Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zoroastrian Freemasonry for the Conspiracy Challenged

by Glen Kealey

Masons were originally the slaves who worked underground at enlarging caves, all the way from Ethiopia to Mount Ararat, at Lake Van, in what is today's southeast Turkey. Freemasons, were those Masons who were released from the menial work of carving stone and assigned the human engineering task of creating a New World Order; on behalf of the Mandan Troglodytes, the world's original priesthood (men who dress as women).

These freed Masons (now called Caucasians) exited the caves at about 12,000 B.C., on either side of Mt. Ararat; north in Iberia (Georgia-Russia) and south at Lake Van (Armenia-Turkey). For the sake of brevity let us say that they were divided into three main groups -- the largest of which is called the Hittites. The other two were Horites and Ishmailites. To create "Order out of Chaos" all three were first instructed to act in a way as would enemies (armies from Armenia), by fighting with each other.

Later, once the plan for "The End Times" was set in stone (about 6,000 B.C.) they were brought together into a common religion, or confederacy, which we now know as Zoroastrian (Zarathustrian, in Greek) Freemasonry, of Persia. Secretly, the now united Confederacy set out to populate the planet with "aboriginals", Horites (Phoenician/Sea Peoples) dropped them off at diverse locations around the world.

These "original peoples" were then given common stories (myths) by which they could be identified through their etymology at a later date, ie: Jack-in-the-beanstalk, Cinderella, Snow White etc..

Hittite origin is documented in the long genealogical record of the Bible's book of Chronicles (it is their current Open Source Coding referrence manual); a mine of historic treasure. The list is but partially concealed. It contains all the great Hittite names of the ancient world, from 4004 B.C. to the birth of "Jaques", who is the symbolic leader of western Freemasonry.

The letters J&A in Jaques, clearly state that they are QUES (cues or clues). The letter J being a stand-in, or replacement, for the letters U or Y and U being "plan 11" for the '-' "2 in 1".
Hittites constitute the substratum of all "historical" civilizations. The Turanian (Turkistan) element that came into prominence in the days of the EgyPTian Hycsos (Shepherd Kings were Hittites) that underlay the culture of the empires on the Tigris and Euphrates, that preceded Israel's occupancy of Palestine, that filled Syria and Asia Minor, that gave Greece her mythology and sacred rites, and, overflowing into Illyria (Austria), Italy, Spain and Britain, bore the Iberic and Pictish name (ie: pictograms), now only recognizable in the BasQUES (BA are also clues) of the Pyrenees; that element on which the Persian Cyrus built his first Aryan empire, and which, volcano-like, broke forth in Parthian (Iranian) days, that preceded the Brahman (it means 2 in 1) of northern India, that in early days of Christian centuries, traversed Turkistan and peopled the Siberian wastes, that for two centuries turned China into Cathay, and that still occupies Korea and the islands of Japan; that Turanian (2nd Iran ...Rain) element driven by adverse fortune, crossed the Northern Pacific into the New World, that reproduced the mounds of European Scythia (Ukraine), of Syria and the Caucasus, of India and Siberia, on the level prairies and the alluvium of rivers from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico, that founded the empires of Mexico and Peru, and that today lives on in many an Indian tribe from the frozen north, to the southern land of fire, IS THE HITTITE.

Now, that was a mouthfull!
The Zuzim (ZZ Top) are the senior branch of the Hittite clan. They are the gate-keepers of "the mountain-door". They brought forth the instructions that defined the current 4000 languages of the world, beginning with Khitan according to the laws of numerical and phonetic change (Phoenicians were the Horites and English is their "Master's Peace"). If anak in Hittite meant a palm tree (#1 - the tree that brings life), it would therefore be a fitting designation for these men of lofty stature in whose presence the Mosad, CIA, KGB and other spies of the money-changers are as grasshoppers (ass hoppers). That Canaan became the land of milk and honey ("bi"-the-way Canada is the second Canaan), or, in other words, a region of grass and flowers (flow - ers here is in the context of rain, pour, flow, creek etc.), was no doubt due largely to the labours of the Hittite pioneers, who caused even such a desert as Palmyra (Palestine) to blossom as a ROSE (rose, rise, as in Levant "a little child shall lead them", ie: Harry PoTTer).

Finally, the first and only religion ever of the Hittites is premised on a step-by-step concePT (their bisexual pets, ie: artificially intelligent male Hermaphrodites who are to be achieved through a business plan called "time unlimited"; and which, to this day, remains their supreme deity, the unknown superior of all dualist Zarvanite Zoroastrians. (That's why they had added the letters US to the end of many Greek and Latin words, such as they now use in both the acronym USA and the name of Uncle Sam, USAMA bin Laden).