Monday, May 7, 2007

Corporate Media Censor Ron Paul's Debate Success

Establishment press ignore massive popular approval for Texas Congressman in every poll, ABC only add Paul to poll list after furious complaints
Prison Planet May 7, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson
Ron Paul won the debate hands down - all the polls show it - but the establishment media are loathe to report it, because if a tree falls in the forest and the corporate press choose not to report on it then it doesn't make a sound.
After several days of voting, the online MSNBC poll has Ron Paul leading in every single positive category , proving that the vast majority think he won the debate. In an ABC News poll, well over 7,000 voted for the Congressman with Giuliani and Romney receiving a paltry 100 votes each. In a CSPAN poll , 69% voted for Ron Paul, with his nearest contender garnering just 9% of the vote.
Many would attribute this to be a reflection of focused online activism rather than overall national opinion, but the fact is that Paul was way ahead of the other candidates in the hours after the debate ended and before the polls had been widely publicized by websites supportive of the Texas Congressman.
This tells us that the American people are crying out for a real conservative and Ron Paul would be a serious contender for the White House if the media afforded him equal coverage with the likes of Romney, McCain and Giuliani.
However, as Alex Wallenwein points out in his article , the establishment media completely ignored public sentiment and handed the victory to either McCain or Romney, barely even mentioning Ron Paul's sterling performance and popular approval.

link to debate

Highlights package of all Ron Paul's answers from Thursday night's debate.
"Unsurprisingly, not a single report of the actual political news story of the decade, namely, that a virtually unknown “dark horse” beats even the media favorite Romney handily - and utterly crushes the rest of the field," writes Wallenwein. The headlines seen from a Google News search using the keyword “debate”, at the time of this writing show only this: “John McCain Wins First GOP Debate” (Fox News) “Who Won the First GOP Presidential Debate? (Answer provided in article: “Mitt Romney” - National Review Online) "Republican Presidential Debate Gives No Clue on GOP Leader in Race” (Axcess News) Apparently the Axcess News editors don't have a clue - unlike actual debate viewers. A news search for the keywords “won debate” reveals this: “Noonan, Pundits: Romney Won Debate” (NewsMax) "Giuliani Wary of Repeal of Roe” (Washington Times)
Readers tell us that ABC didn't even include Ron Paul on their original list and his name was only added to the poll after furious calls to ABC's head office. This website also claims that comments on ABC's message boards expressing outrage at the fact that Paul had been censored were soon deleted.
Even the usually much vaunted Keith Olbermann and his MSNBC co-host Chris Matthews ignored Ron Paul's clear anti-war stance in claiming that none of the Republican candidates opposed the occupation of Iraq.
As if we needed a reminder, the aftermath of the GOP debate has taught us that the path to the Oval office is off-limits to any candidate who is not bought and paid for by special interests and the corporate media. Barely a handful of pre-approved identikit lackeys are selected and lavished with dominant media coverage while anyone who stands for real issues or offers a viable alternative is shunned and censored.
Ron Paul's message of getting government out of our personal lives, destroying the IRS and returning to a founding father foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements is clearly evergreen and craved for by a huge chunk of informed, engaged and active American citizens.
Trust in mainstream media has rapidly eroded for the best part of a decade and their credibility is shot. We need to continue to use the Internet to create synergy with the burning desire of the people to restore constitutional values and ensure that the corporate press can censor Ron Paul no more, save they expose the fact that they are complicit in completely undermining the democratic process in America.