Friday, September 14, 2007



Tonight, I thought I would carry on a little bit more on the topic of cultural control, cultural creation the indoctrination techniques which are used upon the public of every country and it's done through ancient sciences going back many, many thousands of years. Albert Macki or Mackey as they like to pronounce him over here wrote a two volume book on Freemasonry Encyclopedia and as always you have to read between the lines and the more widely read you are on other books and topics the more you will see the hidden meanings behind what he is saying.

Joe Average typically takes the exoteric at face value which is amazing enough really and it's written in such a way as they'll take that information and run with it but never suspect there's something else beneath it and that's how Freemasonry works. That's how all religions work. There are millions of people every year looking for answers and because of the culture they're born into where you buy what you want. They paid lots and lots of money to buy all the books that flood out onto the bookstores onto the shelves for them to grab up and gorge themselves with always promising to change them into something better because they're not happy with themselves to begin with and the charlatans at the top understand this and that's why these books appear many of which are fairly cheap but costly to produce which tells you there's another reason for them being on the shelves and being supported elsewhere by unseen people because this is all part of the culture creation as we leave the old and go into the new.

You must remember there are many layers of revealing and the reveal means to "re-veil." It comes from the same root word as "veil" to veil. So you're re-veiling the secrets as you expose lower understandings and that's all the people get who go to the cultish groups which are now authorized to exist and they're all over the place having all their students chant and do all their ohms and do their chakra and shaking and looking for kundalini the serpent sexual power from the spine and all this stuff and the spine is just 33 bones and hence the 33 degrees of Freemasonry.

But they never understand what they're actually doing or how they've been fooled and how their minds are being controlled because that's really why the New Age was authorized to take over from the old. The same ones who ran the old system and the old religions have simply upgraded to the next version just like the computers and the programs for computers. It's not for the publics benefit. It's for those who want to access your computer and that's why they're upgraded and updated.

If you had four people in Plato's Cave who inherited their reality and their founding mythos and that gave them the explanation of life, the meaning of life the purpose and so on that's all very well. It would work very well if they never left the cave if they thought that was their world. If you have a thousand people born into the cave and given the same founding mythos and reality myths they would truly believe it even more so because that's how we challenge ourselves. That's how we test ourselves. We bounce our ideas which aren't ours at all off our neighbors and friends and if they answer in the same way you think you're perfectly sane and it just means that yeah you passed the "quality approval" stamp of the manipulators, those who have given you your reality.

We've all been born into massive pretty well all pervasive propaganda on almost every topic. The little bits of truth we get are vastly distorted for other purposes and reasons and that's why with the plethora of media coverage today television stations, radio stations you can turn them all on at six o'clock and flick through the channels and you'll have the exact same stories in the same sequence and you think that's all just coincidental. No. It's because all of the news is coming from one source. One authorized source and the little people down below in all the little stations all the way down the pyramid know what's politically correct. In other words, they follow the authorized stories they are given in that sequence and the sequence itself is not happenstance. There's purpose behind it and the purpose is to make sure that you're indoctrinated at least subliminally, at least subconsciously.

Your conscious mind doesn't really have to take much of a hold on it because you have no say in the matter. It's the subconscious they want it to work on because whatever the subconscious works on will work on you. It just takes more time to settle itself like a jelly poured into a mold. It would have to fix itself and all those opinions on things which you hear become what you think are yours. So yeah, we're all in Plato's Cave. A huge cave, planet earth.

To preface the next part I would like to talk about people who have dogs and every dog owner has noticed I'm sure the joy they feel when they take the dog to a park or a field or wherever they go and off comes the leash and the dog runs ecstatically. Just pure inhibited joy and we get joy from watching that because in ourselves we understand the need for that and we share in the joy as the dog flies all over the place and jumps and smiles because we don't have that kind of uninhibited release in our own lives. We're not allowed to. We are predictable in fact. Our indoctrination, our cultural shield has been given to us and we fit in to the made society; the authorized society and yet people are so anxious within themselves and they're afraid to let go once in a while and just let that joy pour through them. They're afraid of other people what would be said. What they would do. We censor ourselves. We censor our emotions because we're taught that uncontrollable behavior is unacceptable but then society tells us what is acceptable and what is uncontrolled behavior and is you're not harming anyone else why is it that we have a special social face, external face the shield more noticeable in some cultures than others.

We find that Carl Jung wrote about different peoples in a psychological vein and he talked about the "stiff upper lip" of the British where there's always this face of putting up with everything in the face adversity and bad luck and all the rest of it. You just keep staunchly going ahead but then he jumped to China and Japan where their social indoctrination has gone to even a further extreme where there's a mask put on, a social mask where people try not to even look in each others eyes in the street because eye contact is a statement in a sense. Eye contact isn't just looking.

It's communication and if you truly want a controlled society you don't want communication amongst people and we saw this in the scientifically created Soviet Union where people could not look at each other in the street in case, in case the person was working for the KGB or a snitch because of all these snitch programs throughout society where ordinary individuals would be tested at work or on the way to work or somewhere by undercover KGB people to see if they were staunchly supportive of the system and they made sure individuals knew this was happening. They'd report things in the paper. So and so caught for anti-government responses or statements or thoughts even and now we're using this term to here "anti-government". That crept in about the mid-90s. That was no mistake because we've adopted all of the techniques of the Soviet strata and system in the rest of the world.

The Soviets were terrified to make eye contact so everyone looked drab. They dressed drably and they kept their eyes on the sidewalk on the pavement as they walked along with their scarf's there and their eyes just peering down. A great population for all the aerial spraying that we now have because they never look up to see it I suppose.

So yes, we are taught these particular ways of being for control not of ourselves but really control by the system and those who run the system. We are not guinea pigs because guinea pigs are experimented on. We not experimented on. Anything that is done to us including the spraying all the testing has been done. They know exactly what they're implementing and they know exactly how we will respond.

So children when they're tested early on and this has been known for an awful long time they're tested with various tests to see what they think of the adult world and children have spontaneity. They can also show their joy and to parent's chagrin and it's usually at the wrong time it's very noisy almost hysterical to the parents indoctrinated culture because we're taught always to be in control of ourselves and to always hide our emotions, at least subdue them unless you're drunk at a party it's okay to be uninhibited then.

But children don't know these social rules which again came from the top by those who've been taught the mysteries of the ages to use people and control people for their own ends. Children have a hard time knowing when their allowed to run riot, scream and jump up and down et cetera. It's hard to know how these rules work and there's different methods that parents use on children. Now we've all been there and the reason I'm talking about this is because it's giving you an insight into the way you act now and behave now.

Parents will often frighten the child. That's the standard technique that -- and a parent who doesn't want to go overboard and scold the child and risk some sort of alienation by the child will often resort to fairy tales and mythology. The boogey man's going to get you and that sort of induces a sort of fear into the child about certain things. Going to bed. What's in the closet. All that under the bed. This kind of stuff. And it’s done often with good intent with the parent who is not really conscious of the reasons why they're doing it but they're trying to teach them the social rules.

Children can become hostile when they're told not to be spontaneous and that's where the trouble all starts because everything in this world, this system I should say really is about control. Who controls whom. When a child is taught to give up the feelings which they feel they're first taught to give up the expression of the feeling they feel. The behavior, the expression and eventually it's suppressed enough that the actual feeling itself goes as spontaneity goes. Children are taught from a very early age not to show their hostility or their dislike of certain people. This again is a social indoctrination. The parents want them to be social in the same culture albeit it artificial that they've been raised in and born into. They pass it onto the child.

A child when they don't like someone they will show it very easily. They're going by instinct. They can't verbalize why generally. They have a feeling about someone and the parent doesn't want them to suddenly just turn their back to like a visitor or whomever. So natural traits, survival mechanisms even are taught to be repressed and eventually they fade away with the mechanism itself.

We can feel hostility or the insincerity in someone. It radiates from them. Animals feel it too. Dogs sense it. It's a survival mechanism. So this discouragement of the reaction the child has the parents come down on it. They want the child to be mature which is really the social acceptable way of behaving and the child then loses their ability to discern between someone who's deceitful or down right nasty or evil. They grow up into adults and they are easily manipulated from then on. The school system takes over of course even more so today than before with it's social group techniques of indoctrination. So yes the child can go grow up and lose their ability to discern what is real. To deny their own instincts and eventually lose those instincts and they're socially manageable and malleable by the controllers.

There's another side to this because children are indoctrinated with feelings that they didn't create because they're taught then to like people and not to be critical and always to smile and be polite towards people. Again, the cultural part. The culture coming from the top. This eventually comes in through schooling and then on past schooling and is reinforced by the social and peer pressures around them. The cultural pressures and yet when you look at all of the advertisements on television and in radio with all the actors acting selling you everything that's going to make you so astoundingly happy from toothpaste, nail varnish, treadmill machines to whatever it happens to be you're being sold lies. Lies and we sit and watch hundreds of lies every week and no one in this cultural system thinks that's odd. They all complain about all the ads but the basic reasons behind the ads. The fact that you're being lied to consistently doesn’t seem to bother them because they don’t think that far. They've been taught that this is all acceptable because of the economic system we're in. It's acceptable to be lied to from childhood right into adulthood until you die.

Now an alien from outer space would look at all of this and say "they're all under incredible mind control" and that is true. You have to outside to look in and see it as it really is.

Back in the "Fortune Magazine" of September 1940 this is what they said about this. They understood. This is only a trickling of what was understood.

"What education may not have accomplished is usually done by social pressure in later life. If you do not smile you are judged lacking in a pleasing personality and you need to have a pleasing personality if you want to sell your services whether as a waitress, salesman, or a physician. Only those at the bottom of the social pyramid"

Pyramid, aye.

"who sell nothing but their physical labor and those at the very top do not need to be particularly pleasing or pleasant. Friendliness, cheerfulness and everything that a smile is suppose to express become automatic responses which one turns on and off like an electric switch."

Everyone has had the experience of going through the checkout at a grocery store and generally it’s young girls who work there and they have this automatic saying of "have a nice day. Have a nice day. How are we today, sir?" And these are socially induced phrases from the top and the little bit of training they get - this pathetic training for the pathetic jobs they're told to say these things to the customers so their natural human behavior is suppressed. I'm sure none of them would be there if they had any other option doing this monotonous work and I very much doubt they remember many of their customers until they been through that checkout a hundred times and if you didn't give them the appropriate again trained response that the public have we're trained to give appropriate responses no matter how miserable we feel. We're suppose to keep a stiff upper lip and say well, "oh fine. Everything's fine" and your heart can be breaking. Everything else in your life might be breaking but this is the nonsense that we're taught is acceptable in the society that we're being brought up in and forced to accept.

