Sunday, January 2, 2011

G.E. Malt Men(gemalt)

The Knights of Malta, were a military and religious order of the middle ages. They were also called the Knights of St. John and knights of Rhodes(rodent), and belonged to what were known as Ho.spit.alers in the Catholic church, who were devoted to the care of the poor and sick. The order was founded about 1048 in a hospital built at Jerusalem and dedicated to the Natsi John the Baptist. The order gradually became a military one, sworn the GUARD the Holy Sepulcher or the Sacred Tomb, in Arabic called Al-Qeyamah, which means the Resurrection(reincarnation through genetic engineering) and to war against unbelievers.

Today the keys to the basilica are in the hands of a prominent Palestinian Muslim family. Their last stronghold in Palestine was at Acre, which they yielded after a terrible siege by the ruler of Egypt and sailed to Cyprus in 1291. In the 12th century the order was divided into 8 divisions, called LANGUAGES. After the capture of Rhodes and some neighboring islands by the knights in 1310, they carried on from it a successful war with the Turks for more than two hundred years.

Sultan So(l)yman took Rhodes from them in 1523 and they retired to Crete. In 1530 they received Malta as a gift from Charles V., which they yielded to the French Basque in 1798. After the reformation they declined in importance, and most of their lands were confiscated by the different European states. There are two or three branches of the order still existing and two modern associations, one of which, the English Knights of St. John, was the principal founder of the Red Cross Society(interchanging~mixing~transferring from place to DNA).

The badge of the knights of Malta was an EIGHT pointed cross of WHITE, edged with GO(L)D, called the Maltese(Mal.Tease~Bad Joke~tease also means to pull; to haul; to tear) cross, and their motto was "Pro fide" (for the faith), and later was added "Pro utilitate hominum" (for the good of man). What right do they have to say they know what is good for man?

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean, 58 miles south of Sicily. It is 17 1/2 miles long and about 8 broad, and covers 95 square miles. It belongs to Great Britain, and is strongly fortified. It is the headquarters of the British Mediterranean fleet, and the chief coaling station for the British vessels. There are several good harbors, and numerous odd caverns hollowed out by the sea, some of them quite large. The Maltese are said to be a sober, industrious people, fond of their home, called by them the "FLOWER OF THE WORLD." Their language is a dialect of Arabic with a mixture of Italian, though the higher classes speak English and Italian. Under the Romans it was famous for its cotton cloth, HONEY and ROSES.

MALT[anglo-saxon. meltan, to melt, cook] Barley, or other grain, steeped in water till it germinates, and then dried in kiln. It is used in brewing. v. [ED; ING] to make into malt. To become malt.

MALTMAN - a man whose occupation is to make malt. MA(L)STER- a maltman. MASTER

MAL-TREAT - To treat ill; to abuse.

F.Y.I. :
MAL is also an anglo-saxon word meaning MOLE.