Sunday, March 29, 2009

Father Time's German Rosicrucian and French Jesuitic

Masonry's War on Women

Today, German alchemical and French alphabetical creative sources control the actions of English speaking Freemasons around the world. German chemistry is symbolized by the first column of Freemasonry. It's called Jachim. The second column, or pillar, is called Boaz. It relates to the French Jesuits' role in creating the English alphabet - English speakers are taught letters from A to Z.

Germany (any germ) was chosen as the first European sit ti be assigned the task of establishing Freemasonry's chemical/pharmaceutical department. The Bauer family, currently known as the Rothschild, immigrated to Germany from their home in Turkey to lead this division in 1750. International finance is their visible activity. Finance is one cover that veils their true intent. The Bauer are the original founders of the pharmaceutical empire controlled by a transnational company called Bayer. Replacing the letter "U" with the letter "Y" in their original names alludes to "grafting", in both series of the word; Eugenics being their principal assignment.

France's role was to create Company of Jesus. From the cover of this Society they created the modern English language from which most of the Bible's allegories were fabricated. Francis Bacon's role cannot be underestimated during the construction of the King James 1 - Authorized Version of the English Bible. Neither can one dismiss the evidence of his particpation in the works of Will-I-am Shakespeare (Shakespere).

Neither should that of the Sufis, whose role as peddlers of hashish in the Middle East be overlooked, any more than should the Black Robes role in spreading both alcohol and disease to original peoples in America, or again, their participation in the Opium Wars on China.

The letters "chin" which are derived from the Freemason pillar called Jachim also create an interesting link to the two saint Johns. The German spelling of John is Joachim. These four letters are also the root of the name China as well as, of the industrial age technology founded on machines. Machines first appeared in Scotland, a country with very special ties to France and Germany, not to mention Freemasonry.

Anyone who pretends not understand, or disbelieves the preponderance of evidence which undoubtedly constitutes proof of what and who "created the mess we're now in" has been programmed beyond reason, or else, is ridiculously naive or an outright liar.

Kealey Papers *Issue 17* January to May,2000