It's a scientific form of Darwinian socialism we live under. Socialism is not to help the people at the bottom, the working class. Socialism is a bureaucratic form and a scientific form of controlling the people at the bottom. Everything in this world is deceptive because the system was designed. It didn't just evolve happenstance with Band-Aids here and there and superglue. It was designed this way and it's never allowed to run away from those who control the system.

Some of the worst indoctrinations we have is not from mainstream national news. That's bad enough. It's from your local television stations with their communitarianism. Everything's communal and charity drives and little events as they try to get you use to being involved in a community. A habitat area. You see, this is what all that's about and then they have the police on as a PR spokesman, a police spokesman. Now when you get a spokesman from a paramilitary organization, the spokesman is trained never to tell exact truth to the public. They want to get an idea over so that you will perceive something in the way they want you to perceive it. Not in the way you might naturally perceive it if you had access all the information and you're being trained that that's the authority and they're part of your community and there's no doubt we need in the system because it's guaranteed to have such tremendous fallouts you need police forces. They use to be called services. Now everything is force. You'll notice that. Everything is force. May the force be with you, aye.

So everything that's put across to you is for a purpose. You can't escape it if you go into the realm of which you think really is private enterprise, private business but these television stations are all going by a formula. They're all granted licenses. You'll find at the top of them all you're going to find Freemasonry under one of it's many, many names at the top and everyone at the top in it and that's how things are managed. They know in Freemasonry because you obey orders without question. That's what you're told and someone in this system working for the system gets on by joining one of these societies swearing their oaths of allegiance to them. Promising never to reveal their secrets to the general public and at the same time they pretend they're charitable organizations. What a fantastic front. It's hard to attack mom's apple pie.

But they get on and they get up the ladder as they it themselves. Jacob's ladder. You see the degrees. The rungs are the degrees. They get up there by knowing not what to say. What not to ask. When they're told something they don't ask why. That's a good boy you see in the club. That's what a good boy is. You don't ask why. That's why you can have plausible deniability even amongst politicians. They work it out so carefully. Remember, most of them are lawyers in politics. It's their job to play with words and definitions and being very careful what you say or do and you delegate things to other people and you get someone else to tell them to look into a certain area and then when it's discovered you don't take the heat for it. You can plausibly deny it. Technically you didn't know.

And they get up there by NOT asking QUESTIONS. They just send some things up to go along with it and that's a good boy or girl and their born generally into these families. Some of the most telling statements of truth in the system and who are often quoted these people are members of you might called "the illumined ones" the Illuminati. The alumni from universities the little clubs there too are just a lower form of it in most universities and some of the higher ones they are the real thing. You're illumined alumni and you keep your mouth shut and you shake hands and you wink at each other and you know how to keep secrets. That's how the system works.

You don't tell the profane what you're up to. You lie for each other. Every Mason swears they have to. If someone else is in trouble you'll lie to get them out of it. But John Dewey, a man who was an ardent socialist and communist who helped put together the American educational system talks freely about the problems in the 1930s when everyone knew at the latter end that there was going to a war with the fascist countries, the dictatorial countries. They knew it because it was planned that way but this is what he said about the system in the West just before World War II.

"The serious threat to our democracy is not the existence of foreign totalitarian states. It is the existence within our own personal attitudes and within our own institutions of conditions of which have given a victory to external authority, discipline, uniformity and dependence upon a Leader in foreign countries. The battlefield is also accordingly here within ourselves and our institutions."

That was from Dewey's "Freedom and Culture" 1939.

Now people will not argue with that and I found although he's telling the truth -- you see, he's also telling the truth from an illumined point of view. They're very good at telling us the truth. Dewey here wanted to use more scientific indoctrination as they had in the Soviet system where FDR's wife came back from a visit and said, "well the children aren't as spontaneous on their way to school as American children but my they're so well disciplined and well behaved."

That's what Dewey wanted. Even more uniformity and rather uniformity by external force, the Pavlovian technique of indoctrination so that you will do it willingly you'll be a self-censor you might say. That's what he wanted. But because he said it many people would agree with him and follow Dewey. That's how clever these guys are.

It's like Benjamin Franklin another member of the Illumined ones. Never mind his name which is very revealing as far as coding goes. When he came out of the hall after they'd signed the American Constitution and this was a Masonic meeting. They had guards on the doors to stop the public getting in. The ones who gave you your freedoms and he talked about that of course and he alluded to it being Masonic himself in his own writings and when he was asked by the public "what kind of government do we have?" And he said, "a Republic if you can keep it."

Now you can look at that two ways you see because Illumined ones always talk. You know, white man talked with fork tongue. Well it's true. He knew it would never be kept. It was designed not to be kept. It was designed to be altered as time went on and as the founders knew the destiny and the purpose of the United States of America would gradually unfold. He said himself Franklin and Jefferson that the Constitution could really only work with an agricultural society and once it went into industry it would be totally altered. It needs be and it would happen anyway. So they were well aware it was not for the general public.

If it was for the general public the doors wouldn't have been barred and the windows all blind down but then again the Masonic Hall is "The Temple of No Window." They ALWAYS pull the blinds and that symbol of pulling the blinds is for the profane outside and it's also symbolic of the hoodwink for the individual in society as well. Benjamin Franklin was the Henry Kissinger of the late 1700s.

Babylon didn't simply disappear. The elite and a system which had worked for such a long time are not vanquished or simply give up all they have and get a job at cleaning the streets. The elite move on and they take with them the social scientists which in those days were multilayered priesthoods which understood human nature through millennia of observation and had perfected it. It was fairly easy in those days when you had a very small minority with knowledge and writing. They were illiterate and they were organized. It wasn't difficult to rule over masses of people who thought the earth was flat.

People who were tremendously superstitious because the priesthoods encouraged superstition. In fact, many of the things the people feared, the public feared in ancient Middle Eastern areas were imaginings of the priests who taught it to the people and of course when you do that you always teach them that those people will need you, the priests to keep you safe and this has to do with the system we live in today because Mystery Babylon never died. It simply jumped around from nation to nation really building up an empire in each one furthering the goal through amalgamation and conquest of one singular system their system into what's coming about as world empire and their signs and symbols are all around you.

Your born into it. It’s everywhere. You'll see them in all the major logos of the big companies, the big corporations and your average Mason hasn't a clue either. They're as ignorant as the people they pretend they're above but the very high ones are taught these sciences. Life begins at 40, the 40th degree. Most Masons don't know there's anything above the 33 and they are in the dark as well.

So how does this system work?

Well you should remember that Karl Marx another member of this illuminous organization was taught everything that he knew. In fact, most of his writings were given to him by a higher priesthood. He was really a hack journalist that was kicked out of Germany, put up by the Rothschild's in London to put forth the "Communist Manifesto". And Engels was further ahead of him in the understanding of the science, the dialectic. It's very similar to the Zulu tactic of war and the Zulu are a fascinating people who were given their culture and a special breeding program to make them very tall. They killed off all the ones who were small and Shaka the Zulu of course was approached by white men. I'm sure he was taught the science of selective breeding.

However, the Zulu's when they attacked an enemy it used what they called "the horn technique" so people saw the head coming towards them of the bull and they neglected to see the thinner horns gradually move out around them and eventually you'd be totally encompassed. That's really the system that we're living in. We neglect so much in our lives because we're not taught to be on the lookout by our parents.

When we’re born into the system we have basic needs which have always been understood. These were observed thousands and thousands of years ago. Maybe even millions of years ago, well known sciences always kept secret from the public because the public are the makers of all wealth for the elite. Labor is the only thing which makes anything in this particular type of economic system. Now there are many economic systems or at least there were many economic systems.

The New World Order at least this phase of it is trying to extinguish all other types. In some cultures it would seem ridiculous to try and create and accumulate wealth and excess. It would have no purpose. In this Babylonian type system the accumulation of wealth - one should teach the people what wealth is because wealth can be anything. No it must be the elites idea which is accepted. It must accepted by the public so that they will also work for it then it can be taxed back from them because all it does is a representation of labor and Marx put this down of course in his theories on Communism and it was true.

However, they run both sides of everything because just like the horns of the bull of the Zulu attack it depends on two horns. The dialectic while you're transfixed on the center where you think is the problem. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." That's one of the prime teachings of the higher mysteries. Everything is thought, done, said has a reaction; an opposite reaction as well. It’s almost the law of nature.

We are born into a system with needs which are survival needs basically. We need sleep, food, clothing, warmth, shelter. We have to be protected. However, we are born into a system of religion. In the West it was Christianity and Judaism and in the holy books of all the world including Christianity and Judaism you have the rules of the esoteric written down for the elite to understand and follow because man must work and we take it from the teachings we've had in the culture that our parents had and our grandparents had we take it for granted that that means that you go out and you do something in the system to earn money to buy the things you need. So money is controlled - money was introduced -- they are economic systems and structures which never use money and many more so in the past but everyone in an economic system even those other ones which don't use money still require something from every individual for the maintenance of everyone in a tribe.

You find even in the old feudal system as opposed to the new one which is being implemented today. In the old system you would become a serf. Your position in life would be reinforced by the religion you were given and you would sublimate it or if it makes sense to you, you might rebel a little bit and then accept it. This is "dynamic adaptation" they call it as opposed to static. Static is when you simply dress differently when you're in Rome or somewhere else. But that is static. It doesn't affect your personality so much. But dynamic adaptation is where you will adapt to situations and will profoundly affect your personality or the way you will deal with things in the future. You sublimate frustrations and you're often unaware of the conflict within yourself because you believe yourself. You come to accept something which was maybe unnatural but you come to accept this outcome or what it's done to you.

Very similar to teachers in the old school in Europe who would scream and yell and shout at the students like a sergeant major because that teacher himself or herself was brought up the same way. They don't see themselves from the outside. They can't analyze themselves. They think because they've adapted that this is a natural way to teach.

