Saturday, February 5, 2011

Letter to Minister, Public Safety Canada

Minister Vic Toews, Public Safety Canada
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P8

Dear Minister:

Thank you for your letter rubber-stamped January 28, 2011.

Thank you also for confirming my intuitive position; that the exclusion order, issued in your name on July 4, 2010 barring my entry to Canada in order to visit my Canadian husband prior to our making a joint application for a permanent resident sponsorship Canadian visa, was in fact ILLEGAL.... with political overtones. (My husband is Glen Kealey, National President and Chairman of Canadian Institute for Political Integrity)

In your letter you state categorically, " After the issuance of your exclusion order, you had 15 days to apply for a judicial review of the decision.... there is no evidence that you made such an application...."

In lieu of the above instruction the exclusion order actually states only that it may be overturned by some UNNAMED minister: (".... the person shall not, after the person is removed from or otherwise leaves Canada, come into Canada without the written consent of the minister during the one-year period immediately following the day on which that person is removed from or otherwise leaves Canada unless an appeal from the order has been allowed.")

As a result, while establishing residence in Ogdensburg, New York, my husband wrote to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, whose political staff sat on it for months and then returned it with documents that had been attached. Within weeks (October 1, 2010) my husband deposited with the Royal Bank of Canada the sum of $550.00, receipt#B116277678 (the sponsorship fee) sent to Citizenship and Immigration directly by the bank against file#63859336 which had been opened earlier by Citizenship and Immigration Canada staff. During this time I normalized my married name in New York State and the U.S. and began seeking employment.

Because this ILLEGAL exclusion order bars me from visiting my husband in Canada until July 6, 2011, I ask you to negate it's effect immediately so that I may at least visit with my husband during the sponsorship application process.

PS: I am a 55 year old registered nurse who resigned my position as a Director of Nursing of a large Gero-Psychiatric 5 star nursing facility in southern California (for 3 years) to join my Canadian husband.

Jennifer Ann Kealey

cc: open letter ( copies to Canada, United States Government, and The World )