Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Unpopular Truth

Because of man's basic needs to get in touch with something he thinks is out there bigger than himself, which is their deity, their god, their creator, whatever, that in all times, especially in the ancient times, priesthoods arose using that knowledge and distorting the truth and saying they had the truth; and because of that they became very dominant over the people. They control the people's minds through religion; and with them, wherever they went, they brought the money system with them. That's very important because the money is a form of slavery. Once you get people to accept money, you can then tax it back from them. You can hire armies and go and conquer other countries. We're really seeing a culmination of thousands of years of this very technique coming to an end with the Middle East, and they're put under the exact same system for global domination. This agenda has been on the table for an awful long time. It also takes the cooperation of all existing religions to go along with this. If you notice, not one of the major religions or religious leaders is warning the public about the future and what it has in store for the general public, either in the cloning field, the genetic engineering field, the eugenics field, and the depopulation programs that they've been putting forward for a long time. None of the religious leaders who have the power and the authority to tell people, "look, start thinking about this." None of them seldom even talk about it or even discuss it. It tells you they're all in on this together at the very top levels. When you stumble across major figures in history like Alexander the Great for instance. Alexander the Great, his mentor was Aristotle the philosopher and Aristotle was married to one of the biggest international money lenders of his own era; and the same money lenders from the Middle East funded the Macedonians and the Greeks. They go into Persia and take it over. They paid for the war in other words and all the people who were taken over had to pay it all back through taxes to repay the money sharks. You find the same thing all down through history. Money-lenders, the leaders that teach and put up front men like Alexander the Great, or maybe a George Bush in our time, it's all the same old con game. They're all interrelated we find through their wives and through their mentors. They're all intermarried and interrelated.

Hermaphroditic has different meanings in the occult industry. In ancient times, they talked about the perfection of the human being where the right brain would be working together – emotion versus reason. It would come to a harmonized point and that was the perfected man or the illumined man as they called it. You'll find the same thing hidden behind major religions. In Genesis, the deity he makes a double of himself and from that double he then subdivides Adam and Eve from it, meaning the deity himself was male and female. That's the meaning in Genesis. You also find the same things in the writings of Plato. The deity they worshiped was male on the front and female on behind when they walked the other way. They're talking about the ultimate perfection is going to be a creature which is neither male nor female, which can self-reproduce. It's an odd agenda, too, you might think, but it's always been here for thousands of years. Now they have talked about the creation of the perfect worker human being that would be both male and female and could self-produce. That way there's no conflict. The world they want to bring in has to be conflict free. Free from conflict of nations or races, ethnic groups but also no conflict of gender conflict. That's what they call their utopia, their peace on earth. However, the elite themselves said they will not alter themselves. They will only alter the worker bees to be more perfect; and one day if you serve the system of the state very well, the honor you will have is the right to reproduce yourself, an exact model of yourself. There is Masonic coding hidden in the language, right through so many different words that we use commonly without thinking of what they really mean. Our language itself was given to us to contain coding, as all the high Freemasons know. The mainstream religions all have (for the west anyway) all came from basically the Hebrew versions and split off – the Christians would say it was the culmination or a completion of Judaism to have a Messiah. Most Jews think the messiah is still to come; and you can have many messiahs within Judaism, anyone who furthers the cause is called the Messiah. Mohammedanism was slightly tailor-made and altered to suit the Arabic peoples, the desert peoples and give them strong laws basically to make it more cohesive as a society. They all come from the same root. You'll find in every region of the world there's always a trinity of religions which are associated from a main root; and so for the west, they gave them Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedism (or Islam) coming from the same source. You'll find in the Far East they give you Shintoism, a form of Japanese Buddhism and another mainstream religion or Taoism as well. You always have a trinity of religions for each region of the planet; and that's how it's set-up, slightly altered for the mentalities of different cultures. That's the only difference there is. You have to realize that what you had was a Roman Empire, that knew it could not continue—it fell towards the end because it could not tax all of its colonies sufficiently to keep Rome in the lifestyle that had accumulated and was used to. They thought religion was a better way to dominate the minds of all people more cheaply, more effectively, especially if you could indoctrinate the young, you will never lose them when they grow up. The Catholic Church, remember, took someone else's religion, the Gnostic religion really. The Gnostics had a Jesus type figure who they said was mythical. He was a myth of a perfected man which they all hoped to emulate, so it was almost like a mascot you might say of a perfected man, not a real person. They were arguing with Constantine when he had the first great meeting in 325 AD to form this new Universal Church as it was called at the time. Since the Gnostics wouldn't go along with the Vatican saying Jesus is a real person, Constantine sent out armies to try and kill off all the Gnostics because they knew, according to them, that it was not a real person that had existed. In Judaism they have references to a Jesus in the Talmud and other writings of Judaism, which would make you think there was at least one character who could have been called Judah or Yehuda, whatever, but probably not Jesus. We know it meant the fish from the Greek, Iesous, and it was for the Age of Pisces, the fish that it was created. In every era it's the same long before that. You had the Ramses line for the pharaohs in Egypt because their lineage began in the reign of Aries the ram. They always give you a religious figure for the particular constellation that rules for 2,500 years or so. Jesus was meant to fulfill a period for 2,000-odd years and then you're into the Age of Aquarius, which we're coming into now, and then he dies off and a new one takes over. Everything is stellar occultic, lunar occultic and solar occultic in the world's history; and the priests down through the ages simply change hats as they did for Rome. The high priests of Jupiter changed their hats overnight and they were now called the Universal Church. Then after hunting down all what they called were the pagan priesthoods, the Roman Church then began to adopt those very tenants of those priesthoods back into their own religion. Very clever people put the Bible together, giving you the simple rules that would give you a really workable society if everyone followed the rules, including those who lead your countries, you see; but never, in any age, have the rulers in this system followed the religion they make the people adopt. We know that by history itself. The leaders have never followed the same rules as the public. Yes, it would be workable for the people if everyone did adopt and follow simple rules. However, these religions are very Hegelian because there's always a truth contained within. The falsehood is well-contained within, but the truth is that they're supposed to be stepping-stones to much higher truths. They're not meant to stay static and become dogmatic as a religion. They're supposed to progress onwards and upwards and carry the person who's truly seeking into a higher realm of understanding towards a creator. If you notice the main deity of Yahweh for both Hebrew is very much of a human character: Very much of a human god with his failings, his anger, his temper, and his favoritism. He can also change his mind when he wants to and kill you if he has a sudden rage. It's really a projection of the human oriental despotic king that you would find in the Middle East at that period. It was something the people could understand.

