Monday, March 26, 2007


The Oppression of Women is a Stupid Myth
I've been thinking it was high time I stirred up a scandal.
A day or so ago, I posted a
response to a Centcom agent's comment on Digg, and linked to it, to show everyone the way you're supposed to deal with the bastards. In response to the Centcom agent calling me a 'liberal who is supposed to defend the rights of women to dress how they want', I said:

This "freeing" of "oppressed women" and the like is a concept so haughty and self-righteous as to make Lord Rothschild himself blush. What this actually is a campaign of Americanization. Personally, I am sickened to my very core by the way women behave in this country, and strongly support the ideal of a "patriarchal society", where women play the role they were designed by God to play (raising children, which is the most import role of all), rather than the role that a bunch of sycophant social engineers have brainwashed them to believe makes them powerful.
In response to this, a reader said:
While I applaud you for setting this guy straight, I must say I am amazed by what you said about women! While it is extremely important for women to care for and nuture their children, is it not also true that they should be true to themselves have have the freedom to pursue a career instead of being denied that right and enslaved by their husbands? Please sir, you seem to be level-headed, do not disappoint me by continuing to act like a iron-fisted bigot!! Is it not also true that fathers need to take a more nuturing and involved role in their childrens life? Actually it is more disturbing the way that it is socially exceptable for fathers to take a backseat to parenting. Why don't you examine the degridation of the american father, instead of trying to suppress women.
The following is a brief response to this criticism. Before you start reading, fasten your thinking caps.
The Oppression of Women is a Stupid Myth
By Andre
It's certainly a complicated issue, or so we are told, but don't you think the fact that people did the same thing for hundreds of thousands of years (or millions or billions, no one knows or does research), and all of the sudden everything changed and our lives are now domesticated-prison-hell, indicates that the change is all connected, and thus all bad?
I am not one to support severe alterations to what human beings are as a species, and I don't think people are capable of effectively weathering such alterations, especially when they take place at a scientifically calculated rate.
Equal or the same?
So, I shall start out by making clear that I do not see either male or female as lesser or greater. I think to even suggest that someone believes such a thing is retarded. "If you think men and women were obviously designed to play differing, complementary roles in society, you're an iron-fisted bigot" is the likeness of saying "if you're against Israel killing babies, you're a racist." The program dictates that anyone who is against Israel is for some reason somehow racist; there is no logic, no explanation, no questions.
You say "denied their rights and enslaved by their husbands", and that I'm "trying to suppress women". These are unfounded allegations that you've thrown at me because I triggered an emotional response mechanism; that is to say, I did not in any way hint at slavery or suppression, but based on social conditioning (programming) you automatically read these things whenever someone suggests that women should raise children.
Does this make any sense? Is not a woman who screams injustice when told her place is in the home directly implying that to have a 'career' is more noble than to raise children?
It is a scientific fact (as well as apparent upon visual inspection) that men and women are inherently different. Their bodies are designed for different things, and their minds and emotions are as well. There is not going to be a point at which this changes, no matter how 'liberal and enlightened' (oxymoron) we think we may be.
There is a balance of energy in everything that must be maintained. Masculinity and femininity, as inlet/outlet, positive/negative, create a balance of energies. When women begin to believe they have a right to dispossess men of their natural duties, disunity, and ultimately chaos, must ensue. Sadly, there is no other way to interpret women all the sudden up and deciding that they want to have 'careers'.
Careers and work
With regards to women's 'careers', I cannot think of a single possible benefit of any kind to man, woman or child that this could even have, in any real or theoretical scenario. It is completely unnatural, and though most devastating to children, it is more of a curse upon the woman than the man. A woman cannot find peace in the man's world, just as a man cannot find peace in hers; nature dictates this, not I.
Basically, we live in a false reality, where work consists of sitting at a desk - beforehand, when real work was done, it would be physically impossible for women to have 'careers'. This drastic change has enabled "women's rights" to come in and destroy the family.
Assuming a woman is married and having children, it would be child abuse for her to also have some 'career'. This is not to say women should not be educated - on the contrary - though I am generally opposed to government schools and college education whether it be for a male or female, I think it is only proper that a woman fill her mind with as much information as will fit.
I would also make a distinction between a 'career' and 'working'. Women have always had jobs that could be done at home. These included, but were not limited to, making baskets, pottery, clothing and preparing food, on top of many, many other jobs that would vary from culture to culture. Today, we buy these sorts of things, or they are done by machines, which I think is retarded, but is something we must all live with for the time being.
There are things that can replace these duties that exist in modern times, such as work on the internet, writing, art, and I would say a great one is education; at home, rather than one of the facilities.
For an unmarried woman, there are various jobs as would be appropriate. Mostly though, I think people should be married and having children at least by the time their 20.
The nature of the sexes and the so-called 'oppression of women'
Because women are designed to play the nurturing role, and take care of their children and men in this way, they are much more emotional, and I would argue they're much more psychic as well. As will any strength, there is a parallel weakness, in that they are much more easily exploited through emotional means. Conversely, a man is logical and physical, making them much more susceptible to greed, lust and other destructive forms of aggression.
Cleverly and disgustingly, women in this society are emotionally and psychologically indoctrinated, beginning at birth, to believe that 'women's rights' are some type of religious sacrament. This is done in ways uncountable, the sickest being the constant comparison of 'women's oppression' to black slavery. Constantly we hear of how we established "women's rights and the freedom of the slaves"; this is roughly comparable to discussing how we "ended nose-picking and stopped sacrificing babies".
Simply, women have been and will be oppressed in societies where evil is wanton, just as children and men will be oppressed in such an place. Other than that, the 'oppression of women', as the term is classically used, is a fiction.
The real crime that has been committed against women is the objectification and dehumanization of the porno-sex culture, which by all accounts was a direct result of so-called 'women's liberation'.
I will probably re-edit this later and turn it into a full article, but to briefly touch on the thing about men playing a nurturing role with their children, I wasn't sure if you were talking about gay adoption or possibly babies sucking the chubby nipples of the slobbish, womanly, fat men who have infested this nation like insects.
Another aspect of utmost importance, which I breeched only in the original comment in question (to the Centcom agent), is the fact that the 'women's liberation movement' was indisputably engineered by the New World Order, as a tactic in their 'quiet war' against the American people. Feminism, followed by the total sexualization of everything, and the homosexual movement (which was society's attempt to restore the balance between the masculine and feminine) has utterly destroyed the family unit. This has made us impotent and weak beyond bounds – an easy mark.
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