In other words when you're born in this system like all mammals if your parents don't know there's something wrong because they've adapted to their life situations for survival no matter how good or bad it may be the conditions they live in when you're born into preexisting conditions a system and you're made to adapt because you as a child cannot alter the system you'll be punished big time. Today, those who have abilities for expression and communication and become a problem at school because they ask too many questions, generally boys are put on drugs which literally shrink their brain so they're out of the picture as far as leadership in the future goes.

But when you suppress feelings or understandings you will find that they still work on you throughout your life. Suppression itself will show itself in other forms. Your mode of life is determined by the particular peculiarity of the economic system you're born into. People may as they get older join groups because they know there's power in groups for change whereas as an individual you cannot do it. You'll be punished as I say or ostracized by a peer group and this science of controlling groups has been of a tremendous benefit in the past and the present of those who control. They give you the outlets. They’re authorized and you don't realize you end up being part of the very system that you're trying to alter.

It's an interesting phenomena with this system of sadomasochism where those who feel powerless worship power. That's why even in the black communities where there's been more work done on them to destroy their culture from the ancient times right down through the slave trading days the men and women were segregated initially. The women were given favors by the boss men and the men that they could be mated with were demeaned and punished and made to seem powerless in the black women's eyes and that's why black women today still are the bosses in families. Their real bosses. The men have never been allowed to be men. This was for control purposes by a scientific elite. Well understood because slavery is so, so old.

This technique of manipulating the male through the female by his needs. His needs, the sexual drive, companionship, the procreative imperative as they say of survival and survival of your own species was understood thousands of years ago up to the present time and Adolph Hitler understood this and he used parts of his speeches from ancient tyrants in Rome because when he quoted about the propaganda the Nazi party must use in a time of uncertainty and it really was a time of uncertainty. It was black and white. It was Communist or Nazism. Those were the choices. Again, the dialectic at work that the public were given. Both sides were funded and no doubt controlled by the same group.

The followers never figure out that those they oppose are being run by the same capstone. But Hitler said, "our propaganda must be based on safety and security, a lessening of worry." In other words the survival capabilities or necessities will be taken care of. This was preached he said. "It must be preached to the female because she will come to us." Women worship power in a man. That's why they can't stay with the men today, but in their heart of hearts they long for someone with power. That's why in all the movies and dramas you see the heroes are so completely unnatural. They're not bossed around. The men know what they want. They're commanding. They're intelligent. They're not stuck on sports and have square eyes watching TV. They don't have pop bellies. It's the joke version that you see in the comedies that men are taught really to emulate and that's how women see them.

So the women would come first to the one with power. The one who promised security and a plan, an agenda where their own helpless little husband didn’t have any at all so she would come to the Nazi's giving allegiance and Hitler said, "the children must follow her and then must follow the man. He has no option." And he was quoting Nero because these sciences have always been understood by those who were coached for leadership positions by the "hidden priesthoods."

The technique were vast populations has always been that of "divide and conquer". We see it in the class structure which was deliberately created and used to put everyone into a group. You were born into it and you adopt the cultural values of that class. It gave you a sense of belonging, a tribal need you see which is now used against the people.

The Communists that really working for the New World Order as both sides always are and you have to have two sides to guide the herd into the compromise which is the solution in itself. The Communists knew they'd have to separate the children from the parents at least mentally and it's interesting that most of the studying on this very problem was done by aristocracy in England. That should be a clue to who ran Communism. They also had to separate apart from the generations. That way there's less communication. History is not passed on. They also had to separate the genders and George Orwell put this very well in "1984", the book and the movie. The movie version done in England in 1984 to commemorate the book with Richard Burton and John Hurt. That's a good movie to get a hold of. There's so much crammed in there.

And people were born into the system and who have been forced to adapt dynamic adaptation will look for the powerful and in a system which encourages power personal, social climbing which we call "success" you'll find that this is also used among the genders an ancient technique once again. The same or the descendants of those who gave us marriage and marriage for life to work for as we built up their economic system for them the same people, the ancestors are now dissolving marriage. That's why it doesn't work for most people anymore.

It served its purpose and now everyone must be put into their subdivision. Their sub-strata of class and gender and so on so now you have many categories. A pigeon hole for every type you see. Totally divided. Totally conquered and yet human nature itself even when the people who are taught the slogans and brainwashed with the slogans of political correctness which is also how you respond to things more in the manner of a conditioned reflex and that's what a slogan really is.

When you say something which is suppose to be offensive people will immediately shout back some slogan that's become popular put from the top down through media and schooling and that stops them from thinking. It stops an inquiry into any depth of understanding about the actual topic itself because human nature doesn't change. It does not change. It’s an interesting thing to see how men are portrayed and have been since the '60s mainly on television. It was like a switch had been revered and it came from the old hero stuff as the old system was nearing the end of its usefulness and suddenly men were just jerks and fools and drunks and stupid. Always portrayed in the comedies where the children were much more intelligent than the dad. The wife made all the decisions. She treated the dad like another one of the children and that's to be the role model for the male.

It's also symptomatic of the fact that the power and it's all to do with power on all levels and power can be married to respect but it's all to do with the power structure being shifted to the female not for the females use. We because of our egos tend to grab hold of things which claim to give us power but in reality it's for someone else purpose which works very, very well.

The women today as I say the black women, the young female as grown up generally with a mother who runs her life. Has different men through the house and when she's a teenager she looks for someone with power. She goes for the gang leader and it's the gang leader, the one who seems to have the answers who’s not afraid of people or the system or anyone else that will respond to.

The black male himself has had his culture shaped for him including the music and the fashions and all the rest of it. That was given to him by the top pushed through much music and Hollywood and he adapts it at the bottom. Becomes a target of criticism by society. This is intentional. This is absolutely intentional.

But the same technique hasn't been used on the black culture because every country that was under the Soviet rule has gone the same way where the women were promoted to the top. Divided and conquer. Pretty well the whole country. The Soviet system was run by authorized NGOs. The leaders were generally always women and the men had their lower jobs and now that the Soviets have pulled out you have been who have no confidence whatsoever. Millions of them drink themselves into the grave. The women are all leaving those countries. They're trained. They're educated and they're looking for work elsewhere or marriage to men in other countries but they're neglecting the men in their own country. This was all designed deliberately so.

So that's the reality of the life we have been born into. The system of mass manipulation, scientific socialism they call it where people go through their lives and their thoughts generally are not really their own. Their opinions are not their own. They have conditioned responses to topics and situations which were induced into them either from their parents then reinforced through school then backed by media, fiction and even novels. This is an all pervasive scientific connected system to make you the way you are which is certainly is not to make you happy.

Those who get offended by the truth remember, I'm talking in generalities. There's always the odd exception here and there of all ages, different ages, different genders, and it's generally the exception who understands this who gets a hard time in society because they know. They are aware and they're living amongst those who are unaware.


And is another part of the same series I've been doing on the intervention and superimposition of scientific socialistic psychological techniques which are used upon the peoples of the world of male and female and the different age groups all the way up from childhood into old age and how we're manipulated heavily and how our beliefs, our understandings are not really ours at all. They're induced. They're marketed to us so here's the next part of it.

The makers of this culture often show us how their system works through movies because you must mock the victim and there's no better movie put out on the condition on the modern male than "American Beauty" the movie. Well worth seeing and you'll see how the daughter grows up emulating the mother's response to the father which is total disgust and distain and the daughter watches the mother almost salivating over very successful men that she works with or the men around her. So the daughter then looks for someone who is powerful, in charge, in control and very often it's one of the criminal mindset. This is well understood.

The political correctness of today does not change human nature. Nature can be sublimated but it cannot be destroyed simply through indoctrinations. It shifts around in the subconscious and will show itself in other ways. What is interesting too is the role model of the father has come down again primarily through media and through entertainment which we emulate. Monkey see, monkey do. That's what has always been known since before the days of Plato.

Women still need the powerful male. That's why they can get lost in fantasy and carried away through movies and drama and that's why Harlequin romance books which are really a form of written porn, today's variety anyway are the most widely read books and re-circulated books in second hand stores next to the Bible for consumption. There's a tremendous need there because you cannot get rid of drives. You can sublimate them according to cultural custom even when the cultural custom is being altered and updated.

So as the father comes down on the scale of things with power -- girls at schools often fall head long over the teacher figure who has authority and who is given authority over them and they have these crushes. This head long dive into almost anonymity, quiet silent anonymity of the male has been helped through inoculations which has definitely affected the hormonal output of the male.

This is studied every year. The sperm count is disclosed every year by the United Nations. The reason for the United Nations being so interested in this phenomena is because they have a "Department of Population Control" and we've all been tampered with male and female with our hormones and through inoculations and xenoestrogens as well added to the water and so on through pipes, plastic bottles which were made popular for that reason.

We've been heavily scientifically tampered with and this was done because the natural response is to protect the tribe and protect the family and the changes which are coming up you must destroy that bond. You must destroy any power the male has in society and replace it with TV, fake ones. Hyper-politicians who always seem to know what they want even if it's mass slaughter. It's a symbol of a man with power.

Between ages and the mysteries always have categories of ages where they uses the zodiacal dominance of a particular member of the zodiac to predominate for the 2,500 years and Aquarius is their utopia. Not the utopia for the people, although all the New Agers have been taught that it is. Some how they'll all become one and they will via the brain chip. They all be one all right, but they won't be individuals any more. This is the other side of totalitarianism and tyranny.

People can submit like slaves rather than face the world with the added burden of being an individual in a changing world. In the mysteries which match up perfectly with fascism and communism, you'll find that the sun and the moon are other emblems of the same two things. But you also find that the scythe of Saturn -- Chronos in the Greek is called "the side wielder that cups the link or the chain between two ages and during this transitory period he is called "the master of misrule" or "the lord of misrule."

It's when the old culture seems to be falling apart and it does because it's made to fall apart as role reversal - cultural reversal things which were taught as truth for thousands of years are suddenly reversed or exposed and there's a period of chaos of misrule. It's a time when people who are "in the know" in the understanding can rise to the top if they're in the right families and taught the mysteries and for most people it's chaos. It's chaos. They have nothing to hold on to. It's like ships without anchors. They're just tossed around on the waves hence the massive indoctrination through magazines and television with specialists supposedly in psychology to tell you what to think what to do how to behave. In reality, you're being used. It's motivational behavior modification that you're submitting yourself too and it's not for your own good. It's for those who rule you.

