Friday, January 13, 2012


Meet Jennifer Ann Kealey (formerly known as Arizona

Wilder, and Jennifer Nagel-Greene) and hear her story.

PS: This offer is being temporarily limited to WOMEN 40 years

of age or older. Younger women, or other genetically and socially

modified WEEMIN, need not apply …yet.

My wife, Jennifer, is still being detained and unemployed as a

political prisoner of the Grey Nuns (a New World Order) and of

the Mennonite, Vic Toews (pronounced AVE as “virgin birth” –

Vic Taves), the current minister of Public Safety Canada (Home

Land Security). Normally, Jennifer would by now be employed

as a senior Registered Nurse (DON), were it not for a Canadian

Border Guard exclusion/seclusion to Ogdensburg, New York.

A ridiculous “ransom”, amounting to 15/20 thousand dollars, is

being requested by the Canadian Border Guards, with it being

described by them as just a NORMAL “security deposit” for

every weekend visitor to Canada (which as you should know is a

bold face lie designed only to protect their boss, Vic Toews, from

obtaining a much deserved “serial abuse of women” reputation).

Once you donate $2,000 to Jennifer (for her use in meeting this

ransom demand) Jenny will agree to meet with and or speak to

you personally or on the telephone about her life-experience.

Glen EP Kealey, (husband)

National President


PO BOX 774, Kemptville, Ontario, Canada, K0G 1J0