Friday, March 27, 2009

1215 A.D.

By: The Sculptor

Year of Illusion

The Vatican Bank was in the process of organizing its international banking network (along the lines of the modern day American Express) when it launched the nine Christian Crusades. It wanted to take control of the continent away from the growing influence of the Muslim ABBA Caliphate infidels of the Middle East. Crusades were used to get the existing secular leaders out of their countries while Freemasons took political control of all non-religious tax collection activities.

The Knights Templars a "rich kid" Order of international banker priests, was set up as a network from England to Palestine. They operated in great secrecy and security, out of the confines of their fortified abbey banks. These Templars had been established on a pretext of the need to protect "pilgrims", as they travelled on route to pray in Jerusalem. Their true purpose was to provide both bed and breakfast, along with the local banking services, to the wealthy international free traders of Europe.

In the year 1215 it was decided to create a very public diversion to attract attention to place far away, while the Vatican bank in Rome setup the most draconian controls instituted since the demise of the Roman Empire. The British Magna-Charta, which created an illusion for the ordinary people that common law based democracy had been enacted, was orchestrated by mason in England.

Freemasonry's coders would later drop the letter H from the CHARTA which turned it into CARTA. This was a secret signal to the degrees Freemasons (to of 45 to 90 degrees) that common law would no longer be connected to Freemasonry, or supported by them. Meanwhile, bankers who controlled the Vatican passed two laws for Christians that would solidify their control over most of Europe, control more powerful than anything the standing armies could possibly have achieved militarily.

The first law created an obligation for Catholics to attend CONFESSION at least once a year, on the penalty of eternal damnation in hell should fail to do so. It also defined a number of "personal behavior sins" which musy be confessed annually to a priest. Secondly, the sacrament of MARRIAGE was instituted under church law. It transferred power away from a 12/1 Clan based, matriarchal, support structure, thereby creating a weaker, untenable system of personal control which they called FAMILY.

No other laws have more drastically changed the world than these two awful laws working together. "To-get-her" they combine to destroy any chance women or original peoples had at survival. To-get-her these laws reinvigorated the Gay predators' Ecclesiastic/Troglodyte "WAR ON WOMEN".

PS: Freemasonry codes suggest that Confession is "con-female-to be-Sion"

Glen Kealey: Issue 16