Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clerks are in one of the MOST important positions to MANIPULATE

Clerk. In ecclesiastical law. A person in holy orders; a clergyman; an individual attached to the the ecclesiastical state, and who has the clerical tonsure.
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In practice. A person employed in a public office, or as an officer of a court, whose duty is to keep records or accounts.

In commercial law. A person employed by a merchant, or a mer.CAN.tile established, as a salesman, book-keeper, account.ant, amanuensis, etc., invested with more or less authority in the administration of some branch or department of the business, while the principal himself superintends the whole.

Clerk of arraigns
Clerk of court
Clerk of enrollments
Clerk of the crown in chancery
Clerk of the house of commons
Clerk of the market
Clerk of the parliaments
Clerk of the peace
Clerk of the petty bag
Clerk of the privy seal
Clerk of the signet
Clerk of indictments
Clerk of records and writs
Clerk of seats