to avoid being exposed to potentially deadly chemicals.

The chemicals, known by their trade names as Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F, have been sprayed via state owned airplanes in September and October in Monterey County California. These same aerial chemicals, despite their known health risks, were sprayed on two nights (11-8, 11-9) over the people of Santa Cruz County. The purpose of this spray is to control the mating habits of the light brown apple moth (LBAM). The reason the moth needs to be controlled is due to the possibility of 100 million dollars of damage (Realize that this figure is not a fact, but based on a government guess).

Government's Pesticide Experiment Program

The California Department of Food and Agriculture's own doctor acknowledges, in court documents, that aerial application of this chemical has not been tested. Let me repeat this so you understand, chemicals are being sprayed on young children, nursing mother's, people with asthma, lung problems, heart problems, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless and the chemically sensitive - and this chemical formulation has NEVER been tested on even a piece of dirt, let alone, humans. The newly designed Faroes Statement, the consensus of over 200 scientists, calls for a precautionary approach with respect to exposure of fetuses and children to environmental toxins. The consensus is that exposure of fetuses or children to chemicals can cause increased susceptibility to disease and disability later in life. In addition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has specific directives and codes that state that they should not experiment with pesticides on pregnant women, or infants. It is a fact, since this aerial pesticide has not been proven to control the moth's mating habits and has not been proven safe to animals or humans, that this is an experiment.

In Monterey, approximately 100,000 residents were exposed to untested chemicals to control the mating habits of less than 750 moths. In Santa Cruz County, over 100,000 residents will be exposed between 11/06/07 – 11/09/07 to untested chemicals to control the mating habits of less than 9,000 moths. This is not a one time application, but will continue monthly beginning again in February, for nine months, and then repeated for up to a total of three years. Again, this program designed to eradicate the moth at best will only control the moth's mating habits; it will not eliminate the moth. At worst, the program will be ineffective, cost tax payers millions of dollars, and cause permanent disability to residents and their pets. All this harm is over a little moth that has yet to cause even $1 of damage in California.

Did you know that each aerial application of Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F costs approximately $3.5 million and that $3 million is paid directly to the manufacturer Suterra, LLC of Bend, Oregon?

The projected expense of this eradication "attempt" will cost tax payers over $70 million dollars just to spray Monterey and Santa Cruz counties the proposed 9 times. These monthly sprays are already scheduled for next year to begin in March. The California Department of Food and Agriculture has created a map which shows the spray area to grow and encompass various portions of the entire San Francisco Bay Area, click on the Central Coast ( . The United States EPA has authorized an emergency permit which could allow the CDFA to aerially spray the state of California until the year 2010. This Light Brown Apple Moth Eradication could cost California tax payers more than $500 million dollars when all is said and done, which is five times the projected amount of losses to the agricultural industry if the moth were to infest the state. Ridiculous and frivolous spending on untested, unproven and toxic methods of "attempted" pest eradication are unacceptable actions taken by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Department of Food and Agriculture. This is not a state plan, but is a plan that is sponsored, endorsed, and largely funded by the EPA and the USDA.

Documented and Undocumented Pesticide Damage to Humans

While the moth may cause an estimated $100 million of crop damage, one cannot put a price tag on the damage that Checkmate's chemicals cause to humans. In Monterey County, the first county in California to be sprayed with Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F, documented affidavits show that citizens got sick, ill or suffered life threatening reactions to the toxic spray. One infant in the City of Monterey nearly died from inhalation of the experimental biochemical, and now has permanent lung damage. Dozens of women in cities throughout the Monterey Peninsula are reporting problems with their reproductive systems after exposure to the pesticide, including: sudden, severe and irregular menstrual cycles, extreme cases of tender and swollen breasts, and the recurrence of menopause symptoms in older women. Other side effects of both Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F include: asthma and sudden breathing difficulties, chest pain, vomiting, lethargy, fatigue, and extreme mood swings. Some people have coughed up blood and have gotten bloody noses from Checkmate exposure.

