Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't fall for it

Don’t fall for the rhetoric. Don’t follow individuals put up there and paid very well to be your leaders—the official opposition.

People should demand to know what oaths anyone who takes a paycheck from the taxpayer, what oaths they’ve taken to what societies. It should be on public record for everybody to see and published. All you have to do is vote in this so-called democratic system. Once you vote, that’s it. YOU HAVE NO MORE RIGHTS. You’ve just voted someone in without finding all about them because you heard all you wanted to hear. "I’m a this. I’m a conservative. I’m Republican. I’m left wing. I’m right wing. I’m this and that," and you’ve never asked the most important thing of all.

To what societies do you belong? What oaths have you taken?”

You give all this power to people who then you elect into office because they’re left wing, right wing or whatever, and they put laws over on you and you’re all standing back and saying why would he do that?

Because you didn’t ask him what he belonged to and you didn’t demand to know.

You didn't demand to know. It’s the same in every country.