Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Daddy Bush Makes Skull and Bones Pilgrimage

Former President guest of honor at secret society death cult
Prison Planet | December 18, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

An 83-year-old George H. W. Bush apparently made what could be his last pilgrimage to Skull and Bones over the weekend when he purportedly paid a visit to the tomb and rekindled his loyalty with the secret society death cult for the first time in nearly 10 years.

Skull and Bones is a secret society based at Yale University which recruits just fifteen members a year. The vast majority of its members have gone on to occupy positions of high power and influence.

The practices of Bonesmen have been scoffed at by the establishment as frat boy tomfoolery for decades but robbing graves, kissing skulls, masturbating in coffins and performing mock sacrifices is exactly the kind of behavior you'd expect from an Ed Gein or Charlie Manson, and not the people with their finger on the nuclear button.

Bush was in New Haven this weekend to pick up an award but according to eyewitnesses who saw special furniture and tables being unloaded outside the tomb, he was also likely guest of honor for Skull and Bones.

"Famously absent from Boner bashes in recent years (last appearance we can confirm was in 1998), all signs point to the 83-year-old Bush Sr. as guest of honor at the Bones' latest homoerotic leather-daddy Satan-worship, or ritualized flag-burning, or whatever strange and magical things they do in those windowless buildings on High Street. Obviously, the Bonesmen declined to comment on this story," reports Ivygate.com .

Skull and Bones came back into focus during the 2004 presidential election when both Kerry and Bush were coy about discussing their membership of the group. Members are told that even talking about Skull and Bones is a cardinal sin and many have been known to immediately leave the room when the subject is raised.

A 2001 ABC News report featured footage from a Skull and Bones initiation ritual performed inside the courtyard of the tomb and showed members running around screaming, kissing skulls and performing mock sacrifices.

Of course it was all dismissed as harmless fun but I'm sure there are many who would have reservations about letting people who masturbate in coffins baby sit their children, never mind shape the destiny of the world.

Of course the fact that future world leaders like to dress up like Klan members, letting fly blood-curdling screams as they slash imaginary victims' throats before kissing skulls and the fact that those same future world leaders then preside over the deaths of untold millions in brutal wars is nothing to worry about and we should all just forget about it and get back to watching America's Got Talent