Monday, June 28, 2010

Time was not, for it lay asleep in the infinite bosom of Duration.

Is Lionel Wallace brave enough to turn his back on the world he knows for a better life? HG Wells' tale, read by Anton Lesser. Whats the difference between victims of circumstance, trapped in lives they didn't ask for, and masters of choice, leading lives they can change at? Victims are helpless and Masters aren't. Choice is an enchanted blade, with an edge that shapes lifetimes. Yet if we're afraid to choose anything but what we've got, what good is choice? Might as well leave choice wrapped up in its box, don't bother to read the instructions. Even though you do everything that everyone expects you to do: you're a law-abiding citizen, you're the perfect husband and father, you vote, you give to charity, you're kind to animals. You live what they expect and you die and so what. because you never chose your life you never asked for change, you never asked what you loved and you never found it, you never hurled yourself into the world that mattered most to you, never fought dragons that you thought could eat you up, never inched yourself out on cliff-sides clinging by the tips of your skill a thousand feet over destruction because your life was there and you had to bring it home from terror! Choice! Choose what you love and chase it at top speed.

A diligent policeman discovers how a multi-millionaire businessman beats his rivals. Peter F Hamilton's tale read by Sam Dale. CELLULAR MEMORY INTUITION is the mind going back in time. Ultimate reality can be apprehended by analyzing the cipher keywords used by the rational part of the mind, ie: OPEN SESAME (THE FRIENDS 'SIMA SEESAW'), and breaking through the barriers to your unconscious id's instinctual intuition. Enlightenment about the nature of ultimate reality comes not by simple rational examination alone but in combination with your intuition. Left brain is CAIN, the builder, who resides in the brain. Right brain is ABEL, the artist, who resides in the spine. When both work as a team they achieve perfect speed. Abel never dies--he, the Id, only goes into the closet and hides itself from public view. Creation had intended Cain and Abel to be fully integrated, and thus, openly visible to all. Secret societies are for control freaks who lack any serious sense of self worth. Members give up their unit of political power in exchange for instant gratification....Security and Sovereignty or Sex and a Sandwich.

Astronaut, Jack Westermark, is the only survivor from a mission to Mars but is a changed man.