Sunday, May 27, 2012



RCMP National Headquarters                                                                        May 25, 2012
Headquarters Building
73 Leikin Drive
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0R2                             Attention: Special Federal Investigations Unit

To Whom It May Concern;

My name is Jennifer Ann Kealey. I have been forced to reside in Ogdensburg, New York since July 9, 2010, after I was served an illegal and apparently “doctored” exclusion order at the Emerson POE on July 4, 2010. The reason I was coming to Canada was to see my husband one last time as a visitor and drop off a number of items for my daughter’s hoped for future visit; then we together would find out and begin the process for him to sponsor me as his wife as well as his and a fellow boarder’s caregiver.

My husband had discussed with me beforehand that I would need to find a place to live near the border in the U.S. for this process and we had discussed Ogdensburg, New York, as he felt this was the best place for me to be during the time.

At the border I found myself instead being put through an inquisition; my cell phone was removed from my person, my purse and wallet were taken from me and anything I had written down for my own information was taken and reinterpreted by the CBSA bullies who then began to insist that I intended to make an illegal entry into Canada and actually had a U Haul full of personal items following me after, and that they had spoken to “family members” who had affirmed this. They searched my car and took an ink cartridge from my printer. I was called a “liar” and told “We don’t want your kind here….we only want people coming into Canada with the highest of morals…” I was bullied and humiliated by them. They were yelling at me and one of the males stood not 10 inches from me and put his face into mine while he “lectured” me with a raised voice in front of other people in the office. At that time he began to insist to me that my plan to meet my daughter was a false story and that they had talked to a family member who told them so, obviously taking advantage of my shock and confusion.

Nobody in this POE called my husband to ask if what I told them was true or not. I had presented my marriage certificate to them. Why did not a single one of them call my husband, my legal next of kin? If in fact they really had called my family, the story they would have gotten would be far from the truth, as I was not at that time and continuing to the present, on speaking terms with them. As I was in the process of last minute plans to leave southern California, my husband was alerted by Canadian Institute for Political Integrity investigators that one of my sisters, the trustee of the family fund, was planning to have me detained and put on a conservatorship in California because of the amount of funds in this trust and the control of the funds. I was further alerted at that time that “millions of dollars” were involved.

I left there shaken and in tears. I called my husband; he directed me to head for Ogdensburg.

When I arrived, I had to find a place to live, make my legal name change due to marriage, as I had not had time to do this beforehand. I also had to make legal changes of address for my vehicle, car insurance, credit cards, drivers license, and apply for a state of New York RN license. I applied at the time for unemployment insurance from the state of California and was informed that I was eligible to receive this due to the fact that because of marriage I had to relocate, therefore needing to leave my employment.

I was told at Emerson POE that I wanted to “Get into Canada to take advantage because Canada was such a desirable place to live…”

My position as a director of nursing in southern California was a highly desirable position with a great family owned “5 star rated” long term care facility. I was treated very well, and was very well paid. I had constant calls from corporate “head-hunters” wanting me to interview for D.O.N. positions in southern California. I knew upon leaving my employ that I would never have such an opportunity again. The reasons stated to me at Emerson, of wanting to “take advantage” of the system, are laughable. As far as I am concerned, Canada’s geriatric system is in need of an overhaul, according to the many problems I read about in your news-online papers. I would be an asset to that field; instead I am being kept out of Canada.

This brings up the point of my sending all of this material to the RCMP. Why am I being kept out? Because Vic Toews, Public Safety minister, placed into this position at the beginning of 2010 by Stephen Harper, and upon consulting with Doug Finley, Brian Mulroney, and Bob Rae et al, has every reason to keep me out of Canada.

