Wednesday, October 20, 2010


What is this place? It all depends on how much you want to know! Our lives are ruled by the C(L)OCK. The NEWS on the HOUR every HOUR so the Masses RELY on the LIARS to tell the LIES and keep them in ILLUSION. The Turkey Vulture Media! Observe and Analyze(anna lies) the symbolic significance of the Turkey Vulture; the RED head represents PERsia at the head of it all, leading the way for the rest of the BLACK BODY which are the (ignite)IGNorANT masses lost in darkness and the VULTURE part, we all know that by now. Turkey is what used to be known as the (automan~boeing) Ottoman empire. They speak with forked tongues(boasting they have the wisdom), the WORDS they use to persuade us which virtually invite us to reflect on them with the PROGRAM they have given us and we often end up believing the OPPOSITE of what they say. The power of the WRITTEN and SPOKEN WORD stirs up arguments and makes divisions.

The Lyre is one of the oldest forms of stringed instruments. The Greeks had a tradition that Mercury formed the lyre out of the shell of a tortoise(links to the OLD ONES); but as a matter of fact, we must seek for its birthplace in Asia, and to infer its introduction into Greece through Thrace or Lydia. The Egyptians also had a tradition that the lyre was first invented in their country, but they seem to have adopted it from Assyria or Babylonia. The Egyptian lyre is unmistakably SEMITIC. The lyre, unlike the lute, cannot be stopped by the fingers and its sounds be thereby multiplied; and as the numbers of its sounds can be no greater than the number of the strings, since the introduction of the modern musical scale it has fallen into disuse.


The Lyre bird is a kind of bird of which the best known species is a native of New South Wales, where it is generally called the lyre pheasant. A bird about the size of a pheasant, it frequents the sparsely wooded country in New South Wales, but retreats from the more inhabited districts, being extremely shy and hard to approach. It is the largest of all song birds and has the rare power of imitating the songs of other birds and the sounds of other animals. The tail of the male bird has twelve long, splendid feathers and two exterior feathers curved like the sides of an ancient lyre.

The winged messenger, god of commerce, patron SAINT OF THIEVES, gamblers, and those who DECEIVE through SWIFTNESS. The day Mercury was born he invented the mean lyre/liar; by that evening he had stolen the cattle of Apollo. He would scour the world, assuming whatever form he desired. Like the liquid metal named after him, he embodies the elusive, the UNGRASPABLE - the power of FORMLESSNESS.

Plato mentioned in his "Republic"(The BEE-HIVE hand-guide) that music had to be controlled by the system because it had a strong influence on the minds of the youth. Just look at the music industry today. Listen to the LYRICS (Liar I See)to all the popular songs and see for yourself. The Pythagoreans likened a just and well-ordered society to a well-tuned lyre. While each note retains its individuality, all are proportionally linked together in a larger whole to form a musical scale, and all are interdependent in terms of their reliance on one another. (See Plato, Republic 443 D–444). Justice is present in any well-functioning organism, society—and also the soul.