If you are familiar with chemical exposure, then there is something to note which is of great alarm. If you have ever smelled paint, bleach, or something toxic like that, it takes a significant and potent amount of the chemical to make one sick. It is not typical that such small and minute amounts of chemicals can cause such severe damage as described above. The explanation for the severe side effects, is that the chemicals are in miniature balls of volatile plastic called microcapsules; thus chemicals can be introduced deeply into the body through swallowing or inhalation of the micro-sized particles. It is as if this "agricultural" product acted more like a drug on humans, than as a pesticide on moths.

Thousands of residents, including myself, have undocumented pesticide damage. I lived forty miles from the October-Monterey spray zone, and on the last day of aerial spraying, my entire family became ill. My daughter vomited. I had severe intestinal distress and could not eat for several days. I felt nervous and anxious, as if I had the caffeine equivalent of 10 cups of coffee. And for the first time in my life, I had yellow/red colored urine (I am now mostly recovered). I did not link these symptoms to pesticide exposure until days later upon talking and hearing about dozens of other Santa Cruz residents who were experiencing the same or similar symptoms, on or near the same day. Their symptoms included severe vomiting and yellow/red colored urine. Recently I learned that this exposure may not have been from pesticide drift, but a rogue plane releasing chemicals where it was not supposed to. Witnesses have recently linked the red color to the Checkmate formulations, seeing small red droplets where the Checkmate has contacted metallic objects.

The questions I ask myself are: What type of chemical, in such small doses, causes such profound harm? Why does a chemical claimed to be harmless to humans by the EPA, the CDFA and Governor Schwarzenegger have a significant and severe effect on the female reproductive system?

Microcapsules = Microwarfare

The aerial application of Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F is designed out of the concept of miniature plastic sphere-like particles, generally the same size as the width of a human hair. They are called microcapsules. Each capsule is a biologically "loaded gun" due to its own chemical make-up and that of the pheromones held inside. Research indicates that the capsules are likely made out of a urea-formaldehyde polymer, the industry standard. This is an extremely volatile plastic which, under UV rays, degrades over a time period estimated to be anywhere from 30-70 days. These "agricultural" microcapsules have never been tested safe for humans. Thus, the life of these microcapsules inside our bodies is truly unknown as are the health risks of inhaling or swallowing them. Preliminary research on the microcapsules have revealed that they are made of a new technology, and that the large capsules are made up of a cluster of smaller 3-4 micron size capsules - a size of capsule that can be deadly to humans over the long term.

Many of the chemicals used to make the Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F products have been deemed harmful for human consumption, like butelated hydroxyl tolune (BHT). For example: on the label for BHT it says (in big letters) "Do not inhale this product. Dangerous to respiratory health." The symptoms documented by Monterey County residents can be directly correlated to the warning labels of BHT, and several other chemicals. BHT, is also known as DBPC, a dangerous pesticide known to cause sterility in men. Recently, Dole Food Company lost a lawsuit in which Nicaraguan Banana farmers were exposed to DBPC. In pending lawsuits, thousands of South American Farmers are claiming that they were harmed by exposure to DBPC.

Within these microcapsules is an endocrine disrupter which attaches itself to estrogen receptors and forces the activation and constant production of estrogen to occur in the human body. This happens for men, women and children. This chemical is called 2 hydroxy 4n octyloxybenzophenone. The warnings surrounding the exposure to this toxic chemical can be directly correlated to the documented symptoms of women living within the spray zone in Monterey County. These are health concerns which CANNOT be overlooked or swept under the carpet. The entire state of California and its residents are at risk for severe short term reactions to this aerial spraying. The projected long term effects of exposure to Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F are unknown, undocumented and until now - not even a thought in the minds of those who are authorizing the spraying, and manufacturing the chemical.

