Saturday, March 10, 2007


Pilot's Lawsuit Alleges Airliners Rigged With Explosives Boeing VP admitted fact in speech, remote control connection to 9/11 tantalizing
Prison Planet March 7, 2007 Paul Joseph Watson

Field McConnell, a pilot for Northwest Airlines, has filed a lawsuit charging that many commercial airliners are rigged with explosives that can be remotely detonated. He refuses to fly until such devices are removed. McConnell's claim is seemingly given credence by none other than Boeing's vice-president, who tacitly admitted the fact in a speech last year.
"The lawsuit, filed last week, claims Boeing Co. and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) can't assure him that B747-400 planes are safe. McConnell, who is the process of seeking an early retirement from Northwest, claims the planes are rigged by Boeing and can be remotely detonated," reports the West Central Tribune .
“I am obligated under company procedures and FAA regulation not to operate an aircraft if I suspect it is unsafe,” McConnell, 57, states in his handwritten claim."
McConnell's claims are given credence by a January 2006 speech given by Doug Bain, Boeing senior vice president and general counsel, at Boeing Leadership Meeting in Orlando, Florida.
"One nasty little thing is that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which has an almost explicit prohibition on possessing explosives. For those of you who are at BCA [Boeing Commercial Airplanes], you might remember that every single door on an airplane has actuators that are triggered by explosives ," said Bain.
Was this a slip of the tongue? Is Bain telling us that all airliners are rigged with explosives that can be remotely detonated? For what possible purpose?

The issue of remote control operation of airliners was again in the news last week. The London Daily Mail reported Sunday that the technology is expected to be installed in all airliners within three years, according to Boeing insiders.
Far from preventing another 9/11 style attack, as the Mail states, from everything we have learned about the U.S. government's complicity in the plot to slam airliners into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, this technology enhances the possibility of a rogue agency remotely hijacking a plane and crashing it into their desired target.
One month before 9/11, German newspaper Der Spiegel reported that U.S. military-industrial complex giant Raytheon landed a 727 jet six times by remote control using GPS technology at a Hollomon AFB in New Mexico. In April 2001, aviation history was made when a Global Hawk, which is equivalent in wingspan to a Boeing 737, flew by remote control out of Edwards Air Force Base, across the Pacific Ocean, and landed safely at the Royal Australian Air Force base at Edinburgh, in South Australia state.
As far back as 1984, NASA were conducting experiments involving crash scenarios and using remote control technology to fly large commercial airliners (pictured below). "On the morning of December 1, 1984, a remotely controlled Boeing 720 transport took off from Edwards Air Force Base, California, made a left-hand departure and climbed to an altitude of 2300 feet. The aircraft was remotely flown by NASA research pilot Fitzhugh (Fitz) Fulton from the NASA Dryden Remotely Controlled Vehicle Facility."
President Bush himself highlighted the use of this technology in a speech he gave at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, just over two weeks after 9/11.
"We will set aside $500 million in new funding for aircraft security....We will look at all kinds of technologies to make sure that our airlines are safe, and for example including technology to enable controllers to take over distressed aircraft and land it by remote control."
In April of last year, Boeing were hit with a record fine of $15 million after the company broke the law by selling commercial planes equipped with the QRS-11 gyrochip, which is also used in the guidance system of the Maverick missile.
According to the Associated Press , from 2000 to 2003 Boeing shipped 94 airliners oversees, mainly to China, that contained the chip, a device used for "military applications," stated the report.
McConnell says he has evidence that "The QRS11 trail leads back to Communist China's funding of the second Clinton presidential run and then to Joe Giroir and Hillary Clinton, former partners at the Rose Law Firm, and finally the crime of Arkancide and the death of Ron Brown," and that "The Iridium satellite system used to steer electronically-hijacked jets fitted with QRS11 gyroscopes on 9/11 was probably commanded from virtual and physical war rooms embedded in Canada Steamship Lines vessels built by China for CAI-Carlyle Canada."
Was such a device or one of its offshoots used for the "military application" of executing the 9/11 attacks? The connection is tantalizing and one that deserves further study in order to ascertain the danger of rogue elements of the military industrial complex utilizing this technology to carry out another terrorist black-op.
McConnell appears as a guest on The Alex Jones Show today to present his evidence for such a scenario.