I grew up in the Nagel family after being brought across the border into the US from Canada as a newborn. Canada’s own Wilder Penfield, Neurosurgeon extraordinaire of McGill University was the author of this plan carried out. For Wilder Penfield’s “memory research” purposes I was subjected to lifelong trauma; repeated sexual abuse throughout my childhood, teen years and adulthood perpetrated by my so-called father and others involved in “pre-Ice Age Ecclesiastic Voodoo aka Satanic Ritual Abuse.

“Others” were political and corporate figures who are initiated into a “completed status” through their attendance at these rituals. Among the attendees was Vic Toews, who attended as an “Unknown Visitor”, a title of honor, given to one who is to direct specific rituals. Vic Toews is known to me for a special ritual as well, as “The Drinker of Blood”.
In these rituals of which I was an unwilling victim (as well as others) he sexually assaulted me and raped me. There were gatherings afterwards at a home, depending upon the area and ritual, at which time I was taken to a room were he sexually assaulted and raped me. These incidents were not once or twice; they were numerous and over a span of years. He did whatever he wanted because he was not in Canada and political, corporate and important “up-and coming” figures were protected. Of course, these rituals/ “sessions” are taped. Records are always kept. Vic Toews was cruel and sadistic to me in “private sessions”; he told me at one point that one day he would kill me in a ritual sacrifice as an honor bestowed upon himself. He could not say these things during rituals.

When I first attempted to cross the border, I did not know he was the Public Safety minister. I did not even associate the name when I saw it. But the first time I saw his face on TV and realized that he is the Public Safety minister of Canada, I had a horrific realization of the real reason I am being kept out of Canada. As I waited at the Prescott POE the second time I asked to cross to visit my husband, I secretly feared for my physical safety while there. I wondered if I would be safe in Canada were I allowed to cross the border, but because I miss my husband I tried to again legally access that process.

I now know the reasons for my file being “lost” and “unavailable” at CIC Immigration. I see very clearly that Vic Toews is the “Russell Williams” of the Canadian government. I see that he is being protected and his activities are known to some there, who appear to either fear him or may be involved in something that he blackmails them for to obtain their cooperation.

I hear it spoken of that his “personal life” is being violated. I am not talking here about his “personal life”, but his “criminal life”, a subject which has not come up anywhere. If you follow up on what I am telling you about, you will find that this leads to another even more heinous as yet to be committed crime of which he is intimately committed to and involved in: “The LOO at The SOO” as it is known to insiders. It is the plan to break the walls of Lake Superior through man-made artificially induced means, causing the mass extermination of millions in the areas around the Great Lakes. It is a plan devised by the Mennonites of Manitoba and Germany Titled “Blood and Soil” to be carried out by the peasant soldiers who carry their long guns firearms with no registration. Should I be allowed to enter Canada, my husband and I will make ourselves available to any RCMP interviewers with a background in cryptography.

Foreign sleeper cells have infiltrated Canada as children by means of entry from shipyards located along the Saint Lawrence Seaway and from” birthing” monasteries located along the Canada-USA border. These “sleeper cells” now occupy important positions at the top and bottom of the government system, getting foreign aid to reach their positions through politics and human resources departments. Even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been infiltrated by sleeper cells assisted by long-term employees employed within your Human Resources department. They operate under the code name “pink cows”.

Many years ago I was given the message “Water is the Mode of Transmission” (logged in one of my journals) unknown to me at the time as the “key” that opened the door of understanding for myself, my husband, and CIPI investigators that the very same people involved in the horrific pre-Ice Age Ecclesiastic Rituals were the same people planning “The LOO at The SOO” as part of the destruction of the northern hemisphere.

I now pass on this information to you and await your timely response, as I will again attempt to cross the Prescott POE on the date of June 8, 2012, and may need your protection from the “SEATED” border guards..


Jennifer Ann Kealey           PO Box 1152
1019 East David St. #B       Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Ogdensburg,NY 13669

The USPS tracking # for this letter and documents is: EI 418342562 US.
How quickly/slowly will it reach the Royal Canadian Mounted Police once assisted by Canada Customs and Canada Post?