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St. Viator, lector of the cathedral at Lyons, France, lived in the fourth century and is the earliest type of teacher of the cathedral schools. In the exercise of the then important functions of the lectorate, namely in reading and expounding the Scriptures to the people and in catechizing the children, he displayed that zeal and ability for which he was held in such high esteem by his bishop, Saint Just, and by the Christian flock of Lyons. After the council of Aquileia (381) St. Just decided to spend the remainder of his life in the penitential solitudes of Thebais, and selected young Viator as the companion of his voluntary exile. Both the aged bishop and his youthful lector died in the odour of sanctity in an austere monastery of Scete (present day Wadi El Natrun) in the year 389 AD.

Because St. Viator had sanctified himself in teaching the young, he was selected as the patron of a community of parochial clerics or catechists, who are priests and teaching brothers living on a footing of religious equality known as the Clerics of St. Viator.

With the assistance of the Roman Jesuits, Father Louis-Joseph Querbes, pastor of the village of Vourles in the Archdiocese of Lyons obtained the approbation of the statutes of his new community from Gregory XVI in 1838, which then spread to Canada.

In 1847 Bishop Bourget, of Montreal, obtained from Father Querbes, teachers for a small college recently founded in Joliette, Quebec, Canada. Father S. Champagneur, C.S.V., who was appointed president of the college, opened a novitiate in Joliette in 1848, and became provincial superior of the new obedience of Canada, which developed rapidly in membership and efficiency and soon Bourget College arose in Rigaud. The Institution won the patronage of the public and the favour of the ecclesiastical authorities.

Having now three hundred priests and brothers, the Provencial administration was able to accept the large Ecole St. Jean Baptiste, Montreal, and to open colleges in St. Joseph de Levis, Berthier, Terrebonne, Boucherville, St. Remi, and to take charge of a large number of primary schools.

In the United States the Clerics of St.Viator, sometimes called Viatorians, have since 1865 established important parochial schools in states through which Lewis and Clark had much earlier explored and traveled (the Oregon Trail), as well as in the cathedral parish of Ogdensburg, New York, and ending in McMinnville, Oregon, located at the confluence of the North and South forks of the Yamhill River in the Willamette Valley, and Baker city, Oregon.

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