Saturday, March 28, 2009

"The whole world is a stage", but ....

I won't bee!

In a stage play all players are characters. At least that's we're told on the public Playbill. Have you ever asked yourself why the word playbill contains the words play and bill? In Freemasonry's codes the characters or letters mean "to play the part of a sick bee". Similarly, have you ever asked yourself, or anyone else for that matter, "why are our dollar bills and debts called bills, thereby also linking them to sick bees"? It's beecause they are both established mechanisms of "bee control".

If you have ever felt either the inclination or had the time to look more closely at the words that you use every day would soon conclude as we did and as Shakespeare once said, that "all the world's a stage" and you're in the play.

Without our knowledge or consent both you and I have been programmed by our so called "caregivers", to spend our entire lives playing the part of frightened or sick bees.

If you have any doubts left at all take a look at the word "alphabet" and at its 26/27 "characters". The letter "t" at the end of the word means teaching or transmitting. Then, it's the letters b & c which mean the "bee cause", or more precisely,the cause of bees. And finally, at the beginning of th word you will find the characters that spell alpha. They mean - the connected and androgynous hermaphrodite male. He is the son of a Mason who naively prepares himself to function as a Queen in Freemasonry's Omega.

I'm sorry to bee the one to have ro break this news to you so late in life my friends, but you've bee-n had. Your only remaining comfort is to know that "you're not alone". Its happened to evryone that is, beecaus we've all been programmed to use any one of the world's 6,000 langauges. They are Masonry traps. The English lanauge is just the latest perfected creation of the ancient Freemasonn coders. It's their masterpiece, their work of art. Now, "the mark of the bee" is in your voice box.

And, just like with any other addict, cannot bee cured of hs/her bad habit beecause she/he won't admit to it, you likewise , can never bee cured of your bee programming as long as you refuse to admit that you've also been had.

Unless you face this possibility head on by taking at least one long and serious new look around you and then, join or support those of us who are clued in to this little known fact, sorry, but you soon will be a "dead duck....bill". So far, beecause you have accepted your role as a bee in this play called life you have wasted your entire time here on earth.

Whether you choose to beelieve us or not, by our telling you this terrible news, it is the only way left to us to try and help you. Nothing else seems to have gotten through to you and it's the final way we have left - sharing "Tough Love"!

The Kealey Paper *Issue 17* January to May,2000