Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scottish Rite Freemasonry

Scotism, or the doctrine of Voluntarism was promoted by Joaness Dun Scotus, a Franciscan scholar who emphasized the power of efficacy of the individual will.

Francis Bacon added a system of reasoning (whereby facts are arrived at by a process of observation and verified by experimentation) that cleared the way for the schools of modern science.

Bacon was followed by Thomas Hobbes who held mathematics to be the only exact science and thought to be essentially a mathematical process.

Hobbes laid special stress upon the significance of words declaring understanding to be the faculty of perceiving the relationship between words and the objects (or numbers) for which they stand.

Scotus, Bacon and Hobbes established
Post-Reformation, modern, philosophies-

Humanism, Rationalism, Political Philosophy, Empiricism, Moralism Idealism, Realism, Phenomenalism, Behaviorism and Neo-Realism.

O - OF

The conspirators "business plan"

Eyes they have and see not;

ears they have and hear not;

for both eyes and ears are taken possession of by the sights and sounds of another age.

Step by step mankind moves around its circumscribed circle of knowledge, science constantly correcting its mistakes, and readjusting on the following day the erroneous theories of the preceding one.