Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Sat B'Hai" Underground Tunnels

The Reinhard Gehlen "Max Network" and the Rand Organization dug the famous Berlin Tunnel. They became good at digging tunnels. Reportedly, there are over 130 NWO underground bases which have been constructed by the Rockefeller-Gehlen-Mason-Greenland-Trog-NATO connection.

The Rand Corporation, in cooperation with Los Alamos, is reportedly (by Nazi-Nwo investigators) heavily involved in the construction of tunnels interconnecting these underground basic cities using thermal-nuclear "boring" technology which cracks and melts rocks and earth into incandescence and presses the liquid rock (cement) unto the walls of the new tunnel where it cools as the nuclear "drill" moves through the earth, eliminating any waste matter. Today, the most advanced nuclear drills can reportedly excavate a tunnel at a rate of (5) miles per hour.

Example: Drilling speed 0f 5 miles per hour.

24*5=120 miles per day.

120*365=43,000 miles per year.

43,000*10=439,000 miles per decade

438,000* 10=4,380,000 miles in a 100 years