In addition to the horrible documented health effects of coming into contact with Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F, there is a great chance that it will not even prove to be an effective investment. The EPA's own documents state that such a microcapsule cannot successfully release pheromone, and that "The studies show that only a small proportion of the microcapsules actually release any pheromone or only a portion of the total pheromone loaded into the capsule is capable of ever being released." Science and competent intelligence does not seem to be the methodology of this spray program; in light of such statements made, the technology cannot work.

The EPA masks their "emergency approval" of Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F behind the assertion that the pheromones in the products are safe. They then make the scientific leap and pronounce the entire pesticide is safe to be sprayed on residential neighborhoods, schools and water ways. This arrogant assertion by the CDFA and the EPA comes, again, without ANY LEGITIMATE TESTING. Under the "emergency exemption" (also known as Section 18), regulations allow the EPA to disregard the important 3% of "inert" ingredients. The "emergency exemption" allows this disregard even though many of those ingredients are not even inert, and are actually part of the "active" ingredients. The EPA then reaches the conclusion, "EPA believes use of these pheromone products, including aerial application over residential areas, presents negligible risks to human health and the environment." This is another case of ridiculous, frivolous and blatant disregard for human health by Governor Schwarzenegger, the CDFA and the EPA.

In addition to the aerial application which focuses on the agriculture industry, microcapsules are used in medical and military technology. In medical technology, microcapsules are used to time-release drugs into the body. The medical capsules are made out of a bio-compatible material that the body can easily absorb. In military technology, they can be used for chemical shields, or for experimental "non-lethal" weapons (That means the weapon does not cause immediate death). These thoughts do not leave one with a pleasant taste about how these microcapsules are being used in our neighborhoods and communities.

The over 30 billion microcapsules sprayed over Monterey County last month are not bio-compatible; and yet children are playing in them, dogs are rolling around in them, and people are inhaling them. And the state continues to spray more communities as I write this.

Like pollen, the miniature capsules can float in the air and they can stick to surfaces people touch. Imagine hundreds of synthetic microscopic plastic balls floating in the environment and then entering your nose, mouth, eyes and ears. Is this safe? What happens when those minuscule plastic balls are inhaled? We know what happens. They get lodged in your lungs, you cough profusely to expel them, and you go into respiratory distress. Some Monterey County residents report asthma attacks increasing, others report coughing so hard and for such long durations that they cough up blood. One healthy adult male in the sprayed Salinas area, who jogs five miles daily, now has developed asthma since the last two aerial sprays. For the first time in his life, he must use an inhaler to help him breathe. The local doctor he sees is out of inhaler samples, he's given them all away.

These and other serious side effects associated with the aerial application of Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F are being captured by citizen groups daily. Local doctors are refusing to document that their patients' symptoms have any relation to the aerial spraying. One doctor even told his patient (who was very ill from the spraying) that he would have to consult with this lawyer before discussing the matter further. An attorney representing the CDFA declared to a judge in Monterey County superior court during a hearing where a local environmental organization was suing the CDFA to stop the aerial spraying, that the CDFA has no intention on monitoring or following up on any of the health concerns or complaints that have been or will be filed in association with this aerial application. This is another blatant disregard for the health and well being of citizens. The CDFA can pay $3.5 million dollars to spray the residents of Monterey County, but cannot and will not spend a penny to assure citizens and residents that their health is of consequence to this program. This is repulsive! This is a crime!

Cities Are the Targets!

If you examine the CDFA reports ( you will see the cause for grave alarm. The LBAM aerial spraying program does not target agricultural fields with this agricultural technology, but rather targets mostly residential and urban areas that are great distances from crops and fields.

It does not take a rocket scientist to connect the dots:

1) A biochemical never tested before is being sprayed on cities and not agriculture.

2) The chemical has never been tested on moths, animals, or humans for safety or efficacy.

3) An emergency exemption is used for a moth which is not dangerous to humans; nor does it cause significant crop damage, especially in California's warm climate regions.