Along with all the New Age bookshelves you'll see all the motivational techniques in the same books of what you can be. You've been altered. Your thoughts are being altered. Your motivations are being guided by someone else and you'll find that you're all going a path already laid out for you promising you one end but you don't see the end of it and you won't even when you hit it. This is masterful control. It was many, many centuries in the making and you can see the beginnings of this sudden outburst of the sciences.

In the 1500s in the court of Queen Elizabeth the I of England where it was the first openly Rosicrucian Court in history. Everyone around Queen Elizabeth the I, all the famous players you'll find mentioned in her era were all members of the same Rosicrucian Lodge in London. The outburst of the sciences is what is so interesting with John Dee and Francis Bacon and many others because they knew they had 500 years to use sciences, make the public work and create an industrial era and then all of the things that would come from that industrial era such as bigger and greater wars to dominate the whole planet and create a world empire and always fooling the people who fought those wars. Always fooling them with a different reason, a different outcome such as the first world war -- the war they said through, and it was H.G. Wells the propagandist for the British government who coined the term "the war to end all wars." What a joke that was.

It's the last vestige of a tribal system. In a well bonded family they can be very formidable and will stand up for each other against all odds. In this system, the New World Order where it's not just family planning on a small scale, it's global planning on a similar type of agenda scale that's going to be implemented. You can have no families as we have known them and that's why every family around is basically today dysfunctional. Dysfunctional because it's been made that way as the "culture creators" and the "manipulators" have altered it.

The biggest and most frequently spoken about problem in therapy and counseling for couples today is when the may says that he's not allowed by his wife to be a man. That means you see she's learned from her mother who was the dominant one in the family and with an ineffectual father. She's learned to emulate the mother and even if she were to meet someone who she could respect if she would allow herself to, she can't take it. She emulates the mother. She's grown up and copied it. This is a form of "imprinting" which the big boys understand perfectly well and this talk is not meant to upset people. THE TRUTH CANNOT UPSET MATURE MINDS who have made the same observations themselves. Who are honest with themselves. In an indoctrinated culture, it's difficult for the average person to be honest with themselves. They're full of stereotype responses, conditioned reflexes which are marketed into their heads by popular media and popular culture from a thousand different areas and places.

The elite who gave us marriage in the first place as I've said many times before never followed any idea or notion of romantic love between themselves. In fact, the high priesthoods which really ran Babylon were more interested in men themselves being men as it's always been the same in fact in all high priesthoods in every culture. Women are disliked and sometimes hated by them as almost irrelevant but it's more than just that. It's to do with again the sadomasochistic streak which they have themselves going up through an order of deviancy which they then promote on general culture at the right time.

The reason they hate women is because and every study has shown this up-to-date and reproved it, and reproved it and reproved it and all sociologists know this. Women are the easier ones to manipulate into trying or going along with something new. The "culture creationists" love this because they can then introduce fads and modes of thinking which will alter the culture. Women who have their own needs, you're born with needs. When they needs are understood they can be so easily manipulated.

When you look just at the women of the early 1900s, the great grandmothers and grandmothers of the girls who suddenly were given the miniskirt in the '60s and compare the two, they're both women and yet one would never have dared to put on something which just barley covered the body. It isn't that the grandmother or great grandmother would never have done that. It's just that through her culture and her period she was indoctrinated not to do that. Whereas the granddaughter was not only encouraged, it was made the social norm and not to stand out to be accepted by the peer group. Another facet of understanding which the big boys have. A natural trait to be exploited because young people are run by hormones and attraction and they want to be looked at and admired and so on. This is reality.

So the male and the female is set at war with each other on purpose. A war which was covered and subdued during the period where marriage was encouraged in the Middle Ages and onwards to work for the system. Now the reversal as Plato said, "you can reverse the culture and those that go through the changes are the last ones to notice." That should be quite amazing to a thinking person, but it's true.

In the 1960s, the sciences of all entertainments were heightened and let loose upon the peoples of the world. The young people. Children and toddlers will hear the catchy part of songs which they use to call "choruses" at one time and you always get an intro songs. Songs last about 2-1/2 minutes. If you might wonder why it's because of economic reasons because they're meant to sell and so they have the intro then they have the catchy part which people hum like ads on television and children will do it automatically and yet whatever you say automatically is already registered within your consciousness. It's working on you in ways which you don't understand and there is an unconscious. This is something alluded to by Carl Jung. It's "the sea of all knowing." It's "the primeval chaos." All knowledge within the mind, the brain. Something that Plato again and others touched on and Pythagoras.

When you understand something it's because the knowledge is really already within you. You have to formulate it in proper sequence but the understanding means that you know far more on the subject than you thought you did. In the sea of the unconscious, it's the depth of all bits of information all arriving about. There's no cultural control over the unconscious as such, but in the subconscious the part way where the censorship kicks in and out you can actually pass things on into the unconscious and the unconscious can be motivated because it doesn't have inhibitions of the culture. That's why in your dreams you could do the weirdest, wildest things which you'd never do in real life and you wake up with the manifest content. Sure you remember this strange dream you had and within a minute or two you have latent content which is scrambled. Your subconscious has kicked into censor it because it doesn't want you to see what you're possibly, possibly capable of.

These techniques are exact sciences and in the '60s as I say, one song came out amongst many. Very, very catchy tune deliberately so to get teenagers right down to toddlers chanting and those who ever went to dances or the later discos will remember when the favorite songs would come on and they'd sort of murmur and hum along to the verses but they'd all jump into the choruses and yet they never thought about the words of the choruses and this particular song was supposedly written in a way of a father talking to his son. Listen to the words and listen to the voices to see how you are manipulated in ways you don't understand

"Walk Like a Man"

By Frankie Vallie

Walk like a man

Oh how you tried to cut me down to size
Telling dirty lies to my friends
But my own father said give her up don't bother
The world isn't coming to an end

(he said just) Walk like a man
Talk like a man
Walk like a man my son
No woman's worth
Crawling on the earth
Just walk like a man my son

Good-bye baby I don't mean maybe
I'm gonna get along somehow
Soon you'll be cryin' on account of all your lying
Oh yeah just look who's laughing now

(I'm gonna) walk like a man
Fast as I can
Walk like a man from you
I'll tell the world to forget about it girl
And walk like a man from you

It was later on in the '60s where the "culture creation industry" passed down to the employees below the actors and actresses, directors, producers, songwriters et cetera to try and write things about gender neutral subjects. Songs unknown to the public because the public don't know these things. They don't analyze. You think culture is there and you think it's part of you. You think it is your culture but it's not. It's a stranger. An exact scientific stranger and the music industry were told if they wanted hits "don't say he or she in the song" and they all went into action and thank goodness Charles Aznavour from France at least wrote a song called "She" but the French are that way. They don't go along with so much political correctness that the rest of the world goes along with.

So changes are always going on around you which end up within you and you are unaware of them. Very, very powerful influences scientifically created with exactness and we are the puppets and the hidden puppeteers pull the strings and we think when we are communicating and interacting with each other that we are real individuals doing so. Nothing is further from the truth. These are accepted norms even when they're changing they're updated like programs in a computer and the people are updated with precision. Their topics of conversation are given to them. Their way of responding to topics are given to them and those who get upset when you tell people the truth it's generally because you're touching on something which they are guilty of themselves and their ego won't allow them to see it as the truth.

There's NOTHING on television that's real. There's NOTHING that is spontaneous on television. Everything down and I've talked to many producers in the past - everything down to even a third rate play for your main television like CBC in Canada, every part of the set including the type of flower in a little glass vase and the color and the positioning is discussed by panels of people everything for its psychological impact. There isn't a phrase which comes out spontaneously out of a person's head.

The newscasters read dummy boards but they look at you with authority. In a world where we find we're floating helplessly individually we create that authority and that is again the sadomasochistic tendency. Those who are pushed down in society crave the power of those who do the pushing. The abused person can become the abuser so easily. The divisions of people are almost perfect now. It's the rare individual that has maturity that can overcome the conditioning. It's the rare couple who can go through a lifetime together with respect for each other unaffected and certainly not acting out all of the ways you're suppose to behave according to television which of course would bring on the chaos. It's the rare individual who understands that in this day and age.

Most people are simply full of their conditioned responses and reflexes. They're unanchored in a rough sea and that's all intentional. That's why the booming industry in psychology, psychiatry, therapy groups of all kinds, cults and yet they're all being led on the same path because you're going to find the same teachings today throughout therapy as you go in the New Age because everything comes from the same capstone in culture creation cause the problems, guide them into the solutions. These are ancient sciences at work.

The rule books as I say are in all holy books. They are the holy books for those who understand them and if we take passages in the Old Testament you'll see older echoes of the new. In Revelations, they're revealing of the system. They say that "man would be turned against women. Women against their husbands. Children against their parents" and we tend to think how could that be? How could any power cause that to happen and the answer is easily because they understood the sciences thousands of years ago just as well as they do today. The mainstream characters they let loose on the public like Freud and others were giving you kindergarten reality which still astounded many people at the time but they only give you enough to alter the culture towards the agenda. They don't give you all of the sciences which they have.


When they look at the tremendous amount never mind the propaganda given to the homosexual movement and lesbian movement and as I say there's nothing in society in social movements that isn't approved and CREATED FROM THE TOP DOWN AT THE RIGHT TIME. If it didn't suit the purpose it wouldn't happen. They'd be no funding. Even if there was a demonstration you would never hear about it on the news, but women have been emulating dominant mothers and since survival instincts will look for a partner with dominance, many of the women look towards other females.

Many of the males see the mother as dominant and the father is absent today. Gone, divorced, kicked out whatever and the mother is dominant so they emulate the mother. These were all known responses to the induced situations. As I say, those who created marriage for a purpose and marriage for life have reversed all the structures that kept it in place for the New Age and I'm simply the messenger on this topic.

When the elite had their arranged marriages it was for progeny only. They'd appear on the balcony the king and queen the fairy tale and the people would emulate what they saw. Aren't they a loving couple when in reality, they didn't have to even like each other. Their houses and castles were so big they could live in either end and never see other except for the balcony appearances if need be and the male was free to do what he wanted to do and so was the woman and they did.

And in the 20th Century really that's when they gave us "romantic love" and encouraged it big time to keep it going. To keep the marriage system going for World War I and II and then start to dismantle it after the United Nations was officially in power. The acceptance of another person for life takes tremendous maturity and self-understanding. Few people have the ability to critically look at themselves and decipher themselves. We're very good at picking apart other people but because of ego we tend to ignore ourselves.

