Monday, January 14, 2008

Blood Thirsty China

Why would the capitalist nations (supposedly capitalist nations) be funding the transfer of their wealth, production, to a communist nation - it’s supposed arch-enemy? And today, most people have never asked that simple question. Who'd of thought, eh? Who would have thought, that the old story about communism versus capitalism -- who would have thought, that the communists would beat you by being better capitalists than you are? And the reason is, the capitalists and the communists were created by the same group, the dialectical process. It is more efficient, certainly, using China with a totalitarian government to run a system and stand against all complaints. There's no complaints department in China. You don't complain in China. They’re ruthless, and yet here is China, supposedly still communist, China holding the debt of the United States. They hold the massive debt that the United States owes. They buy all the big bonds. Before that, they used to play this game with Japan. Japan would hold the debt, and it's gone back and forth like a yo-yo, and the U.S. had owned Japan's debt and back and forth et cetera, even though modern-day Japan was set-up during and before World War II. It was planned and set-up to become what it became, by people within the United States. It was also propped up. They planned to make it the electronic leader of the world, during World War II. They went in and applied the plan. Hopkins was involved, and good buddy FDR and others had it all laid out. They had a perfect society, with its class distinctions that no one questioned, and everybody was obedient. A perfect obedient society, who'd work for peanuts, and give them status, because it was status that they craved. A very obedient, very hard working people, and sure enough, they became leaders in electronics for a while.

China has been throwing up vast cities and roadways. The latest most advanced road system on the planet. Everything in the cities - everything is new and high tech and ultra modern and who's moving into them? Well you get the rising higher middle class of the Chinese who are busy exploiting their own people beneath them but also you have very wealthy westerners moving in. In fact, some of these cities are designed for western taste and they have all their theaters with operas and everything just like back home where the elite can go and they've all the highest types of restaurants for western taste. A home from home. That's where the elite are moving today and if they thought there was the slightest possibility of a war with China they'd be splattering their chop suey and running back home believe you me.
So there is none. There are no nations. Every signatory to the United Nations agreed at the time that this would lead to world government and Alger Hiss helped draft up the charter. Some Canadians with Lester Pearson and a few other ones from Canada did the rest of it and it was to be a totalitarian type system where the lessers - the more feeble minded would be ruled by their betters. The quality part was the ones who were in the lesser group would be equally poor. They wouldn't need much. And they talk about sharing the world resources. It's a race to a bottom equality for the people in all respects of life and at the moment so cleverly they're giving us the greatest gluttonest feast we've ever had before at the bottom of the heap with all the cheap goods from China bought by credit cards. Credit has never been so wildly available to make sure that we can go through this and we guard ourselves we don't see it coming but the times will change