Friday, November 26, 2010

Planned Destruction~Creator Bullshit


When the gods returned to Asgard, it seemed to them that everything was changed. Balder was gone forever, and Loki, once a gay, witty companion, and later a secret and dreaded foe, was securely bound in the world of darkness. As evening fell upon the city, Odin, surrounded by the greater gods, stood looking out upon the sea, over which the ship Ringhorn had borne the dead Baldur.

All were silent, until at lat Odin spoke: "Baldur has gone, and Loki is punished. A new life begins, and it is right that you, the wisest and strongest of the AEsir, should know what lies before you, and before us all. You are strong, and can bare the truth, hard though it be. You have heard that a time is coming, called the Twilight of the Gods; it is of that I will now speak." Then silence reigned again, while Odin stood with bowed head.

At last he spoke, uttering this solemn prophecy, while his eyes seemed looking into the far, dim future: "As the ages roll on, wickedness shall increase in Asgard, and in the world of men. Witches and monster shall be bred up in the Iron-wood, and shall sow the seeds of evil in the world. Brothers shall slay each other; cousins shall kinship violate; shields shall be cloven; no man will spare another. Hard shall it be in the world - an axe age, a sword age, a wind age, ere the world sinks.

"The great Fimbul winter shall come, when snow shall fall from the four corners of heaven; deadly will be the frost, and piercing the winds, and the darkened sun will impart no gladness. Three such winters shall come, and no summer to gladden the heart with sunshine. Then shall follow more winters, even when greater discord shall prevail. Fierce wolves shall devour the sun and moon, and the stars shall fall from heaven. The earth shall tremble, the stony hills shall be dashed together, giants shall totter, and dwarfs groan before their stony doors. Men shall seek the path leading to the realms of death; and earth, in flames, shall sink beneath the seething ocean.

"Then shall the aged World Tree tremble; and loudly shall bark the dog of hell. At that sound shall the fetters of Loki and wolf be broken; and the Midgard serpent, with terrible lashing and struggling, shall forsake the sea. The ship, Nagelfar, shall be loosed from its moorings by the rocky isle; and all the hosts of evil shall go on board, while Loki steers them across the sluggish sea. Surt shall leave his fiery dales, and join the hosts of evil, to fight against the gods.

"Loudly shall the ancient horn of Heimdall then resound throughout the nine worlds. And when they hear the sound, the hosts of Odin shall make ready; the gods and all the warriors of Valhall shall buckle on their armor for the last great fight. Odin shall seek wisdom from Mimir, that he may know how best to meet his foes.

"Terrible will be the onset when on the great plain the hosts of the sons of destruction meet the armies of the gods. Then will come the second grief to Frigga, when Odin goes to meet the wolf. For then will her beloved fall. But Vidar, the great son of Odin, shall pierce the heart of Loki's offspring, and avenge his father's death. Mighty Thor will meet the Midgard serpent, and in his rage will slay the worm. Back nine paces will he go, and then fall, - he who feared no foe, - slain by the venom of the deadly beast. Tyr shall meet the fierce dog of hell, and they shall slay each other. Frey will meet his death at the hand of Surt, slain by Thiassi's fatal sword. Little shall the love of Gerd avail him on that day. Heimdall, the wise and pure, shall fall at the hand of loki, the father of monsters, and shall in turn cause Loki's death. Few shall be left alive who meet in the great fight!" He ceased, and there was silence, while the shadows deepened, and the sea grew dark.

Finally Tyr spoke: "And is there no hope, Odin? Does all end in darkness?" At these words Odin's face changed ; a gleam of sunshine seemed to fall upon it, and he said: "I see arise, a second time, earth from ocean, beauteously green. I see waterfalls where leap the fish, and eagles flying over the hills. I see Baldur and Hodur, the rulers of a purer race of mortals, - mortals who have longed served Baldur in the lower world, and near them Vidar and the sons of Thor. They meet on Ida's plains, and call to memory the mighty deeds of Loki and Thor. Unsown shall the fields bring forth, and all evil shall be done away with, when Baldur and Hodur reign."

He ceased while his gaze seemed penetrating through the misty ages.

The silence was long; but finally one of the gods said: "And what of us, Odin? Is there no hope for the old gods?"

As he spoke, a look never before seen on his bold features overspread the face of Odin, and raising his eyes reverently, he said: "After the Twilight of the Gods, shall come the Mighty One to judgment, - He whom we dare not name, the powerful One from above, who rules over all. He shall doom pronounce, and strifes allay, and holy peace establish, which shall be forevermore. I see a hall with gold bedecked, brighter than the sun, standing in the high heavens. There shall be the righteous dwell forevermore, in peace and happiness."

As the vision faded, Odin looked upon the gods, who stood silent before him. "My children," said the Allfather, "let us be strong and valiant. Long will be the ages, hard will be the fighting, and many the woes that we must endure. But the brave heart loves danger, and the strong soul shrinks not from evil and sorrow. To do our best, knowing that we shall fall; to fight to the end, and then give place to those who are wholly pure and good, - that is the fate of the old gods. But He whom we may not name has so decreed it; and His decrees are ever just and right."