Monday, March 8, 2021

A Different Point of View

“ Life is all about a point of view. A point of view basically means what it says. Here on the property over the last summer I did certain things on the front field.
Two of those things I did involved digging holes that are six feet deep. One half filled with rocks the other one nothing in the hole. When people come here and they look at what I've done from the street point of view you can't see them. I go out and I speak to them and I said stand here and watch me. What I want you to see and tell me if it's possible. I can walk across the fence and remain within the boundaries of this field that you see the fence all around and disappear. They say okay let's see. I walk around and I go in the field and all of a sudden, I jump in a hole which they didn't even know was there from the point of view of the street. I come back out and I jump in the other hole. Then I go back out to the street and I say because your point of view is right here, you don't know what is going on over there because you don't even know it exists until you see me jump in the hole.

If you were raised up on a ladder or coming in on a helicopter you would see me in the hole that's only because you then would have a different point of view. Now if you walk with me to the gate and you look passed the gate, you'll see a bunch of chairs. The first thing you'll notice and you'll tell me is why do you have chairs in the middle when there's nobody to sit in them. I tell them that's your point of view. The real point of view is best explained to you by the question, what is the most important part of a book? Not its cover, because you see that clearly. Not it's letters, you see them clearly. Not its chapters, you see them clearly. Not its paragraphs, you see them clearly. Not its words and sentences, you see them clearly. What you don't have as a point of view is the things you call empty spaces.

Yet they are not empty. I'm a typographer by trade or by schooling and I can tell you every space is full. In the old days you used to assemble in a gadget called a California Job Case, letters and put them together to make words. The type was backwards so that when you printed it on paper it would come right side up. However, every time there was a space you had to put a block of pipe in there that had no face on it and therefore would not print. Today with electronic printing what you have to do is put a code there that says don't see anything here.

But if you are like me and you have a different point of view because you've seen it from a different place then know that there's no such thing as an empty space. There's a space but it ain’t empty. I'm telling you there are chairs there and they're not empty. You can't see them because that's your point of view. In reality they are occupied at any moment in time by non-living entities that used to live on earth. They need for you to grasp that concept if you are to survive. How you survive once you've changed your point of view from being used to seeing only humans and not seeing what they call holy ghost.

Or the part of you that I'm looking at right now and I look at a human being. What I see is the DNA, what I don't see is the electromagnetism part of you that turns you on when you wake up. Allows you to move all of the switches that allow you to breathe, pull in the oxygen, pump your heart. All of those switches of which there are billions in a human body are operational in you alive today but is operational when you are no longer living. That part of you walks away. In the same manner as I dug a hole and disappeared down a hole. You have to remember that there are ingredients that make up the DNA.

But there are ingredients that you can see and ingredients that you can't see. There are six chemicals that have to be around to make life life. You don't see them but it doesn't mean that they're not there. Oxygen, hydrogen, you know all of those things are there but you can't see them because you are told in a clear and concise manner what you're missing when you only believe with your eyes see. There is a more important set of eyes than the eyes you have in your head that look out the front above your nose. There are the eyes of the brain which is the pineal gland that stores all the things you've seen and memorizes that material inside your brain while you live. 

It walks out of you when you're no longer living. I don't like to use the term “die” anymore. It just moved on. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be converted to a different purpose. The purpose right now is to save our ass before they do us all in. The people who are doing us all in once they've completed their job; they will be done in because they were greedy and stupid enough to believe that the gang that controls the world from outside your point of view are not going to need them anymore. Until we can get enough people to see what has occurred, understand and overstand a different point of view we're all in danger.” -Glen Kealey