The Greeks talked about the Demiurgos, the base god at the low level of godhood, claiming there's four levels and that the base god is in charge of the world. He is the Lord of the world and he – because the people are base, they've had stringent patriarchal type rules to make their system work – he's unforgiving. If he puts you off guard, you're never sure if he likes you or dislikes you. However, he's not supposedly the only one. He's one level, so he's a Demiurgos; and Jehovah fits that level perfectly well. If you notice for instance the story of Jacob. Jacob cheats his brother out of the birthright and the blessing by pretending that he is the brother and he fools his own father who's blind or half blind, so he lies, he cheats and he steals the birthright and he disobeyed his father. He broke all the rules and yet the god blessed him for being so crafty and cunning and made him the father of Israel. Now that's how the mafia would work. You have to understand that there's high Masonic rules in there too, because they do believe you should get away with things if you do it craftily and enough cunning and to get your way. The rules of the high corrupt system are also contained in that Masonic Bible, the Old Testament, if you understand them. What deity that's for justice and all the rest of it would ever allow that to happen and actually bless the criminal? The Bible has been rewritten many times, always for political purposes, including the King James version was written to make the people obedient, because King James thoroughly believed that he was God's representative on earth ordained by God. He even wrote a big speech about that. King James said how dare the people inquire as to his decisions. He says "don't they realize that I have the power of God given to me by God to do and say and do as I wish?" That's what he truly believed. In the King James Version, he had all the writers stress that point that the government was put there by God and you should obey it. It was written for a political purpose with a lot of High Masons at the time working on that very project. Francis Bacon and others helped to write the other.