The bonding process of a male and a female takes time and maturity and trials and tribulations but most importantly it takes understanding of each individual by the individual concerned. The media constantly gives us a barrage of fiction and drama with even the ideal partner. Always fictionalized to the extreme with the chiseled features and the perfect body. They don't show you them with their personal trainers the actors and actresses and all the stuff they have to go through to keep their weight down and all the rest of it and their liposuction and their jaw implants and cheek implants for the men and all the other implants for the woman to give you this perfect, perfect picture of the perfect male or female. This is to make Joe Average and Jill Average unhappy with the one they have in life. It's intentional and as I say it's a rare person of either gender who understands this and accepts the one they're with as being basically human and natural.

We chase after and we're taught to chase after by the media entertainment media. All of the fantasies which always led to ruin because they are fantasy. There is no self-satisfaction to follow fantasy. It's the will of the wisp such stuff are dreams made of yet everyone's encouraged to chase after the dreams. Who gives us the dreams? Very few people understand that they simply are the dreamers but who gives them the dreams? For what purpose and the same media that gives you the dreams loves to point out how dysfunctional society has become. Just look at it. It's in chaos as they give you more and more porn for entertainment and porn now isn't even porn. It’s deviant. It's got to be more and more deviant you see. Like any addiction you have get more and more of it and wilder stuff to get the high.

This is intentional and then out come the governments with all of it's agencies. They breed faster than anyone I know. Governments are always having offspring of new departments to deal with the new parts of the chaos always and this again is what Carl Jung envisaged in his last book. It wasn't just an Iron Curtain across the world of communism versus fascism. It was a slow expanding Iron Curtain across the whole planet of dictatorial bureaucracies until there was no freedom left for the individual and he was well aware that you can dissect society into the individual and those that we would say are the mass.

The war that's one today is not so much a war on the masses. The masses are downloaded with everything and they question it not. The war is on the individual, the occasional thinker because it's the occasional thinker who can communicate who can affect many other people who then understand and they go running with information. That's why I don't pretend to be a patriot cheerleader for some old world order. I don't give you the Hollywood slogans or the John Wayne clichés which you've been taught to stand to attention with. I don't wave flags because flags symbolize the hyper-Masonic system under which we live.

They gave us the "Order of the Bee" the B-ORDER. BEE-ORDER. It served their purpose up until now because borders are just imaginary lines drawn across maps which enabled members of an elite who lived with their offsprings in all countries to wag war upon their neighbors never participating themselves but benefiting from the changes that war brings for more control and taxations and it keeps the people in fear of "those guys over there." So they need you see. Another technique of the bully, the sadist and they teach the people to be masochists who also would like to really, really adapt to the system and possibly get up the ladder and become one of the sadists themselves with the power. So sadism and masochism go together in this particular scientifically created system.

Many years ago, I heard a top psychiatrist in England discuss the traits of the psychopath. Fascinating study and as an example of the psychopath he mentioned the character of "James Bond" someone who could obey his paymaster. That's how he gave is allegiance was his paycheck and the status he derived from his position. A status too that he could do amazing things in society and get away with it. Tremendous destruction because he was authorized to do so as long as he got the job done. He could have as many women as wanted in bed. One after another. He could see some of them being killed in the movies. He could kill himself -- he could kill other people and that night sleep with another one or two females. It was someone with no conscience. That's what a psychopath is and psychopaths can be found through special tests and we know that special forces in every country uses these tests to select them for the really bad boy groups that they have. The dirty squads that go out and assassinate people and kill whoever they're told to kill and they can go home at night and they don't need sleeping pills or they don't have to get drunk to sleep because they have no conscience. These people have always, always been used by the controllers as they give one culture to the people to be ruled, they also select the deviant from that culture to enforce the rules when need be.

This talk is encompassing so much, I don't write down anything in advance. I just talk as to what comes to the top of my head and if it sees a bit haphazard it's because I don't put it out in a particular format and I've been chopping wood all day as I prepare for the white stuff to fall from the skies which already did actually.

I'd like to take this opportunity to those who will maybe get this passed on a tape to disc to them to look into the website at and see what there is for sale there because I certainly could use the money to pay for the site and the help I've got from one person to keep it going. While we can keep it going.

As I say, I'm not one of the authorized ones who are put there with the clichés you've been conditioned to respond to. I say what I know and if I can continue for a longer period of time I could certainly teach you much, much more to do with the system. I could give you he higher meanings the occultic movements. Not the ones that are put out there just for the Christians to grab and be scared of because these are all sciences you see.

So it's up to you the listener to support me and as I come out with this information. In the winter when I'm snowed in, I hope to give you an awful lot more. I should also say that you can also tell various talk show hosts that you'd like to have me on as a guest. I don't call them myself. I never have called them and said put me on. It's the listeners who have done this and if you liked what you're hearing or even if you dislike what you're hearing phone up your radio talk show hosts and have them put me on. That way I can reach more people. I don't create a movement as such of following what I say. I ask you to analyze everything I say and check it out for yourself.

I'm not pushing some covert religion as you might be surprised others are doing and that's another story. I am just telling you of the various things that I know to do with the system. To do with why you feel so alienated. Those who think and those who aren't even certain of why they feel that way. I'm explaining it to you and this series of talks is to do with how everything is controlled. Gender, the generations, the so called races, the colors, and if you think about that in itself because it is no coincidence it's called "the human race."


We know that those at the top put lists out through or by their main economists in the 1700s onwards to do with those who would be useful in a future upcoming society based on economics and efficiency and those who would be eliminated. NOTHING HAPPENS IN THE SYSTEM BY CHANCE.

There are no transmutations, spontaneous of diseases. Diseases and the transmutation of a virus or a bacterium is a fine and "old science" by now. We live as I say in a world of DIS-INFORMATION. We have been trained to listen to no one except "THE EXPERTS" and this is something that I should really touch on now because we have a tribal craving for the leader.

Albert Pike and others in the high Masonic movement wrote about the creation of leaders. They always give the public their leaders at the right time. When they go over the future chessboard which they setup, they look at every possible opposition that will come from different factions and different personality types in society and before they make their first move they have thought out ways and trained people to become leaders when the time arises to lead the different factions apparently against them but always leading them up the garden path, the Pied Piper. This is an ancient technique again. Well understood in this system.

It's interesting to look at how the communists used and help create a push, lower Masonic groups throughout the pre-Soviet system and then use them for the revolution and at the end once it was all won and over they knew who to round up. People who knew too much who thought they were fighting for some other kind freedom. The lists of their names and all their lodges and they killed them all while the Soviet leadership and the politburo kept their own private lodges. This again is standard. Done over and over again through history. The French Revolution worked on the same basis. Same technique. They pushed the idea of revolution through what was the "coffee shops" at the time for France and these coffee shops doubled as Masonic temples at night where they laid out all their "jewels on the floor" as they call it and had their little parades and all the rest it and then had their talks on the coming revolution.

And then once it was after you'll notice that the few moderates in the revolution like Danton and others were executed. The same thing happened with the Soviet system when Lenin got in. We're taught that the Soviet system went sour when Stalin took over but Lenin, the lion which is what the name comes from used the terror techniques to perfection. Trotsky wrote about it. He was all for it in fact and Lenin told groups to go out into the peasant areas where they had these communal farms and just to round up dozens here and dozens there. Hang them from trees. Leave them there to rote and it would terrify the peasantry into obeying and it would terrify those very small farmers into giving everything up because through these great leaders whether it's a Hitler or a Lenin or Napoleon or any other countless names of famous players the masses are the masses. The science of control is the same science and the "little people" don't count.

Again, George Orwell put that very well in his book "1984". "The proles don't count. They're animals," he said. We suspend our incredulity when we hear famous people saying things which are horrible. We actually make excuses. "I hear what he says. He said it but I guess he didn't really mean it." That's how they get away with it.

NEVER IN THE HISTORY we have been given ancient to modern have all of the people understood what was happening to them. The whys. The wherefores. The hows. HISTORY HAS ALWAYS BEEN ALTERED.

Really directed by the elite themselves but sometimes deflected and slightly delayed by the few who understand. But they also understand and let no one fool you. They've always understood that THE BULK OF THE POPULACE ARE NEVER TRULY CONSCIOUS. They are hypnotic subjects. Their beliefs are truly induced beliefs. The reality is induced and marketed to them and it's reinforced through the schooling system through drama and fiction and through the role models we're given fictionalize though they may be. The bulk of the populace have never ever been capable of consciously working out the fine details of their indoctrinations, manipulations and the psychodynamics of their own social structure. They don't know.

So this isn't just a matter of waking up more people. You cannot wake someone up who isn't ready to do so or you can't wake someone up who isn't able to do so and in many and maybe most of the populations of today's world, we have been so chemically attacked and biological warfare has been used through inoculations to attack specific parts of the brain like Arthur Koestler said in his book "The Ghost in the Machine" and he worked with UN departments to find ways to do this efficiently and he thought it was just swell.

Many people cannot wake up. They don't have the ability. The part that makes you a creative individual of any age, any gender is the part which has been under most of the attack for the last hundred years or more and it's been stated in Koestler's book and others that if they can destroy that part of the brain, "The Ghost in the Machine" as they call it that makes you truly uniquely you then they will have conquered the world and they can bring in THEIR UTOPIA.

Their utopia which many New Agers have all been taught to look forward to is the elimination of conscious individualistic thought. The manipulation of weather is going on at a daily basis now. A few years ago in major newspapers the American Air Force said "it would shortly own the weather." Well you see it does already. It does. We're being sprayed every day and night like bugs. Most people cannot see it because they can only see or hear or know about that which is told to them by the media. If the media doesn't mention it you are talking a different language when you point it out to them. It cannot be important or the media would tell them. Their reasoning is done for them by the media and they've come to accept that and in the race to destroy individuality the majority of the public have already succumbed.

