Sunday, April 29, 2012

To Time Warner Inc. et al;

April 29, 2012

Time Warner Inc.                                                 
Time Warner Cable                                                                                      
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023
Glenn A. Britt, Chairman, CEO
Jeffrey Bewkes, Chairman, Time Warner Inc
Time Warner Inc., Board of Directors
Time Warner Cable Board of Directors

To Time Warner Inc. et al;

Closer and Closer…

I have had, since my letter dated April 15, 2012 received by Time Warner, numerous attempted phone calls by Time Warner Cable, as well as having spoken to two employees of Time Warner; one telling me he is the supervisor of the Tier 3 technician who was so rude, as well as another “mid-level” technician based out of Massena, New York, who told me that he had been sent “part” of my letter to Time Warner outlining the problems I was having with my service. I had to tell him that in my letter, I made it very clear that both I and my husband know that the problems being experienced are not from the modem installed, or the wiring inside or outside this residence. As well,”Travis”, the supervisor of the Tier Three technician, told me that, “No Tier Three tech could have told you that there is a signal he did not recognize coming into your modem that is blocking our signal” because I am the supervisor of Tier Three, and Travis and I are the only ones you could have spoken with….”

I suggest that someone is lying, and it isn’t me. Is this the way that Time Warner deals with their customers by assigning staff to lie in order to cover up the truth of what is in fact going on, and others to deny that these things were ever said? If so, this is unethical and unprofessional and speaks to the lack of morals inherent in not just this corporation and its employees, but in other corporations that Canadian Institute for Political Integrity is investigating as well.

In fact, this activity/harassment appears to link Time Warner to ongoing criminal activities that are, as an end result, contributory to the planned “LOO at the SOO”, a mass extermination of millions of people who live around the Great Lakes region by water, the chosen mode of transmission.

Since my first letter was received by Time Warner, (as well as various other entities), of note are recent activities that I now am writing about after telling the Time Warner tech from Massena on April 26, 2012 that I have no need of him coming to my residence to “…check everything to make sure there is no problem; just offering my services…”.

In the last week I took on the assignment of composing and sending a letter to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious, broaching the subject of my treatment after I arrived in Ogdensburg in July 2010 by a member of The Grey Nuns of The Sacred Heart, and asking the questions: Was my treatment representative of nuns in general? Has the role of nuns changed since their inception from that of helping people to helping themselves?

I am now experiencing a recurrence of my phone and computer being shut down at very specific instances directly related to the subject and topic of conversations my husband and I are having about this subject of nuns. Why would this be? My computer now goes offline and my phone now disconnects ONLY while we are talking about this subject.

Some theories that we are considering are; Since Time Warner’s motto is “The Power of You”, there appears to be a link to St. Marguerite d’Youville, founder of The Grey Nuns of The Sacred Heart Inc.

Further, there appears to be a link to Yu the Great, (2200 – 2100 BC) who after his father Gun, further developed a system of canals, dikes, and dams in response to flooding problems in China. (He was associated with Three Passes Gorge aka Three Rivers Gorge in China)  He had the knowledge not only to prevent water from flowing, but also to cause water to freely flow into any predetermined area; in Chinese history he is referred to as “Great Yu Controls the Waters”.  Today, the U.S. and Canadian Armies’ Corp. of Engineers are the equivalent of Yu, since they built, maintain, and control the water systems in North America, after the earlier “Founding Fathers” e.g. George Washington in the northeastern U.S. made their contributions.  

Another link that we are pondering is that of the role of Houji (Ji Qi; Qi means “the Abandoned One”; see “Foundling”), a “semi-mythical agricultural master” with whom Yu collaborated in the creation of this system of channels for the control of water (not flood control) in regard to the control system of agriculture (agrarianism- see Blood and Soil). Houji is remembered as the Minister of Agriculture in connection with the Great Flood. Houji was the founder of the Zhou Dynasty, in which the use of iron was first introduced and which resulted in the height of Chinese bronze-ware making. Houji seems to have been the product of a “virgin birth” after his mother stepped in a “Divine Toe-Print”, and after his birth was abandoned (see Amazon’s role in genetically engineered foundlings) and left with animals who cared for him, then by wood-cutters who “placed him on ice”(see genetically engineered male foundlings placed with Neanderthalers).

Recently, on April 23, 2012 I received an email from Bell Canada in response to an email sent by my husband (which he dictated to me over the phone and I sent to Bell Canada). The letter my husband dictated and I sent by email was as follows:

Bell Canada
Board of Directors

Please be aware that as a customer of Bell Canada, I do not have, nor do I intend to have access to the internet since the day I cancelled Simpatico for continuous lousy service. This email is being sent to you via my wife's access to Time-Warner in Ogdensburg, New York, USA. Should at any time in the future you decide to charge me for a paper bill, I will likewise cancel a corresponding amount from the services I now purchase from Bell Canada. Please advise ahead of time so that I may act in time with your "policy driven theft".

Glen Kealey
(613) 258-2893
and (613) 258-0015

The response received from Bell Canada into my email, which per the insistence of Time Warner’s “official” stance is that any conversations and correspondence I have on the phone are “private” and that “There is no technology that can do what you are talking about”:



Thank you for contacting eContact service.


I would like to inform you that we are not the right department in 

charge regarding billing. Should you have any concern regarding your 

bill, please do contact our billing department directly at 310-2355.



Thank you,


Divine Grace

Bell eContact Centre


Chat with us!


This quick and efficient service lets you chat with a Bell 

representative Monday - Friday from 8 am - 12 am! 


Check us out at - Click on Telephones & Phone 

Service and look for the online chat button to start chatting right 



For those who might have missed it, I point out that the name signed to this email is “Divine Grace.”

“Divine Grace” is a reference to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and specifically while pregnant with him; at least this is the story fed to the public. In reality, “Divine Grace” is the reference to the “Little Man (Manitoba’s Golden Boy)” inside Mary, a WEEMIN.

The Bell Canada contact phone number for Ontario, 310- 2355, is another item of interest. “310” is the area code of southern California that I was living in. The birth date assigned to me was February 23, 1955.

One need not look further for clues as to who is behind this hacking scheme, than by lifting up and looking under Ma Bell’s skirt. Also, the term “Mother Nature” and “ACT OF GOD” simply refers to those people in Asia (media) who created the “RUSE” in the name “Je-Rus-A-lem”. At the time this word was first coined “Alem” was the capitol of the country in Persia called “Media”. I guess that links Time Warner to Warner Brothers and Senator Warner, retired (Knight of The Order of The British Empire), and the entire media of Hollywood.

The investigation continues……

Jennifer and Glen Kealey
The Nordan Sculptors