Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mad scientists and marketers plan to make us all “One”

Hand signs for the endtimes, created by self-appointed healers

Parallel Normal

(We reach: “One is the beginning,” the space-hippie leader Dr. Sevrin said, in the 1969 Star Trek episode, “The Way to Eden.” Marketeer Philip McMaster also thinks “One” is a great place to start. McMaster is traveling the world, encouraging people to flash his hand sign, which, like Sevrin’s, symbolizes “Oneness” with an environment that needs saving. Credit: Philip McMaster, under a Creative Commons license)

By Mark Baard:

17 years ago — long before Al Gore told us we were destroying the Earth — a small, extremely powerful group of scientists, diplomats and royals planned their crackdown on the planet’s human population. which they feared were growing mistrustful of their leaders.

The plan: to tighten control of the people to such a degree that they will act “as a single nervous system,” with an unwavering faith in their governments and political parties.

Today, marketing people are answering the call from that same elite group, the self-appointed Council of the Club of Rome, to launch grassroots campaigns promoting the Council’s “we are one” concept.

The marketers are also making enemies of anyone who opposes their environmental cause.

In the 1991 book “The First Global Revolution,” the Club of Rome lays out its plan to blame humans for all water shortages, diseases and famine, caused by “global warming.” The book suggests that too many humans are consuming too much food and fuel, and can be blamed as the primary cause of climate changes.

In other words, the “real enemy” of humanity will be “humanity itself,” Club of Rome founder Alexander King and secretary-general Bertrand Schneider write in “The First Global Revolution.”

“The First Global Revolution” is the same global warming propaganda manifesto Alan Watt often cites on his radio programs.

Most mainstream reporters have never bothered to read the book.

Perhaps that is why no one bats an eye when someone like the Canadian marketer Philip McMaster launches a grassroots movement — with its own, Masonic-looking hand sign — encouraging all humans to “Act as One, Care as One, Project as One, and Be One.” (See link and excerpt, below.)

If you dare to demand your birthright as an individual, by the way, God (or gods) help you: There is no life for you outside the “One.”

McMaster, for example, calls those that are One, “the good-guys,” an obviously slight to those of us who don’t get his global warming message.

The Club of Rome itself sees “the good guys” as those willing to participate in collectivism. (King and Schneider applaud the rise of “the people’s power,” and “collective values.”)

Human depopulation is another virtue to be embraced, according to the authors of “The First Global Revolution.”
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