If you go back into the ancient Middle East, into Zoroastrianism really, that was the start of all of these religions. The Zoroastrian religion is the first one to come out talking about a good deity and a bad deity. Later on in Judaism, you have a god and a devil, even though the devil, if you read Job, worked for God. God told him to go and torment people. He was a worker. He was employed by God. Zoroastrianism seems to be the one they've all taken their queue from, and he created Judaism from it and Christianity as well. It's a very mythical figure but it's hard to put Zoroaster. It also calls them Zarathustra; and Zoroaster in the old, old system meant seed of Ishtar. That's where the name comes from, Zoroaster. Zoro also means the man with the mask, like Zorro, and you also have the same thing in the Old Testament with the Zoro-Babel, which means the seed of Babel. Why would anybody who had been a slave in Babylon call themselves seed of Babel? You're looking at coding in there for the wise to understand, and of course the profane are never taught the reasons as they call them. You're looking at very clever people running a system down through the ages, running an exoteric for the public—be it Judaism, Christianity or Islam by teaching a high esoteric tradition for the ones "in the know" at the top who laugh up their sleeves at the public all the time. It's even in the New Testament if you understand what you're reading, you'll find that even George Bush, Sr. said, "Everything is going to the heavenly divine plan." What he's referring to was the zodiac and what they mean, because the zodiac to them is a timetable. Each part of the zodiac is part of this system that must come into play at a particular time according to an old, old plan. The Aquarius is even in the New Testament, where Jesus says to his disciples "go into town. Find the man with the mule and ask for his mule. He'll be carrying a picture of water," and what he's telling them is that Aquarius, the man with the picture of water was Aquarius. The whole thing is astrological. I think that people can find the higher truths beyond the base truths. The laws are given for the base public. I think the individual who is truly seeking will find it if they seek hard enough and they'll even go beyond whichever religion they've been given on the base level, a common religion. Very few do but some are able to do it and use that like a stepping-stone to get up and come in touch with something far greater than themselves, far bigger than the basic Yahweh character with the human characteristics of the battle-angry old man. There's something much greater in the world than that and some people can go – there are even people from Islam who've gone beyond Islam on the same path too, and come to the same conclusions only because they've done the journey themselves. They've left the dogma behind them, the dogma given to the general public who need those basic rules at a certain period in their history. In all ages, in all lands there have been those seek truth. This seeking is an individual search for something more than self and much more than the confines of this worldly system that we live in. It is the seeker who understands there is more than what meets the eye, who is not afraid and makes the choice to going to the unknown. The process of awakening has begun. The discovery is underway.
The same with teaching someone who isn't ready to be taught in higher truths. They'll still try and fight you because there still thinking in their base level one reality. They don't want to let it go and to learn truths you must be prepared to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. You can't take anything with you that's familiar. That's not searching for truth. That's an insurance policy that you're after. An insurance policy that connects you with the familiar. Truth doesn't work that way. It doesn't come with guarantees that you'll have happy endings in the way that you presume. Most people can not even look at themselves honestly. Part of the reason is that they are a composite of what society has conditioned them to be and the culture that they were born into has conditioned them to be. And the other part is ego in the system is promoted. You can't obtain honesty unless you overcome ego. When you see that for thousands of years Christianity alone ruled a good part of the world and people didn't question it. That's all they were told was what was in that book and even then for hundreds of years they weren't even told what was in the book. It was forbidden to read it. Only the priests could read it and even then they'd only read it occasionally. THE BIBLE USE TO BE CHAINED TO THE ALTER UP UNTIL THE MIDDLE AGES. Most of what was being taught was dogma. It was the church dogma. That's why the Protestants put out the Geneva Bible. They weren't Protestants really. They were Rosicrucian's and Masons, they simply transformed into the name Masonry. It was the same movement behind it and for the first time peoples could read things for themselves and say, "my goodness. What's all this dogma got to do with what's in this book?" And really it was nothing. The dogma was there for controlling the people. Well if that was controlling the people for one and a half thousand years at that time do you really think with all the sophistication of today's media where you have instant access to data right to your home 24-hours a day; do you really think it's not being used now. This is your journey. The individual's journey and the more you truly search and are honest with yourself. As they say, "know thyself" is important you will find that it's far more to all of this than just the mundane and it's beyond and greater than the New Age with their hocus pocus and their mind imprisoning techniques. There is far more to this of course than just facts and figures and who did what, when, where and why. But not everyone can go on that journey. It's up to those who can handle the bad news in all of its levels because the bottom level is bad enough. Few can go beyond that but there are some and you have to go through hell before you can see heaven.

Some people have said "well you've got to give the people hope". I wouldn't give them false hope. To give them hope they have to look at the truth. There's no other way to do it. You must look at things honestly including yourself. That's where the hope comes in once you've done that. Until you do for you there is no hope. You'll bend to every wind that blows from the top and I don't say they'll be hope for everyone. Most people will and always have in all ages have chosen what they thought was the easy way. They've chosen the promise of peace and safety. They've chosen to follow a big powerful leader. At least what appears to be so because they will not look to themselves to be champion and people who will not stand up for themselves individually are truly giving away their rights to decide to anything to that which appears to be strong. You are your own champion and you can be the champion for those to come. That's responsibility, a big one. And you won't be popular but then truth never is.

[thanks to Alan Watt]