4) Minute doses of the chemical causes reproductive effects on women, and likely men.

5) Some of the chemical ingredients have no material safety data sheets regarding human exposure, and samples of the pesticide have never been independently scrutinized except by the EPA.

6) The majority of the funding of this project comes from the USDA and Commodity Credit Corporation funds, these funds are managed by George W. Bush appointees.

7) Plans are being put in place to continue aerial spraying over other populated portions of California, including San Mateo, San Francisco, Oakland, and many regions in Southern California. The moth has a peculiar habit of living in cities.

8) The spray plan does not include all the moth finds, but rather mostly moth finds in cities. For a spray plan to work to control these insects, a buffer zone should be created around all the moths; such that none escape the spray, but this is not what is being done.

9) People who have been sprayed feel significantly impacted, physically and emotionally.

10) People who understand the situation respond to it, as if they are being attacked.

11) Preliminary research shows the microcapsule particles to be of a dangerous size.

12) Microcapsules are used to deliver drugs deep into the human body.

For me, I felt like the airplanes spraying chemicals were attacking my very right to exist and be here. What do you conclude?

Is the Government Negligent, Or Sinister?

The urgent question that I must bring your attention to, is this: Is the government just the biggest, dumbest entity on the planet; where they haphazardly declare an emergency, which this is not one, and then over eagerly dose whole cities with untested chemicals?


Is what we are experiencing part of a sinister plan to poison (or worse) a large populace, who more and more, is choosing an alternative and chemical free lifestyle? It is unclear how much the government is aware of this plan, but it is clear that the government goes out of their way to deny and hide all serious reported health claims.

These may be scary questions to consider or you may find them amusing and absurd. But if you lived in the spray zone and experienced what we have, you might be asking yourself the same questions too.

It is likely that both of these statements are true, that the government is acting in a negligent, and sinister way.

A Time for Mourning

Even if we do not know for sure the intention of the aerial spray, we must begin to acknowledge the great human tragedy that is now playing out before us.

Over 200,000 fellow residents of California, USA, are being exposed, needlessly, to biologically active time-release chemicals. Pregnant women, infants, and the sick will be the most effected, because we know that even the most minute dose of the chemical can find its way into fetuses and affect them, and can find its way into human breast milk. These residents are being exposed to chemicals against their will. Some of them have had to rush to the emergency room for treatment. Others, like myself, have literally fled to protect their lives. Many businesses are and will be devastated as owners decide to move out if their business is affected. Many children's hopes will be dashed when their parents decide to leave the area and the only homes they've ever known, and many sick and elderly people will be torn from their own homes to avoid becoming gravely ill.

There is a war happening right here, on our own soil; as citizens try desperately to assert their right to survive, to exist, and to do so without this obscene government intrusion.

Today is a day to mourn. A day to mourn the ignorance and the violence perpetuated on our own soil. Today is a day to acknowledge the profound and sad fact that our government seems hell bent on turning this world into a war zone. Today is a day to mourn for the children whose growing bodies are being affected by this spray and for the countless people who were not even informed about what the spray means or when it will take place. Today is a day to mourn the liars in the government, who use our tax money to test chemicals on the public and then use our money, again, to pay lawyers to defend their negligent actions in court case after court case.

Today is not a good day, but a day when we are being called upon to surrender our greater reality that includes all of our feelings and experiences, good ones and bad ones. We must look now on what we have become as a nation, and what we have allowed to happen.

I sincerely believe that only through looking at the outer and inner experience and through accepting our own feelings, can we find a way to both make peace within and to take effectual action in the world to stop this violence once and for all.

The Earth is in mourning. She wants to protect her children from harm so badly.

Recent Checkmate Aerial Spray Research Confirms Its Harm

A recently released study about Checkmate LBAM-F by the Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory at
The University of California, Davis confirms the danger of this aerial application. The authors state on page three that, "the microcapsules ranged in size from approximately 10 microns to 190 microns.."