Brzezinski said, "they would be unable to reason for themselves." He said it with conviction here. Wrote about it. He talked about the Technetronic Era of beaming out signals which is passé now. It's old stuff which they don't even allow the public to know it if we want to go and find out about it. They can change the moods and emotions of whole continents. Make you passive. Almost drugged. Carefree or make you angry or aggressive or irritable and for those who are conscious and you feel a little of this coming on and that you're at work or your out amongst you'll observe the same emotions in them too. It's being used on a daily basis. The psychotronic/technetronic weaponry. Scalar technology in unison with the spraying of the air which makes it far more effective creating a heavy atmospheric electrical circuitry and we ourselves from the physical world are run through biochemical and bioelectrical impulses.

So I'll leave you tonight with the introductions to these topics and just general coverings of each part of them. I hope to go into them in far more detail in the future for those who don't take offense at what I say. I personally have no prejudice about anything I talk about or the people I talk about. I just state what is. Those who are offended must look to themselves and ask why. If they tell you like again Orwell's "84" that there is no gravity and you can float away and you're all part of the same thing if someone says, "oh no you can't" and just states what is don't kill the messenger. Don't kill the one who says, "the king has no clothes," but the herd unfortunately, "the mob" as the Masons say because of their very intense conditioning which has taken very well will turn on the messengers as they always have in history.

It's Halloween time. There are many plays on the words within Halloween. Hallow also comes from the sun HAL but it also is a play on hollow. "Een" is the old English for EYE. The eye of the sun the S-U-N. It’s also the hollow eye which you would see in the skull. Everything has many meanings. The elite are taught them. You are not. I'm trying to teach you them and I hope to continue.


This talk is to do with psycholinguistics. It's the art of the use of words repetition of scientifically aligned words and phrases which alter your behavior. It's a well understood science at the top. It's implemented in all media every day. The public are completely unaware of it really but they certainly are downloaded with the ideas that are produced and they act it out. They bring it out into their behavior. They act it out into reality. So "psycholinguistics" is the term used. Very, very ancient science, well understood.

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So to continue with the psycholinguistics. We find that when the Communist party rose to power they had access to much of this information because their job was to act like the two horns of the bull. One side was them. One side was the supposed existing capitalist system, the laissez-faire. In reality, the bankers were the capstone and their job at the Communist party was to alter society. It was the fastest method of creating a centralized form of government and law regulations and with the takeovers of other countries mainly in Europe so many countries living side-by-side with different languages, variations on cultures, different government systems it was the fastest way to amalgamate them into the one system in preparation for joining the west at the right time.

People don't realize that the two pillars and the fire and the water and the two opposites are always used to create a third way. As they call it, "the third way," the solution the synthesis of the whole idea.

Now in the beginning was the word. The word didn't create anything. They wrote up the word esoterically created the big idea. The big idea was an abstract form unformulated chaos you see but wisdom was behind it so the serpent moved over the waters. This is the esoteric understanding as it's always been pre-Christian, pre-Judaism, pre most of the religions you know in fact and so you have the uninformed idea but wisdom is behind it. It's the BIG IDEA as it's expressed in high freemasonry. In the high esoteric circles.

The word is to formulate it is to speak it into existence. You create a system, a world, a perception by speaking it into existence and through repetition thereafter. Using the tribal systems if you get the ones at the tops of the tribes, the kings and the queens -- that's why kings and queens were invented and given to the public as a show piece. Whatever they say or do the people down below emulate to where it's what they say or the accent they use as in England which is actually a corrupt form of English because the Germans brought it in with them with George and the modern day queen or Elizabethan Queen's English is actually a corruption of English because he couldn't speak English very well. Now it's the norm at the top.

So the people down below emulate what they see at the top and perception becomes reality for the public but it's not the true reality. It's a show for the public. The word is spoken into existence. Now we see the Communists as I say who wrote more about this technique because they'd been heavily trained by the esoteric groups who'd already ruled the world for thousands and thousands of years and they were taught some of these sciences at the top and Lenin said, "we shall win by slogans. The repetition of slogans" and the idea was to divide and conquer all existing structures within society, within humanity.

Divide the generations from each other. Not only separate the generations, but actually make each one think and interact only with their own as they grow up and then matured throughout their life. They wouldn't mix with either group below or above. Interesting how detailed it was and this works to the present day. We don't look towards anyone younger for wisdom. We don't look to anyone older for wisdom. We sort of just float through a particular little avenue we're given and we're disassociated with everyone else around us.

We also find the use of slogans as I say, "don't trust anyone over 30." Then they kept dropping it and dropping it and that was first put out by Communist party within the United States. It worked very well. We find the same slogans used to silence anyone with who is investigating the system as they see it at the time and their either called "a Nazi" or "an anti-Semite" or "a Zionist. Slogans silence the person who’s inquiring you see and it can be very innocent the inquiry itself but to silence you is to get a guilt response and you are conditioned reflexed to guilt response so that you shutdown and you don't even question yourself why you're shutting down. These are silencing techniques which are well understood again thousands of years ago.

If you said, "anti-priest" at one time in the Middle Ages you might have been burned at the stake so it doesn’t matter what group you've identified with culturally or you've adopted, slogans can be used against you and your own affiliation with a group you think you put yourself into will help to silence you. It’s best to be a loner and to think for yourself and don't let any name calling put you off the track that you're on even if you find out it's only a false herring. It's a false led, a red herring still persists because you have to go through all of the maze of disinformation, front groups to get to the truth in anything and then you find they're controlled at the top anyway by the same bunch.,

It’s interesting that so much of the Nazi philosophy which was taken from social Darwinism and the Superman complex they came up. You create this race of Supermen through science and all of the Blavatsky Masonic-type symbology adopted by the Nazi group and the Knights Templars affiliations with it and the Germanic Knights et cetera. All of this is held together at the top by the same esoteric group. One at the very top and a lot of it was taken from Talmud and Kabbalah, the Jewish side of things. There's your irony you see that so much of this esoteric magical searching you might say this destiny thing came from Kabbalah and ended up turning against the people who thought they owned it.

This is a tremendous part of the science as well is that "you become that which you hate." You become that which you hate. This is a truth that's always been eternal. Always will be eternal. It is eternal. You become that which you hate. The parents that you don't identify with. The parent that you can describe so well as to why you hate them you become -- the hate will eat you up and you'll find yourself responding to others as your mother or father would in that situation.

It's the same thing with those who began to hate the whole German people for World War II. You can see it in places like Israel in the way they look upon the Arabs and you say "well what's the difference now? What's the difference in the Nazi philosophy where one thinks they're superior over the other?" So you become that which you hate and that's why hate which is encouraged in the system by those at the top. They're very good at getting everyone to hate everyone else. They get the certain whites to hate the blacks and certain blacks to hate the whites and Chinese and India and so and it's goes on and on and on and through this division and conquering they can always "stir it up" when need be and then come in with their solutions and totalitarian rules because the law system which runs everything must constantly be reinforced, propped up and given more power in this structural pyramid system.

To give an easy example of psycholinguistics and the best way to get it through to the public is either through official repetition through media, news, politicians do it all the time as they've got these "neologisms" and repetitive phrases, "weapons of mass destruction" and then all the other big guys at the top say the same thing until we speak a non-existence into a reality. This is how it’s done.

But back in the '50s and '60s the envelope was pushed through entertainment and if we look prior to that era the male characters in movies were masculine. They were masculine men who didn't play little games. Didn't act like children caught in some guilty act when they were confronted by their wife or their girlfriend as they do in all the comedies and so on that have been put out since. They had people like the male character in "Gone With the Wind" who when the head games starts he says, "we'll frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn" and he was quite cool, calm and collected and Hollywood put out that type because they needed that kind right up into the second World War. That's why you were given that stereotype, that character to emulate as a hero-type figure. The quiet man who's always reserved but made the right decisions and was under control and respected.

Then it suddenly changed you see after World War II and stepping up into the '50s with the music scene coming on as they really gave a separate musical sphere for teenagers. We see something interesting happening and this was discussed in books on the subject back at the beginning of the 20th Century in the Communist writings this very technique to be used on the young with the use of music to implement the use of thoughts and agendas.

So in the '50s and '60s we changed from the regular kind of male entertainer in music and in acting and then we got the skinny guy you know with the drain pipe trousers they called them and we see it with Buddy Holly and different ones that came out of nowhere were heavily backed and I always find there's a story behind the one that's given. But for this particular period, the object of marrying or mating up to marry was altered carefully, quietly to redefine the position of the men and it was done with the introduction of certain words which alters the perception of the totality of the person.

We find that in the songs you don't find the man singing about the girl or the girl singing about the man suddenly everything became "baby". They called everybody "baby". Now in psycholinguistics regardless of what you think it means superficially because people don't think beyond the superficial if it hits them, it wasn't just meaning that you were cute. A baby is still a baby. A baby is a young, immature human being and a baby is a helpless thing. A baby has no maturity and no real decision making as we would say in a social structure. It can't do it. It's too young, too immature.

Now think of the words in the upcoming song and analyze it because if the woman was truly serious which she's not of course. This is all part of the agenda. If she was truly serious about what she's saying, she's not looking for the quiet mature, well informed male. She's looking for a child in a sense but not a child just to take care of. It's a child that she would end up being married with. Well how long can you carry on calling the person you're living with and growing with and getting older with a baby, a baby. And now just a baby, but a little baby. Psycholinguistics at work. We end up humming the songs, singing the songs, toddlers singing them. It alters perception. It alters the reality and it becomes the new reality.

When this was going on, dozens and dozens of brand new magazines just appeared on the shelves. Heavily back professionals companies behind them. Now it's been admitted that some of these were CIA backed and probably owned in fact but at the time this '50s, '60s and '70s increasing on upwards 90 odd percent of all magazines were aimed at women because as I say in psychology which is well understood women can be changed easier than the male in a "cultural sense". They're more apt to try something new and there's a plethora, a mass avalanche of experts on every topic imaginable and at the time even unimaginable telling people how to behave. What their sexual life should be like. What their relationships should be. What a man should be. What a woman should be and never ending, never ending babble by experts.

Now tie that back to "The Impact of Science on Society" by Lord Bertrand Russell the big key player along with Huxley in the Tavistock Institute for world agendas and world culture alternations. When he said much of this stuff he talked about the alternation of culture through the use of experts training society that nothing is of value unless it's said by an expert. It was all this stuff was thinking for ourselves and he said "that one day a women wouldn't be able to change the diaper on a child without expert advice," and that's happened. That's actually happened.

