Sunday, March 29, 2009

Freemasonry is organized religion's Conspiracy Theory

There are two great crimes in our society: having a functioning brain, and using it.

This is especially true if one has concluded that Freemasonry's big G stands for GRAFTING a.k.a. Generative principle. Detecting the symbolism of Father Time as he takes a cutting (a sion) from the virgin's hair in order to determine her DNA structure is enough to get you into serious trouble with the predator priests who control the 57 secret degrees of Freemasonry.

The "I AM" priests whom we call Jesuits, believe that women are irrelevant in the context of coming space exploration and that's why they're helping Masonry to create hermaphrodites. Your "Pa" will be you "Ma" if these men who wear dresses in public get their way.

Jesuits control the illusion side of Freemasonry. They create the seven veils in language, veils which are clearly defined in the New Testament. The word NEW, once deciphered, means "grafting, the plan for 2nd creation". It means The other word is TESTAMENT. It means "teaching the plan's way - ie: MA is a 10". Movies also create illusion. Along with George C. Raft acting the part of Al Cap(st)one, the first big crime boss of Chicago, Raft also played a vital role as the real life Caliph of Hollywood California. Movies about gangsters who operated openly in Chicago served a secret purpose which was not easliy understood by the majority. As the movie Midnight Express kept people away from Turkey, gangster movies kept many honest people from moving to Chicago. This what allowed Masons to operate more freely in the Second City.

Chicago is the home of the Rockefeller Foundation. It is also the headquarters of the coming "Food Cartel. Water diversion fromthe Great Lakes to the Mississippi built by the U.S. Marines' Engineering Corps, guarantees the constant supply of fresh water to the east side of the North American food basket. What is now required is a second matching stream of fresh water dowb the western edge of North America's "big farm". And thats where former Prime Minister Brian Mulrony comes back into our lives. As a director od ADM he is directing the construction of the Great Canal. When completed in 2015, the new canal can move fresh water fro British Columbia and Manitoba, through Alberta and Saskatchewan and be diverted south to Colorado, Nevada and Arizona. A food cartel is Masonry's capstone.

This also explains the emphasis being placed, by Hollywood, on rigged gambling and other criminal activities that are being highlighted in movies such as Casino. It reminds us of Steven Spielberg, the premier hollywood shape shifter, who first introduced us to a new bisexed male gender, the HERMAPHRODITE, in a flick he was instructed to title "Close encounters of a third kind"

Kealey Paper *Issue 17* January to May, 2000