Microcapsules circa the 10 micron size range fall under the category of "particle pollution" according to the American Lung Association (ALA). On the ALA's website they state, ""Particle pollution, called particulate matter or PM, is a combination of fine solids and aerosols that are suspended in the air we breathe... The ones of most concern are small enough to lodge deep in the lungs where they can do serious damage. They are measured in microns. The largest of concern are 10 microns in diameter."

Particle pollution has well documented short and long term health effects, including: death from respiratory and cardiovascular causes, including strokes; inflammation of lung tissue in young, healthy adults; increased severity of asthma attacks in children; slowed lung function growth in children and teenagers; significant damage to the small airways of the lungs; and increased risk of dying from lung cancer. Children under 18 and adults over the age of 65 will be the ones most harmed by this chemical assault.

A Call to Action

Aerial application of chemicals, whether supposed safe or not, violates the very roots of our democracy and the free will of the people of the United States of America. What choices will residents of this democracy have left if they choose to not be sprayed with potentially deadly chemicals and are then denied that right? If you continue to stand by and let this happen, do you think your city and your county will be immune from the next senseless government incursion? Now there are court cases and legal presidents being set, which our government can use, to justify further hostile actions against its own people.

You cannot continue to sit around and think that you will not be affected by the actions that our government is taking today. You must act because the people here need your help. Every action you take has the potential to help. Your friends and family need you. Your country needs you. This world needs everyone of you to stand up and say loudly and clearly that you have had enough and you will not take this governmental bullying anymore!

Here are suggestions for action:

Call Governor Schwarzenegger who supports the biochemical aerial spraying that harms children and tell his staffers that you order the Governor to immediately halt the spraying.
(916) 445-2841 2841 (press #1, #5, #0)
Fax: (916) 445-4633

See my related story: (

Call your local senator and congressional representative. And I encourage you to call these California Senators. Federal offices will say that this is a state matter. You tell them that this LBAM eradication plan is funded by the USDA and that this is certainly a federal problem.

(Both California US Government Senators have been sitting on the fence, even though a congressional investigation as to why the USDA and EPA are so eager to spray chemicals on people, in plain violation of their own laws, is called for.)

Senator Diane Feinstein
San Fransisco Office - (415) 393-0707

Senator Barbara Boxer
San Fransisco Office - (415) 403-0100

Democracy Now!
They want to here our stories,

Send them this link with this article, or post a summary of this article to their e-mail.

The American Civil Liberties Union
The ACLU is a pioneer in human and civil rights, yet they claim that this is an environmental issue. Think again, this is a human rights issue, let them know (

The Sierra Club
They should be suing to stop this but rather have laid back in their support, claiming that pheromones are a safer alternatives than insecticides according to the information they are receiving from the EPA. Think Again, pheromones in microcapsules, never tested before on animals or people, could be deadly. The Sierra Club is being intentionally misled into supporting a substance that they know very little about.
Let them know your opinion. National Headquarters 415-977-5500

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
They are a lead environmental organization who usually has a fabulous track record in fighting against such atrocities as spraying chemicals. However, they have been ardent supporters of pheromone use, stating that the pheromone is safe because the EPA says it is better than traditional pesticides. Note that we were also told that they have not done ANY independent research into the toxic side effects of pheromones and do not have the resources to have their own scientists do any testing. Basically they are taking the EPA and USDA's word that it is safe, even though there are no tests available to show that it is safe or effective.

Call them and let them know how you feel. And ask them why they aren't doing their own tests.
National Headquarters Telephone: (212) 727-2700
Or the San Francisco, CA Office: (415) 875-6100

Personal Action
Talk to your friends about this and other government abuses.

If you can provide us legal, scientific, medical or other expert support contact the author of this article immediately.

Write Articles relating to this topic or to human rights in the United States.

Alert national and international media organizations, use your personal contacts to help the cause; spread this article.