Now of course, people don't even know how to cook anymore male or female. It's terrible but that's the reality we live in. Expert advice on everything. And this is to alter culture and to make everyone dissatisfied with their own particular situation in society. So the man stopped being the hero-type figure, the leader. The one who was quiet and calm and made decisions. That's the stereotype perfection which probably never existed. At least not on the whole because most men were under the same system working for the system and therefore subservient to the system.

But that was the stereotype they had to look up to was the one who was quiet and calm and collected and didn't blurt out his emotions and all these magazines in the '50s onwards, '60s, '70s, '80s to the present time started talking about the man who was sensitive and yet strong. Who could cry and yet laugh and all these opposites mixed into the one heavily pushed this kind of stuff and if old Joe there was the quiet guy who came home and spoke and was spoken to and was reserved suddenly he was abnormal according to the magazines this created a dissatisfaction in his mate you see because she was after a fictional perfection that was getting broadcast through television and talk shows and magazines.

And they asked them really what many women even today why they married a certain person. Often the answer is "well he made me laugh." He made me laugh. What a reason to be married. He made me laugh you see. So they want a sensitive but strong, a firm but yielding who will cry occasionally and who can make them laugh male. They're looking for a sort of manic-depressive circus clown and this is why they can't find all of that in one person because they'd have to be terribly unstable or maybe on Prozac or something. But this is the nonsense that's been fed.

People are being indoctrinated and have been indoctrinated to make them terribly unhappy because society must alter all of the old ways to bring in the New World Order, the New World Order for the new era where there is no marriage. The government wants direct contact with the individual. They don't want a family in the way or family members in the way. They don't want the remnants of any clan system that might exchange ideas amongst themselves and say well hey this isn't right. No they want you like Orwell's "84" quivering waiting for them, the government who is always watching you the individual to send their contacts directly to you and you'll have no one to share your thoughts with. You'll be socially isolated. That's the technique that's being used.

Now what did men get during this time?

Well they came as I say from the old style, the hero type, the quiet one of which is fictional. At least in the perfection that they showed and everyone who is subservient in the system cannot be -- he can't guide his own life. He's still got to go along with the rules laid out that he was born into. The system that he was born into. But it began to change into this silly immature type character and I must admit I didn't watch comedies much. They replay a lot of the old ones today on television and it's really phenomenal to watch the debasement of the male who is always a silly little man no matter -- a little boy really no matter how old he is who's obsessed with sports. Whose lying like a child and getting up to no good and he's treated like a child by the family, the children and the wife.

This is the new role model. It's quite amazing to see how this has actually worked in society until men are floundering. They have no guideposts and with the single parent families which again were massively pushed because no person who doesn't understand this can be happy with a partner. The system is geared to make you unhappy with everything. Everything that you buy is not enough. It'll make you happy for five minutes then you have to buy something else. If capitalism as it's pushed worked we'd all have all we needed. The last thing that you'd bought would have made you happy forever but it doesn't. It's a big lie to sell you mythologies and fantasy. But the partner you're with would also be the one that you would be bonding to but here you have how many thousands of magazines and talk shows telling you that you can't be happy because this and this and this makes it so.

It's a war. An ongoing war where neither male nor female benefits. It's not meant to benefit the people at the bottom. There's always an ongoing war like the war room that they have in the Skull & Bones Temple. It's actually called "The War Room" and it isn't just war of the elite families to take over the natural resources of the world. That is one part of it. They've been doing that for centuries. It's also a constant war on the public. Man, women of all ages, all ages groups. It's a constant ongoing war and that is why the people cannot possibly be content within the structure bad as it is. They can find no peace within themselves and if you find no peace within yourselves and your anchors are all broken and you're floundering in the seas you get tossed all over the place with all the things that are told that they pretend will make you happy.

There's nothing on television that is real. Nothing. Look at Dr. Phil, the magician. The magician who comes on like a superstar and everybody howls and screams as he comes on the stage and he sort of walks in that stiff way of his and he solves everybody's problems in an hour on TV that is. It's not real. It's not real and look at all the backup staff to do all the investigations for ordinary stuff and yah de yah de yah to make you think the man is going sort it out. And what is sorting it all about?

Well he's trying to make a couple fit in to a preexisting system where we expect through movies et cetera to have a happy ending. So when a couple are breaking up and no matter what's happening the idea is to keep them together and keep the misery going on forever and ever and believe you me that's the worst thing you could possibly do but that's what psychiatry's function is. Psychiatry and psychiatrists that when the patient comes in suffering from whatever he's suffering from you medicate them and all the rest of it. They don't do so much psychotherapy as they use to. They rely mainly on various drugs and so because the stress of modern living, again the floundering on the high seas with no anchors you're cut off from your old culture, your purpose, your direction.

And so the psychiatrist's job is to tranquilize you initially to take the fears away through chemicals and then once you're out in society he'll take off all the things that you’re now doing. Are you having sex again? Like are you interested and are you back at work? Are you purchasing things and you listen to this kind of stuff. What your goals are. I want to buy a new car. I want to get another house. So all the things that destroyed you in the system and made you ill, if you're back doing the same things again he'll put you down not as cured, but at least the closest thing to cured you're doing all the right things which are the system's way of taking it off as normal.

We're not living in a normal society. The purpose of life for the individual has to be sought out. It actually has to be mimed. It's almost like being a deep sea diver. You have to go down in the depths to find yourself and in the most ancient times to the present and it's been above many temples in old times was "know thyself". That's the first pre-requisition to higher learning. "Know thyself."

And the people say, "well I know myself." They don't know themselves at all. They are composites of their indoctrinations. They are composites of the culture they're born into and they system they're born into. It's like many fragments put together. They don't know what motivates them themselves. They totally unaware of external motivations acting upon them. In psycholinguistics, the terminology itself is a prime factor.

When we think of the thousands and thousands of sounds in nature and the thousands and thousands of words going into millions of words if we take other languages into account. Sound is just a form of communication to put abstract thoughts into forms which we can exchange and communicate with each other and understand what the person means and yet when we find ourselves responding emotionally to a word or words or a string of words we've already been conditioned. We're having an emotional response to what really is just a sound.

All it took to have someone killed at the stake and burned in the Middle Ages was the cry, the accusation -- the cry itself was the accusation of which a devil worshiper or Satanist. That's all it took. We found the same thing with the word "heretic". It closed down all of your defenses. You couldn't respond to it because in the listener and in the person accused it created an emotional response. In the accused, they felt guilt for something they hadn't done and terror and fear because they were accused with such a grave accusation, a sound and in those who are the accusers and the mob itself a pure hatred for something that they respond to with rage. Something or somebody who was different or at least having been accused the accusation was your condemnation.

This is used today in psycholinguistics to separate peoples and individuals from one another.

It takes a very, very self-aware mature person to withstand accusations and the isolation they will feel as they progress through this Matrix into the higher Matrix because there's more than one you see. There's more levels here of deception than meets the eye. Even with those who help and understand some of this on the mid-level they're still just mid-level. They don't understand the higher sciences at the top level. And so even within the bottom, middle and top level, I categorize them in stages like the bottom floor.

They're on the floor level. Those are in the air Stage One who understand so much and it's all those at the ceiling level that are still at the Stage One Matrix who think along the ways of their authorized patriots. The country's just been taken over. Now it's just happening now and your system is being destroyed. It wasn't their system before. That's the clue. That's the big kicker when you understand that completely and you don't emotionally respond to the tribal emblems and phrases and catch phrases that you've been conditioned with then you might get into the second floor and start there on the ground level of understanding.

Tremendous sciences behind this. But it takes a terribly mature person not to fold. A person who will constantly self-examine themselves to find out what they're still holding onto. What beliefs they still have. What societal conditioning is still holding them together. What's combating them. What's at war within themselves that's motivating them. We have to be able to withstand so much to go higher and very few people decide to make that journey up to the mountain.

When major changes are occurring or being introduced rather into a society from the top they're introduced along with reassurance, the terminology of reassurance of the existing culture or idealation of that culture. This is a form of positive reinforcement. They find that if you introduce something directly opposite to the existing system there's always a counter-force, a counter-balance arises. That's why they train people in advance to become the leaders of those forces which lead you in circles.

But if the people have been allowed to sleep or the propaganda has worked very well through positive reinforcement and by that I mean everything is just going fantastically well. The economy is booming. We're the most powerful country in the world and Britain had that in it's old empire days even when people were scraping for firewood through depressions and so on this propaganda keeps going and it's amazing how people will deny their own sensibilities and their personal reality and go along and think there's something wrong with them because I should be up there enjoying all this prosperity. This is positive reinforcement which overrides the personal evaluation.

So when big changes are happening from the top down positive reinforcement comes to its peak because there generally is no counter-force or very little or very weak counter-force to oppose it. It's a false sense of security which is used by all governments and definitely the empire builders which move around from place to place and create new empires down through the ages.

A simple example of this positive reinforcement. If a government needs to raise taxes which they always do for their newer schemes, ongoing schemes and their own personal pay package too which are ever increasing which expand at the same pace as bureaucracies they can get a reaction from the citizenry. This always says we'll vote you out. We'll get a new party in and all that nonsense which they're use to because they're running both sides of it. So rather than simply bring forth a tax they bring through a lotto that is the common thing today. They've even tried fees.

Before you all get paid for things for your motor vehicle licensing, your road taxes well now you pay fees for things on top of what you're already paying and that's just another tax you see hidden. It doesn't create a reaction because again the use of terminology alters perception and if they want to raise taxes without having any big counter-control coming at them they can create a lotto and really hype it up and believe it or not there's just as much force and persuasion behind that as there would be against the threat of law used against the individual who didn't pay a particular tax. It’s just as powerfully effective and the people are being controlled just as much as they would have been if force would have been threatened to get the money from them.

The control of behavior is often disguised and concealed under "education" or "psychotherapy", "religion," under "teaching". Sometimes under the name of a therapist or a priest or a counselor rather than use the term "manager" because really they're all managers of the system. So by the use of terminology alternation the perception of management is being hidden. Generally, social proposals within society will omit any reference to the means. They'll use speeches which appeal to the emotion within a person and all the rationalization in a scientific age where they'll say, "we have to better utilize human resources" rather than say manage because we're all being managed within the system.

Many people ask "how's it possible for this agenda to never lose control?" A simple and maybe overused example is that of Adam Weishaupt only one member of a multifaceted society in one particular era who talked about the creation of foundations, benevolent foundations. So once again, the term "benevolent" makes anyone who thinks of attacking it think twice. It's kind of like attacking mom's apple pie.

