Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Psychiatry - An Industry of Death

Look at Dr. Phil, the magician. The magician who comes on like a superstar and everybody howls and screams as he comes on the stage and he sort of walks in that stiff way of his and he solves everybody's problems in an hour on TV that is. It's not real. It's not real and look at all the backup staff to do all the investigations for ordinary stuff and yah de yah de yah to make you think the man is going sort it out. And what is sorting it all about? Well he's trying to make a couple fit in to a preexisting system where we expect through movies et cetera to have a happy ending. So when a couple are breaking up and no matter what's happening the idea is to keep them together and keep the misery going on forever and ever and believe you me that's the worst thing you could possibly do but that's what psychiatry's function is. Psychiatry and psychiatrists that when the patient comes in suffering from whatever he's suffering from you medicate them and all the rest of it. They don't do so much psychotherapy as they use to. They rely mainly on various drugs and so because the stress of modern living, again the floundering on the high seas with no anchors you're cut off from your old culture, your purpose, your direction. And so the psychiatrist's job is to tranquilize you initially to take the fears away through chemicals and then once you're out in society he'll take off all the things that you’re now doing. Are you having sex again? Like are you interested and are you back at work? Are you purchasing things and you listen to this kind of stuff. What your goals are. I want to buy a new car. I want to get another house. So all the things that destroyed you in the system and made you ill, if you're back doing the same things again he'll put you down not as cured, but at least the closest thing to cured you're doing all the right things which are the system's way of taking it off as normal. We're not living in a normal society. The purpose of life for the individual has to be sought out. It actually has to be mimed. It's almost like being a deep sea diver. You have to go down in the depths to find yourself and in the most ancient times to the present and it's been above many temples in old times was "know thyself". That's the first pre-requisition to higher learning. "Know thyself." And the people say, "well I know myself." They don't know themselves at all. They are composites of their indoctrinations. They are composites of the culture they're born into and they system they're born into. It's like many fragments put together. They don't know what motivates them themselves. They totally unaware of external motivations acting upon them