Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brian David Bradley
Prison Planet
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The rain was almost fitting, as if tears from God raining down for the truth. Gathered around the ground zero PATH station, we all stood somberly while listening to the names of the fallen announced over the loud speakers.

For someone like me who had never been to the World Trade Center Complex, it was a very sobering and humbling moment. From the moment of my arrival I was stung by an overwhelming sense of reality. What I was witnessing was not just a memorial to the fallen, but an unmarked grave for twelve hundred still unidentified people.

News Media were everywhere. Within my first five minutes of arrival I had already been interviewed twice by Italian and British organizations. Most of the questions seemed condescending and not very objective, but I did my best to deal with their slanted investigation and hoped I didn't give them more ammunition against our movement.

The rain drizzled steadily throughout the silent vigil as our numbers grew steadily. Each new face brought with it a sense of sincerity, hope, love, and most of all, friendship. I stood there with brothers and sisters whom which I had never met before, but that didn't matter, I was surrounded by friends.

Eventually, as our numbers swelled, the police politely barricaded us to prevent impedance to and from the train station. Some took this as a violation of our rights, and mocked the police officers, but most realized the rational behind the barricades, and graciously complied. Even Alex Jones, while being interviewed by Discovery Channel, seemed to have no problem with the barrier, as he politely asked our gathering to backup so that they could be constructed. The vigil was concluded at noon, and we all anxiously awaited the word to start our march towards building number seven.

The moment the march started, as if on queue, the skies opened up. As the crowd moved towards building seven, many of us without umbrellas had to seek shelter below ground to protect our equipment. The police hassled some, instructing us to take a train or get out of the station, but I stood by a far wall and was left alone. After a brief time, the rain began to subside, and I emerged from the underground. The previously brimming width was now sopping and evacuated. Looking for a familiar face, I came upon one of Alex Jones film crew, and we raced towards building seven, the march was on.

It wasn't hard to find the crowd, the roar of voices was overwhelming. Chants, such as, WE ARE CHANGE, or 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, could be heard from blocks around. All of those that hadn't taken shelter were dripping wet, but their energy was still tremendous.

Our next stop was the Federal Reserve. Once again the police were extremely polite and courteous, and helped the entire group move safely from destination to destination. Alex, Luke, and others from We Are Change led the march, and informed the crowd when to cease our chants out of respect for family members we were passing.

Our final destination was City Hall, where Alex and Luke spoke to all of us, but mostly towards police and other first responders. On many of their faces you could see a subdued smile, and from most I could sense a feeling of benediction. We had done something valuable on this day, we had stirred thousands.

It is all too easy in our fight against tyranny to become callous and bitter towards the world around us. It's the tactic of our enemy to convince us we've been defeated before we even begin to fight. Many of us out there know that problems exist, but feel hopeless. Let me assure you, it is not. Getting active is easy. It's getting off your couch that takes initiative.

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