We find the same thing say in Albert Pike, the Pope of Freemasonry in the late 1800s who said that "we must climb and conquer throughout life." He's talking about the boys at the top or at least their workers that is because the ones at the top are the "lazy boy" they don't work, but those who do all the work, the bees was referred to by Pike when he said, "we must do it through thrift and cunning and even using the stock market (manipulating it basically) to acquire the wealth to become the masters over the master of the world," and what he meant by that was the creation of vast foundations. We find that we have more cultural change, more direction, more planned direction for the next few centuries have already been done in fact by societies which are foundations apart from the ones that train students even from university to take part in that like the Rhodes Foundation. That's only one of many.

You also have the Carnegie and Ford, Rockefeller and there's other ones under the Rothschild's under the other big bankers - international bankers under different disguised names where they guide the world towards the path -- along the path they already own. We're on their path. The Council on Foreign Relations is another one. A society which is only the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs founded by Rothschild and Beers and Cecil Rhodes and others big players and eventually joined by other big societies in Britain.

THEY PLAN OUR WORLD. They planned the amalgamation of the Americas. They planned the amalgamation of Europe. They planned the amalgamation into a region for the Pacific countries. They planned this as far back as the late 1800s and they wrote about it and Karl Marx wrote about it too in the mid-1800s before they did in fact.

We’re living an agenda. We're living an agenda written by very powerful people who belong to secret societies that have all gone through the degrees of Freemasonry. They've climbed above the degrees that the general public know of and they've been tested all along the way for their ability to main secrets to their grave.

I think I tremendously telling statement was given by Arnold Toynbee of Oxford who when speaking at -- this is a man who trained Rhode Scholars for world social changes -- directed changes. At one of his main speeches he gave in one of the Scandinavian countries. I think it was Sweden in about 1932. He said: "We always deny with our lips that which we do with our hands" and we find that technique is used by them all right up to the present.

It's only recently the Council on Foreign Relations committees have come out on mainstream television as a council -- an elected council by the way. They are not subject to being voted in or out by the public but they are shaping the publics lives for them and populations of whole countries are being shaped by them in a prearranged agenda and it's done through mass persuasion on the public. The media is an essential arm of this guidance, this control. It could not be done without it. That's why with the Council on Foreign Relations the members that the public see are generally high journalists or newspaper owners or owners of television stations. The media business. That's their job and the reason this can go on unimpeded generation after generation is that foundations last longer than individual people.

How many people complete even the projects they would like to complete in their lifetime but the foundations are almost eternal and they have incredible wealth to back them up and in this system money is the key to control of the entire system, the economic system. So with the money and with the logistics and the think tanks and the specialists they can motivate society intergenerationally in particular directions preplanned and the scientifically induced opinions, emotions, and so on will be regurgitated by an indoctrinated public. It's very simple if you have all the money in the world, the outlet to all the media in the world access and you have the techniques to put it across scientifically and through entertainment as well as propaganda documentaries.

To make matters worse, it isn’t simply the massive onslaught of downloading the public of new data designed to alter their behavior to modify it as they call it. We are now into an age where they're using technological weapons, psychotronic weaponry, much discussed at high level warfare departments of every nation because they knew a long time ago the mind on a very easy simple level could be induced through the beaming out of particular frequency waves. It could easily affect the moods of the people. They knew it. It's been well tested, well proved and now it's being used in reality on nations to passive them. It can make them either very aggressive or very pacified simply now even just with the HAARP technology alone and they're other technologies beyond just the HAARP technology. They're far more specific in what parts of the mind or the brain they want to target and they're not testing it out. Whatever they're doing works. They know what to expect when they do this. This is really old hat.

Prior to all this kind of technology psychologists use to try and explain behaviorism almost like they did with the era of mass production in a mechanical way and now it's gone beyond that into the electronic way. We know that the mind runs on chemicals. It depends upon them. Electrochemical impulses and different frequencies within different parts of the brain all varying. They've all been well gone over. Every part of your cerebrum has been gone over. Well understood and we can be targeted.

Going as far back as Bell his father, Alexander Graham Bell's father was working on remote means of inducing words into the human brain through sound vibrations and actually through electronic vibrations a form of technetronic manipulation. They've been at this for an awful long time. They have used this in Gulf War I on the various soldiers who came out of the trenches and weren't shell shocked. They were simply stunned because it had been used on them and it was admitted in the British newspapers that this technology had been used on them.

We find the Soviets had little boxes on the teacher's desk which could induce an attentive response from the students. It would relax them to an extent where the teacher was talking more like the hypnotist and getting the point straight into the minds of the youngsters. This was standard procedure in the Soviet system

In the West because we're free they have to hide all of this technology and we know that they're using it in many of the New Age foundation groups putting the same technology in the walls even so that you're guaranteed your personal experience with God and he might even talk to you. This is the same type of technology shown by Dr. Nick Begich where he showed on CBC Canada on the Wendy Mesley show technology which could induce thoughts or sounds right into the brain itself bypassing the ears from the 1950s technology used by the CIA and is now obsolete.

Know thyself is the point getting back to know thyself. What are you? Who are you? What is motivating you? Where do your opinions, your prejudices come from? Who gives them to you? What camp do you allow yourself to be put into? Where does the leader that says he or she speaks for me? Are you really a sovereign thinking individual? Are you honest with yourself?

The fear of cultural change is what reinforces a predominant group and those who have most to lose will support that as it goes under in fact often in denial. Definitely always in answer when they see what they have become use to in their lifetime being changed. So self-interest is a big part of it too.

The trick of the manipulators of this system is to give a perception that some other group is raising up above you therefore threatening your existence and so you'll spend your energies trying to counter what you see at "that group" and you'll never see the puppet masters above them who fund the whole thing.

And to hate as I say, to hate brings on to the hater the characteristics of the one the hate. It's an interesting observation that many women who were bombarded with the power trip of feminism which again did not come from the grass roots. It doubled the tax base. It split the families. It's been great business for therapists and cult groups and all types of New Age gurus who pretend to have the answers to their own happiness but many of them who tried the lesbian movement.

Why would you try and become the very thing that you hate? Think about it. Think about it.

Because of the very sciences that the behaviorists are involved in and because as in all sciences they have their founding tenants of beliefs and they believe in evolution, big bangs, adaptations, re-adaptation and on and on it goes. They try to see humanity and animals all lumped into the one system where you exist simply for your own self-preservation and that everything to do with a system over that individual self-preservation is called "society" and that there is always a "dominant elite" running the society. That's never ever countered. They accept that as a norm. Of course, the intellectuals would like to be part of dominant elite but many of them lack the finances to do so, so they become good little lackey boys and girls to the real controllers above them.

Because they look upon the physical being as purely physical, they deny a spiritual value and certainly religion has been one of the most powerful tools down through the centuries for control mechanisms by the dominant elite. However, there is obviously something beyond all of this which frightens them in fact because it's something which they cannot study or even come close to with their sciences. There's something that intervenes occasionally in someone's life and no matter how they try to use psycho-termic verbiage, they can't really come to believe the fact that this is an odd thing outside of their science.

So to admit to it is to admit that they do not control everything and they themselves like to have everything tidy and categorized and pigeon holed which makes them feel secure which then leads you to believe that they themselves are in a structured belief system.

If an individual can break through all of this that's a miracle in themselves. If they can accept the fact that they will be ostracized by those who are still in the old Matrix and if they are strong enough to handle that then we will actually go higher. Things happen to them without joining cults and groups and without falling into the standard trap of taking your old baggage, your old format of a world view with all of its old religious values into another one. That's the standard trap they fall into and so they take the certain institutional values of the old religion and bring it into the new so they go shopping for something with those similar values. That's why they can't go any further and that's why they become fantastically indoctrinated by the authorized New Age religion which was begun actually in the 1700s and pushed to its limit at the present time until it's normal to hear people talking about rattling their chakras and doing their little ritualistic meditations with certain sequences which they try and pretend they’re all scientific.

It's amazing how science comes into it as though science was going to be the great redeemer. Science might help if it was ever allowed to or practiced on the public in a medical field value it might help certain ailments if we were to be given the real stuff which we won't be but it certainly doesn't bring a person closer to a purposeful life or existence for themselves and yet here they are trying to find scientific ways to rationalize their New Age religions and they’re wrapped in of course the whole "wellness". Now this new terminology again, this new term well, "how's your wellness today?" My wellness is very--how was yours. Something that the United Nations said a few years ago they would promote as they turn the general public back to old herbs and so on which might have worked. At least the old ones did. They've been used for thousands of year. They worked on all natural diseases whereas all the modern ones are man induced. They're created in laboratories but they want the public to start taking lower forms of medicine because they want to depopulate rapidly.

So they create a religion around herbalism and you'll find people within the movement who believe everything they're told that comes out of all the magazines and the experts in the fields who are selling them new types of grass to chew on or whatever and promising them to extend your life, live forever, make you young again. All this stuff that they've done throughout the ages with religion, the fountain of youth, because people are exploited in their fear of death.

These series of talks are not meant to give you gloom and doom but to see the brightness you have to go through the darkness and there's no way of skipping around it. You can't skip around the edges. There are no edges. It's a solid wall. You've got to get through it before you start climbing above and then there is purpose for you. There's meaning in life and the fears will leave.

Don't react to the fear mongers all around you who are authorized to be there to keep you into a stampede of panic. Accept the fact that we've always been managed. It doesn’t mean we'll always be managed but we'll always managed and the same managers or their descendents are in control today. Only by coming through the maze of indoctrination and conditioning can an individual break through into self-awareness.

Tonight, I'll leave you with a song by Weird Al Yankovic, the Genius of Perception. So when you've eaten all your chocolates you feel bad about doing it or you're sitting there with a billboard with your Gucci clothes and your brand name hat and sweater and track pants and all the stuff you're suppose to have as a good corporate owned citizen. Well you've done it all and you still feel that big emptiness within there's nothing left for it is there? You've just got to click on that computer get on the Internet and if you can't afford the new and keep up with the Jones' and pretend to your neighbors maybe you can get it used. Maybe that will bring you happiness, eh?. After all, isn't that what every ad tells you. If you have this you'll be happy.

Good night and may your god or gods go with you.