Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Police State Takeover Of Schools

Conditioning the kids for their future on the global plantation | July 24, 2007
Steve Watson
Schools have become hi-tech prisons. Children all across America and the UK are being conditioned to accept that they are not free and that they must submit to draconian laws and measures for their own safety. Soon enough children will not even know what it is like to act as a private individual within society. Don't believe this? Read on.

All over the United States and Britain children are increasingly being subjected to measures that wouldn't look out of place in maximum security prisons.

Everyday we post reports from mainstream news sources documenting this disturbing trend.

Today The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that schools across America are banning backpacks that are made of non see-through materials .

If students walking between classes want to use a backpack, it must be made of clear plastic or mesh so its contents can be seen at a glance. Cloth backpacks can be carried into the school in the morning but must be stored in lockers.

So the students should all now feel much safer due to the fact that they can all see each other's personal items right? Wrong.

The move has unleashed a torrent of protest from some Wissahickon students, who say high schools are coming to resemble "prisons or police states," in the words of one. Brandon Hemmen, a senior, said the clear bags will make it easy for thieves who already rip off students every day. And "bags will get mixed up; we'll have to use name tags," he added. "This is wrong. They can't take all our freedoms away."

A second item today comes from Security tech website Security Park which reports that Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania is to deliver the convenience and security of contactless payments by cell phone to students and the faculty.

Beginning in July, Slippery Rock University's 8,500 students, faculty and staff will receive a new official campus ID card and a separate contactless token designed for use with their mobile phones.

Using either the card or the phone, they will be able to make payments at on-campus locations as well as participating merchants in the surrounding community....

The new mobile phone tokens incorporate the same standards-based contactless technology (ISO 14443) used worldwide by MasterCard, Visa and leading card issuers in the payment and identity sectors.

Good, prepare the kids first and then bring in the cashless society nationwide, with an ID card of course, which you will need to be able to buy and sell. We have long warned of the dangers of a cashless society putting total control into the hands of state regulated and private corporations and the break down of basic freedoms that it encompasses.

Still don't feel there is anything to worry about in schools?

Do a google search on the word "school", you will be confronted with literally hundreds and hundreds of news articles from the past few years that detail the police state takeover of schools all over the US and throughout the UK.

There are far too many to mention, however, a quick overview of linked headlines follows.

Fingerprinting, Iris Recognition and biometric hand scanners in schools

Children as young as five to be fingerprinted in schools

High school in Irvine drops plan to scan fingerprints

Children tricked into giving fingerprints... by headmaster

Iris recognition added to school security

Hand scanners to keep tabs on students at Boca middle school

Cameras in school halls, school bathrooms and school buses

School puts CCTV in toliets to beat bullies

More Cameras Used In School Bathrooms

Big Brother To Monitor High Schools

U.S. schools resort to security cameras

School buses may get spy cams

Cameras let police peer down high school halls

Kids Being Conditioned To Big Brother and Police State

RFID tracking devices, microchips and GPS tracking devices for students

Mandatory Student ID Cards Contain RFIDs

Privacy Advocate Feels Student Radio Tracking System Sets Bad Precedent

Buffalo children tracked by plastic cards with embedded RFID microchips

School district considers GPS tracking for buses

School daypack features satellite tracking

Armed police raids, sniffer dogs, use of tasers, handcuffs, and other police state measures in schools

Schools may use spray to trace kids' drug use

Drug dogs could be checking schools

Officer Shows Up To School Because Of 8-Year-Old's Overdue Books

Students handcuffed at elementary school

5-year-old is handcuffed at school

Fall River police handcuff 7-year-old outside his elementary school No homework Tell it to the judge

Tasers in schools trigger disputes

St. Paul police add Tasers to school patrols

Taser Used To Break Up School Fight

Officer's Taser is used on girl, 9

Police used Taser gun to subdue 6-year-old student wielding piece of glass

School official asks police to stop Tasers

Armed Men Terrorize School

Goose Creek Police tape prompts questions on school raid

Little cop lesson: Students participate in mock raid

Fla. Student Shot by SWAT Team Member

School District Demands Biometric Data From Parents In Return Parents Get Access To Children

School Says Police, Social Services Will Snatch Kids Of Late Parents

These are not isolated incidents, I could have posted hundreds under each category.

Our Schools and institutes of higher education are now total breeding grounds for the big brother police state. Kids are conditioned from day one to accept surveillance and draconian security policies as the norm.

The youth are being indoctrinated to accept the fact that they must swipe or be scanned to have access to buildings or books. In schools it is now normal to be chipped, tagged, tracked, traced and filmed by cameras at all times, while having all items on their person in clear view to everyone.

There is also a dangerous precedent being set whereby kids are made to feel important if they carry a card or a chip. They can gain access to places other people cannot go, open doors electronically and have the use of superior resources. In actual fact the technology given to them merely tracks their every move and is nothing more than a form of control.

By the time students leave education and move into the wider world, encountering surveillance technology everywhere, they are completely unfazed and totally conditioned to it.

In even more alarming circumstances armed SWAT teams are busting into lessons for children barely out of Kindergarten in "mock" raids while parents are having to give their biometric data in order to pick their children up from school, if they are not late that is, in which case the CPS may already have grabbed the kids .

Do you know what big brother measures are already in place in your child's school? Are you a teacher in a school that has been overrun by Orwellian technology? It is clearly up to parents and teachers to do something about this if not for the sake of their own freedom then for the freedom of their children.