Monday, February 25, 2008

Charles Galton Darwin - The Next Million Years

"The next million years" Charles's own 10 children all died, two of them in a mental hospital; and then his wife died. She was a Wedgwood. He then married his mother's sister, who was a Wedgwood; and his father, of course, married a Wedgwood; and his grandfather married a Wedgwood. They were already practicing this inbreeding program to try and regain what they thought was their intellect. They believed that's why they had that cunningness, that power of insight. However, in fact, when psychiatrists study it, what they're looking at are really the rationalizations of the psychopath. The Evolution THEORY came from Charles Darwin then was reiterated by his grandson Charles Galton Darwin and was publicized tremendously from getting funding by the elite to justify that the elite is more evolved then the us so they can kill us off its really part of a religion and Eugenics plan which basically originated form Hinduism. The Darwin's were high ranking FREEMASON and PSYCHOPATHS just like all the the elite and into interbreeding like the elite to keep certain traits in the family (selective breeding) we have a white coated priesthood that thinks nothing of taking animals, bashing them on the head with all kinds of gizmos and then reading their brainwaves to see how it affects them. Well why don't they try it with the scientists and maybe knock some sense into them and they use people as well as guinea pigs all the time, all the time. For years through the start of television back in the '50s they were giving you the medical dramas right away to holify, make it holy, the doctors and the nurses and hospital and the science you see of medicine and in no time at all they started in Britain and in other countries where they had national healthcare systems whipping out your tonsils and your adenoids and it became routine to children who are not old enough to understand anything; generally four or five and the excuse they gave again first through drama and then through reality to the public the excuse they gave was "well these appendages well you don't need them anymore you see. We use to be apes and we use to walk around with our heads pointing towards the ground and when we stand up that's why your sinuses get infected then your tonsils get it as well." So we'll just whip these off and same with your appendix; these vestiges of when you were an ape you see and this is taught as fact even though the Darwinian theory has never been proven. A theory is a guess. That's what it means. It's a guess and it only becomes a scientific theory when a bunch of scientists have consensus that that guess might be right. That's all. So your guess is as good as anybody else's. Make a few on all these topics. You'd be surprised what you might find out. We live in a Malthusian world. If you want to go into population control from the bigwigs themselves you can start at least -- it's not the first one but you can start with Thomas Malthus with his "Essay on Population" because Malthus was an economist who worked not just for the British government and for the first big corporations like the East India Company, he talked to governments of all European countries on how to keep the populations in check and he came out with fantastic graphs of how Europe was so overpopulated back in the 1700s and again by the use of pseudoscience and graphs and things he convinced them all that they'd have to reduce the populations because by a hundred years time we'd be crawling over each other like ants and proposed different methods of getting rid of mainly the poor and this is a big part of the old and the "new eugenics program." It's the same ongoing thing. It's had many names. Now it's called "bioethics". Sounds much gentler, fuzzy and nice but Malthus went through the usual spiel about the fittest have the right to survive. Again, all tied around the Darwinian period and remember that Charles Darwin was not the first one to write on this "survival of the fittest." His grandfather actually put a book out long before him before they were all high Freemasons and he talked about putting the poor in England and other countries into special housing units which they would locate in unhealthy areas like swamplands where disease would breed.He also advocated "the poor houses." Now the poor houses in the typical dialectical fashion to one group of people it would seem, well that's not so bad. They're putting up big buildings for the poor unfortunates who's -- the widows and their children who've been left without a husband. He's died in the mills or whatever or he was worked to death in the mines. So they put them in the work houses where to the charitable mind those far removed from the situation would think, "well that's good. That's nice and that's charitable." But Malthus had advocated the setup of these poor houses where they would be fed the worst kind and a minimal type of food and he even had it spaced down to the bed spacing which would be just rugs on the floor, so many feet apart; enough for fleas carrying typhus and other diseases to cross between one person and the next. It was a place to kill off the poor and the average length of existence for a mother and children going in there for life expectancy was maybe five months. So there's your two sides of what sounds like a charitable organization done for other reasons completely. That's the kind of world that existed before and it's far more sophisticated today.