Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can one be a Freemason and not know it?

It's easy to know if you're a Freemason if three guys showed up at your door one fine day and asked you a series of questions which you answered in the affirmative. The most important of these was "Do you believe in God?" Then, if you are a male and if you are invited to join the Lodge and were initiated, you positively know that you are a "brother" in good standing in the world's oldest secret society. But what if non of this occurred. Can you still be a Mason and not know it?

The answer is a resounding YES! If you've ever been baptized or in any other way "inducted into any one of the world's vast network of organized religion; if you've been a member of a recognized political party; if you've been an officer in the military; or if you belonged to a "service club" such as the Lion's, Kiwanis. Rotary, Oddfellows, Kinsmen, St. Jean de Batiste, Knights of Columbus, etc then, YES, without knowing it, you are in fact a ranking member of Freemasory.

As such you are granted certain "privileges" that really belong to all of us. Also, Freemasonry will "employ" you, that is, include you in their "ploy". Their "banks" will then direct a certain flow of money in your direction, just as the banks of a river are made to direct, or rather, to re-direct the normal flow of water to properties (those with properties) belonging to Freemasons or to their cause.

Why is this you ask? Because, they say.

I repeat, because it is in fact the Bee-cause, the cause of Bees. Bees don't cause Freemasons any trouble. Nice bees accept Freemasonry's Gods as their savior and that's solidarity. Afterall, don't just believe me, read it for yourself in Freemasonry's "Authorized Version" of the Bible, known as the King James Bible, in Matthew 5,verse 9:

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall bee called the children of God."

Obviously, to be a "bee" is the just cause which is being referred to next, in verse 10, as "reightousnesse sake" (see the real meaning of "esse" - it means, "to be").

Note the SS. It means "to shift the shape" by diverting water, money war, famine, pestilence, disease, or some other form od education to, or away from, a particular country, site or person".

Glen Kealey:Issue 16