Sunday, May 22, 2016

Investigate The Investigators

Investigate The Investigators

                                                FILE REFERENCE #2531016-0019

                                                OIPRD #E-201512251830007968

Who will now investigate the Ontario Provincial Standards Bureau Bureaucrats; those who were reportedly hired to independently investigate the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) and instead drove " the getaway cars" used by their in-home agency during this marinating exercise? -see misprision of treason, (C.C.C. Criminal Code of Canada).

Pineal Court Investigators have concluded that the so-called evidence used by the above mentioned bureaucrats in this case does not correspond with the video and audio recordings which they (The Cell) had produced as real live evidence collected during, beforehand and after the arrest and kidnapping of Jennifer Kealey. The Court has therefore issued "Eternal Warrants" for all CBSA and OPP criminals involved, along with warrants for all cover-up specialist agencies, both Federal and Provincial.

                              ETERNITY IS A LONG, LONG TIME...............................

Glen Kealey