Monday, July 18, 2011




Santeria 1000 – 50

Ministers Jason Kenney and Vic Toews confirm creator’s plan to destroy the populations of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of planet Earth.

Under the letterhead of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, ministerial agents used the opportunity of returning Glen and Jennifer Kealey’s sponsorship application (signed agreement), implying “at this time” they could not match it up with a visa allowing Jennifer immigration status in Canada.

It took them a year-plus-a-day from the date of Glen and Jennifer’s wedding in Merrickville, Ontario to put their refusal down on paper and return our application. They signed it off with “Officer Santeria 1000 – 50”

Because 2062 is the planned shutdown date for the Northern Hemisphere, the Ministers are declaring their involvement in Ecclesiastic freemasonry’s plan to shut down the Human Race in favor of a new slave race they have styled “A – MEN”

Ecclesiastic freemasonry has announced a conclave led by Pope Benedict XVI to be held in October 2011, at Assisi, Italy, to ratify this plan.

Obviously Jason Kenney and Vic Toews were the senior politicians being alluded to by the head of CSIS a short while ago. He had suggested then that important politicians in Canada were secret agents of a foreign power. The power he was referring to is Pre Ice Age Ecclesiastic Freemasonry, the Voodoo (Coprolite) religion of Northwest Africa.

May CREATION have mercy on all our souls (DNA)

A session of the court of LAST DNA RECOMBINATION is scheduled to hear this matter in the not too distant future. This SIXTH DIMENSION case, “THE LOO AT THE SOO” is scheduled to be heard then and there.

For further information on what is about to occur in the 50 year window remaining to the Northern Hemisphere, please contact:

Glen Kealey, NORDAN Chairman/Hairman/Airman
At the following number: 1… (613)…258…2893