Monday, August 1, 2011


The readers of this post should know that I was told by CBSA FLUNKIE badge #16182 on July 22, 2011, that I need “sufficient funds” to be able to visit my husband for 2 days a week, “Say…500.00 dollars per day times, say 30 days so that if something happens to you and you need medical intervention, you will not be a burden on our system…”

WHY are the rules different for me? This is a requirement placed upon those who are considered “landed” in Canada. I am not at that point, and this is why: I have been prevented from moving forward with this process by being served an exclusion order. My husband and myself have put up with a year of having our mail held by USPS in the US, Canada Customs and Canada Post for weeks at a time, when we only live approximately 30 miles from each other across the border, and have been trying to fulfill the information required to move forward with this application.

My husband’s and my sponsorship application was mailed back to him for the 4th time on June 22, 2011 and not received by him until July 22, 2011; per the June 24th phone call (that was recorded by CIC Canada) that my husband had with “Ralph”, ID # 3645, who also told my husband that a letter of explanation for the return of the signed sponsorship form and paperwork would accompany this as well as the name of the new agent within CIC Canada that this was being “assigned” to. Instead, my husband received the application back WITHOUT the name of an agent and NO EXPLANATION. CIC has, though, kept the $550.00 dollar bank deposit from the Royal Bank of Canada. So, CBSA stole items out of my car at Emerson July 4th, 2010, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada has stolen $550.00 from my husband and my self.

Now, the UNKNOWN VISITOR in the Canadian Government has yet again placed another barrier in the way to keep me from going HOME to Canada to be with my husband whom I love and respect.

Because “Valkyries” and their FLUNKIES actually run government departments in Canada, they, not the minister control what is happening in each department by culling the mail, diverting telephone calls, and stealing files, goods and money from citizens attempting to get services.

The inside joke exchanged between civil servants are always about how the minister is styled “THE UNKNOWN VISITOR” Ministers ALL seem to be too busy honoring their foreign controllers to pay any attention to the running of their departments.

Jennifer Kealey