Feel your feelings, let your feelings be present.

Pray, Meditate, Dance, Dream, Act for peace.

Boycott Roll International, owner of Suterra the maker's of Checkmate
Companies include: Fiji Water, Paramount Farms, Paramount Citrus, POM Wonderful, The Franklin Mint, and Teleflora

Some of Checkmate's Published Ingredients:

Here are three published Checkmate ingredients, of particular concern, which have been and will continue to be sprayed upon humans and their environment.

Butylated hydroxytoluene

The Material Saftey Data Sheet States:
"Mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells. Mutagenic for bacteria and/or yeast" "The substance may be toxic to blood, liver, central nervous system(CNS). Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substances can produce target organs damage."

Tricaprylmethyammonimum chloride

There is no information or documentation about this substance or how chronic exposure to it can effect human health. That means we cannot be certain that even small doses are safe.


This is a Xenochemical that binds to estrogen receptors not just in animals, but in humans. In other words, even in small doses, it signals people's bodies to take a specific biological action. Even small doses could affect hormonal functions by causing the constant production of estrogen. Prolonged exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals is the cause of breast cancer.

Legal Cases

Helping Our Peninsula's Environment sued for a restraining order to stop aerial spraying in Monterey and lost because the disputed Checkmate ingredient was not in the EPA's documents; even though the pesticide manufacturer, Suterra, reported that they did use the disputed ingredient in the manufacture of Checkmate. The lawsuit included a document by a former EPA chemist showing how such an aerial spray program is dangerous to both humans and the environment. The lawsuit continues. Text of HOPE's lawsuit is at (

The City and County of Santa Cruz voted to sue the California Department of Food and Agriculture, they too lost their request for a restraining order of the spray, even with a rock-solid case which stated that the county could not perform its functions; such as school, police, protect, and administer the city while aerial spraying continued. They too did not get a restraining order, as their case continues. You can read the court case here

A group of local residents filed suit in Federal Court and also did not get a restraining order, but did get a November 21st, 2007 Federal Court date to have their case more fully considered. Please consider attending this monumental hearing as citizens will stand and defend their civil liberties and right to a healthy life. Docket #0705587


Telling you this truth, about this atrocity, is my prayer and hope for peace.

I leave you with part of this press release by a strong opponent to the aerial spraying, California State Senator John Laird.

"Of greatest concern to me is the notion that speculative economic impacts may be outweighing the need to protect human health. In Monterey County there are reports of more than 200 health complaints associated with aerial spraying. Yet, to date there is no evidence that reports have been analyzed, and a promised 'white paper' on the toxicological data on the pheromone product and the health complaints taken as a whole has not been released. In fact, in his October 26th letter to me, CDFA Secretary Kawamura indicated there are no plans to either study long term effects of the spraying or conduct an epidemiological analysis of the complaints CDFA has received.

In light of the unresolved health complaints and unanswered scientific questions, the "precautionary principle" should serve as a guide. It has been described as a political and moral principle that says if an action or policy could harm the public or the environment, the burden of proof falls on the proponent of the action -- rather than on the public.

It was determined in Superior Court that the County of Santa Cruz failed to meet the burden of proof required to obtain a temporary restraining order against the state. However, in the court of public opinion, the burden of proof ought to be on CDFA to prove LBAM-F and OLR-F are safe prior to spraying it on residential populations monthly for an open-ended period of time."


Further information and research about the Light Brown Apple Moth Aerial Spray program is available at: Hope For Truth

About the author

Rami Nagel is a father who cares about the way we affect each other, our children, and our planet through our lifestyle choices. His health background is in hands-on energy healing, Hatha & Bhakti yoga and the Pathwork.
Rami is author of several health resources: - Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition! - Learn the Cause and Prevention of the Diseases of Pregnancy and Childhood - A Program for Preconception Health based on Indigenous Wisdom - The cause of disease and the end of suffering of humanity.