Monday, May 17, 2010

Hindu-Persian Edom's Pride and Punishment


1- The LORD God gave Obadiah a message about Edom,
and this is what we heard:
"I, the LORD, have sent a messenger
with orders for the nations to attack Edom."

2- The LORD said to Edom: I will make you the weakest
and most despised nation.

3- You live in a mountain fortress,
because your pride makes you feel safe from attack,
but you are mistaken.

4- I will still bring you down,
even if you fly higher than an eagle
or nest among the stars.
I, the LORD, have spoken!

5- If thieves break in at night, they steal only what they want.
And people who harvest grapes
always leave some unpicked.
But, Edom, you are doomed!

6- Everything you treasure most will be taken from you.

7- Your allies can't be trusted.
They will force you out of your own country.
Your best friends will trick and trap you,
even before you know it.

8- Edom, when this happens, I, the LORD,
will destroy all your marvelous wisdom.

9- Warriors from the city of Teman will be terrified,
and you descendants of Esau will be wiped out.